A Star Fox Halloween Tail

Author's Note: This is just a "fun writing" for the holidays. It's not one of the stories in my little series.

"Ouch!" Bill said as a plastic sign that read 'Happy Halloween' hit him in the head.
"Sorry." Fox mumbled as he picked the sign up and nailed it to the wall.
Fox, Bill, and Slippy were putting together a Halloween party, and Fox wanted everything perfect. he didn't know it then, but some one specail to him was etending the party.
"So," Bill said, a little embarassed with himself, "did you invite any hot girls to the party?"
"Did you invite any hot girls to the party." Fox mocked, "Yeah, and wwere gonna scare the crap out of them!"
Bill watched as Fox nailed up a head to the wall, the kind that popped out when some one walked by. Then, he put up fake cobwebs.
"Girls hate spiders." Fox stated, thinking he knew it all. Fox then pulled out an old fog machine. He plugged it in and turned it on. Nothing happened.
"Ooooh! Scary!" Bill said, half mad and have amused.
"Oh, shut up." Fox replied, "It just needs a jump start." Fox then kicked the machine, and couched, for fog began to flood the room.
Slippy finished with the snacks, potato chips, dip, pop, you know party food. He had put them out on a dinning table. The three sat and waited now, the party started in a half hour.
Meanwhile, Kayla had been at Vixxi's house. They were in her room, talking about almost anything.
"I just can't believe Fox McCloud is inviting us to his party, I mean after what he said to you this summer." Kayla said as she painted her finger nails.
"Yeah...." Vixxi said, far off.
"You like him, don't you."
"What?! Me? Heck no!"
Kayla smiled, she knew when Vixxi was lying.
Vixxi smiled a little and looked away.
"Well, he is...sort of cute." she admitted.
"Yeah, but not like his dad."
"Hmm-mm." Vixxi agreed.
A lot of girls thought James McCloud was hot.
"Well, I gotta get going." Kayla said, "Meet you at the party."
Fox smiled, the party was all set. 'This is gonna be great!' he thought.
Fox, Bill, and Slippy all waited for the guests to arrive.
They were all in their costumes, Fox as Da Fonz, Slippy as a dice, and Bill as surfer.
A half hour later, the door bell rang.
Fox opened the door. To his suprised, it as Wolf O'Donnell.
"Uh, hey." Fox said, not wanting to be rude. Wolf had another idea.
"Shut up, Butt Wipe." Wolf petorted, poking Fox in the ribs.
"Don't hey me! This party you got soon, you invited my sis. Am I correct?"
"Yeah, why do you ca--" Fox stopped in mid sectence, for he had recieved another jab to the ribs from Wolf.
"You stay the hell away from her, you hear me?" Wolf threatened. He said no more, but turned and walked away.
About ten minutes later, the door bell rang again. This time, Bill answered the door.
Kayla was at the door, dressed as a hippie.
"Groovy, man." she said, giving Bill a piece sign.
Kayla walked in, and jumped when the head popped out at her. She grabbed onto Bill, then relized how foolish she had been.
"Uh....sorry." Kayla said, embarassed.
"Oh, no prob." Bill replied with a weird smile.
Next, came Daphne. Instead of dressing as a princess, or Cinderella like she did every year, she suprised everyone and came as a gang banger.
"Cool." Bill said when he say her.
Kayla almost spit out her punch. "Whoa, Daphne." was all she could mumble.
Daphne smiled. She really didn't care what Kayla or Bill thought, she only cared what Fox thought.
The door bell rang again, but Bill was to involved with trying to impress Kayla to get it. Fox sighed and answered the door.
Fox saw some one in a long robe, although he couldn't tell who it was because the hood covered their face. The furry had a sicle, which Fox eyed nervously because of the blood dripping off it. A long red finger cam from out of the right sleeve. Fox almost jumped when it tried to touch him. Then, girlish giggling came from the black hood.
It was Vixxi. She took the hood off and began laughing again. Fox was half embarassed, half mad.
"It's only plastic, Silly" Vixxi said tapping her sicle on the door, "And if you can't tell the blood iswatered down ketchup, you need better eye care."
