Love for Sulia

Chapter 1 "The Long War"

"Though we were oneÖ I was left alone."

Don Solomon, Katina Civilian

On a dark, cloudy day of the summer, two young cubs spent their precious time watching the sunset in the park. Leaning against each otherís back for support, they stare up into the sky, just wondering about their upcoming future to be. As the soothing wind flows by, they slowly stood up and face each other.

The beautiful vixen stares at her friend in bashful eyes. The jaguar stares back uneasy, trying to make up his mind on what to say. Instead, the vixen laughs happily as she gave a smile to him. The jaguar smiles as he slowly revealed a small box from behind his back. He pushed the present toward his friend, head bowed to hinder his blush.

The vixenís muzzle formed a smile as she gracefully accepted the gift.

"Wow, thanks for the gift Don."

The jaguar glances upward, scanning the vixen that slowly opens the box by lifting the pull-off top. Her brown eyes bloomed like a red rose as she started to gasp for air. The jaguar comes closer beside her and smiles.

"Happy Birthday Sulia. I picked it out myself, I thought that you will like it. My mom took me to the store to find it for your birthday in time. Well, what do you think?"

Sulia smile widens as she placed the golden locket into her paw. She allowed it to dangle from the air, as it swirls in circles.

"Thank you Don, you are the greatest. Can I open it?"

"Sure you can, itís for you to wear."

The short vixen with dark brown hair opened the locket. When she took a short glimpse at the picture inside, it reveals a small photo of them together. Sulia closes the locket slowly as they heard a silent click. She turned to face Don. A big smile crept across his muzzle as he stares into her eyes. Sulia placed the locket back into the box and puts it away inside her pants pocket.

Once she turned her head to face Don, their eyes connected. Don, shy and unable to share away he moved closer toward Sulia. Sulia did the same, as their muzzles where almost in contact, practically breathing into one anotherís face. Minutes pass by, as Don grew timid and backed away blushing. Sulia did the same but came closer beside the jaguar. She quickly took Don by surprise and places her arm around his back and pulled him toward her. By the time Don knew what happened, he found his muzzle kissing Suliaís. She had her eyes closed while she gently kissed him and then released their bond.

Sulia backed away a few steps and blushes because of her action. Don stares at Sulia in a friendly way and walk up to her.

"UmÖ thanks for the kiss Sulia."

Sulia stands on her heels of her shoe and rocks back and forth.

"SureÖ anytime Don."

Don places his paw into her paw and pulls her toward a park bench. Together, paw in paw, they sit at the same time. Don scans over the small lake while Sulia looks over the green trees. Don began to speak as he looked away, still holding her paw.


Sulia takes her attention off the trees and stares at the jaguar.

"Yeah Don?"

Don sighs as he attempted to come up with the right words to say.

"SuliaÖ can we be friends forever?"

"Friends forever?" Sulia giggles at the question as she clenches his paw tighter.

"Yeah, friends forever."

"WhyÖ sure we can. You are the only close friend that I have around here you know?"

"Yeah. Itís just, you are different from all of my other friends."

"I am?" Sulia asked puzzled.

Don turns to face her seriously, "Yeah, you are different. Maybe because you are nice, kind, and wellÖ a girl."

Don smiles as he looked at her beautiful smile. Sulia thinks over the answer and turns away.



"UmÖ I like you very much. Plus, we are friends. I donít know why Iím different from your other friends, but I guess we can be friends forever."

Sulia gives a smile as Don came over to give her a kiss to her cheek.

"I like you too Sulia. Hey? You think I could spend a night over your house tonight?" Don questioned.

"UmÖ I donít know, Iíll ask my mom later okay?"


From a distance across from the small lake, Suliaís mom was calling her to come. Sulia raised her ears as she intercepted the voice.

"Uh oh, my mom is calling, Iíll talk to you later okay?"

Don gives an uneasy stare, but releases the vixenís paw.

"Okay, see you later Sulia."

Don watched the vixen run off toward her mom. He frowns when she was out of site. He sighs deeply as if his heart was about to explode from beating too fast. He quickly stood up and ran toward another side of the park where his mom was waiting.

Sulia held her arms open as her mother picked her up. Spinning in the air, she cheers while smiling at her mom. The joy ride comes to a stop as her mother places her down onto the ground.

"What you two doing over there?" Suliaís mom asked, keeping a smile on her face.

