Lylat Wars Extension

By: Young David Claycomb


Chapter 1

"Time to add pepper and salt together." "Making a greater stake, with a great

Wolf OıDonnell, Star Wolf

The Cornerian base on a sunny afternoon was lush. Full of crowds of officers,
desk clerks, assistants, and workers. General Pepper as usual was in his big
office, filling out useless papers. Every hour, a pile of papers would fill
again, and every fifteen minutes his phone would rang. General was growing
tiresome by the minute, his paws ached, sweat ran down the side of his face,
and his eyes grew heavy. Time by time, he would order another coffee to stay
awake. When he finished his long period of decision making, an officer
knocked on his door.

"You may enter."

A female jaguar officer came in. She walked up to his desk, and followed a

"Good afternoon sir."

"Whatıs your report MsŠ?" said the general trying to glance at her nametag.

"Ms. Pana," answered the officer politely.

"Ms. Pana."

"My report sir is to inform you of a system leak within the computers."

"Computer leak, whatıs the cause?"

"Not sure sir, perhaps a virus."

"I see, well send a computer specialist to the mainframes."

"Already done sir, system should be back up soon, we just lost some
communications sir, nothing big."

"Okay private, dismissed."

The jaguar salutes and approaches the door. The General starts thinking about
the problem. He sighs and looks down his desk. He looks down his empty mug.
Just before he was going to call for another, he decided he would get some
himself for once. He slumps out of his chair an out the door. When he entered
the hall, everyone greets him. He walked down the corridor, to he saw a door
with a plate reading "Lounge". He enters the small rectangular room, and
heads to a coffee machine. He refills his mug and grabs some packets of sugar
and cream. As he fixes his drink, a commander enters the room. The Black
Panther stares at the general, then walks over to his side.

"God afternoon General," spoke the commander while saluting.

The General turns to the commander and smiles.

"Same to you Commander Trek."

"I see the paper work is making you very sleepy."

"Yeah, it is, by the way, have you hard about that computer leak?"

"Oh no General, I havenıt, why?"

"Some officer came into my office reporting a leak."

"Whatıs the officers name sir?"

"It was Ms. Pana, a jaguar."

"Thatıs strange sir, I never heard the name before."


"Really sir, I donıt recollect Ms. Pana."

"Hmm, I donıt like this one bit." "Commander Trek, can you go down to the
mainframes to see if a computer specialist is working on it?"

"Right away sir, first, can you hand me that last bagel?"

The General grins, and hands the last bagel over, knowing that he wanted it
himself. The commander receives his reward and eats it while leaving.

In the mainframe room, a computer specialist was working on the huge computer
wires. The specialist turned around quickly when a jaguar came in.

"Oh god, you scared the crap out of me."

"You have ten minutes."

The cheetah turned his head, showing his mean face.

"Ten minutes, it takes time to plant this state of the art device."

The jaguar folds her arms and snaps her neck left and right.

"I suspect you to finish in ten, I got a feeling the General doesnıt buy that
weak excuse of a story."

"Iıll do my job, you do yours."

The specialist turned his head to finish his job, while the impatient jaguar
sits in a chair waiting. After ten minutes, the jaguar started her complaint

"You done yet?"

"Just about."

"Whatıs just about?"

"You heard me woman, almost."

When the jaguar got up, the door opened. The commander walked in, glancing
around the room. He walked up to the jaguar and started his investigation.

"You must be officer Pana right?"

"Yes sir, as you can see I already have a specialist working out the

The commander turns around to stare at the cheetah hard at work. The
commander picks up a console phone to see if the lines were down.

"Hey the phones are fixed."

"Yeah, I just finished that problem sir."

"Who are you?" asked the commander addressing the question to the specialist.

The specialist went into shock of fear, and quickly answered.

"My name is Joe Dead."

"Joe Dead?" "What kind of name is that?"

"It means your dead."

The commander turns around, receiving a sharp blow to his neck. The hit was
powerful, breaking his windpipe. The commander holds his neck in agony, and
falls dead by the feet of the jaguar. The cheetah laughs and quickly seals up
the mainframe hatch.

"Nicely done Tiffany."

"Thanks Albert, now lets hide this dead guy."

