Love for Sulia

Chapter 2 "Growing Up"

"Through hard times in my life, Iíve become victor above anything else."

Sulia Noelle, Katina Civilian

After the successful invasion in Hates, it was left as rubbles. Total destruction over the morning breeze. During the aftermath, the small city was being recycled, placing the Venomian victims in their rightful graves in the city cemetery. Most of the cityís body count was near the extinction list. More than five hundred people suffered the aerial and ground attack formations, while some of the survivors on the other side of the city were living in fear to even return back to their homes.

The news broke out, hitting the front page of the "Venomian assault over morning" which cause great confusion and chaos. No one felt safe as long as Emperor Andross wasnít defeated sooner or later. If everyone lived in extreme anxiety, knowing that a city near Hates could be next on the list of termination, animals would immediately began emigrate off Katina.

Left in uncertainty, everyone turned to the government for an action. Commander Grey, during his middle twenties was dealing with the survivors. Running the airforce and taking care of lives were a paw full. He immediately ran through a list and examined the survivors one at a time in a conference room.

A small list of fifty survivorsí run across his mind as he stares at each animalís determined face, each in sadness after another. An abandon ferret sat before his commander, deriving his pity. Commander Grey studied the ferret with his popular shades, which represents great power over the mammal.

"Whatís your name sir?" Grey asked, a hint of distortion in his tone of voice.

The ferret looked up, attempting to hold his tears back at the corners of his blue eyes.

"Tom Sawyer sir."

"Uh huhÖ are you all alone? Are you injured in any way?

The ferret starts to tremble as he slowly reviewed the dreadful scene over in his mind.

"Yes sir, my folks were killed in the shoot out. Iíve been hiding for three hours. Iím tired, hungry, and only 17!" Tom raised his voice out loud as two guards, stands by his side.

Commander Grey frowns as he checks the ferretís records. He slowly sighs and nods.

"Alright, I can understand that! WellÖ you either have two choices here."

"Yeah," the desperate ferret growled.

Grey places the list onto the table and stares at the ferret seriously.

"You can either, take off searching for your relatives on Katina, or you can either join the army to become a soldier, though you may not by any circumstances join for any sort of revenge! Is that understood Mr. Sawyer?"

The ferret managed a smile, but turned to face the door and then back at the canine commander.

"Sir, Iíll like to search for my relatives. I have my uncle and aunt at Versailles."

Commander nods while pointing to a soldier, "Okay son. Follow this officer and heíll direct you to nearest port to drop you off where you may search for your relatives."

"Thanks you sir," Tom smiles happily, and stands up from his seat.

Commander Grey studies the ferret as he exits the room. Grey glanced at the next animal on the list.

Don Solomon? HmmÖ I wonder who this mammal is?

Grey got his answer when he seen one of his officers enter the room with a cub jaguar. Bill raised his eyebrow as the jaguar slowly climbed up on the chair and starts holding his face, crying softly.

"Don, Don Solomon?"

The cub barely looks up instead he nods for confirmation. The commander was shocked to see such a young fellow survive the massacre. Scratching his head, he sighs and began his usual questioning.

"Don? Are you totally alone?"

The little cub stares up, eyes filled in tears that slowly anchored his face, "Yes, my mommy died. I just wishÖ"

The cub bust into more tears, a slight whine roamed the room. The young female cougar that originally founded Don walks beside him and gives him a hug.

"There, there, nowÖ everythingís gonna be alright Don." She said to cheer the jaguar up.

Commander Grey stares at his young, independent soldier. He smiles as she slowly turned to face him.

"HmmÖ Sergeant Grace, looks like you have a talent there?"

The cougar looks up in confusion as the cub peeked through her arms at the commander.

"Excuse me sir? I donít understand what you said?"

Commander Grey starts laughing and gives a big smile toward the cub.

"Son, how old are you?"

The cub answers, "Five."

The cougar releases her hug and stand up straight, "What are you thinking sir?"

Grey folds his arms behind his head, barely pulling off his shades.

"I see that you are good with cubs, why donít you adopt this cub?"

The cougar gave a smile that turned into a few short chuckles.

"Who me?" She said, pointing at herself.

"Yeah you. You donít have anything else better to do around here but give orders, soÖ try something different? You will still work here, but at least you would have something to look forward to while you are here."

The cougar steps back, shaking her head, "Me, how can I do that? Heís not my son, nor my species of the matter. I donít think his parents would like this!"

