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A Slave's Revenge

 Croakella rolled over in bed.  She opened her eyes and stretched slowly.  Slippy had taken her out for chinese food and a movie the previous night.  The thought of him still on her mind had made her wake up with a grin.   Then the words of her team leader crept it's way into her head.  "Shoot that's right.  We're going to be made an official team today!" she dressed her frog body in a black space suit.  She combed her waist length pink hair and threw on a pair of space boots.  Looking one last time in the mirror she fixed her lipstick and ran to her jet, the Amphibiod 12.  She would not be the only one who was late.  Down the hall from Croakella Froggen's room in base NovaStone, Vixen Foxxler and Poodle O' Hara were already dressed.  "I know uncle.  Okay uncle.  All right uncle!  I'll be okay, stop fussing over me..that's what parents are for. Yes, I know my parents are dead...you don't have to remind me.  Okay..see ya in a few...bye." Poodle hung up the phone and bent down to tie her space boot laces.  "That was my uncle again.  He's afraid that if our team becomes official then we'll have trouble with Andross." Poodle explained as she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth.  "Ya mean General Pepper, right?  I keep forgetting that he's your uncle." Vixen had her headphones on and music was blasting out of them, amasingly she could still hear through them.

 "Put a move on!  Where can they all be?" Corneriette paced the roomy office of General Pepper.  She was there as well as StarFox, Bill and Fara.  Her mother Veronica was at home in the Evermore Mansion with Candy Monoham.  Evermore was Veronica's maiden name, but since Corneriette's mother's side of the family was insanely rich the maiden name of her mother was the title of the house.  Her father had been killed by Leon.  Corneriette's bestfriend necklace glittered and sparkled from the ceiling light in Pepper's private office.  Fox had the other half of the bestfriend heart.

 He had been there when she was born. He was only a couple of months older than she, their families had been friends since the invention of sliced bread.  Fox still had a crush on her, ever since he was six.  Lt.Cornete Preymie? There is a call for you on lines 6 and 7." a hampster Neri's age said, only half of her was in the room-the other half concealed by the door.  Neri sighed loudly. "It's Core-neri-et Prime." Falco sounded out Corneriette Priyme's name. The hampster blushed and apoligized.  "I'll be right back." Neri said leaving the room.

 "It's Amytheste.  My squadron is going to crush StarFox and you for escaping our bases.  Thanks to Fox, Swan's leg had to be amputated." "Yeah well maybe she shouldn't have been that close to the furnace." Corneriette said coldly. "She died during the amputation surgery!" Amytheste shrieked into the phone. "Well that's just too bad now isn't it.  Oh..and don't worry about your bases now.  Wait 'till I destroy them to worry." Neri hung up the phone and then hit line 7.  She chatted with her mother and then left when she heard the rest of her team come in.

 "The papers have been signed. You are now called NebulaStorm, so now to make you all official members of Cornerian Alliance.  You are to help StarFox when they need it and viceversa.  You must report for duty whenever you are told to do so....."General Pepper went on and on and finally ten minutes later he was done.           &n bsp;           &nb sp;           &nbs p;         On board GreatFox............

 "Amytheste was on the phone, she keeps threating attack on StarFox, Titania and Katina.  I'm so glad I'm not Lt. Priyme!  Finally I lead my own team.  I'm Captain Priyme." Corneriette laid down in Fox's king sized bed.  It was comfortable and soft.  Her head sunk into the soft feather down pillows as she drifted off to sleep.  "No! No..noooooo....stop...make it stop!  Daddy..daddy...dad-." she was having a nightmare again.  The past few nights plagued her with visions of her father hanging by his waist from a ceiling fan.  The ceiling fan swung in circles as her fathers body, nothing more than a charred skeleton swung with it.

 Fox ran into the room and shook her violently.  He tried to wake her, she just cried more, her body shivered.  "Corneriette! Wake up! Wake up!" Falco chanted softly as he picked her up from the bed and sat down in a chair.  She woke up and then her eyes darted wildly around the room, she looked up to the ceiling fan for her father.  He was not there. She relaxed and laid her head down on Falco's shoulder, he patted her head.  "I know how it is to lose someone you love Neri.  Ya wanna talk about it?" Fox said from the other end of the room.  She kindly accepted to have a conversation about death with Fox.  Later she would find that not only Fox came to talk with her. Among others who had lost their close family, Vixen, Manito O'Donell, Poodle, and Falco and Viceroy Lombardi joined in the conversation.

 "Swan..poor swan." Amytheste moped around her quaters. She had never been one to cry, so she just moped. "I'll get them for taking away my bestfriend! Don't you worry Swan.  You were the nicest meercat I ever knew." Amytheste Jorden threw her chair across the room.  It banged against the wall and shattered into several pieces.  "Was that a bang I heard? What are you doing in there Amy?" Andrew's deep voice was heard from the other side of Amy's door.  She liked to be called Amy instead of Amytheste.  She almost jumped.  Startled she ran to her makeup kit and reapplied her lipstick.  She sprayed herself with perfume and opened the door for her crush.

 "Hello Amy, i..i..um..I just wanted to see how you were doing these past few days." Andrew said. He had a crush on the grey baboon infront of him just as much as she had on him.  "I..um...I tripped on the chair that's all." she lied.  "Well, someone as pretty as you should be careful not to hurt themselves." Andrew draped his arms around her waist.  She almost stopped breathing. "You think I'm pretty?" "Yup! Here's my proof...I wouldn't kiss an ugly girl would I?"  Before she could answer, he kissed her passionitly.  two minutes later, he explained the real reason why he had come. "Your team called Chaos Grotto has been requested for a group meeting with Andross.  StarWolf will be there and it won't be more than an hour.  I also wanted to know if you'd come with me to Spivey.  It's the newest and fanciest restuarant on Venom."
She agreed as they kissed more.