The two quickly carries the body to a nearby storage room and dumps the body
inside. The cheetah shuts the door, than breaks the doorknob off. The two
hurries back to their jets and takes off. About an hour later, Pepper grew
curious about Treks whereabouts. He ordered a private to search the
mainframes. When the private searched the room, she found nothing. She
stumbles onto the broken closet knob that was lying on the floor. Putting two
and two together, she discovered the dead body. She gasps for air when she
found the commander, running immediately back to General Pepper.

Chapter 2

"Plot thickens, was my motto."

Katt Monroe, Associate of Star Fox

Wolf sat patiently on his chair. He studies his next move. He stayed on a
constant alert, moving place to place. He considered staying on a mothership
as a sitting duck. He thought long and hard. He was glad Andross lost to Fox,
since Andross always sent him on boring missions. Now that he was his own
boss, he could easily destroy Fox. Leon, Pigma, and Andrew watched closely at
Wolfıs appearance. Trying to see if their leader wasnıt losing his mind. Wolf
puts his paws over his face.

"Are you okay Wolf?" asked Leon showing concern. Wolf nods and sighs,

"Okay, first off everyone." "Iıve been thinking why McCloud never falls to
his fate."

"Whatıs that Wolf?" asked Andrew who was puzzled.

Wolf laughs, "Team work, we need to learn to work together, not fight among

Leon smiles because he always told the group that in the first place to begin

"So, what Iım saying is, to renew our team oath." "Leon, Pigma, and Andrew,
do you understand?"

"Yes sir," replied the three.

"Okay, place your Star Wolf pendants on the center of this table."

The team took off their pendants, and lays them at the center of the table.
Wolf stands up, performing a salute to his team.

"I, Wolf OıDonnell, leader of this team promise to serve, protect, and to be
loyal." "Be there in emergencies or assistance if needed."

Wolf finishes his oath and waited for his team to do the same oath and
salute. Leon, then Pigma, and Andrew followed the same oath and salute. Wolf
smiles at his teammates, something he never did before. He walks up to
Andrew, standing before him. He puts out his paw and gave a stern look into
Andrewsıs beady eyes.

"Andrew, I would like to say this, sorry for all those pointless fights and
arguments." "Those name remarks and so on."

"Iım to sorry for all of my days of whining."

Leon and Pigma laughs out loud, making Andrew feel discomfort. Wolf didnıt
laugh, but grins and releases his paw shake. Wolf walks back to his chair.

"Okay group, thereıs something you should know."

Pigma, Leon, and Andrew comes to attention. Wolf signs and clears his throat.

"Iım, Iım McCloudıs brother."

The groupıs mouths drop, as if lightning has struck them.

"Say again?" asked Leon.

"I said, Iım Fox McCloud's older brother."

"No way," protested Andrew.

"Yes way." "Iıll explain, pay close attention."

Wolf shuts his only eye to reminisce the war.

"Before the Lylat Wars, when James was captured, he wasnıt destroyed as
youıve been told he was." Andross simply kept him alive in his dungeon. James
stayed down there for a week. When Andross called me to his throne room,
thatıs when he introduced me to my father. The middle age fox, who trained me
and taught me flying skills. I didnıt realize after a while what I really
learned from this guy. I learned the McCloud style, which Fox uses. I never
used it during the war, just saving it for one day. Andross allowed me to
speak to him before his execution. James told me little about my mother whom
was being held prisoner somewhere. He told me the deal Andross made to him,
setting a bomb to his wifeıs car, if he didnıt have a hybrid with this female
wolf. He had no choice, if he wanted to see his family again, he had to have
a second son. And so, I was born. I never got the chance to see my mother,
never. Later I found out Andross had killed her, after an attempt to escape.
After the death of both parents, I always wanted to kill Andross, but never
got the chance. Now I will show Star Fox the real wolf behind the eye patch.

"Whatıs the plan Wolf?" questioned Leon.

"Iıve sent my spies to plant a bomb under the Generalıs nose, it will go off
if some touches it." "This will make Fox do what ever I order him to do, if
he cares that much for the mutt." "We will get our last battle, and we will

Moments after answering, Wolfıs spies came back to report.

