*Author’s note*
 The following character’s are mine(made up by me) and are not to be used without my permission
 Corneriette Priyme-Veronica Priyme-Jason Priyme-Candy Monoham
Viceroy Lombardi-Manito O’Donell-Gargan-Mortisha Freeling Croakella Froggen
Vixen Foxxler-Poodle O’Hara-Swan Morgen-Amytheste Jorden.

 The wind lashed and whipped the prisoners of a base not too far from Macbeth.
The malnourished prisoners did not dare look up from their work, they knew what fate would await them if they did.  Andross wanted the new Nova bomb and he wanted it ASAP.  It was a plan he had been working on for years, not telling anyone about it except StarWolf and of course, the prisoners who were captured to make it.  A lone guard stood watch over the nearly 55 people who worked in the tiny over-crowded lot.  He was tall, angry and armed to the teeth.  He was Leon Powalski.

 I’ve got to get out of here. Corneriette thought to herself.  I’ll go insane if I stay here one more sleepless night.  I’ve got to find some way out, I feel trapped and alone.  I’ll call Fox telepathically one more time tonight.  But why doesn’t he answer me?  Can he hear me....does he still think I’m dead.  The thought of Fox made her shiver.  She wanted to be home again, with her family.  Fox had known her since the time she was born.  In fact, he was there.  The McCloud’s and the Priyme’s had known each other from highschool.  “You there...mutt, what the hell are you doing.” yelled Leon, his face showing an expression that made Corneriette want to hide under the bomb she was unwillingly building.  “Don’t you fall asleep on my shift , disgusting worm.  What the hell type animal are you anyway?”  “I’m a Catox you idiot!” Corneriette was now on Leon’s hit list that he liked to spell with an S.  “Get over here!” Leon yelled, hands at his sides..hovering slightly beneath his phaser.  The animal got out of her place and walked over to where the quick-tempered lizard stood.  He could not take his eyes off of the way she moved, almost as if she were being carried by the wind and floating towards him.  Her mesmerizing eyes met his cold ones, her deep brown hair was in knots and tangles but gracefully moved with her and fell near her waist.  Her torn clothing had not done a good job of hiding her figure.  Leon forgot himself and started to stutter-I said g-get over here and tell me your species again.”  “I’m a Catox, that’s half fox and half cat.”  Corneriette’s mother was an Angora cat and her father was a brown fox.  Leon knew very well what she was, yet he had asked her to come to him for some reason he did not know.  He trusted her, a rare thing for the lizard, but he did.  He remembered his icy cold frozen heart and then the meanness of his voice came back to him.  “I didn’t ask you that.  Now get back to work, we have one more hour to go.”  “Yeah you did, your not stupid Leon. You asked me something and I told you, we’re starving and we’re tired. Andross is an insane idiot and wants this bomb in a couple of months and we don’t have much time. So the next time you have something to say make sure it’s life threatening and stop wasting our time.” He stared at her with an ‘how dare you talk to me  like that’ look and then pushed her causing her to lose her balance and crash to the floor.  Leon pointed his phaser in her face and demanded she get up and get back to work.  “Forget it, we’ll continue tomorrow. Thanks to you Corneriette everyone will stay five extra hours.”  Lt. Powalski stormed out of the small lot and into a near by office.  Everyone else headed to their slime and germ ridden cells.  Corneriette sat in her bloody four wall cell.  She had been beaten numerous times and left with nothing to eat or drink except her own blood.  She sat trying to communicate with Fox.  ‘Fox, can you hear me Fox?  I’m still alive Fox..please help me.  I’m at Karakul Base 4.  I intercepted one of your conversations with Pepper.  He’s sending you to a different base...your going to the third one Fox..go to the fourth one.
Fox please...this is not a dream.’  She concentrated so hard on having her telepathic vibes heard that she had fallen asleep without knowing it.

 Fox McCloud sprang out of bed.  His eyes took awhile to adjust to his dark room.  “4 am.  What was that dream I was having.  Why should I go to base 4?  What the Lylat is on Base 4 that I want?  That voice sounded so familiar.  I’d know it anywhere.  I’ve gotta call the General and tell him we’re changing routes.”

 “Damn it Fox why do you say I’m never prepared, but here you come all excited, and for what?  Pepper’s gonna smack you for screwing up the plans Fox.” called Falco from the bathroom of GreatFox.  For once in his life the avian was prepared for battle and was actually sober.  “Now hurry up in the shower feather boy, I’ve got next then Slippy.  General’s expecting us at 10 and its almost 9:00.” said Peppy jokingly.  “Yeah feather boy.” Slippy said, wanting to be a part of the spotlight also.  “O.K. guys.”
Fox said.  “Everyone’s going to be there...Fara, Katt, Bill and part of the Husky Squadron.”  About a half an hour later everyone arrived at Pepper’s office and orders were handed out.  They reached their planes and took off in the direction of the base.  “All right guys, listen up...we’re going to attack Karakul4 and destroy the bomb they’re building.”  “Piece of cake Fox!” said Katt casually.  Upon arrival they were greeted with two huge fleets of tripods and Borzoi fighters.  “Chocolate cake or laser cake!” Fara said as she locked onto and blasted five enemy ships heading her way.  Falco’s ship was bombarded with attempted laser shots. He expertly avoided them by barrel rolling and flipping.  “Watch you six Fara!” Bill said as he raced his ship toward Fara’s, who was desperately trying to avoid the ten Borzoi’s behind her.  “Shit..I’m hit!....you jerk.” she screamed as her ship was hit again, this time from the side.  “Hang on Fara..I’m trying to lock on to them but it seems that these Venom fighters finally mastered the barrel roll.” came Bill’s reply over the com.  “I’ve got it under control Sir.” a Husky soldier said.  Ten of the soldiers flew after the fighters that were tailing Fara’s ship.  “It’s not over yet.  Here they come!” Falco flew past a squadron of Spy Eyes.  He knew that if they didn’t destroy them quickly, they would leak StarFox’s where-a-bout’s in a matter of minutes.  “Let take’em all out” was all Falco said as he and Slippy wiped the sky clean of Borzoi’s and tripods.  “Hey what’s down there Fox?  Are those prisoners..one of them is being hit and yelled at.  I’m going to check it out.  Cover me Katt.” Fara said, not looking up from the scene at the base they were supposed to destroy.  “Roger that.  Be careful Fara.” Katt said.  Everything had been destroyed and now they were waiting for Fara.

 “Get your hands off of me..I....didn’t do anything to ..you”  Corneriette struggled to get free of the guards large hands.  She had gotten through to Fox...he was coming to save her.  She had heard and seen StarFox and the others from her prison on Karakul.  She glanced at the sky wondering when they would come down and get her.  That’s when she got up and ran, freedom made her do it.  She was going to be free....that’s when the guards tried to restrain her and keep her from escape.  Fara stepped out of her custom made jet and grabbed her phaser.  She saw the struggle between the two guards and the weakened prisoner.  She was close enough to fire two laser shots and end the guards lives.  “Now, now fellas.  Play nice,” Fara said as she slipped out of the shadows and killed the two men.  With a thud they hit the ground pulling Corneriette with them.  She twisted and struggled to get free from their dead arms.  One guard stared at her lifelessly as he landed on top of her.  She screamed and pushed him off.  “Are you all right?  Come on lets get out of here before someone finds us.  Don’t be scared, I’m with StarFox.” Fara said trying to make the stranger feel sure of her.  “Thank you Fara, I must find a way to repay you.”  “Fara...Fa...Fara...how’d you know my name?  Who are you?”
Corneriette turned her gaze to the sky then back to Fara’s puzzled eyes.  Corneriette turned and ran in the other direction.  Puzzled Fara walked back to her ship and boosted off to join the others.  “What was that...who were you talking to down there...why did you scare her off?” Bill questioned.  Fara dictated the whole thing and everyone went home in silence.

 Back aboard GreatFox, General Pepper commended them with their quick destruction of the bomb.  Falco ordered pizza and Slippy and Peppy were in the Rec. room challenging each other to a game of Air Hockey.  When the pizza arrived, Bill called everyone to the table.  “Come on the pizza’s here!”  Everyone came running into the dining room but Katt, Bill and Fara were first since they were already there discussing what had happened on the base between Fara and the strange woman.  “Come and sit down, there’s a seat for everyone.” said Fox  “No there’s not.” a familiar voice said.  It almost sounded as if the person were whispering.  “Your here!!  It’s the woman from Karakul” Fara cried.  Stepping out of the shadows a familiar voice said “Hi Fox, remember me?”  It was more like a demand than a question though you wouldn’t be able to tell because of the speakers soft voice.  She kept her eyes on the floor, she knew they would give her away instantly.  They were an extraordinary, incomparable brown somewhere between caramel and a light shade of mud.  Fox knew her eyes well, for he always wondered why she was the only one in her family with brown eyes.  “Who are you?!” Fox demanded.  No answer.  “What do you want and who are you?!” Fox said, a little annoyed that a stranger dressed in smelly rags would board his ship unannounced.  “Who the hell are you?  Don’t you hear the man talking to you...you deaf?” Falco screamed, the tension picked at him...he couldn’t stand the delay.  “I’ll ask you one more time” Fox said reaching for his laser.  She immediately raised her head and placed her gaze on his emerald green eyes.  “Corneriette?...How?....you’re dead...Katt and Falco..Bill too...they saw your ship explode.” Fox was momentarily confined to the position he was standing in.  She started to cry...tears filled her eyes.  “Fox no...I’m here Fox...I’d never leave..they cannot stop me..I won’t let them...not without seeing you for the last time..not without seeing my family and friends..” she broke down and cried.  The others exchanged glances.  Fox’s feelings for his bestfriend returned when he saw her grab a small chain around her neck.  It was a best friend necklace, she had the right side of the heart.  Fox had the other half.    “I’ll get you some clean clothes..you can have my room.” Peppy said out of the goodness of his heart.  “T-thank you Pepster.” she was one of the few people who called him that.  After taking a shower and putting on some fresh clothing she returned looking more radiant then the last time she was seen.  “My god!” exclaimed Katt, who was eyeing Corneiette up and down.  Falco, Bill, Slippy and Fox’s eyes widened a little when she stepped into the room.  “I can’t get my clothes to look that way for me.” Katt said.  Corneriette wore Katt’s faded tight blue jeans and over it she wore a green tank-top.  “Sit down and eat.” Peppy said with a million questions in his eyes.

