Dark Past

Written by: Jaguar Janks

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Prologue: "The sweet taste of victory after a bloody waróleft so trivial and regrettably spoiled." ñWolf OíDonnell, StarWolf Leader

"The Union"

It started out as any ordinary mission, one that was considered very dangerous during the time of the Androssian War. The solo wolf spy made her way pass the Venomian security quite easily. Her name was Laura Smith Lorraine, codename WhiteFang. She was named this because of her numerous accomplished infiltration missions throughout Lylat. Laura was known to be the best spy under General Pepperís hand.

She never thought sheíd be sent to the main headquarters at Venom to obtain information and locate a recently abducted Cornerian spy. To her, it was a pure suicide mission. She went undetected and in Venomian uniform to blend in easily with the other soldiers that roamed the facility at night.

Laura approached her desired location, the mainframe terminal room. Quite recently, the emperor had decided to station a few of his expandable soldiers there, to keep watch out for any spies. The terminals were like the heart of the headquarters, since information was received and stored. If ever a virus leaked within the system, the main quarters could be down for a few days before the problem would ever be corrected in time before the Cornerian forces made their way to the wasteland of a planet.

Upon testing the door, the wolf cautiously monitored her scanneróit indicated anyone that happened to be roaming about. When there were no read outs, she attempted the turn the knob slowly, seeing if whether it would be penetrable. Unfortunately, it was open and then she entered in. To her attention, only five guards and two ensigns were stationed inside the large room. Large mainframes with flashing red lights which played repeated patterns like Christmas lights, the floor shook softy due to the humming of the oversized computers, and florescent lights blinded the room plenty.

She stealthily made her way behind a large monitor-like structure; glass windows could give her away to the enemy if she stood up too high. Crouching over quickly, she came to an ninety degree turn which was the entrance into the room, she was just on the second floor of the platform, just below her; two guards, the ensigns just a few meters ahead.

Planning along as she bypassed the entry, she unsheathed her combat knight from her utility belt, a large blade about seven inches long, made of stainless steel. She clenched it tightly and continued her way toward the first flight of stairs. One of the guards, armed with only one phaser, walked into her position.

The first intended target yawned deeply, hinting his tiresome well-being. As he made his third lap around his short trail, he had the pleasure of feeling a sharp pain that pierced into the side of his neck, and then he was lifted up and away; only his small trinkets of blood remained a clue to his whereabouts.

WhiteFang hopped down onto the lower level and wiped up the blood that had spewed as she made her first kill. After she cleaned up there, she moved onward toward her next intended victims. In a few meters away, she spotted two guards that were previously beneath her main entrance, both holding a slight conversation to break the loud silence within the room.

"Hey Joe? Did you hear about StarFoxís last attack at Zoness?" the mongoose asked, yawning again.

"Yeah, they are getting too close to home base. I believe that the emperor should pay attention to the Cornerian fleets that have been successful at recapturing bases these days, instead of putting StarFox through countless obstacles which they waste Venomian lives too quickly. I tell ya, if I ever bumped into that Fox McCloud, Iíd be sure to shoot a nova at him and high tail it out of there," replied the cougar beside him.

Together, they snickered about, their arms still held up vividly for the female wolf to see. Laura revealed another knife from her other boot, one which she considered to be a backup copy in battle, and held it within her left paw. She planned her attack and came out of hiding, pretending to be one of them, holding both blades behind her back ready.

"Hi guys, whatís happening tonight? I hear that thereís a spy within the base," she joked, gripping her blade even tighter than before.

The two startled briefly and then sighed, "Whoa, you certainly came out of nowhere! Who are you anyway? And what are you talking about a spy within the base?" the mongoose questioned her with curiosity.

Laura approached closer, standing right before them, "Oh, Iím just a soldier like you. As for the news of this upcoming spyÖ" she stopped and revealed her combat knife to them.

Upon seeing the knife, the cougar tried to raise his arm up, but he grabbed his neck to endure agony, for her swayed blade splinted across his neck so fast; he was unsure whether he was drooling over her gray fur beauty or that his neck was split up unexpectedly. Standing there deeply bewildered, the mongoose slowly raised his weapon up in a nervous manner. Laura, with her other blade, gouged him at his crotch and then slid the blade up painfully to tear his wound deeper. There was nothing the mongoose could do, he was pouring out his precious blood; not even her initial attack allowed him to scream out in pain.