Chapter 3

"Evil has many faces."

Peppy Hare, Star fox

On Great Fox, Fox, Fara, Slippy, Falco, Katt , Peppy and Bill sat at the
table eating. They spoke about the past during the long Lylat War.

"This meal is great Fara," complemented Bill.

Fara blushes and stares at Fox. Falco and Slippy still argues, fighting over
homemade biscuits. Katt watches, finding it amusing. Peppy was thinking about
his old friend James. Fox thought about his victory and had second thoughts
about Star Wolf. Fox displays stress on his face and Fara noticed it.

"Whatıs wrong Fox?"

Fox turns his face at a different angle, showing that he didnıt want to

"Cımon Fox what is it?"

"Oh nothing really."

The monitor phone rangs, Falco was the closest by and reach over to push the
button. The monitor comes on, displaying Jennifer. A vixen who, was Foxıs
younger sister. She was skilled as a spy and was a good fighter. She was
mostly quite type, but at times acts tough.

"Hey Jennifer, long time no see." "What are you up to, planning to shoot
Great Fox?"

"No beak man, just dropping by, Iıll be docking in 30seconds."

"Okay, see you here then, bye."

Falco presses the same button that ended the call. Fox watched Falco from a
distance, wondering who called.

"Hey Falco, who was it?"

"Just your little sister, sheıll be here very shortly."

Fox turns his attention away again, Fara watches with concern. Fara had been
very close friends throughout the war. Fara thought about marriage, but
waited for Fox to plead. Fox loved Fara very much, but some how is too sly to
admit his feelings and emotions.

Fox prepared a plate for his sister. By the time she arrived, he gave her the
plate. The vixen found a seat between her brother and Fara. She sat
comfortable and begins eating. Falco starts a new conversation.

"Hey Fox, how many times have we beat Star Wolf?"

"I think 20-30times, all I know is, we always win so easily."

"Wolf probably got his tail between his legs," mocked Slippy.

Everyone laughs, then suddenly the monitor phone came on again. Katt choose
to answer it, when she did she gasps for air. No one paid attention to Kattıs
disappearance. She stood at the monitor scanning the figure. She studied the
one eye wolf. Wolf smiles, "Katt Monroe isnıt it?" "Put Fox on the phone

Katt gave a scornful look, then called to Fox. Fox got her attention, and
walked over to her side. Foxıs smile went off his face.

"Well, well, so the wolf came out of hiding." "Why donıt you keep your tail
between your legs?"

"Shut that hole in your mouth, or youıll pay dearly."

"Or what Cyclops?"

"Or the General will perish."

Fox kept quite, while Katt walks back to her seat to warn the others.

"What do you want from me? "First, you killed my father, second my mother,
now what?"

"Donıt excuse me you fool, you revenged that old gas passing ape." "Now, I
want you to meet me at Venom, bring your team with ya."

"Why should I?"

"General remember, his life is in your hands, I say no more Fox." "Just bring
your ass here now!"

Wolf disconnects the call in Foxıs face rudely. Fox slams his paw on top the
monitor. He picks it up, tossing it against a wall. Glass shatters every
where. Fara and the others stood up from their chair.

"Hey, cut that out," demanded Peppy.

Fox paces back and forth, thinking of all his options. Falco walks up to his

"Whatıs going on?"

"I should have killed that damn wolf along time ago." "For my mistake, the
general will pay for it."

"Whatıs General Pepper got to do with this?"

"Iım not sure FALCO, all I know is, we have to go to Venom right now."

Slippy and Peppy walks over to Fox.

"Hereıs the deal, Peppy, Falco, and Slippy, you three to your arwings now!"
"Bill, Katt, Jennifer, and Fara, stay out of my way."

The Star Fox team heads to their arwings. Fara runs after Fox, grabbing his
shoulder to halt him. Fox came to a stop, and turned his head to face the
culprit. Fara puts her paw on Foxıs face.

"Fox, Iım going with you."

"No, I donıt want anything to happen to you."

"You need help where youıre going, could be a trap."

"Look Fara, please just listen to me right now." "I donıt want anything to
happen to you, because I love you."

Fara smiles, "I love you to, I want you to let me go with you."