 "I'm 5 foot 7, I have light beige fur, a dark brown tail with a white tip at the end of it." Corneriette said. She sounded annoyed. Someone had called about Falco's order, whatever it was he ordered.  "And what color is your hair and eyes?" the voice on the other end of the phone questioned. "My hair is a couple of inches past my waist, wavy, and is dark brown like my tail.  My eyes are a really light shade a brown." She sighed heavily. "You're a fox right?" the man said. "I'm a Catox. Half fox and half cat. Why do you want to know. What does this have to do with Falco's order..just send the stuff to GreatFox and stop calling." she almost started yelling.  "Oh..well I just wanted to know what you looked like. Ya sound real pretty.  It'll be a shame to damage your beautiful body, sweetheart!  I think you know who this is...you couldn't have forgotten my voice already!  It's me...Escudo Lernek!" The man on the phone had not really been someone from a shipping company.  He was Escudo Lernek, the one responsable for the capture of her mother and the death of her mothers squadron.  He had captured Corneriette and brought her to Andross to be enslaved.  He was also the one who killed Corneriette's adopted daughter Candy's parents.  Neri was terrofied of him. He brought her nothing but bad memories and pain.  She dropped the phone.  She picked it up again. "Why have you called?" "To let you know that your death will be arriving soon.  We're going to stop you before you get to access that disk.  I hope you like barbeque because that's what's gonna happen to your ship." He laughed good and loud in an evil manner, making sure she heard him.  Like his friend Leon, he enjoyed a good scare.  Only when it happened to others.  He was the co-captain of Amytheste squadron. "Tomorrow sweat heart, tomorrow." Then a dialtone was heard.

Chapter two           &nbs p;             ;                      Salutations and Farewell

 They next day Corneriette hadn't yet awakend from Fox's bed, He had slept in the same room as her but in his desk chair.  He was thankful it was a reclinable LazyBoy chair.  Everyone else was already up preparing for a fight with ChaosGrotto, not that that was what they wanted to do on their time off.  Peppy was also in the room with Fox and Neri, though he wasn't asleep.  He was just in the corner, thinking, looking into them. Peppy, being a mind reader and telepath found it easy to communicate with them. For Fox and Corneriette were also telepaths, they weren't mind readers though.  Peppy expected the usual when he secretly read Fox's mind. "Yup...he's thinking about her again.  Should've known, I've known the kid since he was born and she takes up 90% of his brainpower." Peppy whispered to himself. "That Fox is alway thinking about Corneriette, either that or he's thinking about flying!" Peppy turned his head to the sleeping Catox.  "She's thinking about him as well. She's really somethin' else. Been flying since she was 1 and flying like a pro since she was 5. Gets it from her mother. She's just like her father when it comes to science and things like that.  I wonder what my own daughter is doing? She's been away at bording school most of her life." Peppy sighed and then stared down at the object in his hand. "Sorry I have to do this kids."  Peppy raised the object into the air and pressed the red button ontop of it.  "Rise and shine...it's 3 o'clock a.m.! All is well!" Peppy was holding a blowhorn, the kind used at football games. It made a horrible loud screeching sound.  He snikered and ran out of the room.  "AAAAA!!! Who the...What the.....??!" Corneriette screamed as she flew up in bed.  "YAAAAA!! Peppy I know it was Peppy!!! Him and his friggin blowhorn! Crazy old bunny!" Fox had his hand over his heart as it pounded within him, he tried to catch his breath.  He had fallen to the floor in surprise.

 "Let's get dressed Fox...they said they would be here at 5 a.m. and it's 3 a.m. now. Thanks for letting my team stay the night on you ship." She smiled greatfully at him.  He wanted to thank her everytime sh smiled at him, he just couldn't get enough of it.  She's beautiful, she doesn't even wear any makeup like other girls. She's like my twin sister or something.  Probably doesn't even know I'm alive, she must think I think she's a tomboy 'cause she flys a little better than me.  Damn!! I'd join Andross if she wanted me to! Fox thought to himself.  "I'll get dressed in another room okay? And thanks again for the hospitality." Corneriette got out of bed, she had on Fox's football jersy that went down to her knees. Fox was only two or three inches taller than her."Your welcome Neri, anytime." Fox took a pair of jeans and a TommyBoy T-shirt from his closet and went into Falco's room.  Neri put on her bellbottom jeans and her tight mauve colored halter top.  She combed her hair and then put on two watches, one on each arm.  As she put on her boots her wrist com went off. After straping it around her wrist all she heard was"Time to die!  GreatFox is now over Aquas and so are we!!! If you don't want to die it... won't matter..you will...today!!!" It was Treelo Mhartin,Lt. for Amytheste's squadron called ChaosGrotto.

 The same message came up on Fox's head com. "All hands to your ships immediatly!!" Corneriette ran out of Fox's room.  "Get to your arwings!! Condition Red!! Their here early!!" Fox called to his team. Once outside of GreatFox, no ones jet was safe from the smell of salty air mixed with fear.  Corneriette and Viceroy had asked their team to form a straight line so there could be a count off.

 "Okay..give me you name and ship name! Ready..one..two..three...now!"Viceroy said.  He was Falco's twin brother and the co-captain of Corneriette's team NebulaStorm.  "Neri and Viceroy in the SilverRaven!" Corneriette said as she looked around for ChaosGrotto.  "Vixen Foxxler in the SteelViper"  "Poodle O'Hara in the Pepper Express" "Mortisha Freeling in the Stalker1" "Croakella Froggen in the Amphibiod 12" "Manito O'donell in the Asasson" "Katt Monroe in the Cat's Paw".  After everyone in Corneriette's team was accounted for, out of nowhere a bomb was heard exploding.