She studied the gruesome and grotesque scene that she had caused in a matter of minutes, though she watched both of them slump to the ground, both still alive, but barely. She cleaned off her blade and then obtained their weapons so they couldnít sound off the intrusion. Laura motioned over to the next two guards that stood stiff. Without warning, she threw her blade into one of the felineís forehead and then rushed up to the other. Standing before the remaining cheetah, she grabbed his head and snapped it with ease. She was accustomed to doing that in most of her missions as the fastest way to silence anyone.

She laid down the two other collected weapons and placed them beside the newly equipped ones. She scanned the perimeter and could see the two ensigns just meters away within a glass-encased room. The wolf managed to sneak up toward the glass entrance and then she motioned the door to open. Walking inside, the two monitoring ensigns turned around with bugged eyes, their headsets over their heads and their jaws opened.

"How the hellÖ?" one panther cursed and then reached for his firearm.

Laura dashed over just in time to fight with the feline. Knowing that the other ensign, a wolf, would retaliate, she kicked him square in his face, and he stumbled out of his wheeled chair and onto the floor.

"No you donítÖ" she barked at the feline before she punched him out with heavy fist. She then turned and walked over to the fallen wolf. He tried to go for his arm as well, though his wrist was suddenly bent in an in-apt way, his weapon dropped to the floor. He cried out in pain, tears flooded his moist eyes. She forced him against a wall violently, her elbow pressured down upon the back of his neck.

"Wha-what do you want from me, argggÖ?" he wailed out in pain.

A smirk etched across Lauraís face, "Oh, just the usual information about your base and where you guys recently abducted a Cornerian spy and such. Tell me now, before I decide to break your other wrist as well!" she threatened seriously.

"Alright, alrightÖ! Let me go so I can get onto the computer to look up the prisoner?"

She allowed him to escape from her grasp and watched him go to the computer. He managed to type with his good wrist and immediately looked up the list of prisoners.

"Who are you looking for anyway?" the wolf asked, clicking vigorously to find the list.

Laura studied the waking puma, "Iím looking for a tigress, Jean Atticus," she replied and then moving over to the puma. Before she could react to the pumaís quick action, he pressed the panic button, a red button located remotely beneath the stretched table and keyboard. Lauraís face grimaced and then she eyed the puma angrily.

"Youíre caught! You Cornerian scum!" remarked the puma before his final light shined into his eyes from a result of a fractured neck.

Laura became desperate and didnít want to become prisoner to Venom, so she came up behind the typist, "Tell me the location, now!" Nervously shaky, the wolf gave her the coordinates and then she took off out of sight within seconds.

The alarms echoed through the base, a loud siren and flashing red lights lit the corridors as she rushed down the halls. She repeated the location within her mind, though sheíd wished that she had ended the life of the ensign, but it was too late to accommodate that. She turned around corners and entered within an elevator. When the doors opened, multiple of soldiers rushed out, taking no heed of her since she was dressed accordingly.

She went down to the basement level and then the door slid open. She had entered within a dark area; light bulbs lit the narrow hallways as she journeyed on. Cell door by cell door she passed, until she found the correct description. She didnít have a card key to open it; instead, she used one of her gadgets to break the numerical code. Four digits displayed on the panel and she quickly entered them. A beep sounded off and then a lock could be heard when it released. The door slid open with a hissing sound and then her eyes materialized onto a malnutrition tigress. Laura scrambled to her best friend, she lifted her head up to only see weary eyes and a shade complexion of Jeanís former self.

"Jean? Jean? JEAN?" she cried out, hoping for a response. Laura checked out her friendís pulse within her wrist, it was faint. Laura didnít have time to wake her friend up, so she threw her companion over her shoulder and escaped out. Coming up to the elevator again, she went up a level and came upon heavy laser fire. She covered safely behind the walls within the elevator.

"We see you! Come out with your paws up! Now!" a voiced bellowed at the other end. Laura didnít dare surrender to the likes of Venomians; instead, she rummaged through her side-pack to equip a flash grenade. Pulling the pin, she tossed it toward the enemies. They fired briefly and then stared at the grenade before making an intelligence decision to run. An eruption emitted and then a very vivid flash blinded the troops, giving the wolf enough time to escape the cage of doom. Before she exited the elevator, she pressed a button; it went up a few levels.