Fox sighs, "No Fara, thereıs nothing you can do to change my mind."

"Oh really," Fara pushes Fox into a room. He falls onto the floor, landing on
his back. Fara shuts to door, then lays down by his side.

"Fox, I want to tell you this." "I always wanted to marry you."

"I want to marry you to Fara, but Star Wolf stands in my way."

"Cımon Fox, if you donıt make it back, who am I to marry?" "I couldnıt live
with myself if something happened to you."

Fox attempts to get up, but was pushed back down.

"Where you going, I have to change your mind first."

"Ha, try it."

Fara kisses Fox passionately, which was into tricking him not to leave in a
hurry. Fox got into the kiss that soon led to being in bed. Fara undresses
herself for the first time in front of Fox. Fox did the same, and carefully
lays over Fara.

"Whereıs Fox?" questioned Falco.

"Donıt know, maybe saying good-bye to his sister or something."

The three pilots waited for Fox, who showed up 20minutes late. He had a huge
smile on his face, and acted effervescent. The others paid no attention, but
just followed Fox out.

Chapter Four

"Is it fireworks or jet exhaust?"

Trek Manson, commander of Corneria

General Pepper was investigating the death of one of his commanders. He did a
search on every jaguar officer. None came up with the match of Ms. Pana.
Checking the footsteps of Commander Trek, who was last seen in the mainframe
room. General searched the storage room. Found the broken knob. Took the paw
prints, then went into the computer room. He had a bomb squad search the
room. They found the device, before touching it a call came through. General
Pepper answers the Anonymous caller,

"Hello General, I wouldnıt touch that bomb if I was you, unless your
attempting suicide."

"Whoıs this?"

The caller hangs up immediately.

"Damn, stuck in this bad predicament."

The General orders no one to disarm the bomb, and calls Star Fox. On Great
Fox, Katt, Fara, Jennifer, and Bill were left behind. Jennifer answers the

"Star Fox here, what going on General Pepper?"

"Oh Jennifer, whereıs your brother?"

"He ran into trouble, heıs on his way to Venom."


"Yes sir, Star Wolf is back, causing Fox trouble again."

"I wonder if heıs behind this too?"

"What wrong General sir?"

"I found a bomb in my base, and got a call telling me it will go off if I try
to touch it." "Itıs set to go off in four hours." "On top of that, I canıt
exit the base due to its electronically locked." "A virus was implanted,
closing all exits off." "One big death trap, with three hundred people here
to take out with."

"Oh my god, what can I do?" "Itıs just Katt, Bill, Fara and I."

"Your good with viruses Jennifer, maybe you can over run it."

"Iıll try, I got to get my lab top, and weıll be right over."

"Okay, please hurry."

Jennifer hangs the phone up, and immediately runs back to the others. The
three friends were startled by the vixenıs rampant entrance.

"Cımon people, Generalıs in trouble."

"Whatıs wrong?" questioned Bill showing concern.

"Thereıs a bomb inside the base, will detonate in four hours." "I have to get
there and stop a virus that locks everyone inside the base."

Jennifer runs up to Bill, tugging him toward the door.

Wolf had sent his team to Venom, but stayed behind to give his spies further

"Okay Tiffany and Albert, watch the base for any victims that try to escape
the base." "If anyone tries to escape, well, you know what to do."

"Yes sir," was the reply from both partners.

"Again, you shouldnıt have any trouble, unless Bill or Katt interferes." "If
they do, killıem."

Wolf dismisses them, and walks to his jet. Before climbing, he felt some ones
paws brush against his neck. He turns around, to find his long lost wife. The
female wolf, whom he lost contact through the long war. Wolf steps back a
bit, than smiles.

"Laura, is that you?"

The female wolf slaps him across his face. Wolfıs head didnıt move, nor show
any paw mark. He looks into her eyes and grins.

"I missed that dear, how you been these days?" "I suggest you hit me harder
the next time."

The wolf attempts a second attack, but her right arm was caught. Wolf stares
at her paw, and still finds the wedding ring. Laura glances at his wedding

"Youıve kept it this whole time?" asked Laura.

"Yes, I wouldnıt just lose you that easy." "Remember the vowels to death do
us part?"