 "Here they come, I thought that was a bomb....it's Amythepest."Fox looked up suddenly and his mouth dropped open. "All Range Mode!" Fox casually sat back in his seat and boosted off.  'This is a squadron? These are the same poeple who destroyed Cornerian capitol ships in Sector Y?' Neri asked the only two people who there who could hear her telepathic vibes. "I thought they were a bigger team." Fox was almost hit with a laser.  "That's okay." Bill said. "We can handle 'em." Fara winked as she shot one of the wings on Treelo's ship. Nothing happened, a force feild appeared around the ship that Fara tried to hit.  "Oh so that's how they want to play." Katt said spotting something in the distance.  "A ship!! There's a flagship over in the distance..it's heading our way!  Wait...it's stopping..huh?!!!" Katt was puzzled.

 "I can't get my wings to expand. Something's wrong!" Manito struggled to fix the wing on his new ship by pressing some buttons.  He was Wolf older twin brother. He like Fara a lot.  "How's it going birdy-boy?" Daleya Dingot shot at Falco. Successful. The back of Falco's ship was hit with a perfectly aimed laser.  It didn't do much damage though.  "Your never gonna pluck this birds tail!" Falco barrel rolled to the right and then chased Daleya as he shot at her wildly. She was the reason why Corneriette broke up with him.  They were caught in bed one day.  With one nova bomb Peppy and Fox took down a near 30 some-odd number of enemy fighters.

 The SilverRaven was having a hard time trying to shoot down Amytheste. "Attention team this is Fox! Fara and Bill you too. The six of us will lock onto as many of them as we can...just chase them down and shoot." Fox said as he hopelessly tried to shoot Escudo down.  "We know how to handle this Fox.  Ya gotta think like a cat..you've got to use surprise to get these suckers!" Mortisha, a Siamese cat said as she looked around for a target to hit.  "I think I know what you mean." Katt looked down at the merky waters of Aquas as the enemy fighter crashed into the waves beneath her and exploded. "We'll hit the flagship!  It's got to have something to do with why Amytheste and her crew have cloaking and force feilds." Katt said brilliantly.

 "I see what you mean, team! Omega Raven formation! Dive!" Corneriette said as she and her team dove under the waves of the Aquarian Sea.  Fox and his team were instructed by Vixen to lock onto ChaosGrotto and get ready to fire as soon as NebulaStorm re-surfaced.

 A gigantic black ship emerged from the rough, unmerciful black-blue waves of Aquas.  Water cascaded and dripped smoothly off of the sleek exterior of the ship.  It was a flagship made from 8 other ships.  It was in the shape of and as black as a raven.  It made a loud humming sound as the engine was turned on.  It rose into the atmosphere and then a giant cannon was raised from the roof of it. "Let's show them why my ship is called the "silver"raven!" Neri glared at the other flagship which she was about to take down.

 The Omega Raven raced towards the other flagship and once within a couple of yards, the cannon ontop of the ship gleemed with electricity and neon light as it fired one powerful long shot at the opposing ship.  The laser was a bright silver and came from all of the ships combined.  More cannons came from the Omega Raven as one by one the ships that made the formation of a flagship almost as big as GreatFox left thier places in formation. Katt left from the bottom. Then Mortisha also from the bottom. Next came Manito and Vixen who were the left wing of the bird, then Poodle and Croakella who were the right wing.  Viceroy and Corneriette were the upper half and beak of the bird.

 "The ship's destroyed! Damn robot controlled ship..didn't even see it coming.  Shoot, our cloaking's gone..they can see us now!" Amy swore.  "It's gone..our forcefeilds are gone." Daleya cried as she was spotted by Falco. "Ours aren't!" Slippy came from underneath Treelo and slammed a laser into his ship.  Mhartin's ship caught fire and started losing altitude.  It careened into the waves.  It sunk.  Treelo tried desperatly to free himself from his seatbelt. He never re-surfaced.  "Haheehaha!!!!" Fara started a laughing fit as she chased Daleya's ship straight into Falco's.  Fara pulled up just in time as Falco shot straight for Daleya. It was a plan of his to do so. Daleya's head smacked into the window of her cockpit and her head bled.  "Ow..owwwww..hunh..am I at the beach..I hear waves...hello?" Falco's shot had made her ship lose it's wings. Now Dale..as she loved to be called was blacking out and heading for the waves.  "So long cutie...aw what the heck..!"Falco aimed his lasers at her on more time and executed a direct hit knocking her out of the cockpit.  Dale flopped out of her ship and was electricuted as she hit the side of her plane where the wing was missing.  The waves were covered with blood as a group of baracuda's swam towards the half dead bird in the water.  Soon she would just be plain dead.

 "Get out of here! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!" Amytheste screamed to the only pilot she had left, Escudo Lernek.  "Not this time Amy!" Peppy shot a locked nova bomb at he ship just as she was about to turn around.  It exploded.  Just to be mean, Katt and Mortisha shot at the smoking peices.  "Here kitty, kitty,kitty,kitty." Bill teased, looking for Escudo.  Lernek hissed and meowed at Bill. Katt's eye's narrowed as she translated Escudo's meowing.  "He says your mother********and then she***********!" Katt said making a face.  The other cats(Mortisha and Corneriette) looked disguted.  Fox also knew what he said because he was so close to Neri, she taught him to speak Meocat.  "He said he and my mother did what!!!" Bill executed a perfect barrelroll and did a u-turn.  "Get away from me you dog! I hate dogs! I hate you especially." Escudo said cold as ice. "Gee, I didn't know I had so many fans!" Bill popped up behind him and locked on....one nova bomb was all it took.  The cat never knew what hit him.  There was nothing left of his ship.  It was in too many small peices to tell anyway.

