Star Fox 2

"A New Awakening"

By: Young David Claycomb

Chapter One

"Our people of the future will gradually change into a new breed in the universe."

General Pepper, Leader of the Cornerian Defense Force

The time of the Star Fox team has died down after the downfall of the evil Dr. Andross, who invaded the Lylat system many years ago. After the old retired team had defeated the Star Wolf team for the last battle to the death, they all realized that the war was over and that there was no need to fight anymore. As the years have passed, so did the people in the present. Now that forty years has passed since the great Lylat Wars had taken place, the remaining planets such as Corneria, Fortuna, Katalina, and Macbeth had changed rapidly. Now that the old age died out, a new era emerged from each generation of different breeds of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Much of these animals were descendants of the Star Fox, Star Wolf, Cornerians, Venomians. These people were much like their parents, while others never changed. The great and famous leader of the Star Fox team now had a son to carry in his footsteps. His name was Leo S. McCloud. Next to the list was the demented leader of the Star Wolf team Wolf OíDonnell who also had a son. His name was Troy OíDonnell. He wasnít too much like his evil father, but at least he had sympathy toward others. Both teens didnít follow the same fighting among each other as their fathers had done in the past. Both were good role models, and very loyal to their home planet Corneria.

The Planet Corneria had become more industrialized, with more schools for education, everyone had a job to go to, everyone got along with one another. Leo and Troy meet in some occasions, but never tried to fight or be close friends. They both had their own friends. They both went to the same high school and had some of the same teachers too. There was a time when they had sat with each other at lunch at 12:35pm, right after fourth period. They walked up to each other and sat down to have a peaceful conversation. Leo had introduced himself and started to wait for Troy to do the same.

Chapter Two

"I know this is my enemy, but I must not be like my evil father."

Troy OíDonnell, Son of Wolf OíDonnell

"Good afternoon Leo, my name is Troy OíDonnell." "The son of the pilot Wolf OíDonnell."

"Well now, donít we have some understanding to go through," said Leo. Leo continued, "My father and your father had a bit of a bad history together wouldnít you agree?"

"Yes, youíre quite right." "I donít know why my father had a bad influenced on yours."

"Iím not quite sure either, or just as I recalled your father had killed my grandfather long ago."

"Well, I canít control my father either back then if I wasnít born yet."

"I guess you are right, but that still makes you my enemy for life you know."

Troy now gets mad at that comment; "Iím not just your enemy but, also your classmate."

"Yes your are, but I donít like violence anyway because it sometimes is pointless and time wasting," said Leo.

With that last comment by Leo, he had already finished his lunch for the day and left Troy alone in peace to finish his lunch. As fifth period rolled by Bill Greyís son had showed up in the hallway to greet his friend Leo.

"Hey Gary, whatís up with you?" said Leo.

Gary replied, "Not much, I just got my dads approval to join the cornerian military to be a commander after I get out of High School."

"Thatís great news Gary."

"Yeah, I want to be a great leader like my dad was."

"I guess youíll have to wait after school."

"You got that right."

"Ok, then you better get to class before you get late to class."

"Bye Leo, see you soon," said Gary while waving good bye.

That was the only time Leo had every talked to Troy in person at lunch. A lot was going on at the Planet Fortuna. It was cold there, and mostly the people there wore coats to keep from getting a cold. There was a bar called "Andyís Bar" were all the new mercenaries occupied or hung out at to meet new faces. There was a female cougar mercenary, that was five feet ten inches tall, and whom had judo skills for close combat. Everyone knew her as Judy Lures, but strangers called her the "sexy killer" due to her unique skills and slim body. She was at the bar ordering some red wine, than came a handsome mountain lion fellow came around to the next chair to sit with her. She paid no attention to him at first.

Chapter Three

"There are many bad guys in this system, but no one could catch my eyeís like Walter King."

Judy Lures, cornerian mercenary

"Hi beautiful, I just wanted to be the first to say a polite term for someone like you."

Judy turns her head to face the unknown male mountain lion.

"Please let me introduce myself, my name is Walter King." "Iím a mercenary just as you are."

Judy looks surprised at first and asks, "How did you know I was a mercenary?"

Walter replies, "Well I notice your jet outside that looks stranger than the others, and second Iím the one who knows you since childhood."

Judy tries to recognize his face. Judy begins to speak once more, "Hey, ainít you that agent that rides in that jet plane called "358 WK?"

"Why yes thatís me."