Sulia stares up and grins, "We were just playing, talking about my gift."

"What gift? He forgot to give it to you yesterday at your party?"

Sulia walks around her mother, staring at the water that forms ripples from a small acorn that dropped into it.

"Yes mom, I think he did. But look at it, itís pretty."

Sulia takes the locket out of her pants pocket and hands it over to her mom. The middle-aged vixen stares into the locket after opening it.

"Wow, thatís very nice indeed Sulia."

Sulia starts to tug on her blouse, "Mommy, can Don stay a night?"

Her mother stares down, giving back the locket, "UmÖ how about another night? Letís say maybe 17 years from now?"

Sulia had trouble with the question but keep calm from complaining.

"Whatís 17 years mom? How about tomorrow?"

Suliaís mother laughs out loud as she holds her stomach.

"Little missy, you can wait. Don sees you everyday at the park and school, why must he stay a night?"

Suliaís mother gives the locket back to her daughter.

"But mom, heís my best friend?"

"I donít care, you can wait until you get older and move out of my house. Now letís get home?"

Her mother takes her by the paw and together they leave the grounds. From the other side, Don was on his way home with his mother. He followed behind, not holding paws. He walked slowly behind, his mother would occasionally check to see if he would be behind her.

"Don, come on son? Weíre almost home now."

"Okay mom, Iím coming."

Don speeds up as they reached their house, which wasnít too far from the park. As they entered their small den, Don proceeded to his room. His mother walked into the kitchen as she could hear Don stomping above.





She shakes her head as she prepared to cook. Don, lying on his bed, he started to think about Sulia. He was mostly shy and at times he would be brave if he needed to be. While he kept his mind on one topic, his eyes grew heavily. Minutes passed as one eyelid closed while the other one struggled. He placed his pillow over his head and passed out in minutes.

Night came sometime after dinner; pitch black roamed the streets that light up segments of circles besides the moonlight. No cars stirring, nor any kind of music of vehicle engines of hovercrafts. Donís mother was sound asleep as he was too. An hour pasted after 4am as a loud whistling sound echoed in the sky. When the sound lowered, a loud explosion shivered the street. Don and his mother raised out of bed immediately after the great sonic sound.

A fury of gusty winds created tunes from the loose windows. Looking outside, Don scanned a huge fire that engulfed a warehouse that was on the other side of town. The fire was big enough to have on display over his own pupils. He jumped in fright as his mother busted into his room.

"Don, come on, we got to hide before the soldiers come?"

As she explained the details, loud sirens filled the small city of Hates. Donís mother stopped as she reminded herself of what the sirens warned.

Oh no, the troops are already here. They might have already overtaken the whole city?

She stopped thinking and quickly ran toward their hiding spot before the Venomian troops entered the neighborhood. She secretly had a fake wall installed for protection. It easily slid out of the way. Don was the first to enter. Don quickly turned around to see his mother sealing him inside.

"Mom! Where you going?"

He received no answer, but he kept silent as another loud explosion erupted, sounding off in a very close range.

Sulia and her mother had gathered a few precious items as they desperately went from room to room. Sulia tightly held her locket that was placed on her neck.

"Mommy, whatís wrong?"

"Sulia! You go to the hiding place and stay there!"

Sulia became frightened as her mother displayed a mean look on her face since she refused to move another step. Without patience, her mother grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the basement. She opened the door and allowed her daughter to enter.

"Now go Sulia, hid down there in the hidden passage!"

"What about you mom?"

"Donít worry about me, just go! NOW GET!"

Without turning back, Sulia ran down the steps and toward the hidden wall that led a passageway into the walls. Suliaís father finally came down with his items and stares at his wife.

"Monica, letís go!"

"Suliaís in hiding, we mustnít go out there. Venomian soldiers could be right outside waiting?"

Suliaís father proceeded to the door, leaving his suitcase beside the nightstand.

"Iíll go check real quick."

As he went against the wall, he stares outside the front window on the door. When he glanced outside the streets, two hundred troops were in place.

"Private, you see that door?" A Commander questioned his lynx soldier.

"Yes sir!"

The black panther commander grins, "Throw that damn grenade inside!"

Without hesitating, the private took a grenade from his uniform side pack and pulled the pin. Suliaís father widened his eyes as he scanned the lynxís arm flinging the bomb toward the front door. He quickly turned around and ran toward his wife and dived on top of her as a shield.

