Chapter 4: "Look at yourself to find the answers that you seek! Sometimes mending with your enemy turns lies into truths." ñJaguar Janks, The Author

"Private Confrontation"

Peppy Hare slouched over the railing within the deck on GF, peering down at the avian and amphibian down below. His expression was bleak, eyes which displayed great sorrow. He thought over the current situation and didnít seem too happy with them. Falco and Slippy glanced up from their bowed heads, staring back at their old veteran.

"What are we going to do? GreatFox is heavily damaged, Fox is in a mental breakdown, and Androssí minions are rapidly advancing toward Corneria. Everything seem so impossible now!" Falco said, breaking the unbroken silence that overwhelmed the room.

Peppy gave a nod, "Oh, donít lose hope just yet Falco. We still have a chance; you have to look on the bright side of things here. We have Fox; he just needs some well-deserved rest. GreatFox can be repaired, right Slippy?"

"Y-yess, it can be, itíll take me some time, plus I have to get some parts."

"We have Bill to help us out if we step into deep water. For now, Katt went back to Zoness and Fara is captured. SoÖ" he was interrupted by the falcon.

"We just need to go get her back and fast before Fox dies from a broken heart or something. I hate to see him like this, itís just not right."

Slippy stood up from the couch, "Well, since weíre docked, Iíll go get some parts to repair GF, call me if you need anything," the amphibian said, exiting.

Falco turned to Peppy, "Go check up on Fox, he might be awake by now."

The hare nodded, "I just did, heís still out. He suffered a slight bump when we were attacked, I just hope heís no in some coma."

"Yeah, me too"

* * * *

Three months agoÖ

Fox and Fara was just entering inside a movie theater, something they had planned to do while off duty. They cuddled up together, Faraís head nuzzled safety under his. Arms tied around her boyfriend, his arm around her shoulder, both eyes glazed upon the big projector screen.

"I hope this is a good movieÖ Iíd hate to waste my money on something without action," remarked Fox, eyes narrowing throughout the commercials.

Fara slid her right paw into his jacket, "Oh, I think itíll be good. I just love drama, how about you?"

"Not sure, Iím not into sad stuff, I would never want to be depressed," he replied, "with this war going on, itís kinda hard to relax when youíre used to moving around so much."

"Yeah, I can understand that. You need to relax boy, everything is going to be alright, youíll seeÖ" she insisted, nails digging into his T-shirt. He took note and stared at her oddly.

"What are you up to?"

"What could you possibly meanÖ" she reached up and kissed him on the lips, "after the movie, I have something for you."

Foxís ears raised up in curiosity, "Oh really? I wonder what that could be?" he smirked, his brushed his lips against hers.

The movie started soon, everyoneís eyes intact with the image, except the two friends making out in the backgroundóconcealed within the shadows. Like magic, the movie ended, Fox let out a deep yawn, waking up his girl beside him who fell asleep against his shoulder.

Together, they walked out of the theater, and back into the cold night of Corneria. Getting inside the aircar, they gracefully lifted up into the air and sped off like the wind. They soon arrived at Faraís parentsí home it was the closest location to stay for a night. They stealthily crept inside; gentle feet work climbed the long steps. Once upstairs, they giggled within the silence, carefully entering inside Faraís room.

"Well, weíre here at last!" she said, locking the door behind them. Fox glanced around the room, analyzing the scene of numerous dolls, cards, awards, trophies, and clothing spread throughout the room. He grinned, seeing how unorganized she was just the same. When he turned around, she pounced one him, sending him on his back onto the bed. They exchanged kisses, Foxís arms fastened around his girlfriend.

"So, this is what youíre talking about?" Fox asked, rolling her over on her back.

"YepÖ can I ask you something, Fox?"

He raised off her, "Yes?"

She then forced him on his back, scraping an extended claw against his chest. He smiled at her, arms reaching up to touch her soft face, though she pressed his arms back down.

"How come every time Iím around you, you never try to make a move on me? Weíve been together for a very long time, in fact; we grew up together! Why wonít you ever touch me like guys suppose to do?" she admitted out in the open, paws rested against his chest, ready to strip him of his shirt.

Fox blinked in amazement, "Well, I just didnít think that youíd like me acting that way around the guys or even out in public. Plus, I respect you for who you are, not your body."