"Well, I know you didnít come over here for just talking did you?" "What do you want from me Mr. King?"

"Well, I was wondering if you would want to go out sometime, rather than hang in a bar like this all day?"

"I like your attitude Walter, but I got to get home and clean up a bit."

"Thatís find, but can I at least have your number and buy you another drink?"

"Sure, I just remembered you now, as I recall you tried to kiss me but I smacked you silly."

"Oh yes I remembered, was it like something like this?"

Without hesitating he bent over out of his seat and kissed her on the lips softly as he could. Judy was shocked but now was enjoying it. For a long time she was waiting for someone like him to be brave enough and try that maneuver on her. Then all of a sudden he released his lips from hers and took a drink from his glass. He looked at her eyes and saw a curious person that looked as if stunned by electricity. She begin to speak, "Wow that was new, that I forgot to smack you."

Walter smiled and leaped off his chair and said, "Iíll give you a call tomorrow at noon."

And with that he left the bar very excited.

Chapter Four

"The STARS team is a regular team just like Star Fox."

Walter King, leader of the STARS

Mean while at the hidden facility on the planet Venom, where strange research weapons are constructed, mainly chemical substances. Now that Andross was gone, Corneria had regained control of it again. Down of sub level C, they experimented with certain chemicals that could change a personís physical form. The chemical was named Corneria Mass 24. An H2o virus kept in a freezer at all times unless experimented on. This chemical could increase a personís muscular body 8x more powerful than regular size. It will over time change other parts on the victim, such as color of skin, eyes, hair etcÖ This was kept in high security. Little did the researches know that an attack was going to take place on Friday at 8:34pm.

There were a group of spies at the scene. They were part of a team called "STARS". These people were known to be very dangerous, they were trained very hard everyday, some good at stealth, robbery, fighting, and terrorists in the Lylat system. Back on their ship they were going over their plans. Five members, Gold Bond who was a Tiger, Chris Powell who was a gray Fox, James Simex who was a Lynx, Sony Wald who was a wildcat, and the leader of the team was Walter King who was a mercenary/spy. Their ship was called "Great STARS". It was fairly big in size like the Great Fox. It wings were interchangeable going vertical, and the paint was black. It contained a gym, shower room, bridge, jet room, engine room, and deck. James and Sony were in the gym for a workout, Chris in the shower from his last mission, Walter in the bridge looking out in space thinking of Judy, and Gold was in the jet room repairing his jet due to laser blasts on planet Macbeth.

In the gym James held a punching bags for Sony. They had no relation, but were good friends who trusted each other with their lives.

"Hey Sony, show me your anger for cornerians?"

"Sure just hope you can hold that damn bag, cause when I drop kick it, you will be in the Bridge from here."

James laughs and continues to hold the bag. Sony begins practicing his low and high kicks, since he was taught Taekwondo. Chris, preparing to take a shower was thinking about this new mission to Venom on Friday.

"I hope all goes well, but that chemical?" "Whatís Walter want with it?"

Chris turns the water on and walks in. He begins to scream due to the very hot water.

In the jet room Gold is fixing his jet for the next mission. He thinks to himself, "Iíll be gladly to handle those guards with my claws, to crack someoneís skull open or to gut them, and watch them fall to the ground in pain."

"Shit, I canít even remember the last time I had ever slept with some female for a while back."

"But now I must pay attention to this here jet."

On the bridge, Walter checks the time on his watch. It said 11:00am, Friday. He thinks about the time back in school with his old friend. Chris interrupted him.

"Hey Walter?"

"Are we still up for that weird mission to Venom?"

"Yes Chris."

"May I ask, what are we going to do with the chemical when we retrieve it for Jean Vincent?"

"We are going to sell it to him for five million dollars, and then my friend we can retire from this job."

"Ok, I just donít want any slip ups at Venom."

"Weíll do just fine, relax Chris."

Walter looked at his watch again, now it said 11:15am. He thought to himself while Chris had turned around to get some lunch from the icebox. "I think Iíll call her now?" "But what if sheís busy?" "I can wait."

Moments later everyone came back to the bridge. Everyone sits in their assigned chair and waits for the leader to speak. Walter turns around and looks at his teammates crazy. They all were going Venom to their heads, cause they already had their night gear on in the morning. Walter laughs eccentric and then stops. He begins to speak, "My fellow friends, are you crazy?"

"Wearing your night gear on in the morning."

James signs and speaks, "We all thought we would do this at morning."

