A Jaguarís Past

By: Jaguar Janks

Authors Note: Welcome to this first-person perspective about me, Jaguar Janks (author of Lylat Wars Extension and A New Awakening). I hope you enjoy this brief behind the scene look about myself, and what Iíve been through from cub to teenager.

Chapter One

"I was always told never to assume unless I know, and so I did follow these rules."

Jaguar Janks, Leader of Tiger Hawks and Author

It was a cloudy morning when I awaken from my restful slumber. My normal alarm clock, my two hundred and forty dollar stereo clicked on. Early Sunday morning, I wasnít ready to wake up. Then my volume increased, making my ears shake from the loud subwoofers. I quickly wiped the drool that lurked on the side of my opening muzzle. Once I opened my eyes, I greeted the beginning day,

"Damn, not another day of drooling."

My taste buds were numb from my constant head position into the pillow all night long. As I tossed out of bed, I almost forgot how to walk, but in minutes, it came back to me. I checked my mirror, peering at the teenage jaguar that stared back, half sleep. I rubbed my welded eyes, trying to undo the barricade of tears. One eye fused open, while the other refused to see daylight until I poured warm water over it.

Itís been a month since Iíve held a distant conversation with the vixen on my computer. She was an important person to me, the person who found me on the Internet by email. I always cherished her sweet voice, though I would never be able meet her in real life. She was the main reason why I met Beau Skunk, Bandit Shelp, and Pantera Kedian. All five of us were buddies, sharing life lessons of the present. If it werenít for the vixen named China Hartz, I wouldnít have known what friendship was all about. I thank her to this day.

Iíve been living on Cornerian since I was born. Never able to leave this beautiful planet that I called home. I lived in Loueria, a remote city, burrowing many occupants of society. All was great, but Iíve paid not attention to the government. All Iíve ever paid attention to is my stories. I loved to write fictional pieces for a hobby, but I never written a novel before. When I write my stories, I feel as though Iím entering another parallel universe of kindness, honesty. It was always sad when I jump back into reality, the true world were I could be dead instantly, anytime and any day of the week.

I was a tall feline, 5í7", weighing only 130lbs. I had brownish fur and thousands of spots all over my body. My eyes were brown, a devastating site of pride. I was considered a good role model, a kind and gentle feline. I had many friends at High School, but I think some were just too close. Iíve never been good in relationships before, though there were two females in my life at one time.

One was a cougar named Ashley Kobal, very high spirit, nice, carefree above any danger that came. The other was a domestic feline named Camellia Brown. She was pretty, average, picky at times, but had a good heart. Both determined females wanted me at a very young age. One of them came on to me once, and at the time I was five or six years of age, I didnít know how to react back then. When she stared into my eyes, I was minutes from lust reactions. I came close to mating, but upon ripping clothes off, she was being called about, which totally destroyed the mood. At least I was left dumbstruck.

Years later, I lost contact with both of them, since I moved away from both ladies. I always considered at the back of mind why I hesitated to resist my male hood. I couldnít figure it out, but I always remembered them fighting over me each and everyday of my cub life.

I quickly dressed, ready to vacate my den, attempting to escape my nemesis of a father, who I called Big Spots.

Chapter Two

"Learning is essential, always strive to do your best."

Jaguar Janks, Creator of Star Fox 2, Dracos, and Justice League

My years in Middle School were hectic, mostly because I was in the sixth grade, and getting picked on by bullies. I always followed the rules, and at times I was called a nerd or teachers pet. To those that provoked me, I had only one defense for those bastards; my best weapon was the middle claw. When I displayed my anger to those punks that had nothing better to do, I just got my furry butt beat up. As time changed, I change in the seventh grade. I was a player, a high roller, and well recommended in a joke contest. My knowledge was up there under the street slang, I had to be called Jag the Pope.

As I progress through seventh, I met some really cool friends. One was my best friend Matthew Stinnet, an average lynx, with the will and determination to sucker out of a fight. He would talk the talk, but never walked the walked like I. I recollect a sixth grade fight, between a fox and me. He was a constant nuisance, everyday until I displayed my fierce claws.

It went like thisÖ

I was walking to the boyís restroom, gliding toward the water fountain. I didnít know the short fox was on pursuit. Tailing behind the whole time. As I bent over the fountain to get some good licks of water, he pulled my shirt collar, causing me to choke. I quickly clench my throat, spiting water out of my muzzle at the same time. He chuckled evilly, which I felt shivers through my body when he mocked. I turned around, scanning the cocky shrimp.