When the fog cleared and troops assumed that she went up two levels and decided to follow the decoy. Getting to a safe location, she made it within a safe haven, a lengthy storage room. She then focused her attention onto Jean. The tigress appeared to be a few feet shorter than her, though being a tiger compared to a wolf, Jean was a bit muscular. Laura held her friend within her arms, rocking her friend back and forth slowly as if her own infant.

The reports were shown clearly back base, Jean was captured when she decided to take a mission to Venom before discussing it with her best friend and ally Laura. Laura had warned the cocky tigress of her findings and potential dangers, but still, the optimist that Jean was; it wasnít enough excuse to hold her back. Jean and Laura were best friend, more of soulmates, they had grown up together and did everything together. They both trusted each other with their own lives for their type of profession, since in the serious field of spy and mercenaries, they were amongst devious traitors.

After hearing about Jeanís capture, Laura couldnít refuse to leave her friend in the hands of the enemy, so she went after her. Little did the wolf know, there mustíve been a reason why Jean was so easily captured. WhiteFang puzzled herself with this fundamental question. Laura scanned over the tigressí body, surveying the possibilities and outcomes that she might have had to endure. There were evidence of struggles due to scratches, marks of bruises, cuts, and burns. Laura thought up of torture and pointed in the direction of the most well-known master of torture, Leon! Laura didnít want to believe that sheíd been raped, so she dismissed the assumption.

Suddenly, the alarms dissipated and the blaring lights outside the door clicked off. Laura sighed deeply and then noticed that her friend was coming around.

"Jean? Are you awake?" she asked, her voice shivered and cracked.

The tigress opened her eyes painfully, "Oh Laura, I thought Iíd never seeÖ" pained overwhelmed her briefly, "you again," she said--though pain kept her volume down.

Lauraís eyes began to flicker as water formations developed, "Oh Jean. Youíre safe now. Iíve come to rescue you girl. Itíll be like old times when we get back home. You just wait and see. For now, I need you to hang on with me, can you do that for me?"

A pleasant smile formed on the tigressí face, "Sure, Iíll try. I just wanted to let you know something that happened to me."

Lauraís ears perked upward in alarm, "Yes?"

"I was raped, I think a cub is forming within me as we speak," she stated in a weak voice.

A tear dived off to its doom on the wolfís cheek, "Oh JeanÖ Iím so sorry for not coming sooner."

"Donít be your honorable majesty, Iíll deal with it once we get back, letís get the hell out of here!" Jean joked, her voice started to trail off and become quite sore.

Laura gave a nod and helped the tigress to her feet, seeing if she could walk. Jean took slow and steady steps in order for her legs to be accustomed to walking lively again. Laura opened the door and together, they quietly made it down an empty hallway.

They arrived inside the docking bay, looking for a way to escape since Laura had to find her own way of escape and then finding a meeting point. They spotted the perfect transporter nestled aside crates. Itís engine hummed, ready for departure of shipping cargo. Sneaking in within the backside, they climbed on board and waited patiently for takeoff. To their dismay, the engines clicked off and the pilot stepped out. The two friends wondered what was going on outside the transporter and so, Laura left the tigress behind and investigated the front window.

Lauraís eyes widened; rows of guards were standing around the craft. Laura turned back to her friend, "Jean! Get up here, you have to help me operate this thing. Weíve been spotted!"

The tigress made her way up to the front, still painfully sore, this was evident to her sluggish movements. Together, they strapped into the chairs and then the engines came to life again. Seeing this bold action, the guards fired relentlessly at the transporter. Clicking on a few buttons, both of them managed to haul the craft off the ground and slowly thrust forward smoothly. The firing continued to strike the ship, it wasnít enough to puncture the main reinforced steel walls which acted as a powerful barrier against minor laser fire.

Shifting the main lever forward, the thruster flared a blue--misty flame, and then the loud roaring sound erupted. The ship took off fast and out of sight. Once they exited the atmosphere of Venom, they set coordinates to Titania, where their dropzone was expected to be. After a while of silence and nothing on radar, Laura rested her aching paws; they had grown sweat due to nervousness.