Vixxi walked in. "Your a mite skidish, huh?" she said looking at Fox. Fox began to say something, but Vixxi interupted him. "Oh, redecorating are we?" she said eyeing the spider webs, she hated spiders, they were the only this that scared her, but she didn't want Fox to know. "Maybe the interior decorated got drunk. Or did you do it yourself."
Fox smiled a smart alec smile. "Oh, make yourself at home, Miss O'Donnel." he said smartly.
"Oh, I believe I will." Vixxi said in the same tone.
Bill was still laughing over Fox's expretion when he saw the hooded furry. "Hoo, hoo, hoo! Fox, man your eyes were as big as dinner plates!"
Fox grumbled and got himself punch.
Then, the door opened up. Slippy's sister, who was six years older than him walked in to crash the party.
"Mary Jane!" Slippy wailed. The eighteen year old toad looked at him a turned her lip up.
"Shut up, Slippy." she said punching him in the arm. She always beat up on her brother.
"Let me guess your costume." Kayla said to Mary Jane, "Psycotic trailer trash or a hooker?"
"Dressin' up for babies, kid. I'm not wearin' a costume."
Kayla's eyes went wide. "Oh." she said with a smile. She turned her head and snickered.
Mary Jane toad was wearing a tight shirt with no bra, spandex pants, high heel, knee high boots, and lots of jewelry. It was her normal attire.
"Mary Jane lit up a joint and walked over to Slippy.
"Hey, gimme some money."
"No way, Crack Head."
Mary Jane punched Slippy again. She dented in his cardboard dice costume.
"I don't do crack, it's weed, helium freak.
Slippy reached in his pocket and pulled out seven credit dollars.
Mary Jane blew marijauna smoke in his face before leaving.
The party dragged idley by for the next half hour.
"Isn't your father going to be angry?" Daphne asked Fox in a vain attempt to flirt with him.
"No," Fox replied, "he's on another mission with his team."
The door bell rang, and Fox answered it.
Fox's eyes went wide when he saw the captain of the football team along with many other popular people from their school.
"Hey......"the football captian hic coughed, for he was loaded, "McCloud. (hic)....yeah..(hic)....heard you were havin' a party. Well,...(hic)...were coming to it now."
'Omigod!' thought Fox, 'The most popular people are coming to your party!'
"Oh, sure! Yes, yes come right in!" Fox was so exited, his paws were shaking.
Several cheerleaders kissed him and flirted with Fox on their way in.
The party was loud, the party was huge, but no one called the cops.
"Hey," Bill said to Fox on his way to the punch bowl, "I dare you to as Vixxi to dance with you."
Fox looked over at Vixxi who was grimmacing as the cheerleaders talked to her and Kayla.
"No way." Fox said with a scoff.
"Chicken!" said Bill clucking.
"Shut up, Bill."
"Bawk, bawk, bawk! C'mon chicken, I bet you ten bucks."
"Lemme see."
Bill pulled out ten credit dollars.
Fox sighed. "Okay, Grey, your on."
Fox walked over to Vixxi. On his way their, Daphne stopped him.
"Hey, you wanna dance?" she asked cheerfully.
"Uh, no, not now." Fox said, not even looking at her.
"Oh, okay." Daphne repied, her cheer gone. Fox walked away.
"I'll dance with you, Daphne." Slippy said.
"Ew, go away, Scum Breath." Daphne said walking to the hor's duerves table.
"Hey, Vixxi..you wanna dance?" Fox said to Vixxi.
Vixxi raised an eyes brow and looked at Kayla. 'Go for it.' she mouthed, so Vixxi did.
Fox and Vixxi stepped onto the dance floor just as, "This Kiss" from Fur(Faith) Hill came on.
Fox at first looked away like he didn't care, but blushed when he looked at Vixxi.
Soon, Fox and Vixxi were in their own world and didn't notice anyone around them.
"Check it out." Kayla said to Daphne, "She is like totally into him."
Daphne saw Vixxi and Fox dancing and sqealed with jealousy. She stopped away.