Walter looks at them all with clown faces, "You judged wrong, I mean who are you all trying to scare in the morning?"

Walter laughs one last time and then got serious about the mission to Venom.

Chapter Five

"Leo is a great friend, but sometimes I worry about what Troy will do to him when they are alone."

Gary Grey, Friend of Leo McCloud and son of Bill Grey

That Friday afternoon, Leo went home to ask his father about Star Wolf. As Leo got in he door, his mother Fara would jump on him before his father would. His mother begin to talk, "How was your day Leo?"

Leo responds politely, "It was great mom, but Iím not sure about Troy OíDonnell."

"Is he starting something?"

"No mom, he just seems to be strange."


"Yeah, I know dad has told me of all the bad and evil things his father did in the past, but Iíve noticed he is polite and very understanding unlike his father."

"Well Leo, not everyone in this Lylat System is evil."

"Yeah I guess your right."

Leo gives his mom a kiss and goes to his room and then to see his father Fox who sits out on the balcony everyday to remember the past.

Leo approaches his father slowly as if it was Troy. Leo greets him with respect, "Good afternoon sir."

Fox turns his head to his son. Fox didnít change much in his face; he still looked young, but only with gray stripes through his hair. Fox begins to speak while Leo pulls a chair up next to him.

"Leo how was your day?"

"It was great but, remained slow."

"Same thing for me to, when I was your age."

"Hey I was wondering, can you tell the past when you was fighting with the Star Wolf team at Venom?"

"Sure, it goes something like this." "I was in my arwing with Falco, Slippy, and Peppy. "It was our last chance to put Star Wolf down for good." "When I was fighting Wolf, he had told me many times he had hated my father James and than me." "I never understood why he hated me so much cause I had never done nothing to offend him."

"He couldnít change his ways, he had hurt or killed some of my old friends and destroyed many of the families of cornerians."

"So I decided to stop his blood spreading habits at Venom after Dr. Andross was defeated."

"I got out of the arwing and so did he out of his wolfen 2 jets."

"We took an oath not to asked for help in hand to hand combat for the battle to death."

"At first Peppy told me it was a suicide deal, but I knew I was the only way to defeat him once and for all."

"So we met face to face for the first time, and stared at each others eyes with hatred."

"I had realized I had set my fate when I made that deal with him."

"Then when we got close enough we begin to fight animal to animal."

"It was a bloody one to Leo."

"I had used what I had learned in the academy, and he used what he had learned."

"I got a few good punches into him, but he could take the pain."

"He manage to hurt me in a few place on my body, but my courage was even stronger than his blows to my face."

"Wolf pined me down to the soil of Venom, and begin laying countless punches to my face."

"Just as I had thought I had lost, I saw my dead father reappearing in front of my eyes."

"I was really weak, but when I saw my father there watching me fight, I felt a extra inner strength arouse from my soul."

"And with that power I defeated my opponent, by grabbing his throat and ripped it out with my bear hands."

"I was shocked, and for that moment I felt a cold feeling going through my body."

"I could see my team and wolfs team looking at me with amazing eyes."

"Then I looked into Wolfs eyes, and he for the first time was scared in his life."

"I felt like a cub again, a cub who was in trouble for fighting."

"As I watched him holding his neck in great pain, he said something to me."

"Iíll see you in hell my dear brother."

"And with that his last words, he died in front of my eyes holding on to my collar."

"I saw a picture that had fallen out onto the ground, I looked at it and you know what I saw, I saw my father, me and wolf together on a ship."

"I donít know what ship it was, but I knew I had just killed my own brother."

And after Fox got done with the story about Wolf he fell into tears in front of his own son. Leo stilled wondered what happen to Star Wolf team members after the battle and how wolf had a son if heís dead. For the next few days these questions haunted Leo.

Chapter Six

"My father the killer of his own blood I donít believe it, now I must speak with Troy soon as possible."

Leo McCloud, leader of Star Fox 2 and son of Fox McCloud

It was just about noon, and Walter was going to call his old friend up for a meeting at her place before the Venom mission. Walter and his team went out after he had ordered them to take off their spy clothes and go to Corneria to eat. Even though Gold didnít like Cornerians but he was told to be on his best manners when talking to one. Gold thought of it as sleeping with the enemy. They went to a Bar in Corneria since Walterís friend lived on that planet. They all dress as normal people would. Walterís team wasnít aware of his cornerian friend, but they thought of going to this planet as a way to get laid.