Bill stands up from his seat, "Come on Grace, do you want me to make it an order? Plus, he looks very bright to me, full of hope. I just read his records, he has no one left in his life, and I mean no one in Lylat! You seem to be a good, caring, lovable person to him. Plus you found him yourself out on the battlefield."

The cougar sighs, "If I do this, I still want my normal job! I will agree to your terms, butÖ if he gives me one sign of trouble, Iím going to find him step parents sir."

The commander walks across the desk and stands by the cougar. He pats her back and scans the cub.

"SergeantÖ heís no trouble. Well appears that way to me. Heíll be very respectful and intelligent role model. Just train him and take care of him? If I learn that you arenít doing your job, youíll be in deep waters!"

The cougar frowns as she felt his paw brush against her shoulder. She looks down at the cub that was still in tears, but slowly gave her a smile, with the most promising eyes.

Grace sighs, "Alright, give me the papers and Iíll raise him as my own. Remember, if he gives me trouble, heís out of here!"

"Okay, if heís trouble, just send him to me and Iíll find someone to take care of him."

The sergeant shakes the commanderís paws, "Okay Commander Grey, you have a deal. Now, where is he going to do while Iím working? In that matter, what place?"

Bill bends down and pats the cubs head, "GraceÖ he can stay here with you in your quarters. Instead of working all day, Iíll cut your time slot in half so you can teach him stuff and you can still have time to work. Time frames are simple, especially when I assign them. Just trust me, Mr. Don will be a very loyal novice. Youíll be his role model and step mother in no time flat!"

The cougar sighs and bends down toward the cub and grabs his paw, advising him to stand up out of the seat, ready to depart. Before leaving, Commander Grey smiles at Don, waving.

"Grace, Iíll have someone send you the papers down to your quarters soon."

"Yes sir."

Paw in paw, they left the room as the commander studies the profile on Don.

Don Solomon the lieutenant? That has a nice ring to it!


On the deserted, barren planet Venom, Emperor Andross reins supreme. Destined to believe that he would rule the entire system, he made technological advances in electronics and space division weapons. As a side effect, the planet has under go a tragic environmental hazard with pollution.

Unable to ever heal this planet, he created a special filter that would clean the atmosphere and what was left of carbon dioxide into oxygen. The cycle was known as ëVenom Cycleí.

Mainly the theory works and he was able to maintain the planet as an enormous defense base. After he learned of the very successful mission of the loss of Katinaís targeted cities he develops a plan for the Cornerian captives. He summoned his Commander, the black panther that lead the elite successfully.

The black feline walked down a long, thick, red carpet that proceeded to Androssí throne within his throne room. As he scanned the old ape, he quickly saluted and kneeled on his knees.

"Commander Arthur, whatís your outcome from the mission to Katina?" Andross questioned as he slowly rubs his white, musty beard.

The Commander glances up, "Emperor Andross, the mission was very successful. The elite managed to annihilate the most of the city, and we even obtained a couple prisoners sir."

The ape grins, "Well done Commander, for your successful mission, you will be rewarded soon. Now, for the prisonersÖ how many did you capture?"

The panther stands up, "Five sir, though my men completely slathered most civilians."

"Excellent, take the prisoners to the cells on B-5. Let them rot. Iíll devise a plan for General Pepper!"

"Right away your majesty!"

The panther walks out of the room as the infamous team named Star Wolf entered the room. The one-eyed wolf steps forth, slowly followed by his trio. Wolf salutes and awaits order.

"Ah Lieutenant Commander Oí Donnell, whatís your status from Fortuna?"

With his good right eye, Wolf stares angry, "Too cold! Then again, we managed to defeat Star Fox over the icy base. The base is no more! An well, for Fox McCloudís sake, he wonít last when I meet him again."

The ape laughs out loud, "Wolf, you are demented! Star Fox may be easy to your only eye, but to me, heís a damn pain in the ass! I want him destroyed next time, you hear me?"

"Yes sir," Wolf growled, but he kept his calm.

"Now! I want you and your squadron to advance to Boris and keep guard for a while. I know for a fact, Star Fox is proceeding there next. Keep them entertained!"

Wolf smiles, "Yes sir, I will blow this fox out of the skies!"

As Wolf walked out, he quickly glanced at an old photo of a female wolf.

I will see you again my wife! Peace is with you Laura!

He immediately hides the photo before Leon could see him. The four ran to their wolfenís and took off.