"Yeah, frankly you was a cold bloody killer."

Wolf laughs, than releases her arm. He puts his arm around her, and they
walked back to the main deck. Wolf offered her a seat, and together they got
caught up from the past.

"What have you been doing through the war honey?" asked Wolf.

"Well after you joined Androssıs army, I joined Pepperıs army." "I always
knew that Pepper would win, that good over evil stuff."

"Well, Andross wasted his time making threats, and messing with that Star Fox

"From being on the good side, I can tell I like it." "You donıt have to be
worrying about death if youıve failed a mission."

"That wasnıt for me, I was Lt. Commander dear." "If anyone got in my way I
would simply have them killed by another person or myself." "I had that much

"Good, but what about know?" "On Pepperıs side I led many missions."

"Well know, I plan to get rid of Star Fox." "And, what missions did you

"Star Fox, ha, I watched them beat you time to time." "I was the one that led
the attack on Katalina with Commander Bill."

"What, how did you escape that mothership that destroyed the base?"

"Help of Star Fox of course." "We took out the core."

"My wife on the wrong side of the war." "You could have been hurt."

"I wouldıve been hurt if Andross took over the whole Lylat System."

Wolf sighs, "Yeah, he was a crazy SOB, who had a lot of power."

"Hey, now that I found you, why donıt you just put the past behind you?"

"How did you find me dear?"

"Youıre so gullible Wolf, I could have been a spy and killed you a long time
ago." "Well I know your plan, by tracing every call youıve made to Corneria
and Great Fox."

"What are you, a computer jockey?"

"Maybe I am, youıll never know, because you wasnıt on the right side."

"What ever, so what are you going to do?" "Are you going to Venom with me, or
stay with Corneria?"

"More like neutral side, I donıt really like either side that much during
war." "I have an opinion though, want to know what it is?"

"Yeah, whatıs your brain thinking?"

Laura sits on top of Wolfıs legs.

"Oh this plan, missed this one."

Chapter Five

"Killed to birds with one stone."

Jaguar Janks, Tiger Hawks leader

The Star Fox team was one hour away from Venom, Jennifer was at the base
working on the virus, and Wolfıs spies were nearby. Wolf left Laura behind to
help his team at Venom, while she had plans of her own.

Tiffany and Albert took their place at two different buildings across from
the bases entrance. They brought the second detonator with them as a last
resort. They armed themselves with sniper rifles, searching for a target they
though would be a threat. Jennifer, Bill, Katt, and Fara where at the scene.
Jennifer couldnıt get inside the base, so she had to work outside, to hack
into the base computers. Bill and his guards stood by alert for anything.
Fara and Katt looked around for a vent to enter the base. Tiffany caught eye
on Jennifer, who seemed to be a threat to Wolfıs plans. She aims her rifle on
the vixenıs head.

"Here we go baby, stay still so I can get a good lock."

Bill was nearby Jennifer, he saw the red beam on the vixens head.

"Jennifer duck, sharp shooter!"

The rifle blast went off, the bullet flies toward Jenniferıs head. She heard
Bill yelling, and turned around. Bill manages to push her out of the way and
received the bullet to his side. He falls to the ground in agony, as his men
ran to his aid. Katt and Fara heard the blast, and quickly took cover behind
trees. Tiffany curses at herself for hitting the wrong target. She takes aim
again, this time at Jenniferıs computer. The second blast made everyone
outside scramble like ants. The shot was accurate, and destroyed the
computer. Bill was rushed away from the scene to a nearby hospital. Jennifer
looks at every building around the base. She couldnıt tell where the sharp
shooter was located. Katt and Fara, runs to Jenniferıs side.

"What happened?" asked Fara who was frightened by the firing.

"Someone tried to kill me, but Bill got the bullet." "Heıll be fine though."

Jennifer looks back at her computer, "Damn it, the bastards got my computer."
"Now the General canıt get out."

Albert speaks to Tiffany through a microphone near their ears.

"Hey Tiff, got shot girl." "I bet that vixen down there is pissed at you."

"I hope she is," taunted the jaguar.

