"The Beginning,Middle and End"

Chapter 1
It was late.Ever since he defeated Andross and married Vixxi,he had
strange dreams.Dreams of his Father was trying to save him,from a
black creature of some sort.And every time he has that dream,the dark
creature eats him...and his Father screams,"I should have told you!"

It's the afternoon.Slippy is placing a new Particle Weapon on the
Landmaster Tank,Peppy is exploring the new Great Fox's Library.
Falco,for some reason,is well locked up in his room.Vixx is taking a
shower.Fox,as always,heads for the library to talk to Peppy.
"Peppy,I had that dream again." Fox says.Peppy sighs for a long time
and finally asks,"5th time?".Fox was puzzled.Peppy never said that
before,but replied anyway,"Yeah." and shrugged it off."Fox,there is
something I need to tell you...." Peppy said,but suddenly alarms go
off."Unidentified craft approaching!Please report to bridge!" ROB
reports.As the team heads for the bridge,Peppy mumbles something.
"Please....don't be...."

"What is it?" Slippy asks everyone.The ship is the size of an Arwing,
but looks more like a VERY thick Parachute,which weird textures on it
and at the more pointy end is a blue crystal.Peppy breathes in and out.
"GET US OUT!!!" he yells.Slippy,Vixxi and Falco hold down Peppy as Fox
stares at the ship.He suddenly gets those images again.And the ship
'screams'."What the heck was that?!?" Falco says.Suddenly,the crystal on
the ship starts glowing.....charging up."ROB!!!GET US OUT BEFORE--*
Peppy warned,but it was too late.A cutting laser zaps from the crystal
and pierces the Great Fox,shredding off a wing and blowing up their
Turbo Engine.The team take action immediately.They hop in their Arwings,
power up and fly out.Everyone except,who choosed to stay onboard for
some reason.

As the Arwings head for the alien ship,Slippy exclaimed,"Your dead
meat!" but he was wrong.DEAD wrong.The 4 points at the wider end(Like a
parachute) were crystals.And instead of charging up,the 4 crystals fire
at Slippys's ship and destroyed it!!!Luckily,Slippy ejected and was
brought to the Great Fox.In the next few hours..he wasn't alone.
EVERYONE was blasted.But they ejected as well.And the alien ship leaves.


Peppy sits down in the board meeting,tells everyone,"What you just
fought.....was a ship of Venom citizens.Well,FORMER citizens." and
everyone was shocked."When James and I were captured,I escaped by
a Former Citizen,but it attacked me with claws.But it used it's mind
to tell James and I this.....story:The citizens of Venom,were alien
symbiotes which consume living things to...well....live.They were very
peaceful.When General Pepper exiled Andross to Venom,he turned the
symbiotes to slaves.He released them to space to an uncharted planet,and
there the symbiotes knew that General Pepper sent Andross to Venom."
Then Slippy says,"And they wanted revenge." and Peppy nodded.
"Yes.I thought this day would never come......but it has." Peppy
finished."That's why you never told me....." Fox said,reliazing.
"Wait.If they attacked,AND knew where General Pepper was,won't they--"
Falco WAS saying."Oh,no." Vixxi says.A Comm Screen appears,with ROB
in it."I have terrible news.General Peppper was found.......dead.He
was nothing more but a skeleton." Rob says.Fox,who was very angrily,
says,"It's War they want,it's war they get."


Chapter 2 will feature the First Battle between the alien symbiotes,the
Star Fox team and the Cornerian Army.Plus,as they fight,another
symbiote attack on Star Wolf.But,this time it's through the Alien
Symbiote's Eyes!!To be continued in "Days of Death"