The Illegal Alien

By: Jason “Maverick” Hunter


        Sitting at a lap-top computer in a dark house, Jason Hunter was hacking into
a computer hard-core at a city, and was looking for successful cyborg ideas so
that he could create one to aid in the fight against a technological terror,
attempting to rule the planet.  With no idea of what was going to happen to
him with-in the next half-hour, he continued with his work.  Suddenly, his
computer went blank, banging it couple times, Jason said, “I knew I shouldn’t
have a Microsponge lap-top!  These things always screw up!”  After saying
that, the screen came back, but with a different, strange picture.  It was not
the picture of blue prints and text, but rather the picture of an opened worm
hole in deep-space, about one-hundred miles past the planet’s atmosphere. (if
you want to know the planet, E-mail me.  Address after story)  On the picture
where smaller planets and asteroids being pulled into the door to a strange,
new world or total oblivion.  Suddenly, there was a small green, space fighter
looking dot on the screen, and was headed for Jason’s home world.
        “I just gotta see what the hell that is,” Jason whispered to himself.
Grabbing his shirt that has an open front and a small laser rifle, he headed
outside to see if he could see the falling ship.  Sure enough, there was  a
small fireball, indicating that the ship was currently falling through the
atmosphere.  “Oops.  I forgot sometin’,” he whispered to himself again.
Running back into his house, Jason unplugged his small, black computer from
the wall, snatched a battery for the computers power, Sonic CD, the PC version
and ran back outside.
        Meanwhile, in the cockpit of the fighter, which was a Bulldog from the Lylat
system, was finally into the atmosphere to where it wouldn’t burn up.  The fox
who was flying it had sustained heavy injuries in a dogfight around MacBeth.
His injuries consisted of a compound fracture of the left arm, a deep gash in
his forehead and a missing foot from a hole a laser blew in the ship, but the
weakened shields kept in the atmosphere.  He had been disabled by being shot
in the engine and sucked into the still open wormhole.  Pulling on the
ejection handle above his head, he flew out of the cockpit with a mass of
shattered glass around him.  But there was a flaw to his escape plan, he
ejected while in a forest and hit a tree limb with his head and that broke his
neck and  caused his life functions to instantly cease, and the life-less
fighter crashed to the forest floor, breaking of it’s left wing, with the limp
pilot’s body falling in behind it in a schrouwd line of the parachute.
        Witnessing the pilot’s death, Jason ran to where the fighter had crashed.
When he arrived, he saw a major wreckage, with one small fire that was a
couple feet away from the fighter in a bush and the pilot’s body, covered in
already dried blood from the fire.  The usually green fighter was now a banged
up, green, gray and brown ship.  The cockpit hatch needed to be clamped down
and replaced to keep out the vacuum of space, from what it seemed, the engine
needed to be repaired to at least get two feet of the ground and the weapons
needed to be replaced, which was not high on Jason’s list of things to do.  He
walked up to the battered ship and clambered onto the nose.  Clamping down the
cockpit, Jason said to himself, “Could still fly,  i’ll try it out...later.
But, I need to replace to canopy, just to be safe if it suddenly shoots off by
it’s own and into space wit me on it.”
        Jason went to a near-by junk yard, near the edge of that city that belonged
to the ruthless techno-titan.  Jason found a glass canopy off of a destroyed
transporter and took it to the wrecked Lylatian fighter.  Placing to glass
over the hole in the cockpit, Jason found that it would fit fine if placed
        Placing the glass on the inside of the canopy, it was a perfect fit and Jason
covered the edges of it with a material in a tube that he always carried, he
formed an air and watertight seal that would keep out that vacuum of space and
also hold up to five-hundred pounds of pressure per square inch.
         Opening the cockpit, he climbed into the some what repaired fighter and
picked up the glass that was on the seat.  Finding a switch marked START, he
turned on the semi-fried systems.  Flicking another switch , he started the
fighter to the point of which it could fly.  Putting his paws on the control
stick, he pulled back on it to bring it to a position to take off, and decided
to patch to hole in floor that he had recently spotted.  He did so and, with
the nose pointing at ninety degrees, he put the throttles forward to lift off.
        Putting the throttles to half with his left paw, he ascended toward heavens.
As he was pushing the throttles forward, he started to think about what he
would leave behind if went through the worm hole.  He would leave behind his
small family, his high-tech home and all his friends from Canyon Park Junior
High.  “Oh well,” he said to himself, shaking off the whole thought of leaving
behind his stuff.