"What?!" Kayla asked Daphne.
Fox stared intp Vixxi's eyes, and she stared into his.
Fox and Vixxi were just beginning to kiss when Kayla yelled out, "Hey everybody, look!"
Fox's eyes went wide, thinking Kayla was pointing to them. Vixxi screamed and she hit the hardwood floor. Fox was so suprised, he had dropped Vixxi.
Fox reached out to help Vixxi up. She agrily pushes away his paw.
"Move aside, Casanova!" she growled, "I can take care of myself!"
Vixxi went to the window where every one had gathered to see what was going on.
Jay, Kayla's twin brother was outside, dancing drunkly with underwear on his head. A police car was out there, the police men were trying to get him to the drunk tank.
"Whoa!" Vixxi cried at this sight.
The cops had put Jay in the car, but the captain of the football team unwisley stuck his head out the door.
"Yo, man! Let the brother go!"
"Hey, kid!" the police man yelled, coming toward Fox's house, "What are you doing up this late?!"
"Whoa!" the football captain said, putting his head back in the doorway, "Scatter, scatter! The cops are coming!"
Pandamonium struck out.
All the drunk cheerleaders stupidly ran in circles.
The captain of the football team ran out the backdoor with his buddies just as the cop got to Fox's door.
"Hey you kids!" he cried out, snatching up Fox.
Fox gulpped and braced himself.
"What are you kids doing?!"
"Having a Halloween party, sir."
"Your underaged! I'm calling your parents!"
After hearing this, the remaining furries, Bill, Kayla, Daphne, Vixxi, and Slippy all ran for the hills.
Fox struggles in the cop's arm, but his attmps were futile.
"I'm terribly disappointed in you, Fox!" James McCloud yelled at his son who was cowering infront of him.
It was an hour later, and James McCloud had just heard the news.
"I get recalled just as we were heading to Zoness to help heard the Todora (the big, long dragon in the game), and heard you were having a party?! Why didn't you ask permission?! Huh?!"
"I-I-I di-didn't think-"
"That's right, you didn't think!"
James looked down at his son, who was almost crying. James sighed.
"I'm sorry, for yelling, Fox." James said, his tone softer, "But you gotta, understand, I can't be here all the time. If you want something, ask me ahead of time, okay?"
Fox nodded.
"Okay. Go to your room now."
Fox nodded again and gently went up the stair and down the hall to his room. He wouldn't stay there though, going against his father's wishes was too much for him to fight. Sneaking out beckoned him.
Fox and Bill had already planned this out. They had picked a destination.
Fox had tied his sheets together and snuck out the window. He had stuck to the shadows, and made his way to a rode house night clud called "The Suds Bucket". Little did he know who he'd find there.
"Hey, man you made it!" Bill exclaimed when Fox got there. Bill slapped him hard on his back.
"Hey, Fox! Guess who I ran into!"
Bill took Fox to a table where Kayla and Vixxi were standing.
Fox's eyes almost bugged out of his head.
"Who else?"
"What are you doing here?"
Kayla butt into the conversation, "Our philosify on life is that if your in bed by two a.m., it's not much of a life."
"Okay......" Fox said weirdly.
"Well, I guess now you two can finish your dance." Bill said with a sly smile.
"What?!" Vixxi said unbelieving.
"You owe me Fox."
"Oh, come on!" Fox said tugging on Vixxi's arm, "Let's get this over with!"
Fox pulled Vixxi out to the dance floor. "Jump, Jive, Wail" was playing.
Vixxi laughed as Fox pulled all the swing moves.
Fox swung Vixxi between his legs, then high up into the air. Vixxi as getting nosious, but was still enjoing this.
"Hey," Bill said to Kayla, "Wanna dance?"
"Oh, what the hell!" said Kayla, "I'm feeling frisky!"
"Oh, baby!"
"Shut up Bill, this is a privlige."
It would be all long time before any of them ever saw each other again. A lot of interesting things happen to them all in the period between now and when they met each other again in the academy, but that's another story.
Happy Halloween everybody!!!