Chapter three           &n bsp;           &nb sp;           &nbs p;             ; StarWolf?? Again??!

 The GreatFox made it's way to Bolse the following day.  Now was time to access the disk that Corneriette stole from her former prison base Karakul4.  It contained data which when accessed correctly could delete mass files causing permanent shut down and power outage for nearly all of Andross's bases.  It would mobilize 67% of Androssian fighters and Bio-weapons Lylatwide.

 "I'm finally going to meet StarWolf.  I can't wait to see him." Vixen said from the table.  They were sitting down to dinner, everyone minus Fara, Slippy, and Croakella.  Fara had to go see about her own team VixenFire.  Slippy took Croakella out into the hangar so they could be alone. Supposidly to work on a new project of his.  Falco and Katt were in the rec room with the door closed. No one questioned them.  Corneriette flexed her claws. They were a full four inches when they were out, when she drew them back in they were only an inch and a half.  "Well, I guess we'll have to have leftovers." Peppy said from the kitchen.  "Yes!! I love leftovers...what is it!" Viceroy said licking his beak, he would of licked his lips if he had them.  "Stew again.  Rice, corn, rolls." Peppy looked up from the fridge. "Why do you want to see him?" Manito said, his eyes glared at her. He didn't mean to glare at her. He just really hated his brother for not taking his fathers wish for them to make something of themselves seriously. Their father hated Andross.  "Oh I don't know, I mean he's just so powerful and he's rumored to be the third best young pilot in the Galaxy besides Fox and Corneriette.  "He's just like me 'cept he's more stupid and owns a team. Our eyes are different colors and we have a slight accent.  We're not that interesting if ya look at it." Manito said.  "I like you eyes! One blue and one brown." Vixen said. She liked him and was the type of person to let you know what was on their minds.  "No, no you're thinking of Wolf.  My eyes are just hazel brown." Manito looked embarrassed. "Well who cares. I could fall for you both." Poodle said as she picked up her fork. Vixen agreed by nodding her head.

 "Welcome to Bolse! My dear brother, why couldn't you just have died when I tried to kill you? Well...I'll truly succeed in your death this time." Wolf causually tapped into the loudspeakers of GreatFox.  "Who the hell-uh.....heh heh.....whoops!" Falco re-adjusted his shirt. It was on backwards.  His beak was covered with lipstick and so was his neck.  Everyone at the table exchanged glances.  Poodle dropped her fork on the floor.  "XYZ Falco!" Poodle said as she blushed looking down at the zipper on Falco's baggy jeans. "Heh heh...damn it, why doesn't the ceiling just fall down on my head?" Falco muttered as he turned in the other direction to zip his pants.  Croakella, Slippy and Katt came running in next. Katt smiled at Falco before she asked "What do we do now? I just heard StarWolf over the loudspeaker." "We terminate them that's what." Peppy looked at Falco and tried not to giggle.  "Shut up stupid jackrabbit!" Falco glared at the floor.  Corneriette and Fox held up their left paws and put their right ones on the tablecloth as if they were takig an oath.  Then at the same time they said "I swear on this table, that I will never touch the couch in the rec room as long as I live." Then Falco made the mistake of saying it was the pool table, not the couch.  Corneriette and Fox pretended to gag out loud.

 "We have to get out of the ship anyway.  Well I do, to access the golden disk.  My mother showed me how on a demo." Neri blinked trying to get images of the pool table out of her mind. "Why do they call it a golden disk anyway..it's black" Viceroy looked at the disk in Corneriettes hand.  "'Cause it has important information on it, to them, it's as precious as gold. Hence the name 'golden disk'." Neri put it back into her back pocket.  "Let's take the StarWolves down!" Manito was first to sprint down the long corridor to the launch hangar.                        & nbsp;            Once faced with StarWolf, Fox says...

 "Attention team, This is Fox.  There's no going back now. Either we win this battle or we spend eternity as space debris."  "Be careful everybody. Andross and the StarWolves will stop at nothing to destroy us." Peppy flicked some switches.  "It's up to you to destroy these bases Corneriette.  You're Corneria's only hope to take out Andross." Neri told herself.  She liked to be called Neri or Coco..it was just faster that way.  "Are you talking to yourself, sweetheart?" Wolf sneered as he tapped into her com unit.  "Why is your name Corneriette anyway? You were born on Venom! You should be named after Venom! Not Corneria." Leon Powalski asked her.  "Hey Wolfie, hey Leon, hey Andie. Hello Pigfat!!" She said coldly to Pigma as if she didn't care about him. And she didn't.  James McCloud was her godfather.  VixyMcCloud was her godmother.  The same went for Fox execpt Corneriette's parent were his godparents.  Neri said "hey" to everyone else in Wolf's team except Pigma because she knew they were in love with her.

 "My telepathic vibes say that you're goin' down!" Fox said as he tried to lose Pigma and Wolf who were behind him.  "YOU'RE NOT A TELEPATH!!!" Wolf screamed as he remembered Fox claiming that he was in elementary school.  'Oh yeah?! Well I wouldn't say that if I were you!  Oh, and you missing one wing.' Fox thought to Wolf. "How the hell? Get out of my mind, rotten fox! And my wing isn't missing."Wolf checked to make sure the wings were still there. They had to be..he wasn't even being shot at yet. 'Now they are!' Neri said shooting one of Wolf's wings. Only half shot off.  Peppy, who was listening to their teleconversation, took out the other half of the left wing.  "Ahhh!!  Shit!!" Pigma hit the nose of Peppy's ship and barely missed Peppy.  "Help!! I'm hit!!! I'm losing altitude. Slippy screached from his one wing arwing.