Walter was excited and his team noticed it, they thought he was going mad. As Walter picked the phone up to call Judy, the others tried to communicate with some of the girls at the bar. The others were at first thinking that the enemy was all around them. Then soon realized this wasnít a war, but some reason they didnít feel quite welcome with the cornerians. First James tried to start a conversation with one of the ladies at the bar. He had spotted a female lynx, who looked ordinary. She was slim and about his height. James didnít quite know what to say to here, so he tried to throw in a question.

"Itís a nice day today?"

The female lynx turned as if she was being spoken to. She replies, "Yes, very nice in deed."

"Whatís your name?"

"My name is James Simex."

"Well hello James, my name is Cindy Davidson." "Iím a pilot, engineer, and a guard at space station Boris."

"Thatís an interesting job Cindy."

"It is but it can get highly boring."

James noticed that she had taken the bait, so he continued speaking with patience. Meanwhile Chris and Sony were at the bar just waiting for the right opportunity to meet someone. They both looked over to James and saw that he was making some progress. They begin to comment on him, "He thinks he is the only player at this bar," said Chris.

Sony begun to speak, "Hey, we should be sharing that girl, because I mean we both are a Lynx."

While Sony argues to Chris, Gold on the other hand was getting mad by the minute. He was so mad at the fact he was being avoided. Gold ordered a glass of wine to cool he down. As he started to drink his glass an intruder busted through the door hold a gun in his hand. As everyone in the bar went silent, the Stars team grew excited by the minute of pounding the guy. The intruder was in a mask; he looked to be a hound about in his 18 years of age. The robber grew very desperate, and headed for the bar tender. He told everyone not to move or he would open fire. As the bar tender begin stuffing money into a paper bag, Gold was planning to attack, since the other four members where out of reach. Gold begins to slowly put on his metal knuckles and got up behind the kid. Thereís one thing Gold donít like is a kid trying to make bad guys look like a fool.

The kid turned around and shook in fear by the massive tiger looking soldier. Gold begun to speak, "If I were you my friend I would leave the bar immediately or you will know the true meaning of full force?"

Gold took the gun from the teenage boy and smashed it with his bare hands. The boy looked amazed and with that took off. Gold afterwards felt proud. His teammates came to comment on his part for not smashing or killing the youngster. Even, Walter was proud of him, and turned around to make the call once more since he couldnít get through the first try. Gold walked out of the bar to sit on the bench, just outside of the bar. He thinks to himself of the past he had lived.

Goldís past begins when he was in his teen years. He was still a strong tiger back then. He remembered what event that caused him to become a soldier and killer at the same time. It started when he was in high school. He had few friends and made average grades. He met his STARS team there and became good of friends in a gang. This gang was called "The Soldiers". It was a strong team and very loyal to their leader who at the time was Goldís older brother Tiger Bond. Gold loved his brother very much. Tiger was just a little older than his brother was, about two years. Tiger watched out for his little brother. Until the night they and the team went out to hang around at the school. That same night was a high school dance party. They had attended to it to check out the girls. After the dance, a rough looking fox ran into Goldís brother. Tiger turned to face the fox. Tiger begin to get into an argument with the stranger. Gold was right by his older brotherís side. Right when the fox begin to push Tiger, Gold had attacked the Fox. After the fox got free of the attack, he had pulled a gun into Goldís face. Tiger saw the gun, and before the fox begin to fire Tiger pushed Gold out of the way and received the bullet to side of his neck. Tiger was holding on to his neck to survive the bad wound, while in fury Gold started to bite the foxís neck. Ripping his major artery the fox screamed for mercy, but Gold wasnít about to stop and let go of his victim. After Gold killed the fox, he went to attend to his brother. Then the other team members came to aid their leader. Minutes later, Tiger died from bleeding to death, Gold stayed by his brotherís side until the police came. This was a sad memory for Gold. His team then awaked him, calling to him.

As Gold raised up, he ran into a fox. The fox turned out to be Leo. Gold looked at him with anger, as if Leo was the fox that killed his brother. Leo apologizes, "Oh, Iím sorry sir."

Gold responded, "Hey, Fox watch where youíre going?"

Leo looked up to the grown adult male tiger with shock, then slowly moved out of his way. Leo continued his path in search of Troy.

Chapter Seven

"I was covered with fear as I met a lone tiger this afternoon." "I wonder why he was so angry at me?" "I must find Troy soon, to find the truth."