A large explosion blew the door apart and most of the wall frames five feet from it. After the explosion, the troops entered inside, swaying their guns at any animal alive. Suliaís father noticed the group inside and immediately stood up. Suliaís mother crawled back away from the men, hoping that she wouldnít receive a bullet.

One of the soldiers scanned the fox and aimed at his head. Suliaís father dived in time and escaped his demise. He quickly entered the living room, and hid behind a nearby couch.

"We got one here, and another in the corridor!" A soldier warned the others.

Suliaís mother scanned a Venomian soldier aiming at her. She glanced at the red beam that came from the deadly rifle. As if her life flashed before her eyes, she falls dead, forming her own blood puddle from a giant hole at the back of her head.

Suliaís father waited for the first member of the elite to enter his perimeter. After he heard the single blast, he knew that his wife had met her demise. Filled with hatred and anger, his first fighter came into range. When the soldier got close enough, he managed to grab a hold behind his neck and snaps it quickly and moves on.

Suliaís father was trained as a mercenary, but he wasnít too good to take on three at the same time. He moved into the kitchen and grabs onto a butcher knife. He silently stalks the dark corridors, waiting for his next victim.

Sulia was inside the walls as she slowly and silently traveled past vents. She happen to stumbled onto her father who was unaware of his daughterís presence. She filled with joy as she tried to whisper to him.

"Daddy, dadÖ what happen to mommy?"

The fox turned to the vent and smiled as he saw his daughter smiling to him. He comes closer to the vent and attempts to touch her face for the last time.

"Sulia Noelle, you will make it. I love you! We will see each other again my daughter, we will. Now, keep quiet, no matter what happens to me?"

"Okay daddy."

"Thatís my girl. Sulia Noelle."

A tear ran down his face as he slowly walked away. He got back into the mood of a spy. Sulia moved closer to a different vent that led to the corridor. When she looked down, she saw her mother lying on the wooden floor. She went into shock, knowing that her mother was gone forever. She refused to believe it, but she covered her muzzle from screaming. She silently cried as her chest fill in agony, sobbing as she stares at her father that just entered the corridor to check on his wife.

He bends down to check her pulse. He shakes his head in fury.

I shouldíve been there for her!

Sulia watches a surprising soldier sneaking up on her father. Sulia yells out loud.


The fox turned around and saved his life as a combat knife was held toward his face, almost entering his eye. When Sulia yelled, it alerted all of the other parties to enter the main corridor. As the fox fought off the soldier, two more soldiers came to aid their struggling comrade. Sulia watched the whole scene, covering her muzzle, knowing that she had cause her father to be caught.

Once Suliaís father was free from the first soldier, another stabbed him in the back. He barely yelps in pain, but kept on fighting. As the rest rallied upon his strong body, they restrained him against a wall. A bandicoot lay countless blows to his chest as he slowly fell down to his feet.

"Shit, thatís one strong mother fucker!" A soldier curse who was the originally the one that fought.

The angry collie kicked the fox to his face, breaking his nose. Suliaís father held his nose with one of his paws, feeling the blood gush out. He stared up at the vent where his daughter was watching.

Please, Sulia, donít watch my fate! Turn away and leave now!

His thought was interrupted when a soldier told the others about a little vixen within the walls.

"Hey you guys, I heard some little girl in the walls, go get her!"

Two members ran off, while the remaining five surrounded the fox. Still hiding the butcher knife behind his back, he waited for the next member to attempt a battle. A cocky puma decided to get a close look at the fox. Suliaís farther took his chanced and sliced the pumaís throat. Blood sprays against the white painted walls. The puma held his neck as the others started to beat the fox up.

One of them apprehended the knife and steps back.

"Hey guys, back up real quick!"

The four backed away as the beaten fox stumbled to stand up. Sulia watched her father as she sat silently at the vent staring, and learning how you could kill someone.

The puma fell dead by the fox, not even breathing. The main member in charge was a cheetah. He held the butcher knife close by his side, still staring at the fox.

"Now what should we do with him?" The cheetah questioned the group.

"Why donít we see what a foxís heart look like?" One member suggested with his sick mind.

"Not bad."

The two members who were sent to find the daughter returned.

"Lieutenant, we canít find her sir!"

The cheetah looked up angry and then back at the fox that was staring at something other than the members. When the feline turned to the particular site of what the fox was staring at, he looked hard into the vent. When his eyes adjusted, he could see the little vixen.