 Through the sky, there were endless traces of lasers.  Burning metal from ships fell to the ground of Bolse.  Smoke and fuel seeped out of Slippy's engines as Andrew grinned and hit him with another laser shot.  Slippy headed back to GreatFox for repairs.  Fox was in trouble.  The  com sputtered and hissed as McCloud called for help.  Poodle was having the time of her life as she shot down the barrier on Bolse, not all of the forcefeild barriers had been repared since Fox's last visit.  "One more and you're through." Pigma shot off the other wing to Peppy's ship. Now flying with one wing he tried to avoid anymore hits.  "I'll do you fast Peppy 'ol pal!" Pigma screamed, intimidating Peppy.  Peppy's ship was filled with smoke and a fire had broken out in the engine.  The ejection button stuck, he was trapped in his jet.  Peppy closed his eyes and said a prayer.  His eyes flew open as his prayer was answered by three voices.

 "Not if I can help it Pigpen!!!" a country accented, sweet as sugar voice sounded over the com unit of everyone's ship.  "I don't think so Pigma!" Another voice said aloud on the com, much older than the first voice.  "Hiya everybody!" An extreamly young voice said.  You would've thought that it was the innocent voice of a child more than a pilot.  "Ahhhh!! You can't be r..r...r..real!! I d...don't believe in ghosts!" Pigma startled, was haunted by the voice of Commander Veronica Priyme of the StormDrain squadron.  "See it and believed it Pigma....you killed my ex-boyfriend...now I'll kill you!" Veronica's cat eyes narrowed.  The left one green and the right one blue.  He had helped Andross capture her team and enslave her.  "Leave her alone! She's my second mommy!" Candy said.  Corneriette gasped as she saw her three year old adopted daughter's face on the com screen. "I won't have any mommy if you don't stop." Candy was talking to Andrew.  Is this some kind of game? Neri wondered to herself.  Her daughter, who Neri had trained to be a fighter pilot, was in an actual battle at the age of 3 years? "Aw how cute, c'mon guys..I think we should lay off." Andrew tried to get the others to back off.  Just then he was shot.  The back end off his ship broke off leaving the interior exposed. Smoke curled out of the end of his ship.  Shot again, but this time from the side, Andrew cursed and swore.  Then he looked at the pepitraitor.  It was James McCloud's ship....only James McCloud wasn't in it.  Candy Monoham was the new pilot.  Fox had given it to her when they found it at another base.  "Bye bye monkeyboy!" Candy stepped on the gas and then hit acceleration.  Since James' ship was not an advanced arwing, she had smart bombs and ion missles.

 With one smart bomb Andrew was forced to eject from his plane.  He watch helplessly as it burned to a crisp and nothing more.  The second unidentified voice came from a 17 yearold.  "Hey Leon, how's it goin'?" Lightning asked from her purple custom made jet.  She had dubed it the VioletStreak.  "Lightning Hare? My daughter? Is that you?" Peppy choked and gagged on the smoke coming from his plane.  "Yes Sir!  I'm back on vacation from bording school.  General Pepper tracked down GreatFox because his sensors picked up trouble.  He called Veronica, Veronica called me and here I am.  Let's get you out of here."  Her purple eyes gleamed as she saw her father.  They turned ice cold when she saw Wolf.  "Let's squash these maggots and get outta here!" Wolf didn't see his brother flying straight at him.  He didn't see the laser blast coming from Manito's ship.  He didn't see anything after Manito and Viceroy and Falco and Fox and Bill all fired at him at once.  Anything except the bright shining light in the hospital where he, and his crew woke up a few hours later.

Chapter three           &n bsp;           &nb sp;           &nbs p;             ;  Slaves never forget!

 "All right!  I'm in!" Neri said as she entered the Bolse space station.  Everyone waited for her in GreatFox.  All she had to do was put the disk in the hard drive and access it.  Delete the bases and weapondry files and the rest would be automatically deleted.  Easy enough?  Nah! Not hardly!

 "Omigod, I hate this place already." Neri tried to lower her voice.  "Ah unh ah! Where do you think you're going!  This was a big mistake girlie." Treelo Mhartin, a polar bear said as he roughly grabbed her shoulder.  Neri swore and hastily tried to kick him off.  She was terrified. Swarms of bad memories of her days as a slave rocked her mind as she tried to free herself.  "Get the hell off her!!!!!!" a voice said from the darness in the corner of the room.  Before Corneriette could see what was going on, a sickening crack was heard from behind her.  Only the guard was behind her so that gave her a clue.

 "I see you don't know your way around here.  Let me help you Miss.  I'm a friend." Neri was grabbed by the hand and pulled out of the room.  She turned around just in time to see what had happened to the guard.  His neck was broken.  His head drooped over in an awful possition.  The sight made Corneriette want to faint.  Whoever it was that was trying to help her had a very strong grip.  She was trying to find out clues about the person leading her down the hallway.  All she knew was that it was a man, she could tell because of the voice.  The man helping her had to have been a mammal because it had soft fur and the person was a few inches taller than her.