After a few minutes laying on the rooftops, a stranger dropped on Tiffanyıs
building. Tiffany quickly turned around, and tries to aim and fire. The
figure was dresses in a ninjaıs outfit, who was quick and swift. The jaguar
fired wildly at the stranger, who performed back flips and jumping off walls.
The rifle came to an empty cartridge, and Tiffany quickly reloads. The
stranger pulled out a katana, swinging it in three sixty degrees. The katana
was very sharp, it managed to cut the rifle in half. Albert heard the
gunfire, and turned to see what happen on his Tiffanyıs roof. He watched the
two animals fight paw to paw. Tiffany was skilled, but not good as the ninja.
The two exchange fierce blows, and kicks. Tiffany got knocked down most of
the time. The ninja countered almost every punch, giving an uppercut. Tiffany
couldnıt recognize the ninja who was becoming a nuisance. All she could make
out was the eyes, and the tail. Tiffany charges with a drop kick, to her
surprise the stranger uses her foot as another counter, kicking her into the
wall head first. Tiffany recovers from the head collision, and asked for help
from Albert.

"Albert, this stranger is better than me." "I canıt make out the species, but
the persons eyes are blue." "Get your ass over her NOW!"

Tiffany continued fighting, kicking and fisting. She tried to grab the
stranger, but got her wrist turned into a mercy hold. The stranger kept the
hold to the jaguar was on her knees begging for mercy. The ninja finally
spoke, "You work for OıDonnell huh?"

"Iıll never tell you," resisted Tiffany.

"Thatıs too bad girl," said the ninja snapping the jaguarıs wrist.

The jaguar screams in agony holding her wrist. Tears ran down her face, while
lying on her back. The tired cheetah kicked the roof door down. He studies
his fallen partner, than at the ninja.

"You BITCH, who you think you are?"

"Your grim reaper," was the response of the ninja.

"Well you wonıt find me easily beaten."

The cheetah takes off his shirt and heavy gear. He snaps his neck and ribs.

"Cımon, fight a real master of feline style."

The strangerıs eyes widened, "Feline style, against my Canine style."

The cheetah runs at charging pace, throwing hooks and roundhouses. He manage
for a while, putting powerful blows to the ninjaıs chest. The ninja started
to bleed from the mouth. Blocking every punch until knocked down. The cheetah
reach down to unmasked the culprit, but was kicked in the groin. He stumbles
grunting, he fell to his knees. The stranger did a recover half back-flip
gaining stance again. Tiffany watched the stranger, than attempts stand up
near the edge of the roof. The stranger turns her head, runs toward the
jaguar, and drop kicks her square in the muzzle, knocking her off he roof.
Tiffany screams to her fateful death. Albert runs to the edge, "Nooooooo,
yelling and crying. He turns his head to the ninja. While running, the
stranger pulls out the Katana, turns, and slicing across the cheetahıs
stomach. The stranger runs away, leaving the helpless feline attempting to
hold his intestines inside. He stares up at the sky, then collapses to the
ground dead. Katt, Fara, and Jennifer pin points the building that fired
rounds again, and spotted the escaping ninja.

Chapter Six

"Time is near, time to start the real deal."

Laura OıDonnell, ex-spy and wife to Wolf OıDonnell

Star Fox and Star Wolf collided at the planet Venom. Everyone was there with
the exception of Wolf. Star Fox was winning, only Fox and Falco were left up
in the air. Leon was alone, trying to avoid Fox, while shooting Falco. He
flies behind Falco, attempting to lock on a nova, but Fox interfered again.
While pulling up, Fox shoot out Leonıs engines, causing him the swirl before
crashing to the Venom soil. Falco and Fox cheered in victory, but it was cut
short when the last Wolfen two jet arrived.

"Donıt get to cocky Star Fox," spoke Wolf as he fired a nova lock onto Falco.

Falco received the full blast, breaking off his wings and his cockpit glass.
Falco did an emergency eject out before hitting the soil as everyone else
did. Fox faces Wolf into the air. They circle around each other, than started
the dogfight. Fox does a barrel roll, bouncing Wolfıs lasers off his arwing.
Fox performs a summersault which usually gets Wolf off his tail, but it
didnıt work this time.

"Nice try Fox, but your dealing with someone who knows your every move."