 “Bundle of idiotic nerves.  You’re nothing but a bundle of idiotic nerves!!! Andross screamed at Leon.  “Two dead soldiers and my most important prisoner gone!  Not only that.....but she has the disk with her.  Damn it Leon!  Damn you lizard breath.  Can’t you do one thing right.  Do you know what might happen if someone gets that disk.  Hmmm do you?.” Leon appeared normal as the ape screamed into his face.  Inside he wanted to kick himself.  “Well now we have to really worry because someone does have the disk.  It can and will shut down every single one of my bases, give wrong signals and coordinates and will mobilize all Venomanian vehicles.! You IDIOT!!  How the hell did she get that disk?” Andross slapped Leon across the face, sending him to the ground.  He got up and then into a fighting position, then he remembered who he was facing and quickly calmed down.  “Do you want me to find her Sir?” Leon asked still dazed from the hit.  “Well gee what do you think, spaz wod.”  Leon grumbled something under his breath then walked out of the office.  “You were great in there.” Wolf said with sarcasm surrounding every word he spoke.  “Yeah...my hero” Pigma said through clenched teeth trying to keep from laughing at the way Leon’s head spun around when Andross smacked it.  “Great job Idiot, now look what you’ve done..we gotta spend our vacation looking for that stupid Catox because you let’er escape..you Idiot.” Andrew said from across the room.

 “Well I was in that hell hole for 6 years and they never once fed me.  I was only captured because of my mechanical and scientific abilities.”  Slippy couldn’t compare to Corneriette’s mechanic abilities but always teamed up with her for science projects when they were in school.  She had been taught to fly when she was 1 and was flying on her own by the age of 5.  She had graduated from the Cornerian Flight Academy with the others in Junior high.  Corneriette wanted to be a great pilot like her mother Veronica.  Veronica was the first female commander.  Corneriette’s father was right up there with all the other well known scientist of the Lylat System.  “How’d you get here?” inquired Falco.  “By my plane of course..silly.  I built it myself from spare parts at the base.”  She told them about the disk and what she planned on doing with it.  First she wanted to catch up with her friends.  She had so many questions.  Likewise did they.

 “I’m going to take this data disk and put a virus into it.  That way we can stop Andross, the StarWolf team and 57% of Venom’s robots and Bio-weapons.  They probably know I’ve taken it, I’m known for slipping in and out of the shadows quietly and quickly as well.  The guard was easy to take out...he thought he could fight.  Ha!  If he could then he would have seen me coming.” Corneriette laughed.  “What did you do to him?” Katt asked, trying to imagine the fight between Corneriette and the guard.  “Well like I said, he thought he could fight...so why didn’t he fight the law of gravity when I pushed him out of the window of the fourth floor.” Corneriette said rhetorically.  “Andross will pay.  I’m not delirious with revenge, but he killed my partner.  He tried to kill me.”  “Who was your partner Neri?”  Neri was a nickname of hers..she hadn’t been called that since the day before she was taken away by Andossian fighter in the middle of the night.  “Glad you asked that Slippy.”  Instead of looking at Slippy, she turned her face to Falco and stared at him for a second.  Then she muttered something that made Falco feel uneasy.  “Viceroy Lombardi was one of the coolest birds in the Lylat.  Best aero-space mechanic you’ll ever see.  I had the pleasure of knowing him...we were partners.”  Falco would have turned pale if only a bird could.  His twin brother Viceroy was his ex-girlfriend’s partner.  Neri and Falco had been going out for a few months before he started getting serious with Katt.  She had caught him with another girl and decided to end it point-blank.  Viceroy had not been seen since he was five.  The Lombardi twins were now 21.  “My...m..my twin?!  You know him.  I thought he was dead.”  “Yeah and everyone else thought I was dead when my plane exploded, when you, Katt and Bill were trying to help me escape from the Karakul base.  That bomb was planted.  What I’m trying to say is, if I’m here now...perhaps we should not underestimate your brothers status.”    “GREATFOX IS NOW OVER SECTOR Y” a hard,l loud voice boomed over the loud speaker.

What the....” Neri stammered  “Don’t be alarmed, it’s only ROB!” Slippy said as he rose from his chair and walked over to the Catox.  He nodded his head in the direction of where the moderate sized robot was kept.  She put her hand over her heart to show that she had been startled.  Every gasped and stared at Corneriette’s right paw.  The claw on her middle finger was encased with a silver, metal one.  Corneriette followed their gazes and then looked down at her hand.  “Oh, that...well it’s just a metal claw.  There’s nothing wrong with my real one.  Leon likes to torture people and he wanted to see my reaction to waking up with a metal claw.  I use it as a dagger.  I’d take it off but it’s too tight.”  Corneriette got up and went to see ROB, she was followed closely by Toad.  He was so close to her he had stepped on her tail.  “YYyoowww!!”  Her tail was completely dark brown, except for the white tipped end.  It was one of the only ways you could tell she was a fox.  The  light beige furred Catox turned around to face the frog who was only 2 inches shorter than she.  “Are you going to ride on my tail or pass through me..your so close you could do either one.”  They laughed and continued walking until they reached the robot who controlled the ship.  Slippy explained all about it.

 “Amytheste here sir.  Ya wantedta see me?”  Amytheste was a tall lean baboon who was in love with Andrew.  She didn’t mind his whimpering and whining and was always on his side for everything.  He was too shy to look at her.  “Ummm, yeah.  You’re one of Venom’s best tracker-downer’s and I..well we need your help.  Corneriette escaped with the disk and we need to know where she might have gone.”  “The mutt...I knew she would survive that plane bombing.  You should’ve just killed her on the spot.  I know you could’ve.. your aggressive Andrew...I like aggressive,”  She was inching her way closer to him.  Leon burst through the door.  “All right gorilla boy..I’ve got a plan.  We’ll get Amytheste to track down Corneriette..and then we’ll..” He stopped himself in time to see her step out from behind Andrew.  “Oh.. your here.  Good then.  I’ve got a plan that will be carried out by a friend of mine.  His name is Bumper Martin.  He’ll lure StarFox into a trap.  I know they have her, so we don’t have to look hard.  With them out of the way.....that double specied tramp will be done with and the disk will be back  in our possession.”  Leon smiled an evil smile that showed all of his thoughts.  He was planning on doing away with Neri personally.  She knew about his past and was probably the only who did.  He was violent because his father was violent.  Drunk and bent..his father would beat him and abuse him mentally.  Telling him he was worthless and that he was the reason for his fathers drinking.  He knew she knew about him, about his past.  He could never figure out why or how.  When she looked at him he felt she was ripping him open and gawking at his soul.  It made him uneasy but he also wanted to kill her because she shot and killed his cousin and second best friend Reilly.  “I will have StarFox, Falco and that stinking dog Bill out of my way.  I’ve already paid Martin 20 credits..he’ll get much more if he succeeds.”  Leon’s ice like eyes looked around the room and then looked at the glossy gray fur that belonged to the female baboon standing next to Andrew.  Andrew took a step forward as if to block Leon’s view of Amytheste.  “Oh yeah...whatcha you gonna do punk.” Leon said as he slipped out of the room as quick as his anger.  “Be in your miserable jet tomorrow of next week.  We’ll take care of Fox...no one is going to protect Corneriette this time.  Not even that dumb feathered brat Viceroy Lombardi.”

 Corneriette slept in Peppy’s comfortable bed.  The hare had spent the night on the couch.  They had arrived at Corneria.  GreatFox hovered over Valtore Lake.  Fox stood over the mutt’s sleeping body.  ‘wake up...how can you sleep all day.  We’re almost at the military station.  I told Pepper I had a surprise for him.’ Fox said, telepathically.  ‘go away Fox, I haven’t slept this good for so long.  What surprise do you have for Pepper...I’m sure he’ll like your flowers, the ring and the proposal just fine!’  Fox laughed and headed out of the room.

 “Greetings StarFox..I will destroy you once and forever more.” came a voice over the loud speaker.  “What the..” Falco started.  “Anyone who supports StarFox had better come out here now or the whole ship gets it.  Corneriette is responsible for the lives of many Venomanian soldiers, she has escaped our bases 24 times.  She has helped 79
other prisoners escape.  Give her up or get.  Anyone who supports StarFox get out here now and surrender the mutt.”  “Come on guys lets go!”  The StarFox team ran to their ships and within moments they were airborne.  “Who the hell are you?!” the voice said. “We are StarFox.” Fox said, proudly.