 "Shoot! I guess I don't know where I'm going either! DeadEnd." He pointed to the wall infront of them.  "Nah, that's okay." she let go of his hand and took out her laser cannon gun. The only one of it's kind.  "A slave never forgets!" She said as she blasted into the wall.  He's a fox! She said to herself.  She didn't even know she was saying it telepathically.  I'd do anything to have Fox here now...he's not nearly afraid of anything. Plus he's gorgeous as sin! Fox heard her talking to herself.  He couldn't believe that she liked him.  If they weren't in a dire situation, he would have done cartwheels.  "Ya see, the people who built these bases want you to think that the wall are ten miles thick.  The wall are a mere 5 feet thick.  I learned that in my other prison base.  Impressive the man thought.

 Too bad the guy helping Neri wasn't thinking about the man behind the wall, he wouldn't have been hit if he were.  They guy behind the wall conked Corneriette's guide on the head.  He was a coyote.  Neri gasped when she saw who here helper was.  Now in a well lit room she saw that he was Fox McCloud?  The coyote threw the first punch. Fox stepped out of the way and exectuted a roundhouse kick the neck of the coyote.  The coyote lande ontop of his desk.  The force from Fox's boot had thrown him into the air.  Getting up quickly, the coyote grabbed a knife from his boot and lunged at Fox. Fox stepped out of the way and the coyote came crashing to the floor.  Fox suddenly grumbled in pain.  His left shoulder had a small cut in it and the collar to his T-shirt was cut and stained with blood.  It wasn't that deep, but deep enough.

 The guard mistaked Corneriette's leg for a pole of some sort and clung to it so he could stand.  She screamed and with her left foot, she kicked hard bringing her leg straight up in the air.  The coyote's knife laid on the floor.  Fox picked it up and grabbed his opponent by the tail.  He screamed, he kicked, he did everything to get Fox to loosen his grip.  McCloud grabbed the man by the nape of the neck and slit his throat.  From one long ear to the other.  The smell of blood filled the hallways as the two fled the office with a large hole in the wall.  "Fox? Why did you come?" "Because I couldn't just leave you here!  Your mother and Lightning are going to help us access the disk if we need help."  "No!  I can do this myself." Neri wanted to have revenge for all the things she was put through.  For being beaten, not given food, raped, forced to watch the murder of others.  As well as her friends.  For the six years that Andross made her suffer, she would make him powerless in six minutes.

 "This way, I've been here before.  The computers are this way." Fox again held Corneriette's hand tightly.  No longer did she struggle to get his hand off of her.  She liked it now that she knew who he was.

 They found themselves in a long corridor.  They heard footsteps. There were faced with troopers.  The only way to go past them were the air vents.  "Shoot!  Trapped! Oh? Wait..wait...I see a way out!" Fox spotted the air vent first.  Rusty and unstable, he shot the barred part of it.  The troops weren't heading their way, but when they heard the clang of metal parts against a metal floor.  Now they were in trouble  Fox was already in the air vent but when he tried to pull Corneriett up that's when the started shooting.  He had her hands and struggled to pull her up.  One guards shot straight for Fox's hand.  Instead he hit Corneriette's metallic claw that Leon forced onto her middle finger of her right paw.  The shot from the laser reflected off of the claw and a direct hit was made straight at the guard's head.  Killed instantly, he fell back on the other guards.

 He picked her up by her waist.  Once inside the vents they moved down the hallway.  From time to time they caught a glimpse of the ugly green color of the walls.  Light filtered through from the lights outside of the vent.  Sssssss  Sssssss Ssssssss.  "What the hell is that?!" Fox suddenly stopped. Corneriette slammed right into his tail. "Ow! Fox! What's the hold up?" "Shhh.  Do you hear that hissing? It could only mean one thing!" Fox hoped he was wrong.  It hadn't been  an air vent.  It was steam pipe of some sort.  "Crud! Fox, we've got to get outta here.  Just crawl through really fast or we'll be raosted, toasted and burnt to a crisp!" Corneriette pushed him hard and then the steam came on.  Bearly even warm at first it started getting warmer and warmer as the two friends quickley crawled to the end of it were a whole office of Bolse workers chatted and typed command on their computer.  The luke-warm steam soaked the clothes of the fox and catox as they halted to a stop.  "No need to worry, I can take care of them." Neri took out something from her pocket.  It was like a round disk.  She pressed buttons on the under side of it and then tossed it down ito the room.  "Put this on!" Corneriette handed  Fox a gas mask like contraption. "Huh?" Fox asked as he put it on. "No time for that! Just get your gun ready.  It's a posinous gas that they used in my old prison. It can't be seen or smelled. The only way to tell is if you taste it." Neri dropped down from the air vent and waited for Fox to do the same.  They watched from behind a file cabinet as one by one the workers fell to the floor and into the arms of death.  Purple-ish blue knots began to form on the bodies of the workers. The effect of the posinous gas.  They clawed at their throats as they tried desperatly to breathe.  Corneriette wanted to help them, but they were her enemies.

 "Get to the computer!" Fox urged her as he had began to panic, thinking that he too, would die from the posinous gas.  Corneriette took the disk from her back pocket and went to the closest computer.  She jammed it into the hard drive and the pressed the access button.  ~WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACCESS  G DISK 1?~ The computer automatically responded by asking Corneriette what tasks she would like it to preform.  "I didn't count on having a talking computer!" Neri said as she clicked "YES". ~WHY AREN'T YOU IN VOICE COMMAND?~. The computer questioned as Neri tried of pressing yes again.  The computer only responded with the same question.  Neri typed another command and the computer let her proceed.

