Star Fox side story

Angel vs. Demon!

-Phase 3-

The sound of water gently splashing around in the small mock marble fountain of the Osiris' lobby was the only thing that broke the silence. Although it was not one of the most advanced medical facilities around, the medical station Osiris, located just outside of planet Wai-Wai's orbit would do to get the two wounded passengers from the mothership of team Star Wolf out of direct danger and into slow, but steady rehabilitation. That was the only bright spot so far. As he leaned his back against the cold and overly smooth and shiny surface of one of the mock marble pillars of the space hospital's lobby, Fox could think of no other detail that could deny the fact that the situation was definitely going the wrong way. His worries were interrupted by a familiar voice pronouncing the following simple word:


Looking up, he was greeted by the sight of two of his teammates, Slippy and Peppy, the latter holding out a mug of coffee to accompany the word he had just pronounced. Taking the warm object between his hands, he replied in these terms:

-Fox: Thanks. So...any news?

-Peppy: Well, our "patient", apparently, needn't be placed in intensive care and will most certainly be back to his old bad-tempered snobby self soon enough. He just hasn't regained conciousness yet....

-Fox: Falco.....

-Slippy: So, he's going be to allright, huh? He'll be okay, right?

-Peppy: The man who would rather die screaming than to lose a game of checkers? Of course he will be.

-Fox: I really should've gone to the spaceport instead of least I knew what was coming....

-Peppy: Go ahead and blame yourself for everything. It's not like we can do anything else right now.

-Fox: How long will it be until he's fit for space travel?

-Peppy: Tricky to say. He'll need several days of rest at the very least....Trouble is, we don't have that kind of time.

-Slippy: Huh? We don't?

-Peppy: I'm afraid not. We're sitting ducks in this hospital. If those four reach the Osiris, it will be very difficult to avoid them. We should try to get a means of transport to get us out of here as soon as possible. I did try to radio info to the Great Fox and bring it here on remote control commands, but somehow, I can't get a transmission through. All I get is a "not found" message.

-Fox:.....That's the way...what about the other "patient"?

-Peppy: Wolf.....well, I don't know. His condition was much worse than Falco's as far as I can remember....I suppose he's out of danger as well, but there's no telling when he'll be fully rehabilitated again.

-Fox:.....I see.....

-Peppy: You really are taking this matter badly, aren't you?

-Fox: Well.....I just.....

-Peppy: Never mind. Right now, we should figure out a way to get off this station rapidly. I can't get the Great Fox over here no matter how hard I try, so we'll have to settle for something else.

-Slippy: Like what? We can't just conjure up a ship out of nowhere...

-Peppy: No sweat, there are plenty of ships on this space station. We just need to get hold of one.

-Slippy: And just how will we do that?

-Peppy: Well, I think I know a way to get hold of a medical-class ambulance ship. But I'll need the cooperation of all you others.

-Fox: Very well, you can count on it. I'll leave you to it, then. I'll go and get Lombardi ready to leave.

-Peppy: Good. He's in ward number 00-35. Come right back here once you've found him.

-Fox:....I don't suppose you know where they put Wolf.....

-Peppy: 01-47, or something. Are you actually planning on going there as well?

-Fox: Well....I really think I should.....

-Peppy: Fine, then. Just make sure you get Lombardi back here as quickly as you can. See you then.

-Fox: Yes, see you later.

-Slippy: Hey wait, shouldn't we stick together and not get separated?

-Peppy: Never mind, let him go there....

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------

The Cassiopeia drifted motionless through the infinite ocean of stars that is space, it's flight engine programmed to take it's four passengers to the orbital medical facility Osiris as rapidly as possible. They would land there in half an hour. Fish was gently humming "la vie en rose" as he carried a warm tray onto the main bridge where he placed it on a table, accompanying this action with the following words:

-Fish: Et voila, lemon meringue pie, as fresh as it gets! Care for a bite before we land, Panther?

The only other person present on the bridge was indeed Panther, who had remained seated behind a monitor. Upon hearing these words, he pronounced the this phrase:

-Panther: Yeah, why not. I'm done here as it is.

-Fish: Très bien. You sure are hard-working. Is that the data on our targets on that monitor? Voyons voir....

Fish playfully leaned over Panther's shoulder and fixed his eyes on the text displayed on Panther's monitor. As he had presumed, it did indeed display extensive data on the identity of their four "targets"; the members of team Star Fox.

