The Brother of StarWolf

                                                Chapter 1

    He lay there on the snowy ground. His one eye was closed, but
he was still awake. His eyepatch was gone. He had ejected at the
last second, StarFox wouldn't take him that easily. He was a few
away from his wrecked ship. It was a good ship, what a shame to
lose it. He was stranded on this snow covered planet. He couldn't
recall the name. All he could remember was StarFox beating him.
    He got up slowly. The rest of his team were dead. Leon, Pigma,
and Andrew. All were excellent pilots, too bad. He limped to his
wrecked ship, he had hit the ground rather hard after he ejected.
He touched the ship with his hand, it was still hot. It must have
been not to long ago since he ejected. Once he got out of here, he
would hire members for a new team.
    The StarWolf team was gone, but not StarWolf. He found his
eyepatch nearby, strapped to a stick as it blew in the wind. He
picked it up. It had burnt holes, and smoke still sizzled through
them. He put it on, ignoring the burning pain. "Now to figure a
way out of this." he said aloud. StarFox wouldn't beat Andross,
and he knew it. He just wanted to beat StarFox himself.
    The ship couldn't be salvaged. He knew of a starport nearby.
He started limping to where it was.
    Glasses of wine clash together as StarFox says, "To a job well
done, the end of Andross!". Him and the gang cheer. They were rich
now, REAL rich. Falco puts his glass down, "So why'd you turn down
the offer to join the Cornerian Air Force?" "Well I didn't want
to, but you could have Falco." "Nah, I was just wondering." "So
what should our next mission be?" asks Peppy. "Down know yet."
"Well, when we know, we'll be prepared!" shout Slippy.
    He had been walking for two hours now, on a hurt leg. The
starport was twenty-five miles away from where he crashed, he
would have made it by now if it wasn't for his leg. He must have
twelve or thirteen miles left. There was no way he could kill
StarFox in time before Andross did. All of a sudden he felt a
sharp pain in his side. He turned and saw a dog, "That's the last
of Andross' men." he said. The pain became more intense until he
couldn't stand it anymore. He fell to the ground holding his side.
Soon StarWolf was unconscious.
    He woke up with an oxygen mask on his mouth. He was in a large
tube. Water was in the tube. "A rejuvenation tank." he thought. It
wasn't very often when he needed one. His eye was still closed. It
always took him a few seconds to open it when woke up. When he
finally gets it open he sees someone with one eye.

                                                Chapter 2

    The wolf's left eye was a metal ball with red glowing in the
center, "Ah, you're awake, finally." he pushed a button and all
the water drained out. Wolf shook the mask off and climbed out.
"Where is my eyepatch?" Wolf asked. The wolf pointed to a table.
"It is there, but you won't be needing it anymore." Wolf blinked,
"What?". The wolf pulled out a metal ball with red glowing in the
center. Wolf shook his head, "There is no way--" he was cut off as
it was put into his left eye socket.
    It didn't hurt at all. Once the wolf was through, Wolf said,
"I-I can see!" "Yes, you can." "Who are you?" "Terian...your
brother." "What?! Impossible, he is dead!" "No, I just ejected at
the last secong, the same way you escaped StarFox." "But how, we
were over on Bolse, three years did you breath in
space?" "I slipped on my spacesuit, I'm glad I kept that. I
floated in space for awhile...then I hitched a ride over on Sector
Z." "How long were you out there?" "About four or five days."
", why did you order your men to shoot me?" "My men? You
were over by that base and I found you, nobody even works for me."
"So it was General Pepper's
men?" "Probably." "Oh." Wolf grabbed his eyepatch and put it on,
"It just doesn't seem right without it." Terian nodded and they
left the room.
    "Fox! Fox wake up! Wake up!" shouts General Pepper over an
intercom that is by Fox's bed in the Great Fox. Fox slowly gets
the intercom, "What is it General?" he says sleepily. "Andross is
alive!" Fox immediately woke up, "What?!" "Get to my office on
Corneria immediately for I can brief you." "I'm on it." he awoke
the rest of the team and were on their way.
    "You do know you put StarFox's life in danger, right coward?"
says Terian. Him and Wolf had snuck into General Pepper's office
and took him hostage. "Andross may be gone, but I am not." says
StarWolf. Terian and StarWolf each had a blaster.
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