 “Well..join the party then.” the pilot of the attack carrier said.  “wha..” Slippy started to say as the mothership spewed out ships that were attacking the team.  “Let’s get’em, they’re not quick enough for us.” Peppy said with an expert tone.

 The dog fight continued for twenty minutes until they tiny ships had been destroyed.  It was then that they noticed the mother ship coming back towards them.  Had it gone away from the battle so not to get hit?  Now moving at top speed the mother ship was closing in.

 “We’re gonna need some back-up here.” said Fox looking worried.  “Back up on the way!” came Bill’s voice over the com.  “Bill, Katt, Fara...great.  Now here’s what I want you to do.  Everyone stay in a strait line, the ship’s too big for us to take out one by one.  When you hear my word...move in and fire!”  “Where’s Corneriette?” Falco said turning his head to look at GreatFox.  “She’s still asleep flyboy.” Katt said.  “Great!” Falco said, sarcastically.  “Shoot..he’s moving fast...is he insane.” Fara said.
 The large ship stopped about 175 feet from where the other ships were.  “He’s firing a donbeaton missile.” Slippy’s high voice broke the silence of the other pilots.  The missile was not fast but not that slow.  Everyone could see the approaching missile.  “It’s heading for Fara’s ship!” Peppy said.  Fara broke a sweat.  “Stay in line.” Fox said, sounding as if he had a plan.  As the missile approach a far away noise caught Katt’s attention.

 A black ship shot through the sky, slicing the clouds with it’s sleek wings.  The ship flew straight at the bomb blocking Fara’s jet.  The ship’s left wing exploded and cracked off.  The unidentified black ship hung a left and swirled around the bigger ship.  Twirling majestically, the ship made perfect quick circles around the white attack carrier.

 “Back off Bumper!” a man’s voice boomed from the unknown ship.  The mystery flyer flew past the ship.  The pilot clicked some buttons and the missing left wing was replaced by a new one.  The pilot came back the same way he had come before. This time stopping in front of Falco’s ship.  The pilot pressed a few more buttons and a blade came out  the roof of the ship, the wings were transformed into sharp, jagged daggers.  The front tip of the ship became a large buzz saw.  “I said back off!”

 The strange ship raced at a blinding speed towards the attack carrier.  Without warning the large ship exploded as the smaller ship flew straight threw it.  It was cutting the ship in half by using the blades.  Burning pieces went flying into the atmosphere.  The black unmarked ship flew up to Fara’s and turned upside down so that it was floating over the vixen’s.  “Are you okay?” said the man.  He gave a quick thumbs up and sped off.  the ship appeared on the horizon with five enemy ships after it.  Soon more followed.  The ship was being greeted with hyper lasers.  It appeared unharmed.  Then more enemy ships flew past the strange ship and formed a wall infront of it.  A signal was given and they all fired at once.  The pilot shrugged his shoulders and pulled a barrel roll while doing a somersault to avoid the rapid hits.  With one nova bomb the enemies cascaded from the sky in a large bunch of busted metal and tangled wires.  “Here comes another carrier. Wanna play..it’s a game where one of us get’s hit with a nova bomb.” questioned the mystery pilot.  “Yeah well it ain’t gonna be me.” the attack carrier pilot said, angrily.  “Yeah well in my game...I’m afraid it is!”  The pilot charged at the carrier and flew over it...dropping a canister that might have fell off if it weren’t for the suction it had.  “As a good friend of mine would say...game over pal! Get outta here StarFox...she’s gonna blow.”  With that the strange pilot blasted off.  “Emergency manuvers..let’s lose this joint.” Fox said, taking a last look at the scene.  Slippy typed some commands to GreatFox so that it would land on a nearby country-side.

 Soon after GreatFox and the others landed, the sleek black ship landed close to them.  Everyone crowded near the ship as the slender bodied pilot hopped out of it.  The pilot strode over to them like he was on the catwalk.  The man was dressed in a black space suit and had a red and neon blue parachute on it’s back.  The cranium of the pilot was hidden under a neon red and blue helmet.  “Hey nice flying..who are you anyway?” Falco asked extending his wing in a friendly gesture to shake his hand.  The pilot’s eyes were covered with a black cloth that even hid the color of the man’s eyes.  Only the muzzle was exposed to view.  The pilot’s white eyes stared at the avian in front of it.  “Wait a minute, are you a spy?!  That’s it isn’t it?”  Falco grabbed the startled pilot and tossed him over his back.  The pilot, grabbing the helmet off of his head, he heaved it onto the floor and removed the black cloth around his eyes.  “Ya wanna rumble crispy strips?!” Corneriette said as she hit Falco over his head with her fist.  The mysterious pilot had been Corneriette, her flying was even better that Fox’s.  Everyone turned around and gawked at the pilot in the black suit.

 “You were the pilot...you were sleeping..how’d ya get out here that fast.” Bill said not looking at her but at her ship.  “I would’ve gotten here sooner but I got lost on my way to the hangar.”

 Corneriette’s ship was bigger than an arwing and was taller too.  Her ship was Jet black except for the neon red and blue wings.  Her cockpit seat was made of Eddie Bauer leather and just as black as the paint on the ship.  “Go on in and check it out.” Corneriette said as she turned to face her ship.  “Open up and let them in Midus!” Neri said with joy in her eyes, hoping they would be impressed by her ship.  The hatch slid open, exposing the inside of the ship.  “It opened..just like that.  Voice command?” Katt asked as she slid into the jet. “Uh-huh and watch this.  Dashboard panel open!”  the dash board was revealed and Katt sat back amased.  “You’ve got am/fm radio!  There’s a laptop computer!  A steering wheel?!  Don’t you use control joystick like the rest of us?” Slippy said while trying to climb into the plane.  “I’m not an arwing Slippy Toad.  I was custom built by Corneriette.  I’m the Silver Raven” the computer said.  This startled Slippy to the point of falling into Katt.  “My name is Midus and I am now in VC, or Voice Command!”

 Falco climbed into the back seat where he found a control panel and another computer.  He sat down in the leather seat and found that right infront of him was a black wall and nothing more.  “Hey Coco(another nickname for Neri)what’s back here.”  “Oh that..it’s your brother’s part of the ship.  Click the red button to your left and wait for a minute or two.  He did just that.  Moments later the black wall infront of him opened up to show a full screen.  It was more like a giant computer screen.  “Would you like to see what that’s for Falco.” Neri asked, already knowing the answer would be yes.  “Click the green button above you.....now”  Its was a coordinate map that showed enemy positions and could also be used as a spy camera that would tap into any camera in the Lylat system.  He clicked a button that lowered the seat into a reclining position.  “Viceroy Lombardi?” Midus said.
“Uh no, actually I’m his twin brother.  Falco Lombardi.”  “No..no..I mean Viceroy Lombardi is approaching at 25 miles.  I’ll run a system check on his ship.” Midus said.  “What..what do you mean he’s approaching!??!” Falco put the seat back in it’s regular position.  The screen’s image changed to show a damaged red ship.  “Midus send that ship our coordinates...In fact fly out and bring him here.” Peppy said as if he owned the SilverRaven.  With that Corneriette’s ship rose up taking Katt, Falco and Slippy with it.  “Wow Neri..your ship can fly on it’s own?”  “Uh-huh...she can do other stuff too.  Right now we’ve got someone to save.”  The ship took off in the direction Lombardi’s ship was in.  When it disappeared Fara thanked Neri for saving her ship.  “I told you I’d repay you.” Corneriette said to Fara in a loyal tone.

 Wolf’s gray body was dressed in his normal blue uniform.  He paced the room waiting for the rest of his team.  Andross was not pleased about his prisoner missing, nor his disk being taken.  Corneriette was gone and he knew she would run to Fox and not him.  He hated Fox for that.  They were both 19 so age had nothing to do with it.  He hated Fox because he had more recognition than him.  He had his own team first.  He knew his father.  And he had Corneriette.

 They both liked her since they were 5.  Puppy love at first, but it became more serious.  Wolf and his twin brother Manito had not seen their father since they were 3.  He was arrested for reasons they were too young to understand.  Wolf disregarded his twin and took up Leon in his place.  Wolf didn’t know where Manito was, and he didn’t care either.  He didn’t want any part of that goody-two shoes bit and left his brother in the tiny room they shared and went to join Andross.

 “Ya know Neri, if I could only care about one thing it would be you.  But you had to choose Fox over me and now I’ll have to take your little boyfriend away.” Wolf said to no one.  “I hear jealousy in your voice sonny-boy.” Pigma said through mouthfuls of potato chips.  “Damn it you fat slob, you’re always eating something.” Wolf said as he reached into his pocket.  He pulled out a sharp jagged knife.  “Corneriette’s birthday is two weeks away.  She’ll be 19 on April 19th.  Fox wanted to give her his heart.  I wonder if he means it the way I’m going to plan it.” Wolf promised. “I’ve got a plan of my own since Leon’s didn’t work.” Pigma said fascinated by the shining knife held by the wolf.

 “It belonged to my dad, he killed his brother with it after my uncle killed my mom.” Wolf said, as if he were talking to the knife.  “Whoa...this sounds like a soap opera..I’m outta here.” Pigma said.  “Shut up you, Bumper Martin is dead.  We’ll have to get Neri here ourselves. Like Leon said we’ll attack next week.  Capture some one else from their stupid team and then they’re sure to come for him.