-Fish: Eh bien, what have we here? Hmm..."Lombardi Falco, blood type: AB, height: 1.92"....tiens, plutot beau gosse...."origin: Cornelia, date of birth...."

Fish continued to read out the text displayed on the screen, until he got to the following part, which slightly took him by surprise:

-"Favorite color: red. Favorite flower: narciss"-

Having read out this phrase as well, Fish turned his attention away from the monitor and delivered the following remark:

-Fish: Ça alors, how did you find out about that?

-Panther: Oh, one can find out just about anything with some effort into it.

-Fish: Plus, you are always overly precise about these things, I've noticed. Workaholic, va.

-Panther: Do you really think I'm workaholic?

-Fish: Bof, compared to me, anyone is workaholic, sort of. Allons, I wasn't serious about that, no big deal.

-Panther: Yes, I figured as much. It's just that it was an order from Bat to trace all the data I could find about them. And it seemed better to do a bit too much than too little on such an occasion. It was an order after all...

-Fish: Eh oui, and we can't ignore orders, now can we?

-Panther: That's right......we are to be obedient to him.....

-Fish:......C'est la vie....

At that point, they were then interrupted by Bat and Crow, who arrived speaking these words.

-Bat: Oi, you two, we're landing in ten minutes. Get ready, will you?

-Crow: Trust them to be dawdling again.

-Fish: Oh, ça va, pas de panique. For such a young boy, you sure have a big mouth, Crow.

-Bat: Enough of that. We will split in two groups and search the station once we arrive. They have lost their mothership, so they're stuck for now. We have them right where we want them....

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

The door to ward number 01-47 was opened with a sudden, clanking sound. The room was only dimly lit. Standing in the doorway, Fox could just about make out the shape of a single person, resting in a hospital bed. Seated next to this bed was a second figure, who revealed himself to be Leon by speaking these words:

-Leon: And just what do you want here?

-Fox: Uhm...well, I just...

-Leon: Forget it, I don't want to know as it is.

He then got up and switched on the lights. With the lights on, it could clearly be seen that the one in the hospital bed was Wolf, still unconscious, covered with bandages.

-Leon: There. I hope you're satisfied.

-Fox: But....but I....

-Leon: Oh, cut it out already. Don't you give me the me-so-innocent routine. And don't pretend that you actually regret what happened. I'm not falling for that. And if you want to claim that this was not your doing, then forget it. You are entirely to blame for this.

-Fox:...Yes, I know.....

-Leon: *sigh* Damn you, you really annoy the hell out of me. You get him in this state and then waltz in here, under a cover of apparent complete innoncence and goodwill, just to rub it in extra hard. No-one will fall for such a phoney act. He is your enemy, and so, you strive to make him suffer. It's crystal clear.

-Fox: ...I make him suffer?

-Leon: As if you didn't know! He has done nothing but suffer....He has lived his entire life in hell. The only ray of hope he has...the only chance to ever find peace of mind is to one day rub you out. You, the offspring from the source of all his pain....Gradually, he has become obsessed with this idea. I've watched him growing more and more fanatic. I've seen how he gets ever more tangled up in this obsession with revenge. Knowing that such an obsessive drive would eventually just ruin him, I could've stopped him. I could've brought him back to reason......but, I didn't.

-Fox: ...I don't understand...

-Leon: I expected as much. You see, I have no desire to save Wolf from drowning in his own obsession. On the contrary, to observe him as he buries himself deeper and deeper in his bitterness....I find it quite fascinating......He's struggling so desperately, making so many hopeless eforts, endures so many painful trials, but all it amounts to is that he gets more entangled in the web he himself has created. It's brilliant, really. It's the only reason why I'm still following him around; to be able to behold such a marvelous spectactle. You can't imagine how exciting it is to witness such a process.

-Fox: You....You are.... terrible.

-Leon: Come now, just a little innocent fun. Surely there's nothing wrong with that? All I need to do is push the right buttons, and you will continue to drag him down into his own despair. Once he wakes up from in this hospital bed, he will only have one thing on his mind: more revenge. And so, the process will continue. And I'll be there to watch his every move. I can't wait to see how he will continue to bring more pain and grief upon himself...Heh, it's not a bad hobby, I suppose. And that's why I will not kill you. You are a key piece in this process. I need you so that Wolf can keep entertaining me with his hopeless struggle. Hmm.....*smirk* I guess I should thank you, if I didn't find you so utterly pathetic. Now get out of here, you're beginning to bore me.