"I guess we made it Jean! It wasnít so hard, was it?" Laura said, looking over to her friend that seemed to be idle. Laura studied the picture for a second and then she scanned red liquid escalating a large puddle formation beside the tigressí chair. Laura reached over to her best friend, shaking her to wake up.

"Oh God! Jean? Jean! Please, speak to me damnit!" Laura cursed, still rocking the tigress roughly.

Jean didnít move or even fidget an eyelid. She was just posted back comfortably and dormant. Laura checked her pulse once again, this time--it was gone. Jean was gone forever, truly away from her, leaving her alone on the ship which had set them free. The wolf didnít want to believe that she had just lost her best friend, so she continued to attempt to wake her up.

"Oh no, no, noÖ Jean! Please, donít do this to me now!" she sobbed, shaking her madly as if she were deeply in disgust with her. Still, now sign of life from the tigress that appeared in her own personal eternal rest. Laura gave up all hope and continued to study her friendís body, looking for the location of the wound, which eventually led to lose of blood. Pulling the tigress forward, he body slumped against the dashboard. There lies a deep wound located secretly at the side of her kidney. It appeared to be a recent stab wound. Looking over her body again, she found another wound, this time, a smaller wound where blood seeped out slowly.

Laura laid her friend back into her comfortable state and just stared angrily outside the glass window, glaring into outerspace. Lost in deep thought, the wolf was startled by a beeping alarm that clicked on. She studied the readings; she was coming close to the landing zone, desert planet Titania. The ship turned sharp and continued to pursue its intended destination.

Upon landing the transporter, Laura was faced with another problem. Her alarms came on and reported one Wolfen III class jet signature rearing behind her. She didnít know who wouldíve followed her after this extended period, but from the readings, she knew that escaping a jet in her currently positioned ride, it was futile. Suddenly, a transmission interrupted her thoughts when the com communicator made static. A familiar voice to many came on and sent a chill down her spine.

"AwÖ I think itís time I end your little game. Youíve gone far enough, though youíre still in Venomian territory on this side of Lylat!" another wolfís voice taunted, then a gay laughter followed.

Laura put on her headset and responded, "I see that itís you. I was wishing never to hold confrontations with you. Unfortunately, I have no choice. I let you know, I intend not to give up to the likes of you!"

"Oh, tsk, tskÖ I was hoping to hear that. Weíll settle this down on ground then!" the voice bellowed and then cut its transmission to the transporter.

After the short communication, the transporter rocked violently, nearly throwing Laura out of her sit. She tightened her hold on the arms of the chair as she indulged the continuous tremors. The endless desert was coming in range she would have to land or be blown to smithereens. So, she prepared her landing gear and tried to land decently. The Wolfen III jet roared pass her ship; it was so close the thundering thrusters cracked the thick windshield. Laura covered her ears as the jet disappeared in the distance.

When she uncovered her ears, she noticed some blood escaping her right ear, and the sound was distorted. She feared that sheíll go deaf in that ear. Holding her ear with one paw, she focused again on landing. To her dismay, the jet wasnít gone yet it had circled around.

Inside the cockpit of the pilot, the wolf grinned deviously as he activated his nova missiles. A targeting screen lined on the control screen, he lined the crossfire with the red circular lock-on, and then fired his deadly nova. The sphere-like missile fired, its emerald appearance modified its destructive capability. It rushed in on the target; a smoke-filtered exhaust left its path behind within the sky. Finally, the nova came into contact with the back of the transporter, shredding the bay into debris. Laura looked over her shoulder to see a gigantic hole at the back part of the ship. Metal debris and cargo left the ship and spilled into the sand.

The transporter started swirl uncontrollably and Laura prepared for the harsh landing. The ship made a dangerous impact which torn another part of the ship apart. From the initial crash site, the ship had dug its interment within the sand dune. Coming to a halt, Laura slowly pulled herself up from the upside down position of the ship. She could hear the landing of the jet nearby and so she armed herself with her trusty phaser.