 Leon burst through the door.  “All right I have three hundred and sixty dollars for Mr. Martin.  The check was already sent out to him today and is irreversible.  I’m confident that he has gotten the job done so I paid him in advance.” Leon said while coming into the room looking at some receipts.  “Who’s gonna tell him that Bumper’s already dead and he can’t get his money back?  Me or you?.” Pigma whispered to Wolf, slowly backing out of the room.

 Viceroy Lombardi’s ship had been hit hard from an attack by a Venomanian fleet.  He had helped Corneriette many times for different reasons.  The officer’s of Karakul base 4 decided that he had helped her too much and moved him to a Venom base to lower his chances of escape.  Cut and bruised the hawk was determined to get to a safe haven.  “My wing isn’t broken but it feels like it..ugh!” Blood poured from his wing and a few white bones shot out through the blood stained feathers of his right arm.  He thanked God that he was a lefty.  The Silver Raven cautiously approached the red ship.  It’s right side had a large hole in it and the pilot was almost half way falling out of it.  “The Silver Raven?” the younger Lombardi said as he peered out of his badly damaged ship.  “So your auto-solo-piloting does work!  Then that means that Grotto really did survive.” Viceroy said.  His skull was bleeding, he had accidentally flown strait into an enemy fighter and the collision made a hole in his ship.  “I will now land your ship Co-captin Lombardi.” Midus said as she sent signals to the red ship.  “Wow Midus..I mean, the computer can send messages on it’s own.” Slippy said, his mouth wide open.  The red ship landed next to Fox’s arwing and the Silver Raven landed right next to the red one.

 “You’re OK.” Falco said pulling his brother out of the damaged ship, trying not to hurt him.  “We’ve got to get him to GreatFox.” Peppy said taking keys out of his pocket.  “Man, I hope I’ll still be able to fly..on my own and with my plane.” Viceroy said trying to use humor to lessen the pain.

 Onboard Falco put his brother in his bed.  Viceroy had fallen asleep and was bandaged up.  Outside in the hallway Fara asked “Why did he call you Grotto?  Is that a code name for you?”  “Yup it is!  I have made my own team while at the base.  It consists of 7 people.  I am the leader and founder of the team called NebulaStorm.”  “While you were gone it was run by the co-captin..that would be Viceroy right?  Well since he’s here, who’s running the team now?!”  “I dunno, Gloves is probably handling things smoothly.  She always had a sense of command.” Corneriette said.

 Everyone sat in the Rec. room except Falco and Peppy.  Fox was making a late lunch snack and Slippy was out  in the hangar giving Silver Raven a look-see.  I’ve got to find some way of telling her how I feel. Fox thought to himself trying not to use telepathy.  He wasn’t even sure if Corneriette liked him the way he did.  Corneriette was thinking the same thing.  Neither was sure if the other one liked them more than friends.  Everyone else had already known about their crushes but were sworn to secrecy.  Katt was rummaging through a bag that Corneriette had with her when she spotted the disk.  Without asking Neri, Katt took the disk and went to one of the computers on GreatFox.  “I’m going to access this thing and make a copy just incase.” Katt said, almost too loud.  Fox walked over to Corneriette and asked her “Can you still fight?”  “Yeah, remember, I used to fight you when we were little..I’m pretty good now.” Neri said, proudly.  “How good.” Fox said as he took off his shirt, revealing two gold chains around his neck.  He removed his helmet com and raised his fists.  “Oh...so that’s how it is.  Two can play this game ya’know.”  She too pulled off her shirt revealing a halter top.  She took off her shoes and Fox did the same.  “Come on.” Fox said, ready to attack.  They were always play fighting and he always won .  Fox circled her and she did not move.  “I’ll show you how to fight like a man Fox”  “Yeah, I guess you would know, Neri!”  “That’s it..let’s go star boy.”  She grabbed his right paw and pulled him close enough to knee him in the ribs.   Winded, he pushed her back and punched her in the right arm.  Blocking hits, she managed to roll underneath him and stood behind him.  He turned around quickly and grabbed her by the waist.  Smashing to the floor, Neri turned on her back and sweep-kicked him.  Landing on top of her, he pelted her in the stomach with a tight fist.  Groaning in pain she raised him into the air with her feet and flipped him over so that she was now on top.  Corneriette held down his shoulders and counted to ten.  “Ha..I beat ya StarFox.  I mean StarSissy.” she giggled as she helped him stand.  “Yeah for once NebulaStupid.” Fox said rubbing his ribs.  “Want some soda?” Neri asked heading for the kitchen.  “Yeah..like you live here.  I should be asking you that.” Fox said in a sarcastic tone.  “Whatever old friend..whatever” she said waving a hand at him. “Of course I’m an old friend was born January 21, remember?”  “Rub it in my face Fox..rub it in my face” Neri said while she opened the fridge.

 A Siamese cat prayed silently on her bed while she fingered her rosary.  Her paws were like dark brown gloves, and her feet had the same glove like pattern on the fur part.  Her shapely body was dressed in a red and neon blue uniform.  A poodle paced the hallways in the same uniform.  A look of worry was the second piece of clothing she wore.  Beside her, in a chair, a tall and graceful vixen sat.  She read the latest magazine of “Guns&Knives.”  Croakella Froggen, second Lieutenant, came running down the hallway knocking over the chair where the vixen sat reading.

 “Now see here Mortisha!!” came the frogs loud screams.  She burst into the room where the cat sat praying.  “What the....Pinkie..can’t it wait?” Mortisha asked from her bed.  She stared at the frog at the foot of it.  “Look Gloves, if it could wait would I be screaming?” Croakella remarked as if she knew it all.  “No it can’t wait!” an angry Vixen Foxxler said as she crossed the room.  “Ya knocked me over in the hallway and kept going so it must be important.” she said.  The fox looked at the frog as if she were insane.  “What’s the problem Pinkie?” Mortisha asked, wanting to speed things up so she could get back to what she was doing.  Since Croakella’s hair was a natural pink, she had earned the name Pinkie, given to her by her bestfriend and boyfriend Slippy Toad.  “Well it seems that Deevo’s ship has been stormed.”  “What did you say!?” a poodle entered the room bewildered.  She was Poodle O’Hara.  Daughter of General Pepper’s sister.  She was in the first Lt. position.

 “He’s okay right...Viceroy’s ok..right?” Vixen’s voice showed her worrying tone.  Viceroy was second in command under Corneriette.  No one knew exactly why she called him Deevo, but it sort of caught on and became an everyday thing.  They called Corneriette Grotto for probably no reason at all.  For the hell of it perhaps.  “Silver Raven has been fully operational and only two people can operate her.  Is this what I think it is?  Are they both alive?” Gloves thought outloud.  “Oh and that’s not it..someone has been using the disk.” Cloud said.  Poodle was called cloud because of she shiny white fur and Mortisha was called gloves because of her paw color..they actually did look like gloves.  “Wait..but there’s only one hacker who’s part or our clan and who knows how to access the disk.” Croakella said, turning to point at a picture on Mortisha’s nightstand.  She picked it up.  A picture of the whole team.  Corneriette, Viceroy, Poodle, Vixen,Croakella, Mortisha and Katt.  “Katt could’ve...must’ve downloaded the golden disk!  I hope she’s not using a regular computer to download the disk.  You need a special one so that the people you stole it from won’t catch you.  Damn it...StarWolf is going to snuff us if they catch us.”

 Amytheste worked the night shift all of the following week.  “StarWolf’s supposed to slit that feline-canine’s throat tomorrow.  I’m going to join them!  Wanna come along Swan?”  Swan Morgen was a martial artist and Amytheste’s best friend.  Despite her name she was a meercat.  “Yeah, that little Catox things she’s better’an us cause her family’s rich.  Her fathers dead and she doesn’t even know it.  Her mother’s in solitary and is living on a thin thread.” Swan said over the phone.  “Yeah well, I checked my computer and the disk is running, looks like someone forgot the tracking device that the golden disk has.” Amytheste said while laughing loudly.  “Stupid Cornerians.  Except for Corneriette, she was born on Venom, she’ll die there too.” Amytheste said, sure that Leon was going to kill Neri.  “It all happens tomorrow.  That little pink hacker is giving us her coordinates without knowing it.  We’ll toast that ship and I’ll get promoted.” Swan snickered over the phone.  “Hey Amy...let me get a piece of that mutt, I’ll show her to push my brother from a window...he was all I had.” Swan said, sounding far away.  “Stop it..your sounding like Fox now.” Amy said making a face.  “All right, they’ll come to the base looking for ..um..whoever we capture and then we’ll make our move, OK?”  “Yup..see ya then.”  With a click of the phone Swan went off the practice her roundhouse kick.