 ~ACCESSING VUENET & DONBEATON MISSILE DATA~The computer was getting the files of Andross' new destruction bombs.  They were expensive and took years to build.  They were the bombs that Corneriette was captured to help build.  Corneriette growled at the screen.  "Delete file, delete all files!" Neri taped feverishly into the keyboard.  ~CODE DOES NOT REGISTER~ She typed again. ~CODE DOES NOT REGISTER~ Fox swore. The door to the room burst open.  A figure with white fur and a yellow tail entered the room.  The figure held a rifle high into the air.  It was a queen(a female cat).  She had blond hair and two different color eyes, one blue and one green.  Corneriette looked up and then jumped when the cat fired a shot right at the camera behind Corneriette.  It shatter into tiny pieces and fell to the floor.

 "Here, let me try!" Veronica pulled her daughter out of the chair and typed a different command on the computer.  ~DELETING ALL FILES.  TEN MINUTES UNTIL BASE SHUT DOWN~  Veronica already had a gasmask on.  Through the gas mask she said "We've got to get out of here.  This base will shut down and blow up once everything is deleted!" "Hunh? Why will it blow up?" Fox and Corneriette glanced at each other and spoke at the same time.  "Because it survives on that disk. No information, no base.  The same will happen to a good half of the rest of Andumb's bases. Lightning is waiting for us outside in a cargo plane. ~SEVEN MINUTES REMAINING UNTIL FULL DELETION~ "Lets get a move on!" Fox grabbed Corneriette and Corneriette grabbed her mother.

 "We're not going out the same way we came in, We've got to get to the roof.  Now that I took out oone of their camera's they'll find out what floor and room we're on." Veronica said as she and the others ran through the hall ways.  The light went off. Back up lights came on. They weren't the brightest things in the world and only gave off a faint, dimmed yellow light.  It was enough to see through the metallic hallway.  Neri slipped and fell on the glossy floor.  Damn floor made of metal, she cursed.  Fox helped her stand.  Everyone pulled off their gas mask since they were outside of the room.  Veronica glanced at her watch.  "Shit, five minutes left."  They heade left and Corneriette spotted a Warden controller office.

 Being a former slave, as well as her mother, she thought she might have a little last minute fun.  She burst through the door and started firing at the Warden.  She shot him in the stomach and blood poured out of it.  It smoked and gave off a rotten odor.  Corneriette ran out of the room with a satisfied grin.  "What was that for?" Veronica questioned her daughter.  "I dunno.  Just anger and revenge. How many minutes left?"  "Three more and we're almost out of here." Veronica looked down at her watch.  She threw her head up as she heard an alarm sound.  "They know we're here!  Everyone's trying to evacuate the building!" Red lights flashed as they ran down the hallway.  ~DANGER! DANGER~ Was all that was heard from the loudspeaker.  Then the clock started counting down until explosion.

 Troops, Swarms of enemies piled into the hallways.  "No one's leaving this base!" A large, hefty female officer commanded.  She had cakey make that covered the whole of her forehead. Perhaps it was eyeshadow that just refused to apply itself to only her eyelids. They all hid behind some cargo boxes within only 4 yards of the stairs that would bring them to the roof.  If they moved now, Ms. Jergihn, they overweight guard would surely execute them with here machine gun.  A diversion was desperatly needed.

 "Trapped! Again!" Corneriette shut her eyes tightly.  She pressed her head against the cargo box.  "Corneriette, there's something I have to tell you." Veronica had tears in her eyes. "No! No! Please don't tell me what I think you are.  You're not going out there are you!!" Corneriette said.  "Now listen.  The world has never known a more generous, beautiful, smart person as you!  Nor has the world ever known a more devoted, kind, brave and talented person as Fox." Veronica started to make her daughter feel uneasy.  "It wouldn't make sense to have you two die!  So young! You two haven't even reached the age of twenty yet. I'm in my early forties." "Mom no, please don't. There has to be some other way." Neri pleaded with her mother not to give up her life. "Fox you know her better than any of your other friends.  Take care of her for me Fox.  Don't leave her to live by herself.  And Fox as a favor to me, tell her how you feel.  Don't let her see what will happen next, Fox.  Cover her eyes.  She might try to run after me or something." She saluted Fox. He did the same.  Corneriette had her ears covered.  She could still hear the conversation and it made her cry more. "As a favor to me Fox, tell Peppy and General Pepper that I died with honor. Tell Corneriette that I love her and get Leon for killing my husband." Fox cried too.  His godmother would be a memory within a matter of minutes.  "Hold back her back Fox.  When I get from behind these boxes, make a run for the door.  Lightning is waiting for you on the roof.  Don't forget to tell her how you really feel about her Fox.  Take care of my baby girl for me.  I love you Corneriette, I love you too Fox!" Veronica placed a kiss on Corneriette's head and the did the same to Fox.

 Saluting them again, Fox grabbed Corneriette and picked her up.  Veronica wiped away some tears and ran out from behind the box.  She fired a shot at Ms Jerghin. Not trying to hit her but trying to get her attention.  Fox, holding Corneriette ran for the stairs.  Ms. Jerghin's, not seeing Fox, but seeing his godmother started shooting at Veronica Priyme.  Fox turned around, he witnessed her death.  She was the diversion.  Veronica was shot in the chest several times.  The bullets went straight through her.  Her arms flailed in the air.  Her head flew back, blood poured out of her mouth.  Her eyes stared at the ceiling then rolled back in her head.  The last thing she saw was Fox holding her daughter.  He took out his gun and shot back at Ms. Jerghin.  She was killed by a direct hit to the ear and eye.  Veronica had a grin on her face.  "Take care of her Fox, tell her I love her. Thanks for taking out the guard for me." Veronica said a prayer, well half of one and her eyes closed forever.  She saw her dead husband, she felt an overpowering warmth as she breathed for the last time.