Coming out cautiously from the back of the ship, which stuck its rear out of a dune, she searched contently for the jetís pilot. She turned around the right of the ship and peered out at the silent jet. Unfamiliar with the sunís brightness, her eyes burned temporarily. Circling round the ship, the jetís pilot came up behind the female wolf unexpectedly. He managed to seize her with a fist, striking the back of her head painfully. Laura took a nosedive into the sand, dazed. Upon reaching down to pick her up, she counter-attacked with her leg trip maneuver. She gathered to her feet quickly as she could and pounced on the wolf. Together, they fought for the phaser, tossing and turning over in the hot, sizzling sand. At some point, the male wolf managed to pin her as he applied a beating to her face.

Being beat down savagely, she bared down with her fangs into his forearm. The wolf immediately let her go as he yelped in pain, his arm bleeding. She licked her lips as he took note.

"Now that Iíve gathered a taste of your blood, Iíll finish you off!" she threatened him boldly.

The wolf gave a smile, "I hope so, for your sake."

Again, he came, this time he tackled her at the waist. She fell back into the sand as he restrained her arms. She tried to turn over to throw him off, but her performance was useless. She lay there, face in disgust, watching him smile at her cynically.

"GrrÖ let me go you bastard!"

The wolf kept his control over her, "Nah, I think I like you this way!" he pointed out, and then bending his head down to lick her face to emphasize a kiss. Before he could achieve his goal, she tempted to bite his face off. He jerked back, and quickly slapped her forcedly--blood began to anchor at the side of her muzzle. She used that split second to free her arm and punch him in the mouth, he too, was bleeding.

They rolled over and on top of each other in a fight to survive. They continued to exchange fierce blows and screaming wildly at each other. After a while, the pilot noticed something significantly about heróshe was just like him. He let her go and backed away a safe distance. Laura stood up fast and strong, glaring at him. Almost at the same time, they wiped their muzzle away of blood and then stopped, staring at each other.

"Why are you mimicking me!?" Laura howled, obviously agitated with all the depressing events.

The pilot stared back, "Iím not you Cornerian slut!" He started to circle around her as if she was his prey. Laura felt uncomfortable with his presence and followed suit with him.

"Stop pestering me you asshole! You act like youíve never seen a female wolf before!"

"On the contrary Laura, I have never seen one that acts just like me."

"How do you know my name?" Laura asked the wolf, feeling threatened by his voice.

The wolf laughed, "Oh, I know so much about you my sweet. Letís just say, even though youíre Cornerian, the term ëspyí is engraved all over your face."

"Unlike you Lieutenant Commander OíDonnell! You killed some many people, Iím disgusted with you. Youíre a psycho that shouldnít even be living!"

"Thatís Wolf OíDonnell to you girl! Watch you tongue, I may cut it out when I take you back."

Lauraís ears perked up at the thought of going back into the hands of Venom, "Iím not going back anywhere with you!"

"I donít think you have a choice Laura! You canít fly, you canít survive in this heat for very long. What else can you do?"

She smirks, "Oh, I can kill you and take your jet and go home!"

Wolf grinned, "Very well, you may try, but you arenít the only professional out here. I could kill you at any time I want, youíre not that good of a spy to defeat me single-handedly."

"Whatever!" she growled and then sighed from frustration.

Wolf came closer to her, "Iíll tell you what. Letís make a deal?"

"What kind of deal?"

Wolf thought a moment, "Letís sayÖ I beat you, rape you, and then take you back to your new home?"

Laura felt outraged and came at him again, "Youíll have to drag me back to Venom!"

Wolf blocked her first coming attacks, "Very well."

Blocking her swift movements, he waited for a best-fit counter-attack and took it. He landed a powerful uppercut and then he watched her head lift painfully backward. Laura fell back against the sand and felt so weak from the powerful blow. She tried to get back up, but it was useless. Motioning over to her, Wolf pinned her down and started to kiss over her face. Too late to respond, she allowed him to have his way over her. Seeing that victory was his, he turned her over on her stomach and striped her waist down. Unbuckling his black uniform pant, he got what he wanted.

Their copulation ended, during the time of her being the rapist, she shed her final tear. She shed this last tear, not because she was terrified, not that she was hurt, but knowing that sheíd be claimed to the most infamous, high ranking Venomian of Lylatóeventually, sheíd have to be subject to become his wife!

To be continuedÖ