The Missing Fox "I love Fox. I would go to the ends of the Lylat System to find him." --Vixxi O'Donnell, Star Fox Vixxi O'Donnell heard the sound of a gun cocking. She gasped. "Freeze, fox!" cried a woman's voice behind her. Vixxi put her paws in the air and slowly turned around. It was a lizard woman, who looked quite frightened and badly battered. She was a yellowish green color with a long nose and a long tail. Her claws trebbled slightly as she pointed the gun at Vixxi's head. The mysterious lizard was wearing a dirty, yellowish tank top, probably white once, Vixxi guessed, and brown pants. Vixxi began to think about how she had gotten in this predicament. Vixxi had awaken in cold sweat. She knew some thing was she just knew. She flicked on the light and rubbed her head. "Fox? Wake up." said, but there was no answer. She looked over where he would be sleeping, but she found the spot empty. She gasped as she looked at his pillow. It was almost entirely soaked in blood. Vixxi opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out. A note covered in Fox's blood was laid on the pillow. Vixxi shuddered but picked it up and read it. "To find your precious Fox, find the box in the sky." Oh." Vixxi finally uttered a cry. She crawled out of her bed and hurridly put on her Star Fox uniform. I have to save him, and fast, she thought. She found Fox's comlink on his night stand. She hesitated, but put it on. Later, she might need to talk to the team, but right now it was best not to bring them into it. Vixxi ran to the front hangar where the arwings were kept. Vixxi climbed aboard hers and started the engine. Pessing the gas, she jetted away as fast as she could from the Great Fox. Vixxi knew exactly where she was going. Bolse, the huge satillite that revolved around the planet Venom. A large square that revolved around the satillite itself, was a torment house for Cornerian pilots. That must be it, she thought. She remembered seeing it a few days earlier at war on Bolse. After hours of flying, she finally reached it. The box was almost as big as Bolse. She landed her arwing on the cold metal surface of the prison. She stepped out of her arwing. To Vixxi's suprise, there was oxygen. "This is more strange than I thought" she said to herself. The box had created it's own gravition field as well as a oxygen field. Vixxi set this mystery aside and got to work. As quietly as she could, she felt around for a panel that she could lift up. Finding a loose one, she wedged her pocket knife under it. After a few minutes, she got it loose enough to put her fingers under. After a few unsucessful efforts, she finally ripped the cold, steel panel off. Vixxi lowered herself in the hole. She took a small flashlight with her. She replaced the panel as best she could. Inside was dark. Vixxi clicked on her flashlight. The place she was in was made of steel and had wires going through it. I'm in the walls, she thought. Moving quietly and slowly, she walked into many different corridors until she reached a dead end. She got out her knife again and began working at a panel above her. Finally it loosened and she pulled it off. Looking up, Vixxi could see fluorescent lights above her. She pulled herself up and took a look around. She was in a long steel hallway lined with fluorescent lights. There were heavy, steel doors with small, barred windows. Vixxi ran up to a metal door at the end of the hall. She cursed as she found that it was locked. That's when she heard the gun. Now, she found herself facing the lizard. The lizard guided her to one of the empty cells. "Who are you?" Vixxi asked as the lizard locked her in the room. "I'm not supposed to talk, the Master will get mad." "The Master?" "Yes, I must go." With that the scaled creature suried down the hall and out of sight. Vixxi sat down on a small,wooden bench. It had a grimy sheet on it and it sagged in one spot where the wood had been eaten at by termites. The walls were concrete blocks, except the front wall which was made of thick steel. She knew there was no escape. She sighed and fall into a dreamless sleep. Meanwhile, the four members of Star Wolf sat in the control room of the box. It ws a small room, made of steel with concrete walls. In one corner there were two couches, one by one wall, the other couch by the other wall of the corner. A round wooden table was right in front of both couches. A control console with four computer sat on the other wall. It had a lot of switches and dials and not one member of Star Wolf knew what they did. The team was getting drunk and celebrating the fact that they had finally