Fox didn't hesitate to leave this grim scene behind him and instead make his way to ward number 00-35, praying that Falco would've regained consciousness, so that he would at least be able to speak to him. Once he arrived there, he noticed that Falco had indeed regained his spirits. So much, in fact, that he had already gotten back on his feet, was fully dressed, and apparently just about to leave when Fox came in. During a short silence, they just stood there, face to face, until Falco decided to break the silence

-Falco: Well, don't just stand there. Let's leave this miserable place.

He then left the room and began to pace down the corridor. Fox hurriedly caught up with him, and they walked down the empty hospital corridors together.

-Fox: Wait, are you sure you're fit enough?

-Falco: Well, I'm not dead.

-Fox: But still, according to your medical report, you have....

-Falco: To heck with the medical report. I don't care what they say, I'm out of here. What about the others?

-Fox: They're trying to get hold of a ship. We couldn't contact the Great Fox somehow...

-Falco: Figures. The Great Fox's toast. Your four freaks planted a bomb in it and blew it sky high.

-Fox: They...they did?

-Falco: Right under my very eyes at that. Damn, to think that I couldn't do a thing against that bastard....

-Fox: Look, don't stress yourself. You still have a lot of wounds that haven't fully healed, you should really take it easy.

-Falco: Oh, come off it. What are you going to do next, put me in a bleedin' wheelchair?

-Fox: Oh.....I'm sorry....I just....

-Falco: Oh, forget it. We'll worry about my condition later. Right now we should get out of here as quickly as possible.

-Fox: Do you really think so?

-Falco: It doesn't take a genius to see how vulnerable we are in this place.

-Fox: Well, that's true. It's just that....

-Falco: Well, what? What possible reason could you have for staying in such a dump longer than you have to?

-Fox: I can't really tell you....It's something about Wolf.....

-Falco: Yeah, well, what about him?

-Fox: Well, his men were the ones who took us here and....

-Falco: Oh, give me a break! You're not going to tell me that you're grateful to those bastards. Nobody asked them to stick their noses in. Knowing that one of them saved my hide just causes me to hate them more. No way is one small helping hand enough for me to change my mind about them.

-Fox: Yes, I figured as's just that...well, I don't really know how to put it....Did you ever really think of Wolf?

-Falco: I've always thought of him.....That is, I've thought of him as an absolute bastard.

-Fox: No, what I mean is, did you ever think of...what he must be going through?

-Falco: "Going through"? What is the matter with you? Can't you even properly hate your enemy? Are you that much of an idiot? Tsch, you really are hopeless if you're even beginning to show sympathy for that beast.

-Fox: Sometimes I wish I could see things as black-and-white as you can....But you don't know the things that I know of him...I'm pretty certain now that Wolf is heading straight for his own ruining...

-Falco: Yes, well, see if I care.

-Fox: A person who has to live his entire life in hell....with no way out....that doesn't seem fair, does it?

-Falco: Now what are you talking about? You sound as if you're about to lose it.

-Fox: Never mind this....forget what I just said, it doesn't matter.

After a while, the two had made their way back to the lobby where Peppy and Slippy were awaiting them. Peppy had managed to get hold of a white doctor's coat, and a brancard on which Slippy had been placed, with a white blanket covering him.

-Peppy: Well, I see you're back on your feet again.

-Falco: Yeah, but what's with the brancard and the lab coat anyway?

-Peppy: I need those to get us an ambulance ship so we can escape.

-Falco: Great, we're going to pretend that Slippy's having a baby as an excuse for ripping off an ambulance? Brilliant plan, that.....

-Slippy: Hey, nobody said anything about having a baby!

-Peppy: Must you bring everything around you down? A pregnancy is no reason to transfer him to another facility. We'll just have him pose as a victim of a serious disease, who needs to be transferred to a more hi-tech facility where he can be treated properly. I'll pose as some highly qualified doctor and will do the talking, allright? If we put some effort into it, they'll probably buy it and hand us an ambulance ship. Just play along, okay?

-Falco: It'll never work....

-Fox: But, what about me and Falco? Why should we want to come along?

-Peppy: Just claim that you're Slippy's close relatives or something.

-Fox: But we're not of the amphibian race like he is...

-Peppy: Oh, drat...well, just find something else. Now let's hurry.

