Star Fox side story

Angel vs. Demon!

-Phase 2-

"Excuse me, sir? Telephone for you...."

The receptionist girl behind the hotel counter held out the telephone reciever to Bat, who coldly snatced it from her hand, placed it against his ear and nonchalantly pronounced the monosyllabe:


From the telephone and excited and vivid voice resounded, speaking the following phrase:

"Allô? Ah, Bat, it's me, Fish. Something very important has happened! I had to tell you right away!"

-Bat: Fish, I'm not going to lend you my credit card no matter how cute the object you just spotted in a shop window is, so don't insist.

-Fish: Mais non! That is not what I was going to tell you!! Pas du tout!!! Now, pay attention! I was at the hot springs, right, and I met this very nice boy. Well, in fact, I knocked him into a pool of thermal water, mais enfin. So, I met this boy....

-Bat: Yes, yes, I really don't want to hear the details of the latest episode in the Heartbraker Fish saga. How many times have I told you that you're here on a mission, not to make "splendid new conquests"?!

-Fish: Espèce de brute, you don't understand! This concerns our mission! See, that boy was Star Fox! But this is where it really gets good: I tell him that I've got to kill him, but then, suddenly, grand coup de théatre: Star Wolf appears as well!

-Bat: You're sure that you're not making this up?

-Fish: Pas question! I am always very serious about our mission!

-Bat: And I'm supposed to believe that...

-Fish: Shut up and listen! Donc, Star Wolf interrupts us, just at the key moment, and he challenges me! The Star Wolf team seems to be quite angry at us. They want to steal our prey and kill them first, thus re-gaining seigneur Andross' favour! Catastrophe, huh? Of course, I would never allow such a thing so I put up a tremendous battle! All my grace, speed and accuracy was at work: du grand art! You should have seen me, I was even more ravishing than ever!

-Bat: Aren't you dramatizing it a bit there?

-Fish: Well, what if I do? En tout cas, I've disposed of Wolf, he will not bother us anymore, but while I was busy with that, you'll never guess what happened: Fox escaped! It is probable that he will try to gather his teammates and leave this planet.

-Bat: I see. Where are you speaking from?

-Fish: I'm in a taxi, on my way back to you. I'm speaking to you through my cell phone. I always have it with me, because it has the cutest pink casing. It suits me so well!

-Bat: That is completely beside the point now! Look, once you get back to us, start searching the island with Crow and Panther. Meanwhile, I will go to the island spaceport and make sure none of them have a chance to board their vessel in case they're already there.

-Fish: Compris. Now, don't I get a compliment for my excellent work?

-Bat: I should really chew you out for letting Fox escape.....

-Fish: Oh, you are so difficult to please!

---------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

Having made his way back to the hotel as quickly as he could, Fox had related the events to his teammates. Gasping for breath from the long run, he concluded his monologue with these words:

-Fox: So, that's the whole story...(huff, pant)....I think we really should escape from this planet...(gasp) the way, where's Slippy?

-Peppy: Well, that's just it, we don't really know. He insisted on going out to see the videogame arcades, but he didn't say when he'd be back. He should be somewhere in town now.

-Fox: Oh, that's just brilliant! We need to find him as quickly as possible and then get off this planet!

-Falco: I honestly don't see why you're making such a big deal out of this. If these assasins think they're so tough, let them come and I'll soon make them change their minds.

-Fox: No, not this time! I'm serious, those four really are dangerous!

-Falco: I'm not afraid of anyone. I seriously doubt that anyone out there could even touch me, I am who am more skilled even than the gods themselves!

-Fox: No, you musn't try to go in against them! I've seen what they're capable of and it's terrible! This one tiny guy single-handedly broke both Wolf's arms using only his bare hands, there's no telling what they're capable of!

-Falco: You sure are easy to impress. Wolf is a total wuss as it is, so it comes as no surprise that he gets his head kicked in.

-Fox: You know that that's an unreasonable thing to say. Wolf was one of our strongest enemies yet, but these four surpass him in every way and they are terribly cruel....honestly, I'm worried about how this will end...

-Peppy: You said that Star Wolf's aim was to make sure that we didn't get killed so that they could kill us themselves, is that right?

-Fox: Something like that. It may be that they're trying to sign a temporary truce with us.

-Falco: I'm not signing a truce with those hopeless freaks, not in a million years! They are unworthy, and also, there's no way you can trust them!

