"I have to tell her,"Falco Lombardi whispered to himself,watching Katt Monroe reading on the couch in the den after coming in from a date with Skye Layston,someone Katt didn't know about or the team for that matter.Or,he'd been cheating on her.
 But I don't want to,he thought miserably.
 But this couldn't wait,he had to tell her what was going on.He shook his head and went over to her.
 Katt looked up at him and smiled.Her white hair was curlier,since she had grown it out a bit and had gotten a perm.She was wearing her long light purple dress that Falco really liked,she knew he did.Her violet eyes sparkled against her pink fur like the amethyst necklace he had gotten her for Christmas months before,"Hi baby."
 "Hi Katt.....what are you reading?"
 "Sappy romance novel,"She rolled her eyes and giggled.
 He swallowed hard,and pulled a crimson rose from inside his jacket and laid it on her lap.She gasped with delight as picked it up.The soft petals touched in her nose as she smelled it's fragrance,"How sweet,Falco,it's so beautiful."
 He wish he hadn't given it to her.
 Falco clenched his fists and sat down beside her.It was quiet for a few seconds before he spoke up,"Katt,how long have we been going out?"
 Katt marked her page and closed her book,"About eight months,why?"
 "Just wonderin',"Falco winced.Katt kept her dates,she never forgot anything.
 "I was thinking,"She caught his wings in her paws,pulled him up from the couch,and began to slow dance with him.She turned on the radio,their favorite song just happening to come on,"Maybe we could go down to the beach this evening."
 "Or have a night on the town,just you and me."
 "There's a firework display tonight at the park.If ya want,we could-"
 "Katt!"Falco grabbed her roughly by the arms and shook her,"Katt,I've been seeing someone else!!!!!!"
 It didn't register at first.But Falco watched her expression change.Her smile faded,her once happy eyes became filled with shock and disbelief,"Falco?What are you saying?I...don't...understand..."
 "Her name is Skye Layston.We've been seeing each just as long as we'e been going out,"He reached about his neck and pulled off his dogtags.On the chain dangled Katt's class ring from the academy.He removed it from the chain,and,grabbing her paw,he slid his own class ring from her finger.He then placed her ring into her paw.
 "Falco.........why are you doing this....."Cheeks slid down her cheeks,leaving dark traces on he fur.
 "It would never work,Katt.I need to be with someone of my own race.We were never really alike,argueing about stuff that didn't really matter.We can't go out anymore...I'm in love with someone else."
 Her tear shimmered eyes searched his frantically.
 This can't be....he wouldn't do this,She thought hopelessly,He has to be lying.He has to be,he's got to be!!!
 But from the expression on his face,she knew he wasn't.
 Totally crushed by his cruel words,she slapped him as hard as she could across the face.
 Falco turned his head,squinting his eyes against the stinging pain on his cheek.
 "I hate you Falco Lombardi!Everything we did together,all our secrets  and promises we made to each other,none of it mean't anything to you!?!You lied,you lied to me!!!!!!!"She burst into tears,and ran from him,clutching the rose tightly in her paw.
 "Katt,wait!"Rubbing his cheek,he went after her.
 Katt stumbled down the corridor to her room.Reaching about her neck she ripped off the amethyst necklace Falco had gotten her  and threw it to the floor,"I never wan't to talk to you or see you ever again!!!And take this with you!!!!!!!!"
 She slammed the door and collapsed on her bed,sobbing.
 Outside Falco eyed the necklace,but didn't reach to pick it up.He leaned against her door.He could hear her crying.
 "I'm sorry Katt,"He ignored the moisture that slid down his feathery cheek as he walked back down the hall,out the door,"You don't know how much I am.What have I done?"
 He went to find Skye.Fox and Bill would be back soon from their honeymoons with Fara and Jenna.He didn't want them to know,not ever.As for the rest of the team,he didn't know what he'd tell them.He stuffed his wings into his pockets and walked down the street,feeling guilt building up deep inside him.And regret........
 Katt listened to his footsteps as they faded down the hall.Slowly she got up from her bed and opened the door.He was gone.A wave of hurt washed over her and she slid to the floor.Slumped against the doorway,she cried.
 A sparkle caught her eye,and she looked up to see what it was.Reaching out with shaking paw,she picked up the amethyst necklace.The chain was broken,and she turned the necklace in her paws until the stone flashed a soft hue of light in her eyes,reflecting off her tears and making a pattern of light across her dress and arms.She looked at the rose in her paws.It looked limp and lifeless,and a petal fell free onto her lap.The thorns had dug into her palm,and she was bleeding.
 Struggling to her feet,she went back into her room.Falling on her knees,she buried her face in her arms and leaned against her bed.She felt the soft quilt against her arms,tasted her own tears.
 And,violently,she got back up,dug through her dresser and pulled out a pair of jeans and a shirt.She took the light violet dress off and let it crumple to the floor.The tears kept streaming down her cheeks as she finished changing and began to pack.
 Later,Skye with him,Falco returned to Great Fox.A concerned Slippy and Kimmy greeted them as they came in the door.Both having been out on a date together.
 "Well,hello Skye,"Slippy looked at Falco's companion.
 The whole team knew who she was.From the academy and from Falco.
 "What brings you here?"Kimmy asked.
 "Just stopping by to say hello,"Skye smiled.
 "Have you seen Katt?"Falco swallowed,afraid of what would happen next.
 "That's what we're worried about.She's gone,as are her clothes and Catspaw,"Peppy suddenly joined them,"I just called Reba,she hasn't seen her or heard from her."
 "There's a reason,"Falco felt a huge lie coming on,Skye knew it too,"She's gone because we got into a fight."
 "A fight?About what?"Slippy looked at his teammate.
 "We broke up.She wanted the relationship to end,we got into a fight.She kept threatening to leave,I left to cool off some steam,and ya know the rest."
 "Katt wouldn't just leave like that,"Kimmy suddenly  picked up Lily who came toddling into the room.
 "I didn't think she would either,"Falco cast a glance at Skye.
 "I thought I heard you two fighting a moment ago,I couldn't make it out though,and I was tied up working on an arwing,"Peppy sighed,"I never heard her leave."
 Did she leave any letters?"Falco asked his team.
 "Nope,nothing,her room is empty,"Kim got a comforting hug from Slippy,"I just can't believe she would leave,or break up with you."
 "It's the truth,"Falco mumbled.
 "Fox won't like to hear this when he and Bill and the girls come home from their honeymoons,"Peppy went to check the docking bay again,"Split up,see if you can find anyone who's seen her."
 Kimm and Slip took Lily with them to check a few places near the park.Skye and Falco were left alone.
 Skye caught his wings in her own.Her white feathers were tipped in blue.He beak was a deep grey,her eyes a bright sky blue.She wore a pair of jeans and a blue tanktop,with her black leather jacket,and leather boots of the same color,"I'm sorry Falco.You shouldn't have broken up with her.You just lied to your teammates because of me."
 "No,it's not your fault,"He wrapped her in a hug,"I made a choice,now I'll have to deal with it."
 As they held each other,Falco bit back a sob,remembering the look on Katt's face,and her eyes that had loved and trusted him spill precious tears.

 And in an invader class two fighter,Katt Monoe tried to make sense of her life now torn to pieces.Her eyes hurt from crying,but she forced herself to stay on course for Zoness.A large tear slid down her cheek,and this time,she let it fall.She didn't have the emotional strength to feel ashamed of herself for acting like a child to brush it away.She only felt a deep and burning hurt.....and the emptiness of being alone.