They then carried the brancard with Slippy on it away, not knowing that this whole scene had been observed by a hidden Pigma and Andrew, who commented on this latest development with these words:

-Andrew: They're up to something....

-Pigma: You're right. Well, if we're not allowed to attack them, we should at least follow their every move.

-Andrew: Agreed. Leon distinctly told us "I'm taking over as long as Wolf's in coma. Until further notice, you are not to attack anyone, including the members of Star Fox. I'm ordering you not to harm them". But he never said anything about not observing them.

-Pigma: Don't you think it was kind of weird for him to give us that kind of an order?

-Andrew: Never mind, we've got to hurry before we lose sight of them!

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

"Listen, this is urgent!"

Peppy, still dressed in a white lab coat had just forcefully pronounced this phrase, as he gave the young man behind the hospital counter a commanding stare. However, he didn't seem all that convinced.

-Counter clerk: But, sir.....

-Peppy: It's doctor Carrot to you. Now hurry up and arrange an ambulance ship for us. This boy is suffering from a serious case of cruciform enphoglastolamny, the only facility where he can be effectively treated is the Anubis, but we have very little time left! If we don't transfer him to the Anubis hospital in less than two hours, he might not make it, so get a move on!

Behind him, Slippy was posing as the patient, lying on a brancard. All he had to do was lay still and not laugh. Since the counter clerk was still hesitating, Peppy decided to add an extra dash of melodrama

-Peppy: It's bad enough for you if it leaks out that you disobeyed a great specialist like me, but if on top of that you've kept a patient with a dangerous and very infectuous illness in the range of other bystanders, you'll really be in trouble!

-Counter clerk: Uhm...well, allright, but what about the two other gentlemen?

He was referring to Foxy and Falco, who had just been standing around, watching this scene and doing their best to look serious.

-Peppy: Oh, those. Well, they're close relatives of the patient.

-Counter clerk: Are they really?

-Fox: Uhm...yes, we are...uhm...that is to say.....

-Falco: We're the boy's adoptive fathers.

-Counter clerk: Adoptive fathers?

Falco took on a very serious expression and launched into a small melodramatic pantomime of his own upon hearing this.

-Falco: Yes, we've picked up this child, a mere wounded orphan from a war-torn planet. We took him from this hell and raised if he was our very own son. He means everything to us, *turns to Foxy* isn't that true?

-Fox: Uhm...ah, well, I guess so....

-Falco: *whispers* Put more feeling into it, that's not believeable enough.

-Fox: Oh, right...I mean, yes, he means the world for us. I value him more than my own life. And if we should lose him now....if we lose our boy...I don't know what I'd do! I...I can't stand the thought of it!

Just for good measure, Foxy then faked an outburst of sobbing, leaning onto Falco's shoulders

-Fox: No, I don't want to lose him!

-Falco: Calm yourself, this is no time to panic, *places his hands on Foxy's shoulders and gives him a very serious look* we'll find a way out of this, I'm sure. And....if the worst should occur, I'll pull you through it, I promise.

-Fox: *sniff* Yes....

-Peppy: Uhm...don't you think you're overdoing it, guys?

The boy behind the counter was watching this scene with an increasing air of disbelief. Finally, he made the following decision:

-Counter clerk: Well, if you say so...there's an ambulance ship on standby in bay 12, you're all cleared to take it.

-Peppy: Good, let's hurry.

They then left rapidly for bay 12, leaving a slightly confused counter attendant behind. Unknown to them, they had also had two other spectators; Andrew and Pigma, who had been observing this scene from a nearby hideout. They weren't too sure what to make of this either.

-Andrew: And just what was that all about?

-Pigma: Dunno, but it looks like they've slipped through our fingers again. Damn, how annoying! If it wasn't for that idiot Leon, I would've long since wrung their necks!

-Andrew: Yes, but you don't want to mess with Leon. There's no telling what he could be capable of.

-Pigma: You're right, that guy gives me the creeps....

---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

Through the corridors of the Osiris resounded a rapid and nervous footfall. After their arrival at the medical facility, the four assasins had split into two groups to search the station. Fish had been paired with Panther, as he had insisted, which left Bat with Crow. The latter was angrily pacing through the white hospital halls, with his older superior just a little behind him.

-Crow: Damn it, this is getting on my nerves! We've been rummaging around in this dump for hours, and have found no sign of our targets! I don't believe it!

-Bat: Don't be such a bundle of nerves. They have no means of transport, they're trapped here. It's only a matter of time before we stumble into them.

