Wolf OíDonnel looked behind him. Not only his four wingmen were hovering behind him, but also the entire Venomian invasionarmy. The plan was simple. To reach Venom, conquer it and reïnforce it before Corneria and Katina could react. It was risky, but it was the only way to get back to Lylat ever again.
"Wolf to flight groups. Activate your hyperdrives in!"

Blue light filled the darkness as the ships disappeared.


It have been a quiet couple of months for the StarFox team. Ever since Wolf and his men were driven out of Lylat a second time there had been very little to do, but hang around Great Fox. Today the team had decided to pay Zoness a little visit just to see how the cleaning process was going. It wasnít much but it was the only excitement they had.


It had also been quiet for the crew on Bolse. The former defence sattelite had been converted into a deep-space radar station. Unfortunately there was very little to do around there as well. Most of the time the crew spend their time monitoring the alien broadcasts from some distant and rather primitive planet. What the crew liked most about those transmissions were the debates some of the so-called ëscientistí and ëexpertsí had about alien lifeforms. With which of course they meant everything except themselves. Large eruptions of laughs would occasionaly fill the station when one of those guys would claim to have been abducted by some ëextra-terrestial lifeformí. Like somebody would really care about those guys! Even more hilarious would be the serious professor types who had absolute proof that aliens didnít exist. Those guys were usually good for four or even five rounds of laughter.

It was during one of these ëscientificí broadcasts that Ruga had to monitor Venom. Of course there wasnít much to see. The dirty green-with-brown ball wasnít visited very often and there was also very little space-traffic around there. When she heard another bunch of laughter she couldnít control herself anymore. She stood up and walked out of her room to see what was so funny this time. Because of that she didnít look at her screen for a minute or so. And in that minute a large bunch of ships appeared on that screen as if out of nowhere.


Quiet it also was for the Venom Defence Force. Unfortunately their calm would soon be disturbed by a very large fleet emerging at the edge of the system.


There she was again. Venom. Wolf couldnít help but smile when he saw her again. Of course it wasnít much of a planet, but is was home.

"Letís retake that planet, guys." Wolf said over the intercom.

"My, youíre in a good mood." Leon said, without the usual hint of sarcasm.

"Letís get those guys!" Andrew yelled.

"Venom will be ours once again." Benno said.

Pigma felt that he had to say somehing as well. He couldnít think of anything, however, so he settled for: "When do we have lunch?"


"Captain weíre under attack!"

A hysterical soldier ran into the commanders quarters.

"Take it easy soldier," he said. "Whatís wrong?"

"The Venomian Army is attacking us!"


"Those guys out there seem to think otherwise, sir."

"Hah, itís probably a routine trainig flight."

Suddenly the ground began to shake violantly.

"What was that!?"

"Thatís what I tried to tell you captain! Weíre being attacked!"

The captain rushed out of his room closely followed by the soldier. If they were under attack Corneria should be warned immediatly.


"Weíve desroyed the communications tower and the primary shield generators, sir." some unknown pilot told Wolf.

"Excellent. Destroy whatís left. No prisoners. No-one escapes."

"Yes, sir."


It was just plain simple luck that Ruga passed the escape pods when the attack came. She was walking back to her room when the floor beneath her started to tremble. It was also just plain luck that the Venomians didnít notice the escape pod that shot away from Bolse.

The only escape pod at that.


Pepper was worried. The repports from both Venom and Bolse shouldíve arrived yesterday. Both those posts were never late with reporting, usually because there was nothing to report. Pepper was about to send somebody to find out why he had heard nothing when the face of an one-eyed wolf appeared on the communications screen.

"Hello sir," the wolf said. "Weíre back."