 “Hey Katt, I know your running that disk.” Coco said from the kitchen.  “Yeah, I know.”Katt said while she typed on the computer.  “You’re not using a regular computer right?” Neri said, thinking Katt would be smart enough to realize the disk’s potential.  “Yeah..of course..what’s the difference?” Katt said, still not looking up.  “Omigosh...Katt no..don’t..shit!” Corneriette ran into the room and snatched the disk from the hard drive.  “Careful, that things still on.  You’ve got to turn it off first.” Katt screamed, knocking the computer off of her lap.  “Do you know what you’ve done?  Now everyone on Venom knows where we are.!”  “I’m so sorry was trying to make a copy that’s all.” Katt said.  Corneriette wasn’t paying attention. “Shhh we’ve got to relocate..StarWolf will be here.” Neri said, knowing that Amytheste would have picked up the download Katt made from the disk.  “Snoopy bit*h!  I know she’ll find us.”  “Who!” Katt said grabbing Neri’s arm and turning her around to face her.  “Amytheste..she’ll tell StarWolf.  Leon’s already turning color with anger after I spit in his face because he pushed me to the floor.”  “What now?” Viceroy asked as he eyed his partner.  “We’ll attack first of course.”  Neri said eyeing him back.  “Like old times...where’s the rest of NebulaStorm?” Katt asked.  “I left them under Gloves supervision before I left.” Viceroy said.  “Good ol’ Gloves!” Katt and Corneriette said in unison.  Bill wandered into the room.  Wearing a head com, he crossed the room and stared at Corneriette.  “Isn’t that a phone tap device Bill?”  Viceroy said looking at the black com that the dog wore.  “Neri...I over heard a conversation with Amy and Swan.” Bill said as he lowered his eyes to the floor.  “What’s wrong Bill?” Neri said anticipating a disappointment.  She tried to brace herself by taking a deep breath.  Everyone else came into the room when they heard Bill’s voice say, “Neri...your father’s dead.”  She walked backwards until she hit the wall.  Pressing her back against it, she lowered herself to the floor and put her paws over her face.  “That’s not all” Fara said entering the room with a phone tap on her head also.  “They have you’re mother and they’ll be attacking tomorrow.” Fara said as she walked up to Neri and bent down beside her.  Wiping tears away Neri managed to say “We’ll be waiting for them if a dog fights what they want.  I can deal with a loss, my fathers gone but I’m glad I did not see him die.  It was Amytheste who killed him wasn’t it?  How did he die?” Neri said as she rose from her position.  “His body was sliced with a claw of some sort.  His insides removed and burned with a torch.  His skeleton was burned and hung from the ceiling with expert perfection. He refused to make the Vuenet bomb and he was later beaten with a wire before he was killed.  Do you know who could’ve killed him Neri?” Fara said with sympathy for her bestfriend.  “Leon!!!” Neri, Falco, Viceroy and Bill said in unison.

 The following day was a good one for Corneriette.  Though her father was gone, she had her best friends.  She gave witness to some of the most brutal crimes in the Lylat System.  It did not get in the way of her plans.  “Everyone to their ships when you see StarWolf.  Except you Slippy, you stay with GreatFox since you know more about it than the rest of us.” Neri said.  It was noon time and the plan wasn’t original.  Follow StarWolf until they were destroyed.

 “We’re going to that base and freeing my mother.  My daughter is there too, so we’ll free them both.” Neri said, making sure everyone was getting this down.  “Your what...?” Falco said,amased.  Fox grumbled words of hatred to the father of the child.  “Now now, I’ve never had a child.  She’s adopted.  The parents were brutally murdered.  Shot to death in their ears.  They knew that they were going to be killed so they made me sneak into an office.  I downloaded some adoption papers and we all signed them.  Her name is Candy Monoham, she’s 3 now.  Her parents died when she was born...I was there, she was too.” Corneriette said taking a picture out of her pocket.  Candy was sitting on Neri’s lap smiling with innocent eyes.  “They took her away from me and I’m going to get her back.” Neri said determined.  Fox felt relieved.  “Then we’ll help you!” Fox said, taking the picture from her.

 “First we’re going back to NovaStone to get my real plane.  You don’t expect me to fly that ragged red one do you?” Viceroy said as he took the picture from Fox.  Everyone passed it around.  “But the Silver Raven is complete now, this time it won’t blow up!  We’re partners again.”  Corneriette said.  “Shoot..that’s right!  You still have my old uniform?”  Neri nodded.  “A straight line is the shortest path right?  So why bother with StarWolf?  Why not just go to the base?” Katt Monroe said as she handed the picture back to Corneriette.  “She’s right y’know!  The people at the base probably think that Star Loser is going to stop us before we get there.  Since Slippy is in GreatFox, he can make it look like we are all on the starship while we are at the base!”  Falco remarked from the hallway.  The room was too crowded for him to get in.

 2:15 p.m.   Monday, 13, April 1998

 “Her birthday’s in 6 more days and she’s not even alive.  We made a bet that she would not reach the age of 19.  Guess I won the bet.  I wish I’d never made it.” Vixen said as she moped around the base on Alumni Point in Corneria.  “Why do I always have to win bets?  Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut.” Vixen said as she pounded the wall with her fists.  “Yeah well maybe you should keep your mouth shut!  But they day you stop gambling is the day I give up flying!” Corneriette said as she walked through her base called Nova Stone.  Vixen whirled around to see her leader and then her jaw dropped open.  “You’ve got to be kiddin’ me!” Vixen said as she ran up to Neri and swung her arms around her.  The rest of Nebula Storm greeted their Captain and StarFox as Fara explained the whole story.

 “So your telling me that you three and StarFox are going to enter the base secretly and get out the only two prisoners they have?  Sounds good, we still have to touch up the base anyway, so you, Neri and Viceroy go on ahead....we’ll be here if you need us.” Pinkie said to Katt as they walked to the docking bay.  Vixen and Poodle moaned in anguish because they were to stay at the base.

 “Good luck guys!!  I’ve coordinated the base on the arwings computer, leave the disk with me.  I’ve got a tracking device so just push the button on your wristwatch.  Go in the back way.  You know...up Windmian’s Creek?” Mortisha said.  “Ya mean what’s left of it!!” Poodle joked...Slippy laughed with her.  “Yea, like I was sayin’...you should find a fortress-like building.  Go in through the rear and to the fourth floor.  They’ll be expecting you to fly in so use land craft once you reach Venom.  Good luck captain....we don’t want to lose you again.” Mortisha said, close to tears at the thought of losing her friend again.

 Before leaving Corneriette explained that only she, Falco, Fox, Viceroy, Katt and Bill were going.  For land craft, Neri, Viceroy and Katt each had a type of motorcycle with hovercraft and watercraft and flying abilities.  It was called a Syclacraft.  Fox had his Landmaster, so that left Bill and Falco in the dark.

 “Yeah but the Landmaster can only fit one person!  What about me and Bill?” Falco said. Hoping he wouldn’t be left out of the action.  “You can use the other two Syclacrafts that we have in storage.  I can make room for it in the Silver Raven since there is some ample space...or you can just fly there on the Syclatrons.” Mortisha said while she took some blueprints from a desk in the hangar of NovaStone.  “You can’t fly on a motorcycle!” Bill said.  “On this one you can...it’s not just a motorcycle ya know!” Croakella said while sitting on Slippy’s lap.  She hugged him while she told him how she designed the Syclacraft and he congratulated her on another brilliant idea.

 “We’ll leave in two hours!  That base is heavily controlled and there are about so many guards on each floor.  Your custom made weapons arrived two weeks ago, and I’ve checked them out.” Vixen said walking over to a glass wall unit that housed over 76 guns.  “Oh really....finally their here!” Neri said running up to the wall unit.  I’ll remove my old ones and strap on the new ones.”  The others watched as Neri took off 12 guns that she secretly had on her.  She grabbed her new laser cannon gun and placed it in her gun holder around her waist.  She strapped two guns, one on each thigh and then put a 5 inch rapid fire long range gun into a hair piece and the put it behind her head.  It was so small no one would have known unless they saw it.

 “Everyone grab two guns and one knife.  Let’s not get cocky, this is an in and out situation.  We’ll find my mother and daughter on the fourth floor in cells 121 and 123.  I’ve never been to Venom, besides when I was born there so Fox, Falco and Viceroy will show us the way.” Neri said as she boarded her ship.  “Feels good to be back in this ship Neri.  Let’s storm that base like we did all the others.” Viceroy said with a smirk on his face.  ‘Hey Neri, after we clear the Venom base and get back your family...what next?’ Fox asked her telepathically.  ‘I will access the disk again and will shut down Andross’ bomb operation.’ she said as she prepared her ship for take off.  Fox had meant what would happen to their best friend relationship...would it be more than friends?

 Neri knew what he meant, she just wasn’t convinced that he liked her.  ‘How come you sounded like a man before when you were dressed in your uniform?’ Peppy asked.  Neri jumped up and then realized that Peppy was a telepath too.  He was a different kind than she and Fox were.  He and Annie could sometimes see the future and predict things.  He also read minds.  ‘Dear friend Peppy, you’re trying to kill me and I’m on your side.’ she laughed as she calmed down.  Fox was listening also.  ‘that was because I have a device that can alter sounds.  Kinda like a ventriloquist!’ Neri explained.  ‘Oh so that’s it...cool device, I think I’ll keep it for a while.’ Fox said as he pulled his ship toward Corneriette’s.  He tried to look in but the windows were tinted black.  ‘Stay outta my stuff Fox.’ Neri joked

 The ships took twenty minutes to prepare for flying and within an hour they were over Solar.  Everyone could see Macbeth approaching.  “Aw man, why do we have to fly over this miserable planet?” Neri whined as she remembered her days as a slave.  “I’m hitting HyperDrive G force panels..I’m getting out of this planet.” Neri said as she placed her finger on the hyper jump button.  It would give her plane enough force to boost over Macbeth and the rest of Solar so that she would reach Bolse in thirteen minutes flat.  She pressed down hard on the button and her ship disappeared in a matter of seconds.