-Crow: Yes, well, better sooner than later in that case. I'm sick of running after them like that.

-Bat: You're being way too the end, you're just immature.

-Crow: Great, now I'm getting lectures from you. This must mean that I've hit rock bottom for sure.

After a few more moments of walking in silence, Crow's eye fell on two figures who were cowering behind a imitation marble pillar. He soon identified them as Andrew and Pigma of team StarWolf. He didn't hesitate to rush towards them and grab them by thier throats, adding these words to that action:

-Crow: You two! I know you're part of that team of weirdos who are getting in our way! You're hiding the members of team Star Fox, aren't you? Answer me! Where are you keeping them?! I'm warning you, my patience has it's limits...

-Andrew: Guh...I'm suffocating....

-Bat: Just what do you think you're doing, Crow?

-Crow: Those two are of team Starf Wolf, and I'll make them cough up the hideout where they're keeping our targets!

-Bat: That's all very well, but it might help if you stopped strangling them. It's kind of difficult to talk for them that way...

-Crow: Oh, that's right.

Considering this, Crow released his grip on his two victim's throats and instead held up a knife underneath Andrew's chin, pronouncing these words:

-Crow: Right, now I'm getting a serious urge to cut your dumb face off, so you had better spill the beans quickly.

-Andrew: Eeek! Allright, allright, I'll talk! Your "targets" are no longer on this station, the left about half an hour ago in a medical class ship, from bay 12, I think. That's all I know, I swear!

-Crow: This had better not be some rip-off, or else.....

-Andrew: It's the truth, I promise!

-Bat: Well, what are we aiting for, then? If they're no longer in this hospital, there's no need for us to stay here. Let's go.

-Crow: Yes, coming.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------

A small medical-class spaceship had departed from bay 12 of the Osiris long ago, and was now far away. Inside, however, it's four passengers were still shaking with laughter.

-Falco: Oh man, I can't believe they actually fell for that nutty story!

-Peppy: Hey, my expertly calculated plan was bound to work perfectly!

-Falco: Oh, come off it, even you didn't expect this nonsense to work.

-Fox: I really thought we were toast when that guy at the counter started to give us funny looks.

-Slippy: I nearly had hysterics on that brancard!

-Falco: Tsch, the easiest mission you've ever been given was to stay put on that brancard, and you even manage to nearly mess that up.

-Fox: And just how did you manage to invent all that nonsense about "adoptive fathers"? That was the most crazy thing I've ever heard!

-Falco: Well, I had to say something, seeing as you were failing pathetically. You're not a very good liar, are you?

-Peppy: I don't think I'll ever forget the face that guy behind the counter was making. It was way beyond ridiculous.

Que lots of laughing all round, as everyone remembers the hilarious expression of flustered disbelief they had manage to get onto the poor guy's face.

-Falco: Argh...I shouldn't laugh like this, it's playing hell on my wounds...

-Fox: I told you to take it easy, didn't I?

-Falco: Oh, give it a rest, mother Theresa. I feel fine, I told you, and besides....*yawns hugely*...I have no orders to take from you, or anyone else...*yawns again*

-Peppy: You're not fooling anyone, Lombardi, it's obvious that you're exhausted. Foxy, take him to the back of the ship so he can catch some shut eye, okay?

-Fox: Right away. Let's go, Falco.

-Falco: *grumbles* I'm not a bleedin' invalid.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------

A few moments later, Falco was installed on an improvised bed, and fast asleep. As he contemplated this, Foxy spoke the following words in himself:

-Fox: There, he's finally calmed down....*smile* he's just so stubborn, he never knows when to stop. He reminds me so much of you....father. That's why I feel bad about him getting wounded today. I was really worried at the idea that something might have happened to him. If I ever were to lose someone else who matters as much to me as you do, father, I don't think I could bear it. I never want to live such a moment, I've made a vow, that I will always do my very best to make sure that those around me don't have to suffer. That's a good thing, isn't it, father?.....I think it is, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to protect everyone. I don't know if I'm strong enough for that. You were the one who told me that "the world is full of cruelty". But, I didn't really understand about true cruelty until today. That is, I thought that I knew what it was, I thought that I understood, because of my own suffering. I always believed that what I've been through is the worst suffering possible, that there could be no worse pain, but I'm not so sure anymore.....If it's possible that a person has to lead a life with nothing but pain and despair, and if it's possible that another person enjoys tho see this....then, who knows what someone could be capable of? Even after I've seen so much battles and destruction, I still wanted to believe in gentleness. I still wanted to hold on to some vague hope that deep down, all is right with the world. That was pretty dumb of me, wasn't it? I was snapped out of that today, because of this Leon. If something so vile is possible, with nothing anyone can do to stop it, then I'm not sure if there still is such a thing as gentleness at all....and if it's possible to trust another person anymore....