At the haul of the base, the Cornerian prisoners were starving and locked within a sweltering chamber unlike no other. Five different species were crowded in the small room. The four teens complained about being captured, while a lonely cub vixen was stationed in the corner of the room. Sulia thought about her dead parents, replaying the terrible incident. She kept repeating it until she began sobbing instantly before everyone.

None of the teens paid any attention since they were arguing about their own lives. Sulia rubs around her neck, wishing that her locket was still there, but remembered that it was ripped off before she left. She silently cried, calling for her mom to come and get her out of there, but she could only dream that her mother would open the room door.

While she stayed in the corner, the teens kept on arguing. A panther, doberman, fox, and wolf shouted loudly.

"How the fuck do you get captured, when your ass is hiding? Somebody answer that for me?" The panther yelled, her voice screaming throughout the room in an echo.

The fox next to her answer her question, "Well maybe since you are so LOUD MOUTH! They found your crazy ass anyway!"

The wolf and fox laugh out loud as they pointed toward the panther. The angry panther bites her lip and stares at the two.

"Whatís so fucking funny? We are going to DIE any second now, and you two are laughing at me! My GOD, males are so stupid!"

The wolf eyes the panther, "LOOK WHOíS TALKING!"

The fox joined in, "This is bullshit, and Iím never gonna get a chance to get laid?" He said frustrated, shaking his head.

The panther looks up, "Hey man, since this loud mouth panther wonít allow you to touch her, why donít you go in that corner over there?"

The panther points to an empty corner of the small room, "AND JACK OFF!"

The wolf and panther laughs out loud together, patting each otherís back as if friends. The panther smirks while staring at the disappointed fox.

"Man, you guys have problems!" The panther said coldly, as she turned her back on them.

The fox stands up and paces around the room madly, just getting even more frustrated ever second. The two other males watch him as they continued on.

"Man we are talking bullshit in here, and we donít even know each otherís names! So, if anybody wants to know my name, itís Kale Monters," the fox announced.

Everyone except Sulia turned toward the fox and smirks.

"Okay, call me Marc Antony!" The wolf spoke.

"Misty Powers," the panther answered proudly.

"Well me, call me Terry Smith!" The doberman answer finally.

Each party shakes paws and stares at one another.

"Okay, now that we know each other, well kindaÖ letís compromise here?" Misty asked the three males.

"Compromise what?" Terry asked.

"Yeah, this Kale fellow never been laid." Marc added, while laughing and pointing.

Kale blushes as he stares away from the pack.

"Alright, so what do you think we should do?" Misty questions, after sighing.

Marc and Terry stares at each other and then at the panther.

"Why donít weÖ how can I say this? UmÖ truth or dare?" Marc asked as a last minute thought.

"Alright," the three agreed.

All together, they all got into a circle in the center of the room. Sulia finally stopped crying and slowly peeked at the older audience.

"Okay, Iíll go first!" Terry Demanded. "Truth or Dare Kale?"

The fox stares up and answers, "UmÖ truÖ dare!"

"Okay Kale, I dare you toÖ"

The doberman displays an evil grin, "Go over to that corner and do what Misty said earlier?"

The fox jumped up in shock, "WHAT? Oh no, NO WAY!"

"You have to, thatís how the game works!" Marc demanded.

The fox sighs, "Iím not gonna do that with a room full of people staring at me! NO WAY!"

Kale folds his arms as the wolf pats his shoulder, "We wonít look okay! Just go over there and do your dare!"

"You guys sure you wonít look?"

"NO!" They all agreed!

The fox smacks his forehead and walks to the corner, "I canít believe Iím doing this? Iím going to die and I wonít even get laid right! Why me and my big mouth?"

As the group presumed the game, Sulia takes her eye off the group and covers her eyes. Slowly wiping her tears away. She decides to lay on the floor and rest her mind. Minutes later, she finally ignor the voices and fell asleep.

"Okay Marc? Truth or Dare?" Terry asked while smiling.

"Damn, must I say dare cause I donít have any type of truths to spill the beans out!"

"Okay wolf, I dare you tooÖ do it to Misty over there!"

The wolf stares at the panther. Misty blushes and turns away from the group. Marc sighs and turns toward the doberman.

"Hey, I donít think that was cool man! I donít know her!"

"So what, if Kale is over there playing with himself, if heís kept his word, why canít you?"

Marc shakes his head as he slowly stands up and walks over to Misty who was staring at the little vixen that went to sleep. March sits by her side and stares at the vixen also.