"You two idiots, the vixen is right there!"

The cheetah points to the vent as Sulia was struck with fear. She attempted to run, but one of the members smashed into the thin vent with his fist and grabs the vixen by her arm. He and the second soldier completely pulled her out of the wall and onto the wooden floor by her mother. Sulia started to cry as she ran toward her farther.


Sulia hugged her father deeply as if she would never see him again. The cheetah smiled as he walked over and grabbed the cub by her hair. She starts to scream as she began to fight wildly.

"Come here you little bitch, I want you to see something for me!"

As Suliaís father attempted to wrestle after the cheetah, he was pushed aside and beat down again. He slowly stares past the crowd, peering at his daughter that was against her will to a spotted feline. The cheetah makes her get on her knees and sticks her face in her motherís blood bath.

"I want you to lick your motherís blood! You will do it, or I will kill your father right NOW!"

Sulia thought for a minute and didnít want her farther to end up like her mother and soÖ she bend down and licks up some of her motherís blood. When Suliaís father scanned the picture of his daughterís wrong doing, he cried out in anger.


Sulia slowly turned her head toward her father, revealing large amounts of blood around her muzzle, her eyes watering. Her head was pushed back down into the puddle as she endlessly sobs as she drinks her motherís blood from the floor.

The cheetah laughs out loud and raises the small vixen up.

"Youíre a very good vixen, maybe Iíll let you live for obeying?"

Sulia shook in fear as she glanced at her father who couldnít believe his eyes what his daughter just did. The cheetah stares at his small group and orders them to halt their fight.

"Okay you guys, seize your fight!"

The memberís stopped and allows space for the fox to gather air. Her father starts coughing up blood. Sulia attempted to run beside her father, but the cheetah kept her still. He stares at the vixen and gives an evil grin.

"Okay Sulia, since thatís your name as being a bitch. I want you to do one last thing and I will let you go free. You may either join us or stay homeless and all alone." The cheetah gives her a choice, making it sound so sad.

Sulia stares up at the cheetah, "What, whatÖ?"

Sulia bust into even more tears as she didnít realize she was hugging the cheetahís leg. The Lieutenant looks down and stares for a long time before answering her question. He pushes her off his leg and bends down to stare at her in the face, eye to eye.

"Listen sweet heart. If you want to live, and grow up, thereís one thing left for you to do. I want you to go over there and kill your father for me?"

Sulia starts to whine silently, not believing what she has to do.

"No, I canít." She protested.

The cheetah kept calm, "Listen Sulia, if you donít do it, Iím afraid Iíll have to kill you right now. Now you wouldnít want that would you? If you wonít kill your farther, you know I will. Now we donít want that do we?"

Sulia shakes her head and slowly walks over to her farther. She knees beside him, not giving a hug. Her father stares deeply into her eyes and sighs.

"Sulia, you must live on, but you will forever have a sin over your soul. Do what you must, my time has come." He ordered, giving her a final hug without a kiss.

"Oh daddy, Iím sorry."

The cheetah walks over with the knife and places it into the paws of the vixen.

"Okay Sulia, make me proud? I donít want to kill you, your fatherís life for exchange for yours. Thatís a good deal honey."

Sulia takes the knife, shaking it nervously as she lifted it into the air. Her father places his paws on top of his and helps lift the knife into the air. Once it was high enough, he glanced at a clock for the time and then at his daughterís eyes.

"Sulia, I love you!" Suliaís father said as his final words.

"I love you too daddy! Iím sorry to hurt you."

As the second hand on the old clock on the wall reached a minute, the knife swings downward. A split second before the knife came down; the cheetah kicks the foxís paws off his daughterís as the knife immediately entered into his heart. A small gust of blood sprays onto his daughterís face. A clean stab, as the vixen glanced that her paws where the only ones on the knife. She just realized that she had ended her fatherís life on her own. She slowly scans her fatherís facial expression as his blood pours out from the gap area of his chest cavity.

Shocked, Sulia letís the knife go and cries on her fatherís chest. The cheetah stares at the vixen and then turns to his members.

"Okay, funs over guys, letís go!"

The guys slowly moved out of the house and onto the street as they heard gunfire throughout the hood, notifying them of countless civilians being murdered. Before the cheetah walked out, he turned back to see the crying vixen, balling her eyes out so much, she had red marks around her eyes. He sighs as he stares outside and then back inside. He shakes his head.