-Falco: So, that's what was bothering you?

-Fox: Eh?

Foxy looked down and noticed that Falco had his eyes wide open and turned to him.

-Fox: were awake?

-Falco: Well, how do you expect me to sleep if you keep having monologues in stereo like that?

-Fox: I hadn't even noticed that I was speaking out loud...I'm sorry....

-Falco: Never mind that. I didn't really catch what you were rambling on about, but you said that you didn't know if you could still trust others, or something.

-Fox: Yes...I just...I can't really explain....

-Falco: What about me? Can you still trust me, and the others?

-Fox:...Yes, you and the other two, you're different to others. I can fully trust you three, I'm sure of that.

-Falco: Well, there you have it, then.

-Fox: Just go back to sleep. You've worn yourself out too much as it is.

-Falco: Yeah, whatever, g'night. *closes eyes*

-Fox: Yes...and, thank you....



StarFox, Angel vs. Demon, phase 3

BONUS: The secrets of the characters

-"Ebony Bat"-

(a.k.a "Bat" for short. His real name is unknown)

-age: 27

-height: 189,3 cm.

-weight: 76,2 kilos

-blood type: A

-star sign: Scorpio

-favorite color: black

-likes: The Cassiopeia, paperwork, thoroughness.

-dislikes: Computers, lazyness and sloppyness, alcohol

-description: He appears like a very strict and rather cold person, but he is also very devoted to his cause and has lots of determination. He often forces himself to think only in rational terms. He hates it when things get complicated and confusing as he prefers to view everything in terms of black and white. He does, however, respect a job well done, and is able to recognise ones skill and effort very quickly. He is the most serious of the four, in fact, compared to the others, he may seem a little like a workaholic. As for his past and his true motivations........

-"Velvet Fish"-

(a.k.a "Fish" for short. His real name is unknown)

-age: 24

-height: 157,6 cm

-weight: 53,1 kilos

-blood type: B-

-star sign: Gemini

-favorite color: pink

-likes: Shopping, goofing around and having fun, pretty things in general.

-dislikes: Being told what to do, rainy weather, pressure.

-description: The most vivid of the four, he seems more preoccupied with having fun than with work, even though he does claim that he always puts the mission first. He is easily distracted and often a little too affectionate. His attitude is a very carefree one. He argues with his teammates every now and then, but he is in fact very fond of them and will go to great lenghts to help them out. His manner of speaking is, like his physical appearance, refined and goofy at the same time. He speaks fluid French as well as Japanese.

-"Glass Crow"-

(a.k.a "Crow" for short. His real name is unknown)

-age: 19

-height: 165,2 cm

-weight: 68,4 kilos

-blood type: O

-star sign: Virgo

-favorite color: blue

-likes: Mechanics, spacecraft, marshmallows (but he hates to admit it)

-dislikes: To talk about himself, elevators, small children.

-description: The youngest of the group, but apparently the most hard-working one as well. He is often quite cynical, and he easily gets irritated. He loves to tinker with machines and heavy weaponry, and is often found rummaging around with spare machine parts when he has a little time to himself. He is a bit like a little boy who forced himself to grow up too quickly. He is often a little clumsy around people, and this usually ends up frustrating him a lot. He even finds it difficult to confide in his teammates.

-"Bronze Panther"-

(a.k.a "Panther" for short. His real name is unknown)

-age: 23 (but he looks a bit older)

-height: 193,4 cm

-weight: 83, 5 kilos

-blood type: O

-star sign: Saggitarius

-favorite color: green

-likes: To sleep out, litterature, mythology, space travel.

-dislikes: Nothing in particular.

-description: Although physically the most imposing of the group, he is actually a very placid and gentle person. He prefers to think things over before acting, and has a large sense of duty. He generally gets along well with people and displays an overall quite inoffensive attitude. Of the four, he is also the most knowledgeable and reasonable. He seems to get along well with Fish. Also, he knows more than he's telling.....