Wolf fires his twin laser, each knocking Foxıs shields down. Fox dives down
to a stone wall, trying to lure Wolf into it. Wolf breaks away from Fox, and
does a nova lock when Fox pulled up. He fires the bomb, Fox was alert and
tries to dodge it, but it struck near by, almost blowing up his arwing. The
explosion was great, causing Fox to slam his head on the dashboard. Wolf
continues to fly behind, shooting constantly, making Foxıs shield go down to
none. Before going down, Fox pressed a switch which had the ability to fired
from the rear of his ship, locks onto Wolfıs ship, and fires a special nova 2
bomb. The bomb surprised Wolf, he tries to move out of the way, but it struck
his jet underneath. Fox and Wolf went down at the same time. When they hit
the soil, their teams ran to their fallen leaders. Fox landed ten feet away
from Wolf. He kicks his cock pit window out, so his team could pull him out.
Wolf on the other hand had to blast his way out with his phaser, since his
cock pit door wouldnıt open. Fox gets out and looks over the other team.

"Now what Fox?" questioned Slippy who was still nervous.

"I donıt know Slippy, I bet Wolf will come over her to give us a KISS ON OUR
FACES," yelled Fox who was tired of dealing with the one eye wolf.

Wolf gets out of his jet, and his team walks him away from his jet just in
time before it exploded. Wolf turns his head to Star Fox team from a short

"What now Wolf?" questioned Leon, who felt the battle was over.

"DONıT make it sound like itıs over Leon, cause it ends here."

Wolf starts walking over to the other team. Falco starts to comment, "Whatıs
he up to?"

"I donıt like this one bit," added Peppy.

Wolf starts running from his slow walking pace. He continued running, leaving
his team behind. After a minute, Wolf was before his enemy. Wolf gives Fox a

"This isnıt over Fox, I will win this time."

"You canıt fight, your just know as a good pilot," mocked Fox before the much
stronger and taller canine.

Wolf begins to laugh uncontrollable. Then he stops, and looks serious again.

"Okay Fox, if youıre so confident that you can beat this wolf, lets make an


Peppy starts to whisper into Foxıs ear.

"Thatıs a suicide deal Fox."

"To bad Peppy, Iım taking it."

"Good job Fox, you have courage, I like that in my enemies." "The oath is, to
not asked for help if beaten badly, or not to interfere, do you agree?"

Wolf held his paw out for Fox to shake it.

When Fox tried to shake it, Wolf spits in his face. Fox grabs the paw and
tightly holds it. After the agreement, Fox wipes the spit off his face. Wolf
waits for Fox to attack him first. Fox got into his face, then they begin
circling each other. When Fox blinked, Wolf punched him harshly. Foxıs head
jerked back, but he didnıt bleed yet. Fox returns the attack with a tackle.
They struggle on the ground exchanging blows. The Star Wolf team saw what was
happening, and quickly ran over. Wolf kicks the eccentric fox off him. Fox
falls on his back. He tries to get up, but a sharp kicked reassured him to
stay put. Wolf pins the small fox down, by sitting on his chest. Wolf throws
countless blows to Foxıs face. Foxıs teammates watch helpless, as their
leader got creamed. Foxıs fur got bloody, due to his broken nose, and missing
tooth. Things were getting black on Fox, his five senses went out of focus.
He lost his hearing, couldnıt see, couldnıt feel, taste his own blood, or
smell. Fox was out of his mind, like he went into shock. He was very dizzy,
but saw something walking up to him. It was a figure, perhaps a person. He
couldn't make out who it was due to it's, out of focus form. Fox quickly
recognized the voice that sounded like his father.

Fox tries to speak, but lost the words. The figure speaks,

"Son, son, oh how youıve grown." "Youıve become so strong." "You must face
your destiny." "You must survive." "Refuse to lose son." "Now, get up, get
up, face your fears." "Iıll be by your side son." "Never give up son."

The figured touched Foxıs chest. Than it vanished away in thin air. Fox
reopened his eyes and saw Wolf who stopped punching him seconds ago. Fox felt
all of his power coming back, as well his five senses. With his new power,
given by his dead father, grabs Wolfıs neck hard as he could. Wolf lost his
breathing, and struggled from the hold.