Chapter Two

        Out of the atmosphere, Jason felt a wonderful sense of weight-lessness.  He
was amazed to find that he could fly an unknown fighter, or fly at all!
Looking out of the aft of the fighter, he saw the sun that heated his home
world and to looked to the left side of the cockpit, he saw the worm hole and
turned to head for it, with the engines at three-fourths throttle.
        The worm hole was about one mile in diameter and had the usual
characteristics of a normal worm hole.  Blue outer rim, red and blue tawdry
interior and the tendency to pull in any thing near it, including Jason.
        The worm hole finally grabbed him with it’s tremendous gravity and started to
increase the distance between Jason and his home world, but decreasing the
distance between it’s self and him.
        Once in the worm hole, Jason felt his chest tense up from fear of the
possibilities.  What was on the other side?  Would he live to get there?
Seeing the end of the spacial anomaly, after what seemed a decade, he relaxed
some of his worries.

Chapter Three

        Once on the other side of the worm hole, Jason found himself headed for an
unknown planet to him.  The planet was MacBeth.  It was coming up on him
quickly, and he needed to move to a safer area of space.  Nothing like that
was going to happen, for an Invader class flea was headed for him.  Panicking,
he pushed the throttles to full and tried to escape.  But in a matter of
seconds, the Invader had shot him down, Jason’s first, and the fighter’s last.
        Passing though the atmosphere of MacBeth and becoming a fire ball, Jason
tried to keep the fighter under control, but had a hard time in doing so.  He
was traveling so fast, he wondered how a hero from his planet could stand that
speed, it was terrifying for him.
        On the surface of MacBeth, a wolf named Todd Jackson was leading his small
band of rebels, called the Rogues of Justice, on a raid of a Venomian base,
located on MacBeth.  Looking toward the blue sky, Todd’s attention was grabbed
by the inferno of the Bulldog fighter and wondered what was going on.
        A female black cat put her paw on his shoulder and said, “Todd. Come on.  We
have a raid to do, remember?”
        Todd turned his attention toward her.  “Oh, yeah. I’m comin’, Sam”  He
replied while turning back to the group.  Sam was a cyborg that had a pair of
dark sunglasses on and had the appearance of a normal Lylat resident.  As Todd
walked ahead of the team, they followed him for he was their leader.
        While the Rogues of Justice where continuing on the raid, Jason hit ground,
giving himself a slight case of wipe-lash and bruised forehead, but no one
would notice because of the fur of his head.  He popped open the canopy and
staggered out of fighter.  He looked it over and noticed a small hole in the
fuel tank and fuel leaking out.  Immediately, he ran for cover behind an
embankment and waited for a few seconds before he heard the explosion caused
by fuel being ignited by a spark from an electrical equipment shorting out.
He was showered in metallic pieces and melted slag from the fuelsaloge.  One
piece hit his tail near where the tail starts and sent a deep gash through it
and pain to his cerebral cortex.
         grabbing at his tail, tears began to streak down his face, for he was only
thirteen years old.  after holding his tail where the cut was for a few
minutes to stop the bleeding, he pulled out the small first aid kit he had
clipped to his belt loop and pushed down into his deep pocket.  He removed a
needle, thread, disinfectant and a couple bandages.  He put the thread through
the needle and began to sew the cut.  Since he had no anistetic, he had to
bear his teeth to try and block out any pain.  After sewing the cut, he poured
some disinfectant over it to keep from getting sick and put a liquid on it to
make it heal in a few hours, for he couldn’t take any chances on a strange
world, and then wrapped two bandages around the messy medical attention.
        Jason set up  camp, preparing to stay the night.  But, in the process of
doing so, his attention went to watching the raid that the Rogues of Justice
where carrying out.  With in a half an hour, the raid ended and the Rogues
headed for their home.  Along the way, Todd ran into Jason’s camp.  He spotted
a camp fire with a pot over it.  The pot contained an unknown food to the
people of MacBeth.  It was called chili dogs.  The hot dogs where being boiled
and the chili was being cooked in another near by pot.  Todd walked up to the
fire then felt something poke him in the back.  He reached behind him with his
right paw and grabbed hold of some ones wrist and he turned, causing the
attackers arm to twist and go upward and have their body turn the opposite
direction.  Todd turned the wrist a little more a heard a yelp from the
        “Who are you!?”  Todd asked, screaming,
        “Jason Hunter, and you’ve gotta killer hold on me!  Let me go!”
        “Well it’s not my fault you attacked me.  By the way, where are you from,
        “Trust me, you wouldn’t understand me if I told you.”
        “Try me.”
        “I’m from a world not even in the same GALAXY as you.”
        Todd released Jason’s arm and took a step back and Jason turned toward Todd
with eyes full of tears and grasping his left arm.  “WHAT THE HELL’D YOU DO
THAT FOR!?”  Jason screamed at Todd.
        “Well, to put it simple for a simple mind like yours, you attacked with
that,” Todd answered, pointing at Jason’s small rifle on the ground, “and why
the hell’d you attack me?”
        “Well, think about it, Einstein!  You intruded my camp site was checking out
my food!  It couldn’t be more simple!”
        “I was looking at your food because it smelled good but looked like something
at cat barfed up!”
        “Well don’t yell at me if you don’t about chili dogs!”
        “Chili dogs?  What the hell are ‘chili dogs’!?”
        “Only natures most perfect food!  DUH!”
        “HEY! Don’t take that tone with me, young man!”
        “Young man?  I know for one minute and your calling ME young man!?  THAT’S
IT!  YOU’RE DEAD!!”  And with that, Jason leapt at Todd, who just stepped to
the side, allowing Jason to smack his head on the ground.  After recovering
from the blow to the ground Jason got up and ran at Todd and leapt again when
he was a few inches from him, grabbed and took him down to the ground.  They
rolled all over the dirt and rocks, throwing punches at eachother, until it
all ended with Jason suddenly being yanked off of Todd by Sam and held in the
air by the scruff of the neck.  Todd got up, dusted himself off and brushed
the hair that got in his face away.
        “Put me down you b****!”  Jason screamed at Sam, who seemed undaunted by the
kit’s swearing and continued to hold him.
        “What should I do, Todd?”  Sam requested of him.
        “Put him in the transport.  I’ll deal with him later.”  With that, Sam and
Todd walked toward the rest of the Rogues of Justice, dragging behind a
struggling Jason.  Sam threw him into the medium sized transport and slammed
the door shut, leaving him in the darkness, alone with the items the Rogues
stole during the raid.
Chapter Four