"Alright Misty, UmÖ I have my dare to do, so are you going along with it?"

The panther slowly turns to face the wolf, "What? Come on Marc, thereís a little vixen over there?"

The wolf stares at the vixen that was sleeping, "Sheís sleep, she wonít see anything, though these so called guys donít care."

"Alright. You can mate with me, but if you donít watch what youíre doing, and get me pregnant, you are going to marry me. Thatís if we donít die in this bitch of a place Venom?"

"Okay, Iíll marry you then if I must after this! I promise," Marc promised very convincingly.

The wolf and panther stands up paw in paw and faces the two remaining members of the pack.

"Okay Terry, my deal is up, but you guys canít watch! If I see that you are, Iíll kick your ass, no joke either!"

"Okay chill wolf! We wonít peek, damn privacy!" Terry said as Kale just entered the circle once more.

The two mates entered a different corner of the room. Terry stares at the exhausted fox.

"Hey man, you okay there? You look as if you really brought up a storm over there!" Terry laughs out loud as the fox smirks.

"No, Iím cool, though it doesnít feel right to afterwards."

"Yeah, I bet you feel less of a male now?" Terry jokes.

"Ha haÖ shut up you ass! So, whatís going on with Marc?"

Terry pats the foxís shoulder, "Boy Oí boy, looks like Marc is getting laid the right way!"


"Yeah man, I dared him to mate with Misty over there, but we canít look, so donít turn your head in their so called space!"

"Oh man, this is bull. The wolf scores before I do, that sucks!" Kale complained as he stares at the cub that was sleeping on the floor.

"Hey Terry, UmÖ I didnít noticed before, but why in the hell is a small vixen doing in here with us?" Kale asked while staring at the vixen.

Terry shrugs his shoulders, "Beats me, but I just feel sorry for her. She donít deserve to die in a place like this you know?"

"Yeah," Kale agreed.

"Do you want to resume the game?" Terry questioned.

"Nah, that dare just ruined my day, beside being here and ready to die soon."

Terry nods and lies on his back on the floor, trying to blocks out the sound of Marc and Misty. Kale does the same, just staring at the ceiling that had one light bulb that glared throughout the concrete surfaces.

A half an hour passed. Marc and Misty laying beside each other, smoother with their clothes, Sulia still out, and the other two members knocks out as well. Sulia shook from the cold air, pretending she had her normal blanket over her frame. Misty half asleep took note and raised up slowly without waking up Marc. Sliding on her white panties, she throws on her pants and used Marcís jacket to cover the cub from freezing.

Sulia smiles in her dream, while moving the long, thick jacket toward her chin. Misty smiles as she slowly walked back to Marc and lies back down next to him to keep warm. Marc slowly awoken and stares at Misty, smiling.

Marc whispers, "Hey Misty, you alright?"

Misty places her head on the wolfís chest, "Yeah, just covering that poor vixen cub over there."

Marc raises his head up slight, scanning the vixen.

"She was in here the whole time?"

"I guess so, this is the first time Iíve seen her Marc."

"Man, who could all of us forget a little girl was in here with us?"

"Donít know, she was so quiet, it was almost like she blended with this room," Misty answered softly, closing her eyes for a second.

"Hey, you better put your shirt back on?" Marc warned.

"You need your clothes back on wolf," Misty announced, since he forgot he was completely nude.

He slowly raised up and places his clothing on until he was dressed again. He sits down beside Misty and stares at her. Slowly stroking her hair, he sighs.

"I wish we werenít in here. But, I guess this the end for us. I just like to sayÖ I love you!"

Misty turns her head to stare and smiles, "I love you too!"

Together they kiss and continue to stare around the room. As the loud footsteps of boots stomped down the long, dark hall, Marc jumped up.


When Marc yelled, Terry quickly raised up. He looked at the fox that was drooling on his arm. Terry yanks his arm away.

"Damn Kale, get the hell off me!"

Kale wakes up when he bangs his head onto the floor, "What the hell?"

He rubs the drool off the side of his face as he peeked around the room and stares at everyone while wiping the drool off his muzzle. Sulia was startled by Marcís outburst and quickly raised up. She slowly backs up against the wall, ducking her head into her arms.

The loud footsteps stopped outside the door; more steps came near the door. A key was inserted and the doorknob turned. Once the door swings open, a small mob of soldiers came inside, pushing everyone down to the ground. Sulia screams as a soldier places her head to the ground, feeling some sort of sharp object near her neck.