Leo McCloud, Star Fox 2 and son of Fox McCloud

Judy was in her house cleaning up the place, for Walter was coming to see her that afternoon. She looked at the clock, it showed 3:30pm. She was expecting Walter at four oíclock. Judy was very organized for her young age. She was only 22 and Walter was 27. By the time she finished Walter was already at her door. She answered the door and allowed Walter to enter. He smiles and she blushes red. She asked Walter to sit down on the chair near the table. He walked to the table and found a chair to sit in. He looked around her house. He could see a long hallway that leads to a room, bathroom, and kitchen. He was sitting in the living room at a nearby table. There appeared to be a nice looking balcony window. Walter could see down from a hill to a lake. Judy returns with two cans of orange juice in her paws. She gives one to him and opens hers. They begin to talk about the past.

Walter was the first to begin; "I was living in Corneria since I was ten." "I couldnít remember when I met you, but I remembered that I liked you in high school." "Man, you were a piece of asÖ I mean work of art."

She begins to wonder what he was going to say at first, but paid no attention.

Walter continued, "I passed at cornerian military, and thatís where I had learned my skills in spying." "Anyway Iíll let you speak for a change."

Judy tells her side of the story, "I remember you back in high school, and as I recall males only wanted one thing from us females."

Walter acted puzzled.

"What was that Judy?"

"It was our gifted reproductive system."

They both begin to laugh very hard of the idea. When they stopped laughing Judy continued.

"Any way I went to the military too, then to airforce to learn to handle the air." "It took me a while to understand why I was never good in killing someone." "I guess I have too much of a soft heart."

Walter cuts in, "No, anyone can be a killer, I mean itís good to have a good soul and heart." "Well I at least think so."

Walter got off the subject, and went on to his teammates.

"Now my teammates are crazy." "Iíve known them since back in the military training." "An today Gold seemed to be mad about something." "I donít quite know whatís his problem, but I need to talk to him later on."

Judy looked worried and comments, "Is Gold your Tiger friend?"


"He looks depressing sometimes."

When Walter and Judy got finished talking, they started to get serious. Judy had kissed him on the lips one more. Just when they were about to get up to go to her bed, Walters cell phone rings. Walter answers very rudely to Chris on the other line. "What IS IT?"

Chris was shocked, then reported.

"Itís nearly 8:00pm Walter."

Walter replies, as Judy grows impatience. "OK, Iíll be there."

Walter closes his phone with anger and turns to Judy.

"I have to go my friend, but we will continue our mission later."

Walter bends down to her and kisses her good bye. And leaves quickly.

Chapter Eight

"The chemical is ready to be tested." "We must take all safety matters and not to damage the tube." "Only this will be our greatest assignment."

Doctor Kirk, Cornerian scientist

Leo finds Troy at the Corneria Bash Mall. Troy was there to pick up a few items to bring home for his mother Laura OíDonnell. Troy looked just like his long lost evil father. Troy was Leoís height and was also very fast and powerful if ever in a fight. Troy was picking up some music compact discs, flowers for his mother, and some groceries. When Troy turned his head, he spotted Leo from a distance. Leo watched back, and walked up to his suppose life enemy. Leo chats, "Hey Troy, Iíve been all over corneria looking for you."

Troy looks at the brownish fox with disbelief, "What would you want with me Leo?"

"I must speak with you about your father and my father." "Thereís something you should know."

"What is it," demanded Troy.

Leo looked into Troyís eyes and said, "You are my cousin."

Troy begins to laugh so hard that everyone could hear him. He couldnít believe what this crazy fox was saying. Troy replies, "You on drugs?" "Iím not your cousin, or a relative in fact." "I mean a fox and a wolf, come on whom are you kidding."

Troy finished his shopping to walks out into the parking lot while Leo followed behind. Troy continued, "What are you my pet now?" "Stop following me fox."

Leo started again; " "You donít believe me?" "Ok, come to my house and speak to my father?"

Troy turns with an angry face, "Why so you and your father Fox can kill the son of an evil Wolf?" "No thanks pal."

Leo walked up to Troy and grabbed his arm. Troy took that as a threat. And begin to put his stuff down ready to fight Leo.

"Now look Fox boy, I donít know where you got that bullshit story, but it ends now got me?"

Leo lets go of his cousin. He looked at him with disappointment. When Leo tried to tell another word, Troy had punched him in the face. With that punch, Leo fell off balance and hit the ground hard. Troy pins his enemy down to the ground like what his father Wolf had done in the past on Fox. Leo trying to regain his stance realized he was about to lose to his cousin that was a Wolf that was naturally stronger than a fox. Troy started to punch once more to Leoís face. Leo didnít have any choice but to bite Troy on the arm. Troy lets go of Leo, and attends to his arm that was bleeding. Leo gets back up to feel his new wounds. Troy turns his face to Leo with hatred.