She raised his shirt up, feeling his furry chest, and then she kissed at the center above his belly button, "I see. Well, since thisíll be our first timer, letís make it a special one. I really want you tonight Fox! You just had no idea how badly, ever since we were teens," she nicked his stomach with her canine teeth.

Foxís eyes rolled back up into their sockets; his arms reaching down to free himself of his shirt. Once his shirt was off, he could feel the cold breeze that remained stale within the room. His arms shifted downward, fingers slithering underneath her blouse. Suddenly, his muzzle met with hers.

"I had no idea that I attracted you that badly," he muttered out before his lip got caught inside her mouth, "so letís make the night long?"

"Yes," she moved down from his muzzle, carefully unbuckling his belt, shedding his rough jeans off his body. He in turn pulled her chemise over her shoulders, her medial bosoms brushed against his. Their muzzles locked once more as they turned over the soft bed, the springs silently squeaking from beneath them.

"Hold up Fox, Iím a little nervous. We need something for this romantic occasion."

She looked around the room, stopping short at her nightstand where a small radio stands. She motioned over to it and switched on to a CD, playing some sweet tune. She turned back and then laid on top of Fox. Both foxes were in their everyday under garments, spreading out over the entire bed length. Fara breathed heavily as his paws rubbed against her breasts, a place they he had never felt before. Every sensation was new; they werenít really used to this kind of affection.

They met underneath the white sheets, naturally bare as they edged closer to one another. Their bodies mangled and the mended together, Foxís arms around her back, pressing her body against his. They could feel their temperatures raise excitedly, their breathing increased to another level, and every thing around the room became a blur. The outside world cut off as their inside world was being born.

Fox slowly mounted on top of her, her lustful eyes staring deep into his, his silver necklace aimlessly embedded in between her neck. He drew the covers higher of their bodies, and then positioned himself. The clock struck the last minute of the hour and a sudden gasp sounded within the room.

* * * *

Wolf studied the status screen, reviewing his next assignment provided by the emperor, his loverís arms around his neck.

"What now?" Laura asked, smooching between his neck.

He placed his paw over hers, "Oh, nothing much. Andross states that we should attempt to take another base at Katina."


"Yes, thatís the second highest military base of Corneria. If we successfully take that, General Pepperís backup elite will be decreased by double! He wonít have enough men to send out to Aquas or even Meteor to ever stop our approach to the forth planet of the Lylat system."

"Interesting. What about StarFox, how did the battle at Sector X go?"

Wolf turned to face her, smiling, "Letís say, we beat them!"

Lauraís eyes widened in surprise, "Youíre kidding?"

"No maíam, they lost miserably. Now, I can focus onto the General upon hand."

"This just keeps on getting better huh? I canít believe that StarWolf finally won against StarFox, thatís a miracle."

"Well, it happened!" he kissed her against her cheek, "They wonít be bothering us anymore, for a while anyway. Once we reach Corneria, the war will end, and then we all can set back and relax."

"Iíll say," licking the side of his face, "we need to go on a vacation somewhere."

Wolf gave a nod and then a knock came from his door, "Wolf? Itís Leon, we need to speak immediately."

He turned to Laura, "Excuse me again, once I get back, you better be undress."

When he opened the door, he could see blood damped all over Leonís clothing, "What happened?!"

"I, IÖ" he stammered, not wanting to tell his leader the bad news.

"Leon? Please tell me that you didnít go through the second phase with that vixen?" he prayed, grasping the chameleonís shoulders roughly.

He nodded, "She might not make it! Iím sorry, she wouldnít talk after youÖ" he was silenced with a slap across his face.

"You fool! Damnit, that was my ticket to McCloud. You better hope that I can nurse her back to health or itís your ass!" Wolf threatened, slamming the door in the lizardís face. Laura rushed off the bed, running to his aid.

"What happened?"

Wolf sighed heavily, "That idiot is going to kill our prisoner! I canít let that happen, I must go see her. If she dies, I wonít be able to take full control over Fox," he said, throwing on his shirt, ready to burst out of the room.

"I see, anything I can do to help?" she asked, watching him pace around the room in frustration.

"Nah, you stay put. Iíll deal with this. Iíll need to head to Katina afterwards."

"As you wish, I shall remain here for now. Let me know how things turn up, okay?"

He walked over and kissed her, "Yes, I will baby. Now, excuse meÖ" he exited rudely. Laura returned to the bed, getting underneath the warm covers. She placed one arm behind her back and the other lengthwise by her leg.

I hope sheís okayÖ sheís too young to die.