caught Fox. "You should a seen the look on his face!" Pigma yelled, laughing. "Man, I wish I had been there." Andrew said. Leon, Andrew, and Pigma were all dancing drunkley, while Wolf sat alone on one of the couches. "You've been whining about that all night, Andrew." he said. Wolf walked over to the control console. It showed different camera views of different places in the prison. Wolf's only eye narrowed as he looked in Vixxi's cell. "Leon, come here." he said. Leon walked over to Wolf. "Hey, Wolf come join the party man. I.." He never finished his sentence. "Your stupid woman locked my sister up!" Wolf yelled at Leon. He was holding Leon against one of the concrete walls. "It's not my fault what she does, as long as she locks up the Cornerian pilots." Leon retorted. Wolf sighed and let go of Leon, who dropped to the floor. Wolf reajusted his eyestrap. "Let her out." he ordered. Leon just looked at Wolf. "Let her out now or I will." "Hey, Wolf man. Just leave her there. She's one of the good guys, remember?" Pigma said, butting in the conversation. Wolf began to walk out of the room. Pigma jumped on him and tried to hold him back. Wolf fought him for awhile, but then Leon and Andrew came to help Pigma and Wolf couldn't move. They dragged him away from the door and tied him up. "Now stay there until you know what side your fighting for." Pigma said, walking out of the room. "Where are you going?" Wolf said in a husky voice. "I'm gonna go see that sister a yours." Pigma replied, smirking. Vixxi woke up soon. She couldn't tell what time it was or how long she had been out. But what had awaken her? She heard it again. Banging on metal. Vixxi streched and strode up to th door. Pigma was standing there, sneering at her. "How's it feel ta be caged up?" Vixxi flashed him a mad look. "Your the Master?" "Yeah, yeah I run this joint." Vixxi scoffed. "Man, Andross had to of been drunk when he put you in charge." Pigma had brought her some water. He smirked and spit into the shallow dish. Then he pushed it under the door. Vixxi kicked it back to the other side. Pigma stuck his snout far in between the bars to Vixxi's cell. Vixxi looked away his breathe smelled of decaying fish. He had yellow, rotten teeth. She spit in Pigma's face. He just distgusted her so much. She looked at him. He was wiping his face. "Not smart, fox. I'm gonna torture that boyfreind a yours!" "I'm gonna kill you!" Vixxi screamed as she jumped against the door. Pigma walked away, laughing. Vixxi sat down again. She knew could do nothing. She fiddled with a key on a chain around her neck. Her mother had given her it before she had died. It had always reassured her but now, she found no comfort in it. She had begun to doze off again when she heard something. "Fox!" a voice whispered. It was the lizard woman. She looked frightened. "Here." she whispered, sliding a key under the door. Vixxi smiled. "My name is Vixxi." she whispered back. "I am Nadia." the lizard replied. Nadia nodded and again disappeared. Just as Vixxi snatched up the key, she heard hysterical laughter. It was coming from the cell across from her. "Hello?" Vixxi called. A hyena stuck his nose out through the bars of his cell. "Hello," the hyena said a scratchy voice. "I am Hazziem, the Blind One!" Vixxi saw that his fur was dirty and mangy. He had many cuts on his face, many scars. Vixxi gasped when she saw that his eyes had been stitched close. No wonder he's called the Blind One she thought as she out the key in the lock and turned it. The door loudly creaked open. She thought she was lucky not having any of the guards hear it. "What are you doing?!" the hyena cried, "You cannot leave if I can't!" He began laughing hystericly again. "Guards! Guards! One is escaping!" Hazziem's cries turned into demonic laughter. Stupid fool, thought Vixxi as she ran down a hallway, I could've of saved him, too. She stopped at a locked door. Vixxi looked over her shoulder. The guards weren't in sight but she could hear them coming. She cursed and banged on the door. Suddenly, she was pulled aside. Vixxi began to scream, thinking a guard had gotten her. A claw went around her mouth. "Shhh!" whispered a voice from some where. There was a scraping sound as some one replaced a metal panel. Now it was completely blackin the room Vixxi was in. A flashlight clicked on, and for once she could see where she was. She was in between the walls again. Nadia was there, with a clawed finger up to her lips, signaling Vixxi to remain quiet. Nadia guided Vixxi through the walls not saying anything. "Why let me go now?" Vixxi asked her, "Why let me