"Alright Sulia, I made a deal with you, and so Iíll take you in. From now on, your life will change before your very eyes! You will become a Venomian now, not a Cornerian anymore. You will at all times obey me or you will suffer my consequences. You got all of that?"

Sulia raises her head up at the cheetah, "YesÖ sir."

She slowly walks toward the door beside the adult cheetah and steps outside. Before she moved any further, he halted her steps.

"Hold on a minute!"

He stares at a locket around her neck. He places his claws around her neck and rips it off.

"Tesk, teskÖ you wonít need this young lady!"

The cheetah throws the locket back into the house, as it rapidly slides across the floor near her mother. Sulia looked up at her new master and sobs more than ever. The Lieutenant glances down and grabs her paw and they proceeded toward the truck.

The Commander was approaching them as he curiously stares at the little vixen that had blood anchoring around her muzzle.

"Lieutenant Lex, what in the hell are you doing with this Cornerian?"

The lieutenant salutes and turns toward the vixen.

"Sir, she is my responsibility now! I will take care of here for now on. She has performed a devilish sin in order to spare her life. She wants to become a Venomian Soldier sir!"

The black panther rubs his chin and stares at the vixen that is terribly timid, almost appears to be in shock.

"I see, wellÖ as you were Lieutenant! This young vixen is in your paws, you may not take her off your duty list, you will raise her now!"

The cheetah rubs the vixenís hair back, "Yes sir, sheís mine now. She will be very strong over the years. She will please Emperor Andross sir!"

"Letís hope so for your sake."

The panther walks back toward the truck followed by the two. The cheetah picks the vixen up, holding her as if she was his own.

"Okay Sulia, whatís your last name?"

Sulia shakes her muzzle nervously before answering him.

"Noelle sir."

The cheetah smiles and kisses her cheek, "Good vixen, you will be a very good soldier one day. Thatís once you grow up, which wonít take too long. By the way, how old are you?"

"6 sir."

"Oh, thatís good, you are very mature for that age. Youíll do well, as long as you follow my orders."

Sulia nods and rest her head against his shoulder.

A few blocks away, Don came out of hiding. To his dismay, he found his mother dead on the porch. He examines her body, seeing if she was still alive. Eyes filled with tears, as he couldnít believe he was truly alone in the world. Since five years ago, his father died in a tragic car accident because of a drunk driver.

Still looking over his motherís body, he noticed a bullet wound at the base of her spine, a deep hole in her chest. The bullet must have been very powerful to leave a hole the size of five golf balls put together. A huge chunk of her flesh was torn from the front area, so she had died very painfully.

Donís last thought was about Sulia, and soÖ he ran all the way toward her neighborhood to investigate the scene. When he reached her street, he noticed nothing but countless bodies on the streets, blood draining in the gutters, fires blazing throughout houseís, and still a few gunfire were still near, but out of range.

He came toward Suliaís front door and glanced in. He immediately ran over to Suliaís father, and then her mother. When he scanned Suliaís mother, he saw something shining, a dimmed sparkle. When he placed it into his paws, it was the locket that he gave Sulia. >From then on, he knew she was still alive, but not here.

A truck started and he was startled. He quickly ran outside and scanned the sound of the engine. When he located the truck, it was too far of reach, but he did see a paw full of enemies inside, taking off. The lonely jaguar fell to his knees in the streets and bowed his head, staring at the locket of his best friend.

Minutes passed and he was still kneeling. Another sound came from behind, as he quickly raised up and turned around to see another truck approaching. When it got close, the truck stopped. Don was too afraid to run, nor hid, but he just stood there staring at whatever that dares comes out. To his last surprise it were a paw full of Cornerian soldiers. They arrived too late on the wrong side of the city.

One of the soldiers hops out of the truck and runs up to the cub. The female cougar came up beside him and kneeled down to talk.

"Hi there, are you okay? Where are your parents?"

Don didnít want to answer, but he just stares at the cougar and gave her a deep hug to cheer himself up. The soldier smiles and returns the hug as she listened to the cub cry out for help.

"Come on now, weíll get you out of here! Commander Grey will help you out you just wait and see. Okay?"

Don smiles and followed the soldier to the truck. Before he got on, he gave one last look at his once hometown, now in ruins by a common enemy.

He silently whispered to himself as the truck took off back base.

Sulia Noelle, I will find you one day! I will kill all Venomians!

[End of Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] "Growing Up"