"I see you in hell dear brother," said Wolf trying to get free.

With all of Foxıs hatred, he rips Wolfıs throat. The others were amazed what
happened to the wolf. Wolf holds his throat tightly as he could, attempting
to hold the blood in. He grabs onto Foxıs collar. The blood starts spilling
onto Fox, giving him a body chill. Wolf falls to his knees, fearing death
that follows. He stares at Fox, someone he feared for the first time in his
life. Wolfıs eyes grew tired by the minute, than he fell asleep still holding
Foxıs collar. Fox got Wolfıs paw off him, and steps back, as the blood flowed
around the body. Fox felt guilty for some reason, as he looks at the body. He
caught sight onto a photo that had fallen out of Wolfıs shirt pocket. He
bends down to pick it up. Fox scans the old picture, then fell to his knees,
"Noooooooooo," yelling madly.

The Star Wolf team starts laughing at Fox, since they knew the truth between
the two enemies. Peppy runs to Fox,

"Whatıs wrong Fox?"

Fox hands the photo to Peppy. Peppy went into shock, he didnıt believe what
his eyes were showing him. The hare returns the photo to Fox, and walks back
to Falco and Slippy shaking his head in disbelief. Fox stands and turns to
the Star Wolf team. He runs up to Leon, getting a good clench to the
chameleonıs collar.

Fox displayed Wolfıs hatred, "Tell me now, what did Wolf tell you!"

Leon followed along and explained the whole ordeal of the relationship.
Andrew slips pass Fox and runs toward Wolfıs body. Falco ran over to the ape,
"Hey, what are you doing?"

Andrew got out the first detonator, which the second one which was with the
spies. Andrew holds the device up, "Hold it bird, if you come any closer,
Iıll kill the General."

Falco stepped away easy, not to get the ape carried away. Fox and the others
got their attention onto Andrew.

"What the hell are you thinking?" asked Fox who is about to kill the ape to.

"I said, stay back, Iıll push this button and the General will die."

"Listen to him," added Leon.

"Push it Andrew, get revenge for our leader and your uncle Andross,"
suggested Pigma.

Andrew took the advice and pushed the button.

Chapter Seven

"All is lost, or is it?"

Fox McCloud, Star Fox

Back on Corneria, Fara, Katt, and Jennifer were still at the base. The button
pressed on Venom, took about ten minutes to reach the bomb. Fara, Katt, and
Jennifer were running out of time. When they called the General to see how
much time was left, the ninja showed up. Jennifer caught eye, "Who the hell
are you?"

"Doesnıt matter now, get away from the building NOW."

"Why should we trust you?" questioned Fara.

The ninja took off the mask, revealing a wolf with blue eyes.

"Because Iım Wolf OıDonnellıs wife, and heıs going to kill the General any
way." "Look at this detonator, it reads, receiving signal from Venom." "Itıs
going to blow this place up in nine minutes."

Katt immediately warns everyone to move away from the building. Jennifer
stares at the wolf, "So, we didnıt really have a chance to save him."

"Cımon, thereıs nothing you can do," suggested Laura.

Everyone moved away from the building, getting behind anything that would be
a good barrier. When it was five minutes left, Jennifer called the General.

"General, I have some bad news sir."

"Whatıs going on out there?"

"Never mind that sir, I have to wish you well, thereıs nothing I can do."
"The bomb has been detonated from Venom, by Star Wolf." "Iıve failed you
sir." Jennifer starts to cry.

"No Jennifer, youıve havenıt, you did the best you could." "Just, just tell
my wife I loved her for me and farewell the Fox."

The general knew what was going to happen, so he hung up the phone and did
his last salute to his officers, soldier, everyone.

Everyone inside thought about their loved ones, while everyone outside felt
sorrow for the helpless victims. Then the explosion took place, killing
everyone inside the base.

To this day, this marked the day, Star Fox couldnıt win.

The End

My characters Commander Trek Manson, Tiffany, Albert, Laura OıDonnell, and
Jennifer McCloud were created by me. If you would like to use them, please
get my permission at I hoped you enjoyed my second fan
fic, related to A New Awakening. If you have any comments, please feel free
to express your thoughts. Until then, catch my next fan fic called
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