-Fox: I admit it seems a bit awkward, I'm not sure about this whole thing myself, but Wolf did save me back there. He sacrificed himself so that I could escape...

-Peppy: Do you think Wolf survived?

-Fox: I really have no idea if he's dead or alive. He must have known that he had no chance against those four, I don't suppose he went in there to deliberately get himself killed, he wouldn't make such a mistake....but still....

-Peppy: And what are our orders right now?

-Fox: Well, we need to find Slippy and get off the planet as quickly as possible. Falco, you will go to the island spaceport and prepare the Great Fox for launch. Have everything on standby so we can leave as quickly as possible, and be very careful. It may be that they'll try to stop you from reaching the ship. Try to prevent them from coming near our ship.

-Falco: Whatever. Sure sounds boring.

-Fox: The two of us will search the island for Slippy and take him to the spaceport.

-Peppy: Understood. You look very worn out, though, are you up to it?

-Fox: I have no choice. Let's go now.

After nine o'clock in the evening, the small arcade hall where Slippy had been hogging the UFO catcher machine closed for the night, thus forcing Slippy to part with the videogames and return to the street. Of course, he was none too happy about this and put his dissapointment into words:

-Slippy: Aah, what a rip-off! I really wanted to win some of those Evangelion plush dolls, but they're so difficult to catch! I've used up all my change, but I didn't even win one lousy prize. Guess I'll just have to try again tomorrow....trouble is, I don't know if I have enough dough left for a taxi. Oh no, what if I had to walk all the way back to the hotel? That would be a complete bummer!

While indulging in this self-pity session, he did not notice a pair of hands appearing behind him. Before he knew what hit him, someone had grabbed him and dragged him away to an unknown destination.....

The spaceport was situated on the northmost point of the island. The people of Wai-Wai had for many years been designing projects to build large cities suspended over the enormous ocean that stretched out all over the planet, and it was near the spaceport that work on one of these projects had started. Falco, however, didn't bother to admire the impressive construction sites that were slowly piecing together the skeleton of a sea city, judging these mere machines to be unworthy of his attention, and made his way to the landing pad where they had left the Great Fox. He found their mothership, still very much intact and in the exact state in which they had left it, not at all under attack from vicious assasins. There was one thing, however: a lone young man was standing beside the dormant mothership. He was apparently on his own, and looked unoffensive, but Falco still didn't like it. He was going to tell this guy to clear off, but instead, it was the young man who opened the conversation with these words, brushing aside his long, black braid with one hand:

-Bat: This ship, it's a fine machine indeed. I can tell just by looking at it, that it's a vessel worthy of being team Star Fox's mothership.....of course, I don't like it quite as much as our own mothership, but still, hats off to you for owning such a quality piece of machinery, Lombardi Falco.

-Falco: Oh shut up, wise guy. I have no time to pay attention to a star-struck admirer, and no intention to do someone like you any favors, so clear off, you'll have to wait for another opportunity to get my autograph.

-Bat: J...just a minute, I never said I wanted an autograph! Do you think you're a movie star or something?!

-Falco: I'm much more than just a vulgar movie star! Now I told you to clear off, I won't warn you again!

-Bat: Oh man, this guy's just as wierd as Fish. I don't see how they could have caused Lord Andross so juch trouble, but if he wants them dead, then that's what he'll get.

-Falco: The reason Andross wants me dead is because he's jealous of my popularity. And I'm sorry to say that it'll take more than just you to dispose of me, Ebony Bat.

-Bat:...!! What?! How did you know...?!

-Falco: Just a simple matter of deduction: the scar on your face is a dead giveaway. You Four Killers have quite a reputation, I have heard about you more than once and remember the descriptions I've read of you very well. I'm not like the other three.

-Bat: I see, you're not so easy to catch off-guard. I was hoping to attack you by surprise, but the failure of this plan makes no difference. Wether I attack by surprise or not: you will die here.

-Falco: I will soon shatter that smug attitude of yours, it's what I hate most. If you're really as good as you think you are, then bring it on!

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

As the town was slowly falling asleep in the early warmth of the summer night, Fox and Peppy were beginning to get tired from their fruitless search for Slippy.

-Peppy: This is hopeless. We've been looking for him for ages and there's still no sign of him. You don't suppose he went back to the hotel?