        The door of the transport opened and Jason, who was sleeping the time, was
picked by Sam once again and dropped in the middle of a lightly wooded area.
Sam crouched down in front of him and looked into his frightened eyes.  “It’s
okay,” she told him in a sweet caring voice, “You’re free to what ever you
want, as long as you don’t get in our way.  If you do, I’m not responsible for
whatever happens.”  She grabbed his hand and placed something in it.  “If you
ever need help, just turn this on and I’ll come.  You won’t even need to
speak, it has a homing beacon set to a certain frequency.”  With that she got
up and left him.  He stood up and watched as the Rogues left on foot and in
hover vechiles.  Jason opened his hand looked at what Sam had placed there.
It was a small yellow disk with a smaller red button on it and a small view
screen, speaker and microphone, all to talk with some one and see their face
at the same time.  Jason decided to make a temporary shelter made of leaves of
wood.  He began to forage for materials
        After he had set up a second camp, Jason started another fire and cooked a
little of what food he had left in a survival pack.  After a five minute meal,
Jason made a bed out of leaves.  As he was getting to bed, he felt very warm
so he took off some of his clothes to keep cool during the night.
        One minute before going to sleep, Jason was disturbed by to sound of four jet
engines powering down, so he got out of bed and went to investigate.  with in
a few steps of leaving his make-shift house, he was seized by a pair of paws
and had his arms pined to his back.  He looked back to see a wolf with an eye
patch over the left eye and he directed his attention toward Jason’s head
looking him.
        “Hello, you little Cornerian scum,” the wolf said in a dastardly voice.
        “I have three things to say.  One, I have no idea what a ‘Corneria’ is, two,
I don’t know who or what the hell are youand three, ever heard of a breath
mint?”  Jason said to his catcher.  The wolf just laughed at his remark.  “Oh,
that’ s funny.  You don’t about the planet Corneria or me.  Well I’ll tell
you, I’m Wolf O’Donnell.  And that means I’m you’re worst nightmare.”
        “Wrong.  My worst nightmare is based on a movie.  So that means you suck.
And by the way, you’re a mother f***er.”  With that remark, Jason was shoved
toward the ground.  He hit it face first and caused his nose to bleed.  After
that, he got up and faced Wolf, barely without any pain noticeable.
        “That’s it you little creep!  You’re gonna face a fate worse than death.
Well, actually two.  One, torture by Leon Powalskie,”  Wolf pointed to a
chameleon leaning against a Wolfen fighter.  “And two, watching Blarney’s
movie.  Now that’s torture.  No offense Leon.”
        “Ooo, I’m so scared.”  Jason remarked, pushing the button no the beacon Sam
gave him clipped to his underwear.
        “By the way, ”Wolf continued. “Nice undies.”  Jason looked down and noticed
he didn’t have his pants on.
        “Uh, he he.  Ooops.  Would you allow me to get my pants on before you ‘take
me away’?”
        “Sure.  Leon,  Go with the brat.”  Wolf said.  Leon grabbed Jason by the arm
and escorted him to his shelter.  Once there, Leon allowed Jason to go inside
and put his pants on.  Afterwards, Jason was taken back to Wolf and put back
into custody.  Wolf, once again, pined his behind his back and began to walk
him back to his Wolfen.  But, his plans where interrupted by a kitana being
thrown and getting enloged into the fighter, Looking around, Wolf saw nothing,