 Fox saluted the dead commander and turned to head up the stairs.  Once on the roof, Lightning opened the door for Corneriette and Fox to get in.  She looked around for Corneriette's mother.  There were supposed to be three of them not counting herself.  "Hey where's....?" she started. Fox interupted her "No time for that! Get us off this fake planet!" Fox screamed as Corneriette placed her head on Fox's shoulder and cryed.  He hugged her tightly as she wrapped her arms around his neck.  "Everyone brace for impact!!!" Fox laid back in his chair and held onto Corneriette.

 Bolse exploded and tossed itself into the atmosphere. A piece hit Lighting's plane.  Everyone on GreatFox ran to the windows when they heard the loud din coming from the explosion.  Lighting came into the large living room of GreatFox first. She had heard the story Fox told her.  Her large ears seemed to droop all the way to the floor as she said nothing and went to her father for a hug.

 "What the hell happened to her?!" Falco ran up to his bestfriend Fox as he saw him walk into the room holding Corneriette in his arms.  "Call the General, there's been and accident.  Tell him within two days to send as many troops as he can to capture Andross' bases."  When Slippy heard Corneriette whipering and sobbing he asked her where her mother was.  Fox  put Neri down on the couch.  She sobbed uncontrollably and threw a couch pillow at the wall. Peppy sat down next to her.  Everyone crowded around the couch.

 "I am no longer a slave!  I have gotten my revenge on Andross by destroying his bases. So why did my mother have to go down with him.  Only the guards were supposed to die. Not you mom! That wasn't part of the deal!" Neri wailed.  "Shhhh Neri. You'll hurt yourself." Katt coaxed for her to stop crying.

 The next week, General Pepper ordered for a plaque to be made in Corneriette's mother's name.  Fox had decided it should that it should go right next to his father's plaque for "Outstanding Flight Squadron Commanders" in the Cornerian Flight Academy.  Being that Corneriette's mansion had over 20 rooms, she invited StarFox and NebulaStorm to come and stay with her when they weren't on missons.  As godmother's dying wish, Fox had promised to take care of Neri, so he didn't refuse.

Chapter four           &nb sp;           &nbs p;             ;                    Bethroved

 Fox decided that sooner or later he would have to tell Neri how he felt about her.  He invited her to come with him to the cemetery.  His parents and hers were buried next to each other.  Fox's mother was the only body in it's grave.  Only Neri's father, Jason Priyme's skeleton was in the grave next to his wife.  It was all that was left of his body.  Thanks to Leon.  His parents and hers had decided before their children were born, to have them betroved, or engaged.  He was to, wether she wanted to go through with it or not, give her a ring.  One side had sparkling topaz gems on it.  If he put it on the side without the gems it meant he did not want to go through with it.  The side with the gems meant the opposite.  They were both aware of the procedure.  Fox chose the cemetery because he wanted his parents to be there.  He gazed at her.  She was kneeling at her fathers grave.  She placed flowers on her mothers.  Into James McClouds grave she stuck a small Cornerian army flag.  For Vixy she kissed the headstone and laid down a wreath of flowers.

 "Fox? Aren't you going to put those roses on your mothers gave?" 'They're not for her.' Fox said telepathically as he grabbed Neri's hand.  He pulled her up.  Grabbing her right paw he put a gold band around her ringfinger.  She looked down and almost cried of dissappointment.  Before sliding it on all the way, her twisted the ring around so that the side with the gems sparkled and gleamed in the late afternoon sun.  She drew her hand back.  She gawked at the size of the diamond and topaz gold ring.  It must of cost him a fortune.  He pulled her close. With his arms around her waist, he cocked his head a little to the side and gave her a long and passionit kiss.  "These are for you." Fox said as he handed her the three roses.

 "This is going up everywhere!!!" Viceroy gave Manito a highfive.  Manito held a disposable camera in his hand.  StarFox and NebulaStorm were there!  "What the!?" Fox started.  He let go of Corneriette and turned towards Manito.  "Don't move!" Slippy said as he snapped the camera in Fox's face.  Corneriette covered her eyes.  Fox ran after Slippy.  "I want the negatives!" General Pepper exclaimed as Slippy ran behind him.  Later on that night Falco attempted to make dinner for everyone at Corneriette's house.  It didn't come out too good.  Slippy and Manito had just come back from the One Hour Photo place and showed everyone the pictures of Fox kissing Corneriette.  It was put into a frame as everyone sat down to watch the news and then a late night movie.  They all cheered and clapped as the reporter on the news reported on the destruction of over 28 of Andross' bases and of all the Androssian fleets that were captured.

 At the end, there was a list of all those who have helped the Lylat System in their fight against Andross and his forces.  A few were the first 63 StarFox Squadrons. James McCloud led the 63rd on. Next was the 64th StarFox Squadron. Fox and his team members were listed under them. Next came NebulaStorm and finally came Corneriette's mother's Squadron. It was called StormDrain.  It filled Corneriette with pride.  She no longer felt that she was alone without her parents.  Infact, she felt they were there with her.  Fox and the others who shared the pain of not having parents often comforted her when she needed it.  She thanked Fox again for accepting the proposal and for giving her the ring.  She kissed him again and then went to bed.  When Fara came back they told her all about what had happened.  She laughed at the pictures of Fox chasing Slippy and of Neri's intimate time with Fox. General Pepper had recommended Neri and her team to the highest officers and within no time, NebulaStorm was a household name.

           &nbs p;             ;                         & nbsp; The end
           &nb sp;           &nbs p;             ;                         & nbsp;            Gemineye Briggs