* * * *


Wolf raised the vixenís head up, her face was dingy, eyes closed from exhaustion of screaming, blood trails dried within her fur at various places in her vivid complexion; body bruised and burnt. Fara was still unconscious, barely breathingóher head draped back down, when the wolf let go.

"Tsk Tsk Leon, youíre fortunate that sheís still alive!" Wolf growled softly, still examining the prisonerís condition. He untied her from her restraints and laid her down onto a table, her body limp as fractured twig. The lights flared down over the gloomy chamber of death. Old-aged blood was scattered all over the walls, even the smell of rotting corpses scented the room perfectly.

"She wouldnít talk, she kept fighting me. So, I used these materialsÖ" he stated briefly, pointing at his suitcase filled with a variety of knives, shockers, and picks, "sheís one strong bitch, thatís all I have to say about her."

"I bet, though sheís obviously not strong enough if she passed out. Before, in the first stage, she only said that sheíd been with Fox since they were teenagers. Obviously, I can assume sheís been messing around with him long enough to the point were Fox wouldnít even fight us at Sector X. He must believe that sheís finished," Wolf explained, checking the vixenís pulse.

"Thatís probably the case, but what now?"

"Patch her up, cleanse her wounds, and give her a fresh meal. She needs to replenish her energy; I donít want to kill her just yet. Fox may want to see her one last time."

"Hold on! Why do you even care how Fox feels?" Leon pointed out.

Wolf turned his back, "Stop your questing and just do as youíre told."

Upon leaving, Leon cleared his throat, "Andrew told me everything. You have some connection with Fox, donít you?"

Wolf froze in steps, feeling threatened his ears sloped back, "You know nothing. I just knew his father, thatís all."

"Yeah right Wolf, whateverÖ donít say another word. Just leave, Iíll clean this mess up, I canít concentrate with liars," Leon spoke rudely, turning his back.

Wolf rushed across the room and placed his best friend within a headlock, "Donít push your luck Leon. You might say the wrong thing!" he choked the chameleon even harder.

Leon clenched at his throat, "You bastard, let me go now!" he continued to struggle, kicking his legs wildly, knocking over his case of torturing tools.

The equipment scattered all over the floor as the two struggled. Leon forced the wolf into the hard concrete wall, freeing himself. When he turned around, the wolf tackled him, throwing him into the wall. Wolf punched Leon around his kidneys, each blow with a fearsome force. Leon stomached the pounding and then he tried to turn around, but he met a fist.

Dazed, the chameleon twirled and then collapsed onto the floor. Wolf gasped and then sighed. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and leaned against the wall.

"Man Leon, you never could take me down when we were teens. Not then, not now!" he finished, walking out with haste.

* * * *

Commander Bill Grey studied multiple readout sheets; all of which reported the dreadful outcomes of Venomís recent attacks upon bases. Itís been days since he last worked with his friends on board StarFox. He was always too busy to be doing anything any normal civilian would do. Instead, he was situated behind his office desk, reading countless reports, drinking the eight-hour burned coffeeóutterly bored out of his mind!

The newest thing happened next, his desk phone ringed, "Commander Grey here," he answered, rubbing his temple.

"Sir, StarFox on line 2," a female desk clerk reported.

"Alright, thanks a lot," he replied and then pressed a red button.

"Yo, Bill here, whatís up?" he said with a nonchalant voice. Peppy was on the other end; his voice seemed to be in distress. Billís smile wiped off his face, ears lowered back in alarm. He had just learned of his best friendís defeat and how Sector X was now under control by Venomians. He gave an understanding nod with the hareís every question.

"Is Fox going to be alright?" he asked at the top of his head.

"Heíll be fine, Fara is what weíre worried about."

"Right, so what can I do to help?"

Peppy paused for a moment, "Iím not sure. Weíre left defenseless right now, since GFís damaged and not suited to go back out into battle. Our arwings are battered as well, we were hit hard with a genius ambush, just like the one with James and I long ago."

"I see. Well, Iíll contact the General and tell him of the situation. Hopefully, heíll send reinforcements. I have a feeling that Andross is heading here."

"We shall see, well, itís been a pleasure talking to youÖ" Peppy was cut short when he felt a tap on his shoulder, the phone taken from him, "Bill. They took her from me! I must get her back at all costs, even if it pays with my life!" Fox spoke with anguish, pushing the hare aside.