-Peppy: Are you listening to me?

-Fox: Oh, sorry. You were saying?

-Peppy:...You're worried, aren't you? About Falco?

-Fox: Well, yes. Maybe it was not a good idea to send him to the spaceport. What if he runs into one of the assasins?

-Peppy: *grins* Well, knowing Falco, it's probably the assasin that you should be worried about.

-Fox: Normally, I'd agree, but these assasins are not normal...and Falco, well, you know how he is. He gets carried away too easily. He becomes reckless.....I really think I should've gone to the spaceport instead...

-Peppy: Well, if it worries you so much, you should go to him. I'll continue to look for Slippy on my own, okay?

-Fox: Yes...thanks.

But just as Fox was about to leave his teammate and head for the spaceport, a figure stepped out of a nearby alley. They soon recognized this person as a member of Star Wolf: Andrew. He addressed them in these words

-Andrew: You musn't go there. Please come with me instead. I've found the one you're looking for.

-Peppy: You're joking, right? Come with you? Not on your life!

-Andrew: Look, for now it is our aim to get you four off this planet safely, so if we could leave our past differences behind for a while....

-Peppy: Easy for you to say....

-Fox: What about Wolf?

-Andrew: We found him a few hours ago, near the hot springs. He's in a terrible state: fractured ribs, multiple stab wounds, severe loss of blood, and his arms are an absolute mess. If we get him to a medical facility quickly, he should recover eventually, but he sure took a tremendous beating. It's a surprise that he's not dead, really.

-Fox:....I...I see...And what do you have in mind for us, then?

-Andrew: To get off this planet, you can't use your own mothership. It's not safe at the spaceport.

-Fox: Not safe?

-Andrew: No. It's almost certain that one of the assasins is there, guarding the Great Fox. You'll have to come on board the Star Wolf mothership to escape. Follow me, I'll take you to the place where we landed our mothership. That's where I left your teammate Slippy. He's in safety there.

-Fox: No, I can't go yet! Falco is at the spaceport, I've got to go there!

-Andrew: Don't worry. Another one of us is taking care of Lombardi. He'll be safe. But you must come now, there is not much time left.

-Peppy: I still don't like this one bit....

-Fox: But it's our only option now...

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

In the topmost room of the spaceport's main tower, Falco placed his hand against his aching ribcage, only to sense a burst of intense pain surging through him as he touched it. He quickly pulled back his hand and noticed that his fingers were covered in blood. Strange that, he had not noticed any knives or other such objects on his enemy, but perhaps the bastard was hiding his weapons in his clothing or something. He was still enraged at the thought that he was actually running from an enemy, and that someone had actually managed to wound him so badly with such great ease. And it was very unlikely that he had actually shaken Bat off. He would very soon be found, no doubt about it. Well then, so be it. As long as he was not properly dead he'd continue to fight with whatever strength he may have left. He solemnly swore that he would not let this Bat person get away with wounding him, he'd have to pay for that. Just then, a speak-of-the-devil situation occurred as Bat walked into the room, making the following remark:

-Bat: Ah, there you are, perfect timing.

-Falco: son of a....I will kill you, no matter what it takes!

-Bat: There's something I'd really like to ask you: what is the matter with you anyway? It's obvious that you have no chance, but you still keep going. I don't see how one can be so stubborn. The pain from your wounds must be killing you, how can you even stand up with wounds like that?

-Falco: Wounds my foot. I'm stronger than any kind of pain. I won't give in to it, not to the pain and certainly not to you! Until I'm beaten to death, I will continue to put all my strength into killing you!

-Bat: Well, your heart's in the right place, but look at you! You haven't managed to lay a finger on me, but the blows I've dealt to you have had quite some impact. You did do a pretty good job of avoiding any blows to your vital organs. You deliberately didn't let me hit your lungs or heart, and it's quite impressive that you've managed to fight back for so long. Even so, you'll have to admit that it's really over now. There's really nothing you can do, why not just resign yourself to that?

-Falco: Shut up! I never resign myself to anything! Resignation is what I hate most! I never let anyone tell me what to do, is that understood?!

-Bat: I really don't see from where you manage to draw such determination....

-Falco: No matter what happens, I must carry out this mission. Everyone is depending on me. And besides, nobody messes with me and lives!