He backed away, then I did the best choice I could think of, to simply walk away. While retreating, trying to form a Peace Treaty, he pushed me rather roughly. A crowd was drawing near, huddling me like dark clouds of thunder. I allowed the B**** to push me nine times before I retaliated. Then the crowd wentÖ


I was highly nervous, and mad. I tried to withdraw my evil conscience, and attempted to walk away again. Then the SOB attempted to do another maneuver motion of paws on me again. Before he could, I turned around in lightning speed, grasping his arm, using his force attracting against him, slamming him into the thick, sturdy double metal, red painted doors of any long corridor. I had him in a police hold, and I felt so damn proud of myself, and I started to enjoy the glorious moment. When I felt the collision of his muzzle to the door, that was music to my ears. My hatred was beyond normal; I was ready to annihilate this punk from my presence.

Taping sounds, like an approaching teacher was the only fear that caught my attention. I quickly released my firm grip, and ran back to class, hearing the punk follow me again, retreating as well. When we got back to class, and sat in our seats, he glanced at me with such animosity. I sent an icy glare back, and said, "I kicked your ass."

He looked back and replied, "I was going to kick your ass."

I sat back laughing out loud.

Chapter Three

"Times have changed, and puberty reached its peak within me."

Jaguar Janks, Creator of 57 characters

Iíve reached High School, freshman year. Some of my old partners followed me to Cornly Traditional High School. This was the time to change. My habits went from lazy feline, to staring at beautiful breasts. Every male was turned on the moment the first day started. I couldnít believe how I missed the day of having a girl friend to look up to. So far in freshman year, it was difficult. Algebra was misleading with fractions, and Health was my best subject.

I was accomplishing best in gym the second semester. I was the best-fit person during exercises. Thereís one thing you canít stand, never wear boxers during jumping jacks, itís most appealing to females. The best thing Iíve learned about gym was leadership and good sportsmanship. I valued these two goals in gym. I was really good in kickball. I sprang my ankle one time in kickball, revealing the true leader of my team, by achieving a double play for landing incorrectly. When I hit that hard wooden floor, I was HURT. I simply got up, acting brave from the pain that shot up to my brain. I limped back to the plate and kept on playing on my injured limb. I wasnít concern of the pain until I got home, which kept me awake and sobbing endlessly.

After that bad event, it was time for finals in gym. I made it in the relays, discus, and long jump. I received first place in all. I won many ribbons the next day afterwards, and thatís when my gym teacher said, "Janks, youíve been a good feline, youíve been the best student Iíve ever had. Iím proud of ya."

The old eagle named Mr. Finnegan patted my shoulder, and called it a day. I remember sitting on the bench, observing the guys staring at something. The ladies were running back to the femaleís locker room, and then I noticed their eyes following the running beauties. I noticed their eyes were bouncing left and right as I curiously said, "What are you guys staring at?"

My reply, "Weíre staring at those big tits you dummy."

I placed my right paw over my chin, watching some of the females that I know run by in a hurry. I admired some that were close to me, but I didnít abuse the privilege to scan their bodies.

The freshman year is up, and Iíve started writing stories in December on Star Fox, trying to meet new faces and explore my master plan to be called a legend. Sophomore year is present, as I visit my friends of all ages. I met Nikki Panther, her short self, always reminding me that she liked talking to me when you felt bored in French Two. I admired her kindness, though relatively a funny panther, she always made me smile, and I always made her laugh. When I got further into writing, I decided to ask her if she wanted to be in one of my upcoming fan fic called Collide of Forces. Her positive smile was the answer that shined so bright, and then a voice announced through my ears.

"Sure Jaguar, put me on your list boy."

I jotted her name down, and Nikki Panther was born. I added a ton of names, mainly from other friends who are to appear. Only time will tell when my novel is complete. Iíve gotten so far into writing thereís no stopping it. Iíve become eccentric over the theory. Now Iím considering of becoming a writer.

Now Iím about to turn sixteen this summer, and awaiting my glorious future to be. As I stare up into the cloudy day, I reminisce how much Iíve grown and become mature.

This has been a great pleasure of sharing part of my life with my fans and friends. I just like to say, my biggest influence is Jason Wolfman, and I want everyone to know, Iíve entitled him as "Master of Description". I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed my fan fics Lylat Wars Extension, A New Awakening, and Wolfís Ambition. If you canít discover my masterpiece, hereís the links to find it:



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