Bill stood up out of his chair, "Look now Fox. Donít do anything crazy! You have to play this out smart--rash actions will worsen things even more. I wish you wouldíve told me that you were going to Venom, I couldíve helped."

Foxís throat cringed in pain, "I know, I wish I did. Itís too late for that now; Iím just going to settle a score with Wolf. I just hope Fara is alive for me! Sheís a strong woman, veryÖ I know she must be alive."

"Yes, I know. Please, donít take too many chances without going through Pepper and I. Iím going to setup procedures to assist your team, obviously, you guys arenít in any condition to fight just yet."

"No Bill, youíre wrong. I can fight and thatís all I need to know!" with that said, the fox hanged up immediately. He turned to Peppy, eyes redder than ever, nose draining--bags under his eyes. The fox motioned pass his teammates; they watch their leader head for the docking bay.

Falco chased after the young leader, "Hey!" he grabbed the foxís shoulder, "Where do you think youíre going?" When the avian grabbed his comrade, the fox spun around and posted the lieutenant against the wall with great force. Falco slammed his beak into the hard framework and then growled. He turned and punched the fox square in the face, Fox was sent sprawling. Recovering, Fox dove straight at the falcon, pinning him to the ground. Falco went down with a grunt, scanning the familiar fist rising to be delivered to his face while the foxís other paw clenched his collar.

"Fox, wait!" Falco pleaded and then his eyes squinted as the fist stopped right before his face. Fox narrowed his eyes and then let go of his best friend. He covered his face and sobbed. Falco slid himself out from underneath the fox, and then tried to comfort him with a hug.

"Fox, Fox. There, thereÖ man Iíve never seen you act this way," he said, the fox hugged back, "youíre losing it."

"Iím sorry Falco, I donít know what came over me. Iím just really hurt for losing her so easily."

Together, they stood up, Falcoís feathers on both of the leaderís shoulders. Fox wiped his tears and then turned around to face Peppy and Slippy; both bewildered by what just happened. The two walked up beside the comrades and gave a slight smile.

"Donít worry Fox," Peppy encouraged, "weíll get her back! I promise you that."

Fox studied the hareís face, "You promise?"


Slippy turned his red cap around, "Y-yeah, weíll a-all get her b-back."

Just when everything seemed to be bliss, ROB came over the intercom, relaying a message. His robotic voice echoed throughout the shipÖ


Venom! Peppy whispered to himself as a familiar voice bellowed.

"Ah, the famous McCloud himself. Howís the crew? I hope we didnít beat you so bad that you ran away with your tail between your legs? Well, hereís my message to you Fox. As youíre probably worrying about the whereabouts of your precious Fara Phoenix, sheís still alive, but barely. Her life depends on your base of action! Only you can save her."

"Where?!" Fox yelled at the recording.

"You shall meet me alone on the planet Katina! I will bring your prize, if you cooperate, youíll have her back. If not, then sheíll die! Just you and me buddy. Oh, be sure to tell your buddy Grey not to interfere, even he can cause her to die. Just to convince you that Faraís alive, here she isÖ"

"FoxÖ Iím okay, but Iím badlyÖ" she was yanked off the microphone, a struggle behind the silence broke out.

"There! You have heard for yourself, now hurry up! Iíll be there very shortly," then the message clicked off.

Everyone was staring at Fox, they werenít sure if it was wise for him to go off alone to see the demented wolf. Fox knew he had to do what the wolf said, so he turned around and proceeded to the docking bay. The others watched him leave, all eyes saying farewell.

* * * *

On the planet Katina, one arwing landed within the desert terrain. The pilot stepped out and looked around for the enemy to arrive. Shortly afterward, a Wolfen III jet approached northwest, its jets roaring pass the fox, slowly turning around to land.

Fox hopped out of his cockpit and approached the fighter, leaving his boot trail behind him. When the jet landed, a wolf hopped out. With a devious grin, Wolf spread his arms out as in attempt to hug his foe. Fox stopped walking, trying to figure out the wolfís plan.

"Oh Foxy boy, ëtis your biggest fan," Wolf announced, his eye patch showing his only weakness. Fox stepped back as the wolf got closer to him.

"Where is she?" Fox asked, breathing hardófeeling weary.

Wolf smiled, "Sheíll be here, the transporter takes a while to get here. For the meantime, we shall discuss."

"I donít want to talk, I want to kill you!"