A black panther entered the room. He stares at the scene and then at the small cub.

"Alright Cornerians, prepare to face death. Your emperor has ordered for your execution. You will learn of your fate, which comes in different varieties. No more pain, no more hunger, and not even a last request here! Each soldier will take you to your death chamber, and you will be placed on a table. A case will be issue to each individual. Letís call it your special box?"

The commander snaps his fingers and his men pulls everyone to their feet.


The panther steps out of the room as each captive was moved out of the room, on their way to a cell chamber. As one of the soldiers held the cub over his shoulder, the commander halts the soldier.

"Whoa soldier, wait a minute."

The wildcat in black uniform halts, "Yes Commander?"

"Iíll take care of this young lady, you help the others!"

"Yes sir," the wildcat placed the vixen down to her feet and he took off after one of his comrades.

Sulia stares up at the adult panther with sobbing eyes. The commander kneels down to her level and wipes her tears away.

"Ah, donít cry. You are in no harm. You may be a Cornerian bitch, but you are too young to end like this. Plus, I have someone who wants to see you, so you just tag along okay?"

Sulia nods and slowly follows the commander. As Sulia slowly passes one of the death chambers, she was halted. The commander allowed her to enter the death room where the panther was held. Misty was tied to the table by her arms and legs, completely striped down to her nude frame. She had her muzzle gagged with some strong tape as Sulia could see tears running down her face.

The executioner halts her job as she glances at the commander. The panther nods for her to proceed. The commander placed a chair for him to sit in right in front of the table. He pulls Sulia close, to sit on his lap in order to watch the execution. Sulia was unaware of what was about to take place, but she has a good idea that Misty wasn't too trilled about it.

As the executioner opened the black box, Mistyís eyes widen as she attempted to scream, but her voice couldnít have been hard outside the room since the steel door was shut tightly. She glanced at various cutting tools. Knives that rangers from Blades, Needles, and a mini electronic saw that was used for cutting certain kinds of meat. On another side of the executioner, was a mallet that was already bloody from previous usage.

Sulia watched in great fear for the panther. The executioner stares back at the commander. The commander waves for the proceeding and turns to Sulia.

"Now I want you to listen Sulia! What you will witness right now will always be in your mind forever. Remember, if you get into any kind of trouble with Andross or meÖ youíll end up the same as this unfortunate, beautiful panther. Do you understand me?"

Sulia turns to face the panther and nods. As she turned around, she scans the executioner placing the pantherís paw on the edge of the table and held it down tightly. Misty attempted to get free, but she had no luck when tied up. The lioness executioner reached for the mallet and raises it high into the air. As it came shooting down, it smashed Mistyís paw, breaking all of the bones within her paw. Sulia was startled and quickly turned away from the scene. The commander forces her face forward, holding it to watch the whole scene. Sulia attempted to move her head, but the commander was too much for her. The victimís screams roared around the room as she looked at her paw that had her bone piercing outside her fur.

The lioness placed the bloody mallet down and equips a small blade that was used for shaving. The panther screams again as the blade slowly cuts her chest open. Blood pours out slowly, draining to her side, off the platform. Sulia begins to whine loudly, hoping that she could close her eyes, but she was too timid to do so. The cutting stopped as the lioness placed the blade away. She slowly revealed another kind of knife, much bigger than an average blade. The panther was in so much terror she attempted to break free. For doing that, the lioness placed the knife below her stomach and with speed, slicing upward. More of the pantherís blood splinted against her face, as well the lioness.

Another scream came out as the lioness turns to the commander. Sulia was shaking nervously as she was still being forced to watch the gruesome scene.

"Commander, should the vixen see this? Iím near the final task of opening her body and removing her organs."

"Yes, proceed, we are about done here."

"Yes sir."

The commander lifts Sulia onto his shoulder as he got up and walked closer to the table. Sulia was too scared to even refuse, believing she would be next to suffer dearly.

"OkayÖ finish her already!"

The lioness acknowledges her order and returns back to the pantherís split chest. Sulia grabs tighter around the commanderís neck still facing the panther. She bent down slightly to feel the pantherís good paw. Misty stares at the cub and grabs tightly. The commander watches Sulia and pulls her arm away from the victims.

"No Sulia, donít ever touch the victim. They could turn on your instantly. Always remember that!"

The lioness turns around to faces the commander, "Here we go, one rip coming up!"