until he witnessed Leon, Pigma and Andrew lying on the ground, knocked out by
Todd and Sam.
        “Let the kid go,”  Todd told Wolf.
        “Or, we’ll get medieval on you’re a**,”  Sam added
        “Oooo, I’m so scared,”  Wolf put in at his own expense.
        “Well you should be, you pour excuse for a canine,”  Jason also put in.
        “Now that everyone’s said something, lets get this brawl a going!”  Todd
yelled, jumping at Wolf.  He hit Wolf hard enough to get him to release Jason
from his grasp.  Jason got up off the ground and joined Todd in the fight
against Wolf.  But he never got the chance, for Pigma got up form being hit
the head and pulled Jason away from the fight, punched him across the nose and
Jason fell to the ground.  Jason was so mad, that he blocked out all emotions
but anger.  Pain was also ignored.  He got back on his feet and kicked Pigma
in the shin, dropping the large pig.
        Todd was having a little trouble with Wolf but Sam was getting into the
fight.  Jason decided to join, again, and was stopped, again, by Leon.  This
time, Jason kicked Leon in the crotch, inflicting major pain to the torture
crazy lunatic.  By the time Jason finished off Leon, Todd and Sam got Wolf to
get into his Wolfen, with Pigma and Leon staggering along behind him to get
into their Wolfens, dragging Andrew.
        “Are you okay, kid?”  Todd asked.
        “I’m fine.  How ‘bout you?”
        “Fine.  And of course Sam’s allright.”
        “Why?”  Jason asked
        “Well,”  Sam started, “I’m a cyborg.  I was created in a Venomian lab and
later escaped.  And by the way, we where never formerly introduced.”  Sam
extended her paw to shake Jason’s.  Jason grabbed her paw a shook it firmly.
“I’m Jason Hunter.”
        “I’m the Felecia1 military cyborg, uh... but you can call me Sam.”
        “Enough with the pleasantries,”  Todd butted in.  “We don’t really have the
time to get to know eachother out here.  The base isn’t to well guarded and
Andross will send people here to kill us.  We should go.  You can come along,
Jason.  Well, you can’t come to the base.  I’ll take you to Corneria and get
you signed up, if you want.”
        “Sign up for what?”  Jason inquired.
        “For the Cornerian Army.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be a hero.”
        “I except.  Er..I mean sure..okay.”
        “Fine.  Come on.”  Todd lead Jason to a ship that had room enough for five
people and got in.  Todd took off toward the sky, as Jason did at his home.
The ship shot forward at a speed Jason had never traveled before.  And it was
great.  As they rose from the atmosphere, Jason could see the beautiful blue
ball called Corneria.  It was a site the likes of which he never saw before.
Todd looked back at Jason and took note of his amazement.
        “What’s with that?  Haven’t you ever seen anything like that before?”
        “No.  My planet is currently under siege by a fat ugly bald guy who is
obsessed with technology, robots, pollution and taking people’s live away and
turning them into mindless robot slaves.  The planet is covered in a thick
layer of smog around his city and thinner one around the rest of the world.
The only free zone is forest near which I used to live.”
        “That’s harsh,”  Todd said.  That was the only conversation they had on the
way to Corneria.  Todd took Jason to the front registration desk at the head
quarters of the Cornerian Army and got him registered.  As of that day, he
would be known as third lieutenant Jason Hunter, a Green class fighter pilot.


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