The smiled smeared off the wolfís face, "Well, letís talk, we never get to talk privately due to our team members hearing every detail. Besides, you might find this interesting."

"Iím not playing around, I will kill you if you donít stay back," Fox warned, unsheathing his combat knife.

The wolf stepped back, somewhat startled by its appearance. He started to laugh aloud, revealing his dagger. Wolf got into a fighterís stance, ready to duel for supremacy. Fox followed suit, eye to eye; they sliced forward at the same time.

Maneuvering back in defense, both parties missed. Switching the blade into another paw, Wolf moved his arms around to confuse the fox. When Fox thought that he could strike first, he was sliced at his arm. The cut was moderately small, though blood was painted on the wolfís blade.

"First point for me Fox," Wolf taunted, performing another fake, achieving another slice at the foxís right leg. Fox crippled down and then blocked Wolfís next move. Fox kicked the wolf back, giving him enough space to recover. Wolf stumbled back, but come at the fox again. Fox blocked the high attack and sent his blade into Wolfís side. Wolf let out a cry as he stabbed Foxís thigh. Both fell back in pain, Wolf holding his side while Fox pressed against his thigh, it was difficult to stand upright.

"Gotcha again pal, youíre not so good at this are you?"

Foxís eyes filled in rage, "Itís not over yet!" He rushed up to the wolf with a limp; Wolf blocked with his left wrist, the thin bladed pierced straight through. Blood dripped on the sand as another yelp came from the wolf. Gritting his teeth, Wolf sent his blade into Foxís side and then reversed it and stabbed him again, this time in the chest. Fox went down as the blade was still within his chest, Wolf pressing it even deeper.

Crying out in agony, Fox turned his blade into stabbing position and nailed the wolf in the side multiple times. Wolf retreated immediately, crawling away with his feet. Fox pulled the dagger out from his chest, and tried to sit up. Turning to his side, he coughed up his own blood. Wolf leaned on his side, tasting some of his own blood that was about to spew from his mouth. When he attempted to utter another word, blood drained from his muzzle.

He slowly stood up and crawled over to the fox. Seeing this, Fox gather both of the blades within his paws. When in range, he tried to stab the wolf once more. Wolf grabbed both of his wrists, struggling to prevent another piercing. He decided to headbutt the fox, sending him back into the sand. Fox dropped one knife; he swayed the other toward the wolf. Wolf took note and then grasped his arm.

They rolled within the sand, spitting blood on one another. Coming to an abrupt halt, the blade was knocked out of Foxís grip when he tried to stab the wolf again. Wolf managed to punch Foxís wrist; the blade was sent a few feet away. Unarmed, they stared at each other for a moment, apparently exhausted. Fox studied the wolfís only eye, his brown eyes looking back. They frowned at each other, bloodstained muzzles and grimacing faces.

In the faint, colorless background, they could hear an approaching transporter, just as Wolf promised. Wolf turned over to see it landing, Venomian guards rushing out, and then a vixen with cuffs around her wrist. Foxís eyes narrowed at the sight of his belovedís treatment. After the landing of the transporter, some Cornerian jets echoed close by. Fox was in hope of being rescued, as Wolf believed the same with his troops.

Turning around, Wolf met eyes with Foxís. Smiling one last time, he reached slowly inside his shirt pocket. He pulled out an old photo and then painfully crawled toward the fox. Fox didnít bother to move, he was hurting all over, but he balled his fist up, just in case it was a trick. Wolf got close enough and placed the photo inside the foxís jacket.

"We are about to be interrupted, so I believe this belongs to you Fox," Wolf urged, sliding it inside the pocket within the foxís jacket.

Fox kept his eyes on the wolf as his arm retreated back. Rolling over on his back, Fara rushed over to her loverís side, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. Wolfís troops rushed on the scene, two of them aiming their laser rifles at him while the others lifted their injured commander. Fox and Fara turned back to see Wolf; he winked at them and then continued to limp away, supported by one of his soldiers.

From another distance, Billís men were just moments away before they would intrude on the scene. The two Venomian guards raised their weapons back and then ran back to the transporter. Fox and Fara sighed as Katinian soldiers rushed to their aid. When the young fox raised to his feet, he watched the transporter lift off, disappearing in a matter of minutes. Following behind, Wolfís jet activated and followed behind at lightening speed.

"Mr. McCloud, weíre going to get you to the nearest medical attention," a soldier advised, Fox passed out before them.

To be continuedÖ