"This isnít over Leo, youíll pay for this," said Troy as he picked up his stuff and walked away. Leo did the same, only walking away way made him feel as though he lost the battle. After the fight at the mallís parking lot, Gary showed up with his dad, Bill. Gary looks at his friend with curious eyes. Bill stepped out to see what had happen to his old friendís son.

Bill responded, "Leo what happen to you?"

Leo was still dizzy to even respond.

Gary speaks, "Who did this to you Leo?"

Leo spits out a word before he faints, "Troy."

Bill and his son Gary carried Leo to their car, and drive him home.

When Bill reached Leoís home, Fox and Fara came out with worried eyes. Fox speaks to Bill, while Gary tries to explain what happen to Leoís mom.

Bill speaks to Fox; "Gary and me found him at the mall beaten pretty bad in the parking lot.

Fox responds, "Beaten, beaten by whom?"

"We donít know Fox honest."

Fara cuts into the conversation, "Who did this to him?"

Bill begins to remember the last word Leo had said. "Troy".

"It was someone named Troy," snapped Bill.

Fox looked in shock, when he had heard the name. Fox opens Billís car door to reach and pick up his wounded son. Fox looked up at Bill and said, "Thank you Bill, now Iíll handle it from here."

Bill told his son Gary to get into the car and they both took off worried for Leo. Fox and Fara take their only son to his room. Leo was put into the bed while Fox rushed off to get some ice for his eye, and a rag to wipe off his bloody mouth. Fara and Fox begin to watch Leo as he begins to regain conscious. Leo opens his eyes with great pain, and slowly looks at his parents. He wonders how he got home. Then remembered his lost battle at the mall.

The time was near 8:34; Venomís mission was near. Walter returns from Judyís place very angry. As he walked into the ship, his teammates were already in their night gear. Gold was the first to speak, "Time is near Walter, we are ready to invade." Walter turns his head to Gold. "Okay, lets do THIS." "An donít call me on my cell phone when I visit an old friend."

The others looked at Walter wondering about what old friend. Walter runs to the dressing room and puts his night gear on also. Then the team was off to Venom on light speed. Back on Venom, the scientists were ready to test the chemical. "Ok Kirk, the chemical is ready," said a male jaguar.

Dr. Kirk responded, "Then place the chemical on the study table carefully." "We canít afford an accident people."

The chemical was place on a table ready to be tested on a living creature. One scientist injected a small amount into a small cell. The cell begins to show activity. It seems to multiply into six different cells, at a very fast rate. After five minutes there was an explosion outside the base. The warning lights went off everywhere in the small base. The commander spoke on the microphone, "All scientists, this is a class A emergency, please leave the primary ground now."

All of the scientists were struck with fear when a small vent appeared to be attacked by a monster on the other side. With a smash sound three times, the vent fell open, and what appeared to be a tiger coming through. Gold was in the same room with the scientists who were trying to hide the chemical. Gold looked around the room and spotted one of the scientists with the case of chemical mass 24. Gold was dress in black, and had a small microphone near his left ear. Walter was instructing Gold through the other end, "Gold get the chemical now." Gold followed his orders and proceeded to the suitcase. One of the scientists near Gold tried to pull out a weapon; it appeared to be a spark gun to retain wild animals. As the scientist rushed toward Gold with the gun aimed, Gold turned around and punched the scientist in the face with his metal knuckles. The scientist died on impact, and now the others watched the fate of one of their comrades. Gold continued his pursuit on the case. When Gold got near the scientist, the others tried to jump him. With Goldís massive claws, he sliced his way through the crowd. This killed all of the cornerians in the room. Now with only one cornerian left with the suitcase, Gold picked her up with one arm. While holding the last survivor, Gold said, "Good night sweet heart." And he broke her neck with a simple twist. Gold took the case and said, "Mission complete STARS."

Gold exited the perimeters and was picked up by the STARS ship. Walter congratulates Gold on a mission complete. They flew off with the case of Mass 24. Who knows what would become of Leo and the STARS team?


To be continuedÖ

If you want to use my characters, please ask for permission at I hope you enjoyed my story and I hope to please everyone once again with a sequel called "Mercenaryís Sin"