-Bat: I see, your mission is to clear a path to the mothership for your teammates, right? Well, I think I can releave you of the burden of having to carry the responsability of this mission. I hope you'll appreciate this gesture.....

Bat then produced a small remote and pressed it's main button. From a nearby window, it could clearly be seen how the Great Fox, resting on it's landing pad, exploded into a ball of fire and shrapnel.

-Bat: Nice one. Looks like the explosives we rigged up in your mothership worked all right. I was planning to use this only as a last resort, as it would've been such a banal way of killing you, not one that suits my style at all...

-Falco: bastard, now you've really done it!

-Bat: Well, now that I've blown your mothership to bits, there's no more mission for you to worry about. There's no more need to be so ridiculously headstrong anymore. Now that this little problem is out of the way, you can just give in and let me kill you like you should've done in the first place, right?

-Falco: Dream on. Now I've just got to kill you for you've done!

-Bat: I suppose you really are an idiot. Let me reveal my true colors as well....

Bat then took out a large knife that had been hidden in his sleeve all the time and pointed it at Falco. However, when he was about to strike, a smoke bomb was thrown into the room. As it exploded, filling the room with a damp smoke screen, a shadowy figure rushed into the chamber and dragged Falco away before the smoke could dissolve. But Falco, having finally succumbed to the pain of his wounds passed out before he was able to see the face of the one who had just rescued him: one of his arch enemies of team Star Wolf: Leon...

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

"Excusez moi, would you not like to paint my portrait?"

While he was searching the streets with Panther and Crow, Fish had spotted a steet painter. Surprised to find a source of entertainment at this late hour in the evening, and most excited at the idea of having his portrait painted, Fish had rushed over to the painter and had asked him the above question. The painter, however, seemed a little reluctant to give a reply, so Fish edged him on a bit more with these words:

-Fish: Mais oui, I can easily tell by looking in your eyes that you are overjoyed at the thought of painting such a wonderful being as me! Eh bien, I don't blame you. Large, dreamy eyes, long, fine hair blowing in the wind, a elegant and ecsquisite silhouette, I have it all! La totale! Inspirational, n'est-ce pas?

These words, however semed to have confused the painter even more. Realising that his approach might have been a bit too overwhelming, Fish tried another method:

-Fish: Oh, plus un mot, I see what you're thinking. You're afraid that you wouldn't able to do my bewildering beauty justice with a painting, is that it? You don't feel up to it? Don't worry, I understand. Instead, would you not want to paint a portrait of yourself? Tenez, any good painter can do an auto-portrait, it's simple. Et puis, you have such a nice face. How I would love to be able to remember this encounter with a pure and gentle young man by seeing his beauiful face on a portrait over and over again. Aah, comme c'est fleur bleue...

-Crow: Fish, will you stop that! This really is no time to play around!

-Fish: Non, you do not understand! I am not playing around, pas du tout! I have a profound sense of the arts, I who posses such beauty am sensible to other things of beauty and my pure and delicate heart is easily touched by the message that a beautiful painting conveys....

-Crow: Yes, well, no matter how big your sense of the arts is, your sense of timing is rotten! We're supposed to be looking for our victims, not goof around with street painters!

-Fish: And what if the painter happened to be one of our victims in disguise, hein? You did not think of that, did you, petite tête?

-Crow: Why...why you little....

-Fish: Eek! You're being scary! Quelle horreur! Panther, do something, vite!

-Panther: I don't understand about this whole "sense for arts" thing....

-Fish: It's perfectly simple: I am very beautiful, so you like me, yes?

-Panther: Well.......*sweatdrop*

-Fish: And a sense of the arts is just like that: simple comme bonjour.

-Crow: Can we stop this little tutorial now?! We really have other things to worry about!

-Fish: Ah, bon, ça va, stop having a freak attack already.

-Crow: I'm serious about this! We've been searching the island for absolutely hours, but there still is no trace of them!

-Panther: But they can't have gotten that far. And with Bat guarding their mothership, it's very unlikely that they will have gotten off the planet. And if they have, there's always the bomb we planted in their ship.

-Crow: I'd hate to use that bomb. That would be such a cheap victory. It's not the way I like to do things. It wouldn't feel....accomplished, I suppose.

Just then, Fish's cell phone started to ring

-Fish: Tiens, téléphone. Must be one of my desperate admirers.

-Crow: Yeah, you wish.