 “This is the Cats Paw! Lets make that hyper jump and catch up with Deevo and Grotto!” Katt said to Bill, Fox and Falco.  As soon as everyone got to Bolse, Viceroy started making the plan for the ground route.  Once landed at Windmians Creek where Neri was born, they would go in through the Rouge Desert.

 Arriving at Venom, Silver Raven and Cat’s Paw Hovered 25 feet above ground.  A bottom hatch opened on the two planes and three Syclacrafts flew to the ground.  Two more Syclacrafts came from the Silver Raven and the Landmaster followed.

 “All right where’s Windmian’s Creek?” Neri asked looking around the black sand of Rouge’s Desert.  “Your there already.” Falco said with pity.  “It’s right underneath you and around you also.” Katt said with the same pity that Falco had in his voice.  “What do you mean it’s right here?  I don’t see anything anywhere.  It used to be a green plain valley!  There were cities here.....The hospital where I was born used to be here.  Where are the schools, and the churches, and the old amusement park?  This can’t be the place where Venom used to be the most beautiful spot in the Lylat System.  This planets beauty could put Corneria to shame, what happened to it all?” Corneriette said as if she were going crazy.  “Well you see those ashes you standing in?  It’s not sand, but sand and volcanic ash.  And that hill over there was where you were born.” Fox said as he pointed to a hill that was covered with soot.  “That’s Luranda Hospital?” Neri said.

 “Yup...that’s it.  There’s the Volcano that destroyed the place for miles around.” Viceroy said showing her the volcano in the distance on her left.  “I’ts dormant now.” Katt said remembering a report she did in 10th grade.  “Everyone to their vehicles!  Let’s crush that base bad!” Corneriette said.  The sky was stained brown and green from pollution and bio weapons.  The StarFox team had left their signature mark on the planet and you could tell they were there.  The StarWolf teams busted ships laid in pieces all over the desert.  “I see you guys had a little confrontation with were-wolf O’Donell!” Katt said as she picked up a piece of jagged metal with Wolf’s name on it.  It must’ve belonged to the wing of the ship because all pilots in the Lylat System have to have the pilots name on the wings of the ship.

 “Yeah, their ships were pretty tough to crack but we got through to them and showed them we meant business.  Too bad though.  Their ships were better than our arwings.” Fox yelled as he talked Katt who was infornt of him.  The Landmaster had to use top speed so that it could catch up with the Syclacrafts.  “Land mines ahead!! Watch out.” Neri said as she nearly ran over one herself.  Swirving to the right she hit exceleratioon and hovered over a field of not so cleverly hidden land mines.  “Everyone to the air!  We can’t fly high so just hover over these crummy things!” Falco said following Neri’s example.  “I’ll go in and get my family out.  Fox will help me.  Bill and Viceroy are going to watch the planes and Falco, and Katt will clear the guards and make sure no one else is at the base.  Amytheste and Swan are sure to be there.  Since it’s Monday there won’t be so many guards but we can’t be sure of that.  Kill whoever you see in a blue uniform, if you encounter StarWolf radio for help.” Corneriette said with power in her voice as she spotted the base.  It appeared on the horizon, a tall dark building emerged from the brown concrete of Torelen Point.

 Torelen Point was near the edge of a high cliff.  Used as a look out spot for Venomanians to see enemies.  The black base hovered over the valley down below.  Beautiful was the lake that used to be there.  Acid ran in the stream now.  Green and poisonous, the lake bubbled and hissed while the acid stirred within it.

 “There’s a hill over there..park your vehicles there and then let’s head out!” Falco said as he landed his ship first.  “Let go in...there’s two guards over there.  I’ll put our guns on silencer mode and we should be outta here in at least 2 hours.  Remember, that place is a maze so be careful.” Katt wispered remembering that she and Viceroy were enslaved in the base ahead of them.

 “How are we going in exactly?  The front door? Or are they gonna invite us in?” Falco said looking at Katt’s tail.  She hit him in the leg by accident and he mistaked it for a snake and tried not to jump from startlement.  “Don’t worry...I can get us in.” Corneriette said as she searched the building for a weak spot in the structure of it.  “Aha...there....that’s our entrance!” she squealed as she reached in her pocket for her grappling hook.  “The chimney!!!?” Fox asked bewildered.  “And why there?” Katt folded her arms in protest.  “We’re not gonna go down it!  There’s a window on the roof!  We open the window and bang!! we’re inside of the fortress!  The only way to get up there is the chimney.” Corneriette said to Katt, although she was looking at the Lombardi twins.

 “Aw no!!...aw no your not!  Your asking us to fly up there aren’t ya?!” Viceroy and Falco said together.  Fox laughed.  ‘Make’em do Neri~snicker,laughing~I’ve never seen them fly’ Fox laughed as he chatted telepathically to her.  “Forget it! I’m not going up there.” Falco sneered at the building  “Oh yeah flyboy.  Well I say you are!  After all you’d do it for me wouldn’t you?” Katt persuaded Falco as she lingered towards him.  “D-uh, yeah sure I’d do it for you of course.” Falco blushed.  Fox and Corneriette looked at each other then went hysterical laughing. Viceroy hushed them but he was laughing also.  Katt had a look of accomplishment as Falco and Viceroy flew up to the roof to open the sky panel.  Falco’s brother let down the grappling hook and then went back to join Bill.

 “Why did you say since it’s Monday, there won’t be so many guards? How are you sure?” Fox asked Neri as he swatted away a few cobwebs.  Falco and Katt had gone to the left, Fox and Neri were taking the right side of the base.

 “’Cause all bases controlled by Andross are the same.  Only secretaries and administrators are here. Not that many guards.  Monday and Sunday are Venom’s weekends.  Not that many people go to work on the weekends anyway and plus it “All Ferrets Day” So since most of the security jobs are held by ferrets Lylat wide there won’t be many guards.” Neri said as she choked on the dust filled air.  Fox gave her a pat on the back to help her breathe.  She didn’t complain about that!

 “Hello my dear.  How are you today? Still hungry? Well too bad ‘cause ya ain’t gettin’ nothin’!!” Swan said to Veronica Priyme.  Veronica and her team of fighter pilots were called on by General Pepper to assist the first StarFox team on one of their many missions.  Peppy survived the last one, along with Corneriette’s mother Veronica.  At the age of 34, Fox’s father and role model had died a death that would haunt Veronica for the rest of her life.  She was the only other witness to it.  A request by General Pepper had brought her back to Venom to destroy the Vuenet Super bomb.  She surrendered herself to save her team, only to find out that her team was later killed.

 “Why don’t you stop asking me that.  Yes I’m hungry! All right?! You’re not going to do anything about it so why do you care!” Snapped a 43 year old Veronica.  Along with her the cage held another prisoner.  The sleeping body of Candy Monoham.  Swan secretly felt bad for the kid.  But orders were that the child was to be kept enslaved.

 “Chew on this.” swan tossed a bread crumb and some rotten cheese to the Sergeant Priyme and walked off.  “I’m headin’ for the boiler room.  This place is cold.  I’ll show sympathy once.” She slammed to hard oak door and walked off.  “I don’t know why the boiler room is on the 9th floor. It’s evident that some idiot built this building.  I’m tired of dealing with idiots.” she groaned as she climbed the stairs from floor 4 to floor 9.

 “O.K. Fox...let’s split up!!” Neri said as she just got a telepathic vibe.  “The number nine is in my head so that means that someone is thinking really hard about something nine-ish.  You go there...I’ll scout around on the fourth floor.” Fox wanted to stay with her but agreed.

 “Let’s get to the second and third floor O.K.? If you don’t find anything there go to the fifth of the 7th floor” Katt said as she turned t look at Falco who was putting ammunition in his gun like crazy.  He craved action and wasn’t leaving with out any.
They were already on the 6th floor.  Fox and Corneriette were on the 8th.  “Fine! I’ll take the second floor.  See ya on the third floor chic!” He turned and went back up the staircase. Katt blushed horribly.  She headed for the elevator.  Once inside the elevator it started going up. “Wa the..i didn’t press anything.  Shoot...someone’s trying to use the elevator. Dang it.” she searched around for some place to hide.  It stopped on the 7th floor. “Who the hell ar-” “Sorry out of order!!” Katt said as she pushed Amytheste out of the elevator. Katt punched her in the mouth and then fired her laser.  Missed. Katt pressed the door close button and hit floor three.

 Already on the 9th floor, Fox made his way though pipes and boilers but stopped cold when he heard a door open and footsteps were the next noise that followed.  Swan entered the room.  “Poor Andrew. Doesn’t he even know that I love him? Oh well.” she sighed.  “Oh well. I’ll get promoted once that two spiecies idiot is out of my way.  Why do the boys drool over her anyway? Andrew, Fox, Wolf, Falco, Leon all trip over themselves to be within an inch of her breathing air.” Swan scuffed as she seached for the switch to turn up the heat.  A furnace was in the center of the room, the slot where the coals burned with in it was open.  “Fox is gorgeous but I like Andrew better.  I’ve still got to find a way to kill Corneriette so I’ll be promoted. Maybe Andrew will go out with me then.”

