Welcome to the Fanart Section:

This is the section where all furry and anthros alike draw SFX64 fanart. They can be funny, weird, kute, or anything. Fox could be falling off a cliff, Slippy sucking helium, the whole gang in the 60s, Fox wearing Fara's clothes, or just a plain pose. You can escape into a world of fantasy and beyond, and where everything is just plain out of the ordinay, because, where furries and anthros live, you never know what could happen next.

If you want to submit your artwork, please send it to pwulf@sfx64.com and I will try to post it up as soon as possible. Please send only Starfox64 related artwork. You may draw other furry characters, that you believe should be in the Lylat System, and give a description of that character. Do not be scared if your not sure if you can send it in. Just send it, and I'll tell you. So never forget that "in the world of Lylat, the furries rule!"