The lioness placed her claws over the slice wounds and rips the flesh in half, displaying the pantherís muscular figure beneath her fur. Misty screams again, then sudden shock caused her to faint immediately.

"Well done, we must go now!" The commander announced.

The commander places Sulia down and together they walk away, leaving the lioness to clean up. The commander stares down at the vixen.

"Sulia, donít ever get in my way, or Iíll have you go through the same torture as her!"

Sulia stares up and frowns, eyeís twitching uncontrollable.

Within the VEGA base, Sergeant Grace entered her quarters along with Don. She shuts the door and throws herself on her bed. She quickly stares at the cub.

"UmÖ Don, donít tell anyone I did that?"

"I wonít!" Don answered, still confused.

The cougar smiles at him and slowly sits up and sighs. She holds her arms open toward Don and smiles for him to come over. Don slowly walks into her arms as she gave him a hug.

"Now Don, I need you to listen very well okay? I know that Iím not your real mother, but just find it in your heart to look at me as your step mom. Just treat me the same as you would to your mom? I have to raise you now as if you were my own. So, listen to me at all times, and try to stay out of trouble. I promise you, Iíll always be there for you, but you have to always stay by my side right now, so I can teach you the ways of becoming a true, honest, and good soldier."


"Now, you donít have to necessarily have to call me mom, but you can call me by my last name Grace. You can only call me by my first name when you hit a teenager, which is Mia, okay? Thatís just how the rules are here, and you need to show respect for everyone, even me."


"No, no DonÖ when you are talking or responding to people older than you, you say yes sir for a male, and yes maíam for female."

"Okay, yes sir?"

Grace slaps her forehead, "Okay, just a little more practice for now on. Okay, am I female or male Don?"

Don thinks for a second, "UmÖ female?"

"Correct, so you reply to me as yes maíam okay?"

"Yes maíam."

"Good job," Grace cheers.

She places him onto the bed beside her, "Okay, you are a fast learner. UmÖ hereís another way to tell if someone is a male or female. You can either check that personís face, tail, or breasts."

"What are breasts Grace?"

Grace smiles and laughs out loud, "Okay Don, I see you need to distinguish between the sexes. Alright, look at me for a second, but not too hard now!"

Don stares at Graceís body and then at her face, "What am I looking for?"

"Okay, look where I point so that you will know what Iím talking about. Okay, this is what a femaleís tail look like."

Grace points to her short tail, "See, this is my tail, itís skinny, short, and thatís how you tell if they are a female. Some of our tails are long too. Now, this is my face. As you see, my face is smaller than any other males, and itís beautiful."

Graces laughs like a cub again while falling on her back. Don smiles while staring at her.

"Okay, these are breasts."

Grace sits up and points toward her chest. Don stares at her breast for a minute as Grace ordered him to stop staring.

"Okay Don, those are breasts, they are bigger than males breast such as yourself. Always remember, not to looked anyoneís breast or theyíll think that your are a weirdo."

"Yes maíam, I wonít look."

"Okay, now if I point at some of my friends, I want you to tell me if they are male or female?"

A knock was on the door, which startled both mammals. Grace quickly gets up and opens the door. A cougar stares at her, placing a clipboard into her paws.

"Sergeant, adoptive papers for your new son Don Solomon, I mean Don Grace," the cougar smiles.

"Okay, thanks Greg, oh wait a second?" Grace placed the clipboard on a desk.

"Yeah Mia Grace?"

"Step inside, Iím testing my new son out?"


The cougar steps in, looking at Don. Graces runs up beside Don and smiles. Don stares at the two cougarís carefully as Grace ran beside her friend.

"Okay Don, whoís male and female?"

The jaguar stares at both species and nods. After he thought about the true outcome, Don seemed so confused since they both were the same. He looks at Grace and then Greg. He stands up and points at Greg.

"You are male and you are female Grace? Because, Greg donít have breasts."

Grace and Greg laughs uncontrollably for the jaguar. Graces picks Don up and swings him around the room. Greg looked at his watch and smiles.

"Well, good job Grace, heís a fast learner. You better watch out, he might just take your place! Well, I got to go, talk to you later."

"Okay Greg, see you later," Grace stops and places Don to his feet.

Don smiles for his first victory and gives Grace a deep hug to her legs. Grace pats his head and bends down.

"You will be a very cool feline in no time. Youíll make Commander Grey proud over the years, youíll see."

Don smiles as Grace walked over to get the papers.

[End of Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] "The Mission"