go after you locked me up?" "I was thinking you could take me with you, far away from this terrible place." Vixxi smiled and they continued on. After a few minutes, Nadia stopped. "Go through this panel." she said, "It will lead you to the other fox that is kept here." "How did you know I was looking for a fox?" "You wear the uniform of Star Fox." Nadia pointed out, "So does he." "Thank you, Nadia." Vixxi said as she began tugging at the panel. She pulled it out of her way and peered into Fox's cell. It was the same grimy cage like hers. She saw Fox lying on a wooden bench. His forehead was soaked in blood and he was unconscious. "Oh, God! Fox!" Vixxi cried as she ran to his side. He mumbled something and turned over. "Nadia, help me!" Vixxi called. Nadia reluctantly walked over to Vixxi. "Before he can be moved we must bind his wound." Nadia said as she ripped off a piece of her pants. Vixxi took it and wrapped it tight around Fox's forehead. He mumbled some more and groaned. Vixxi began to pick him up and Nadia went to pull away the panel. Both women gasped as Nadia slipped and the panel dropped to the steel floor with a loud clank. The guard standing outside heard them and looked in the small window of the cell. Nadia motoined for Vixxi to get in the wall. Vixxi grunted as she lifted Fox's limp carcass. They moved fast, but not fast enough. Vixxi shreiked as an electrical shock jolted through her body. Another guard ran in and zapped Nadia with his taser. Vixxi heard her scream, but could do nothing. She felt so weak, so helpless. She let herself fall to the down to the ground, over Fox's body. She knew no more. She woke up in another damp, dark place although it was very different from the prison. It was an tiny, empty wooden room. The only light was coming from a small lightbulb hanging from a chain. She saw Nadia and Fox lying on the floor, still unconscious. There were a few cobwebs in a corner and Vixxi could see a spider crawling around on one. She shuddered. Vixxi never liked spiders, for some reason the just freaked her out. Reguardless of the spiders, she walked to one of the walls and pulled out her knife. She shoved it in between two boards and tried to rip it off like she did with the steel panels at the prison. Vixxi grunted and finally it came loose and broke off. Nadia moaned and stood up. Vixxi turned around. "Nadia!" she called, "Nadia come here! Help me. You have claws I don't." Nadia stumbled over to Vixxi. She dug her claws firmly into a board tugged until it ripped off. Soon, there was enough room for them to walk through. Vixxi groaned and again she picked up Fox. He moaned and opened one eye. He said nothing and then closed his eye again. Nadia and Vixxi soon found themselves in a well lit wooden hallway. They began running as fast as they could. They both knew they had to get out of there as quickly as possible. "Stop!" yelled a voice behind them. "I said freeze!" "Fat chance of that." Vixxi mumbled to herself. Shots rang out. Vixxi screamed as Nadia fell backwards. "Nadia! Nooo!" Vixxi said as she croutched down beside her. "Go. Please just go. I can't make it." Nadia said, choking on blood. The bullet had hit her square in the left lung Vixxi looked behind her. The guards were gaining on her. She had no choice she stood up and left Nadia on the ground. She ran in long strides, until she reached a wooden door with glass windows. Of couse it was locked, so she kicked the glass out of the window. She then reached in the through the hole and unlocked the door. Vixxi ran out into the wilderness of the unknown planet. The guards stopped at the door. "Let her go." one of them said. "Call Andross. She'll only be alive 'til the 'morn." Another snickered and walked away. Back on the Great Fox, there was much confusion. Slippy had awaken in the night and discoved that Vixxi and Fox were both gone. Now, the whole team was up. Falco paced back and forth. Peppy notified General Pepper. Pepper had ordered Bill to organize a search party to search as much of the Lylat System as they could. Now, all they could do was wait. Meanwhile, Vixxi had stopped in a forest. Everything was a greenish yellow color and contaminated or dead. She was sitting next to Fox, who was propped up against a rotting log. There was a small fire burning. Soon, Fox sat up. It was the first sign of life he had shown in many hours. "Vixxi?" his voice sounded far away. "Vixxi, where are we?" Vixxi stared into the fire. "We're on Venom." She closed her eyes and a single tear rolled down her cheek. Characters: Vixxi O'Donnell, Nadia, the freaky psyco hyena (c) Wulf