 Fox’s eyes widened when heard Swan talking to herself.  He growled then reached for his phaser and loaded it. Before she could turn around he came out from under a pipe and slugged her in the back of the head. She moaned and rubbed her head.  “Who the-” Swan gasped as she faced Fox.  He punched her in the stomach just before she grabbed his arm and threw him to the floor.  He hit his head on a pipe and rolled away from an attempted kick in the face.  “So this is what you want?” Swan pulled him up by his shirt collar.  She smacked him twice and he managed to get free.  A shot was heard, seeming to come from all directions.  Blood streamed out of Swan’s arm.  It also came from Fox’s ear.  A lucky shot, his gun had gone off but just missed his ear.  They struggled and twisted on the floor until Swan executed a perfect roundhouse kick forcing Fox to fall a few feet away.  This was her chance!  The furnace behind the 19 year old Fox seemed to get warmer and warmer as she cornered him.  Swan Morgen let out a war cry and ran towards Fox.  She jumped in the air doing a flying kick.  Fox shot her in the leg again.  Bad move.  She was now heading right towards him instead of at him.  He ducked and her leg landed in the furnace’s open door slot.  She cried and screamed as she tried to get her leg out.  Moving out the way Fox turned to see the meer cat dangling a few more than two feet off of the ground.  One foot scared in the furnace, smoked and cooked.  The other kicked wildly for some secure footing.  Fox covered his nose as the smell of raw flesh and burned fur filled the air around him.  He gagged and choked but made his way out of the smoked filled room.

 Corneriette’s ears tried to pick up the sound of movement.  On her way to the fourth floor she heard footsteps.  She ran quicker down the stairs.  She found a chamber with an oak door.  “Well it’s not locked so they really weren’t expecting us after all!” Neri said as she reached for the knob.  “Can’t let you do that Corneriette!” Wolf said as he grabbed her arms and held the in a handcuff position.  He was behind her the whole time and his and his teams footsteps were what she heard.

 “Leon and Pigma and Andrew are here to see you darling.” Wolf said softly in her ear.  “Great, ‘cause there’s something I think you should hear.” Neri said..a plan forming in her mind.

 “I know Swan likes Andrew but she can’t have him...he’s mine!!” Amytheste screamed as she went to look for Swan.  “Hey now pretty! How’s it goin’?” Falco said from the other end of the hall.  Amy wasn’t much of a shooter, but she was a great fighter.  She wasn’t close enough to kill or even damage Falco so she ran down the hall.  Heading back to the direction she came in.  Falco close on her heels slashed her with his knife.  When she kicked him in the beak and her knocked her unconsious with a powerful wing.  Thinking that she was dead he literally walked over her and left.

 Katt, on the other paw, was using her cat instincts to smell if there was trouble in the air. Which there was.  “Hi gurlie.” A stout ferret officer said.  More came out of the shadows and formed a line so she couldn’t get out either way.  Surrounded she shot the four men infront of her without warning.  With flawless perfection she took out the ones behind her also.  That’s when the air around her became stuffy and clogged.  She couldn’t breathe and then callapsed to the floor in pain.  Before she could do anything she stared dumbly at her tail and the to her thigh.  She had been shot.  A grey wolf in a blue uniform, scooped her up and then ran off with her limp body.  He placed her on the ground by the Landmaster and then ran back into the building.  In her unconscious state of dreaming, Katt wondered how she could’ve taken out the guards behind her and the guards in front of her at the same time.

 Fox had caught up with Falco and together they opened the oak door.  Fox got a strange feeling and then muttered something grave to Falco.  “She was here before Falco, I can feel it.  But where is she now?” Fox asked scared that something had happened to Corneriette.  “I dunno buddy..but we’ll find her.” Falco said sharing the same feeling.  The prisoners inside of the cell were all to familiar to Fox.  “Fox? Fox is that you?  Are you James coming back to haunt me.  Please tell me you are not James!” Veronica said with tears in her eyes hoping that she would not be haunted be past images of James McCloud.  This filled Fox with pride that some one would mistake him for his father.  “I’m Fox, Veronica.  Remember me..I used to come to your house everyday to play with your daughter.” Fox put on a big smile.  “My daughter.  I haven’t seen her in years.  We couldn’t even bury her body because it was in too many pieces from the plane crash.” Mrs. Priyme said as she was help to her feet and the picked up by Falco.  “She’s not dead Mrs. Priyme...she with us...in the base.  She was looking for you and Candy.  She should’ve been here by now.” Falco said as he watched Fox pick up Candy.  “C’mon, lets get out of here.  I’ll radio for Neri and Katt.” Fox said to Falco who was heading out of the door.  “You can let me down now Lt. Lombardi!” Veronica said as she saluted him.  “Nevermind that. C’mon!” Veronica ran down the hallway and straight into Amytheste who was wielding her gun.

 “Oh please!” Veronica charged down the hall and slapped Amytheste with a forceful powerful hand. “I’ll teach you not to feed a starving child!” Veronica lunged at Amy and slammed her to the ground.  Amy screamed in terror as Veronica choked her.  After half a minute Corneriette’s mother let go of Amytheste’s limp body.  She was not dead.  There was not time for Neri’s mom to kill her.

 Meanwhile, Wolf pushed Corneriette into a medium sized room with three windows.  Pigma grunted and then sat down in the corner of the room .  Andrew trotted in and Leon came next.  Wolf pulled Corneriette around and stared her in the face.  “What did you have to tell us, and where id the disk?” he smelled like expensive cologne and his knife was in his left hand.  He was ambidextrous just like she and Falco were.  “Well the disk is on me but you’ll have to look for it yourself.” she said as Wolf grinned at the thought of getting that close to her.

 “Wolf, I  think I should start with Leon first.” she scouted around the room for her overseer.  “How is your sister Leon?  I’m sure she misses you terribly.  Do you remember her.  It would be awful if you forgot her.” Neri said looking square in his face. This is mental payback time. She thought to herself.  She was non-violently going to get even with him.  Pigma and Andrew and even Wolf had never done anything to hurt her, but she was going to get them all.  “She’s dead!” Leon said in disbelief that anyone knew he had a sister.  “I know she is dead, I know who killed her.” Corneriette let her voice sound as if she were putting him to sleep with a lullaby.  “Who...who..how do you know this when all of my life I could never find out?” Leon began shifting in discomfort.  “Is it true that your dad hates you Leon? That when you were in your egg he wanted to smash you against the wall? That your mother ran off and left you,your sisters and brother because you father had a drinking habit?”  “What are you talking about..you don’t know anything about him!” Pigma defended Leon.  “Shut up you glutton.  Your mama used to call you that.  But your father was a whole nother story.  He said that if you didn’t eat you would shrivel up and disappear! Now no food is a stranger ta Pigma Joe Dengar!!!” Neri folded her arms as if she were the great-wise-one.  “How..did she know  that??” his mouth hung open.  “She must be psychic!!” Andrew yelled.  This made her laugh inside, they thought she knew it all when infact she had the golden disk which could tap into any camera in the Lylat System.  “Andrew...did you used to wet the bed?  You have this thing for Amytheste but your too she.  You have a very little shoe size if you know what I mean.  You whine because you want to be just as “social” with the others but you feel unwanted.  You pick on Slippy probably because he’s the only whimpier than you and your uncle doesn’t like you.” Andrew screamed and then started to whine. Wolf slapped him and then Neri ran over to Andrew.  “You didn’t have to slap him like that Wolf.  She rubbed the side of his face and gave Andrew a small kiss on the cheek.  With Wolf there she knew that no one would dare touch her since he had a crush on her and he was the leader of the team.

 “Yeah well I bet you don’t know how old I am.” Leon challenged, hoping that his mysteriousness would not fail him.  “I know that Pigma is 46, Andrew is 21, Wolf is 19 and that you are 24.” triumphantly she glared him in the face. One of his eyes was on her, the other on his bestfriend Wolf.  “Your turn Wolfie.” she strode over to him and placed her muzzle on his shoulder.  He relaxed a bit and listened to what he would later blame for his aggressiveness and anger as Corneriette told him what he never wanted to hear...the truth.

 “Victor and Vincent O’Donell.  Brothers who were very close.  Victor married a woman named Nallara for three years before they had twin boys named Manito and Wolf.  Victor was your father.  One day your jealous uncle Vincent who couldn’t stand the fact that Nallara had married your father and not him decided he would have her anyway.  She was raped and killed with a butcher knife that was given to your parents by you grandparents for their wedding present.  Your uncle didn’t know that your father had gone out to the store at the time but you and your brother screamed and cried because you saw you mothers death.  When you father returned home Vincent was just about to leave.  Your father saw his wife on the floor and grabbed the knife lying next to her.  Now all I can say is...that jagged knife your holding wasn’t made that way.  It became jagged because your father jammed it into the skull of your uncle 6 times.  He’s still alive now, your dad I mean, He’s in Corneria’s prison..on bail..now do you know why he left you in a foster home?” Neri said as she raised her head  “Yeah, I guess so.  What happened to Manito?” Wolf said as if he were in a daze.  “You snuck off and left him in the middle of the night.  He searched for you all over.  Oh..and you should stop wearing that eyepatch.  We all know that you had surgery one you eyelid.  It was a minor surgery from two years ago..you can see just fine.  Besides not everyone know that your were born with two different color eyes.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

 “Wolf finally snapped back and then started to growl showing his teeth.
Corneriette did the same.  Her teeth were much larger because of her genetic make up.  He jumped back in surprise.  “I’ll show you to tell lies.  Gargan...come here please.” Leon said.  He knew she told the truth.  Gargan..a buffalo entered the room.  He winked at her then walked over to Leon.  They whispered something and the finally Leon said “We have a little something to show you!  I did it myself.” Leon said as he motioned for Gargan to flick a certain switch on the wall.  As he pointed to the switch, Neri noticed a metal claw in Leon’s hand.  It was twice the size on Corneriette’s middle finger and it was like a blade on the end.