-Fish: I'll just answer it, shall I? *into the telephone* Allô? You've just reached the official Velvet Fish fanclub hotline, please wait while we connect you with one of our operators. Heehee ^^.

This unusual way of answering the phone was met with a resounding "Shut up!", bellowed by Bat's voice from the other end of the phone.

-Fish: Ah, Bat, it's you. You shouldn't shout like that. You seem rather tense, vous avez un p'tit problème?

-Bat: Never mind. There's been a change of plans. You are to head back to the Cassiopeia with the others and wait for me there.

-Fish: Head back to our mothership? Mais enfin, I do not understand. What is the reason for this?

-Bat: Don't argue with me. Just get back to where we landed the Cassiopeia and prepare it for launch.

-Fish: A vos ordres. See you soon, then.

-Panther: So, what did Bat say?

-Fish: He says that we must go back to our ship and prepare it for launch. Bizarre, n'est-ce pas?

-Crow: Well, I for one will be glad to get back to the Cassiopeia and leave this dumb place.

-Fish: Tout de même, it's a shame that I won't be able to get my portrait done now. I would have so wanted to help a young artist by inspiring him with my almost unreal beauty.....Oh well, tant pis, there'll be others, I suppose.

-Panther: Right, let's return to the Cassiopeia then.

Andrew had led Fox and Peppy to the Star Wolf mothership, where they met up with Slippy. Once Leon had arrived, carrying an unconscious Falco, they were ready to leave the planet. As the ship left the planet's orbit and headed into space, Falco was placed into one of the ship's limited life-supporting capsule units, next to another such unit containing the resting Wolf. After a short silence, Slippy spoke up:

-Slippy: So, what do we do now?

-Leon: We take these two to a medical space station, that's what.

-Fox: But, I don't understand....why bother with that when you can just kill now, before we meet with the four assasins again?

-Peppy: Shhh! Don't tell him that!

-Leon: Believe me, I'd love to do that, but until Wolf gives us the expressive order to do so, we are not to harm anyone. We can't act without his permission, and besides, there is no time to start fighting among each other now, we really must hurry or Wolf will not make it. There's a space hospital not too far away from here, a medical station called the Osiris. It's our priority to get there in time now. Once Wolf recovers, we'll see how this continues....

"Oh man, these losers are just so predictable!"

Crow leaned back in his pilot chair and gave an angry glare to the monitor in front of him.

-Crow: They managed to get off the planet with the ship of those Star Wolf guys, so for a moment, I thought we might actually have a challenge on our hands, but now it turns out that they're just going to pay a visit to a nearby space hospital, where they'll be totally defenseless. Bo-ring! I'm beginning to think that they're really stupid...*sigh* and I was hoping for some action. It's just not my day....

-Bat: I know how you feel. I bumped into the only halway decent fighter among them at the spaceport and what do you think happnes? Some bastard uses a smoke bomb to rip off my prey! Honestly, the nerve of some people....

-Crow: It's hard to believe that you would fall for such a dumb thing as a smoke bomb. You must be getting old...

-Bat: I am not! Now stop wisecracking and give me the exact location of that medical station you said they were heading for.

-Crow: Well, according to the computer, it's the Osiris, just out of planet Wai-Wai's orbit. It's quite an advanced facility, too.

-Bat: It looks like we're going to play doctor........



Star Fox - Angel vs. Demon, phase 2 ending image theme

"Here today, gone tomorrow"

I didn't expect it would develop like this,

now that the evening sky is of a profound sapphire blue.

Here today, gone tomorrow,

that's the way I thought it should be,

but I was so wrong......

A red leather jacket,

draped loosely over a cold chair.

A recyclable flask of water,

half empty and turned on it's side.

Objects that remind of a presence

that will return the next day.

To haunt me? To comfort me? To make it all right?

I didn't think I'd rush into something like this,

now that the evening sky is of a pale lavender purple.

Here today, gone tomorrow,

that's the way I was hoping it to be,

but it was all wrong.......

An empty box of cigarettes,

thrown next to the metal dustbin.

A pair of black driving gloves,

lying limpid on a glass plate.

Objects that carry memories of a person

that will return the next day.

To frighten me? To protect me? To make it all go away?

If only everything could be as simple as

"here today, gone tomorrow".

With only one way to turn,

with only one way out,

"here today, gone tomorrow"

keep everything simple, don't ask for anything else.