 “Hit it!” Pigma screamed looking at Neri but talking to Gargan.  The lights went off and then a single green florescent light bulb came on from the ceiling.  It was so bright that Corneriette had to shield her eyes.  The dimmed a bit and that’s when Gargan forced her head up.  He made her look at her father’s dead body, rather, his skeleton.  His bones had absolutely no flesh on them and they were held up by a wire.  Hanging by his waist from a ceiling fan, it started to move in a circle.  The ceiling fan was on.  The skeleton spun in a circle as the bones rattle and made Corneriette feel sick.

 “Look up there sweetheart.” Gargan said as he breathe down her neck.  “Daddy!!  Dad no! No!” She tried to block out the images in her mind.  “You look like your gonna toss, sweetie.” Wolf said, though he kind of felt bad for her. Being the nasty person he was, that feeling fled him quickly.

 “NOOOOOOO!!!” she forced herself not to look at her father.  She screamed until she saw that everyone around her laughed and pointed at the flying body.  “I don’t think this is anyway to treat a lady!” Manito came out of the corner of the room. He fired a shot that hit one of the legs on Pigma’s chair.  Dengar fell to the floor and hit his head on the wall.  “Nor do I think this is anyway to treat a dead person!  What do you think little bro?!” Manito had a more muscular build than his younger twin.  He shot the ceiling fan and it ceased to a stop.  The dead body of Jason Priyme came crashing to the floor and broke into a thousand pieces and smashed all around the beautiful young Catox.  “Whoa dude...two Wolf’s?” Pigma and Gargan said as they saw Manito.  He had hazel eyes and was an inch taller than Wolf.  “I’ll get ‘em.” Gargan ran at Wolf’s double but was greeted with shots to the chest from Manito’s pistol.  Collapsing to the floor, He died instantly.  “So this is how you live...I thought you would make something of yourself Wolf!” “Yeah well I did!” Wolf said as he grabbed his gun, secretly happy his brother was back.  “Too bad.” Manito said as he saw Wolf grab his phaser.  “Too bad what?” Wolf snarled knowing that Manito was angry with him.  “Too bad this!”  Wolf was shot in his upper left arm.  “What’d you do that for?” Wolf growled in pain “That was for pushing me into the acid lake in Torelen.  Maybe you’ll learn this time Wolf.  It’s time to grow up.  Andross isn’t gonna make anything out of you!” Manito said hopelessly staring at his brother.  Manito walked over to Corneriette who was sobbing on the floor. He heard guards running through the hall and the clicking noise that came from people loading guns.  “Gotta go!” Manito said as he grabbed Neri by the hand and picked her up.  He ran straight for the window and leapt out.  Down below was the lake.  “We’re gonna get killed!” Neri screamed as she clung around his neck.  “No we’re not.  Use M.A.C.!!!”  He was referring to Corneriette’s Maneuvering Air Craft.  A sort of skateboard device that used hovercraft abilities like the Syclacraft or a hovercraft of course.

 “Oh yeah! How di-” “Nevermind how did I know you had it..just use it!  There are guards up there firing at us!”  He was right.  She took it out of her pocket and flicked her wrist as if it were a frisbee and it expanded enough so that she could ride it.  She handed Manito one also as they headed down to where the Syclacrafts and the Landmaster were hidden.

 “I hear gun shots!” Katt said as she finally woke up.  “I hear them too!” Veronica said as she put on Fox’s night goggles.  “Me too...me too!” Candy said as she skipped around not knowing what was going on.  “Must be a cat thing...’cause I don’t hear nothin’!” Falco said staining to hear.  Corneriette’s mother flicked her tail at him playfully as if to say thanks for the compliment about my species.

 “Where is she?  Where could she be?” Fox worried himself about Corneriette’s whereabouts.  “I see you worry about Corneriette Fox.  Still going to go through with the betroval?” Veronica asked.  “The be-what?” Fox asked like he never heard the word before.  “The engagement between you and Corneriette that your parents and Corneriette’s made before you two were born.” Falco said remembering that Fox had mentioned it to him before.  “Yeah of course....I just haven’t asked her if she’ll go through with it yet...she’ll probably say no anyway.” he said looking down at his feet.

 “Omigod is that a M.A.C.?” Katt stared wide-eyed at the sky when she saw Corneriette flying towards them.  “C’mon guys we gotta get out of here.” She said as she put the device back in her pocket and hopped onto her motorcycle.  Everyone sped off like a shot as Corneriette turned back to get one last look of the base.  “Wait...I’ve got to get my ship....Fox come with me..there’s something I’ve got to show you.” Veronica strained her voice so that he could hear her over the engines loud purring.  The others all turned around to follow Corneriette’s mother as she lead them farther in the desert.

 15 minutes it took before they would reach a graveyard of ships.  One guard blocked the entrance.  Veronica hadn’t notice him until she fired an attempted shot.  It hit her in the ear, knocking off only flesh.  “Ow!! Huh?!” Veronica was stunned.  “Mom!!!” Corneriette ran past her mother and straight at the guard.  Pouncing onto of the female guard Neri was shot in her upper left arm and at the base of her extremely long tail.  The guard tried to stab her and the Neri took her steel claw and dug it into the right eye of the prison guard.  Screeching in pain, terror,and agony, the guard tried hopelessly to push Corneriette off.  She only dug deeper into her skull until she was sure the guard was dead.

 Veronica motioned for Fox to follow her into the plane graveyard where they walked for five minutes until they saw a ship that said James McCloud.  “This is my fathers plane?” Fox asked excitedly.  Veronica agreed.  They consulted Corneriette who said that she had trained Candy to fly as a request from her biological parents.  As Candy flew James McCloud’s ship Fox looked up once in a while to make sure she was O.K..

 “I saw Manito...I don’t know where he went but he was here before.  He saved me from becoming mushed pulp by some guy named Gargan.  I wanted to thank him but I don’t know where he is.” Corneriette said confused.  “What are you talking about?  Manito died three years ago.  He was killed by Wolf when he was pushed into the acid lake.” Falco said looking behind him at Corneriette’s Syclacraft.  “Didn’t you know that Corneriette?” Katt said.  Neri sat quietly for the rest of the time.  But he was there...wasn’t he? she wondered to herself.

 Bill waved as he saw his friends coming.  Viceroy started up the Silver Raven and waited for Neri.  The ride home was exciting until they circled around the stream of acid on more time.  A grey wolf saluted and waved as they soared out of the atmosphere.  He shouted something and then seemed to disappear.  Spooked everyone said nothing until they reached Nova Stone.  Everyone came to help tend Corneriette’s, Veronica,Katt and Fox’s wounds.  Falco was just about to tell what had happen at the base when out someone said “Why did you guys leave me there?  Didn’t you see me waving at you.  I had to steal a plane to get here.”  Everyone turned on their heels when they heard Manito’s voice.

 Fox explained to his friends about his incident with Swan while Katt and Veronica talked about Amytheste.  Everyone laughed when Corneriette explained what she said to the StarWolf team and Manito explained about how he was assumed missing and dead.

 Vixen asked Neri three times to tell her about the claw and the female guard at the graveyard.  The phone rang.  It was Amytheste on speaker phone.  “Hello ....put that Neri dude on the phone...we gonna shoot the hell outta-” “Sorry, wrong number!” Croakella slammed the phone down.  The phone rang again.  “Hey look, I thought I told you ta-” Croakella started.  “Oh..General Pepper!!  Sorry Sir.” Croakella apologized.  “He wants to speak with you Corneriette.”

 She handed to phone to Neri.  After a while on the phone she announced....”He wants to make us an official team!!!  We can collaborate with StarFox!!  We’re Nebula Storm!!!!!!!” she screamed and then so did her team.  “On behalf of StarFox, I’d like to say congratulations and welcome to teamhood.” Fox said as he hugged her.

 “We go to his office tomorrow and sign the papers.  Come on guys...let’s go out and celebrate...it’s only 9:54 p.m. in Corneria time.” Corneriette said as she hugged Fox back.  “I can’t wait to go home and sleep in my own bed. and not on the floor.” Viceroy said.  “Your bed...what do you mean your bed.  I live in an apartment by myself, there’s only one bed and it’s mine.” Falco said as he looked at his double.  “We’ll just see about that.” Viceroy joked.  “Let’s get pizza, haven’t had that in a while.” Manito said.  “Hey Manito...what would you say if I asked you to join my team?” Neri questioned as she ordered the pizza over the phone.  “I’d say yes I guess.”  “Well then, do ya wanna join as the eighth member of NebulaStorm?” She glanced at him from the corner of her eye.  “Of course I would. When do I start?” he said amazed that he was wanted for a team.  “Well there’s an extra plane in the hangar and an extra uniform.  Just as soon as you get a name for yourself and one for your ship, you can join.”Corneriette hung up the phone and gave him a quick hug.

 Everyone talked and chatted, the past few day were really full of secrets divulged.

*Author note*

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