Regrets ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Author's note: Yes, somebody narates this one too, Wolf O 'Donnell. "If I had only been smarter, I would've stayed with my sister." Wolf panted as he crossed the hot desert. He looked over his shoulder at the smoldering reckage behind him. It was his old transport ship. "Stupid thing." Wolf muttered as he marched farther into the desert. Wolf had begun working as a young cargo pilot after he ran away from home just a few years ago. Later though, some insane animal had shot him down, now he found himself in a desert in Titania. A war was braking out, and Wolf didn't want to chose sides. Little did he know his side would be chosen that day. Far in the horizon, Wolf saw a small village. But something was wrong. It was smoking, he could he cries of the damned.Wolf dropped the heavy survival gear he was carrying and ran for the village. When he reached the oasis, Wolf looked upon horror. The houses were smoking and Wolf saw people running for their lives. Hearing a whimper, Wolf looked behind him. There was a small bear cub looking over the dead body of his mother. Her fur was burnt. She must of died from a bomb or fire, Wolf thought. He left the child a looked for the cause of this pain. Wolf looked around. He heard evil laughter coming from somewhere. Then he saw who it was. A large green lizard was the cuase of the pain. Wolf looked on as the lizard pressed the button of a small timer bomb and whipped it a the child Wolf had just seen. The bomb exploded in mid air near the cub. Wolf looked away as he heard the cub scream. The lizard, finding sport in this, began laughing hysterically. Seeing the kid was burned horribly, but still alive, Wolf ran over to help. Wolf picked up the screaming kid and ran for cover. But it was too late. Just as Wolf found a spot to hide a bomb wipped in front of his face. Wolf had no time to react. The bomb exploded inches from the left side of his face. The lizard walked up to Wolf, was now laying on the ground writhing in pain, the lizard wanted to see the who the idiot was who went against him. The lizard kicked Wolf and snickered. Wolf rolled over from the kick. The lizard saw the symbol on the back of Wolf's jacket. It was Venomainain. The lizard cursed nervously. "Your Venom?" he yelled, "Hold on, kid, i got ya." The lizard pushed the dead cub off the wolf and picked him up. He ran to his ship. "Right then, I was lying to say my life. I wasn't a Venomainain, but employed by the cargo service there. And I'd do it again, but I'm not a con-artist." Wolf open his right eye. He looked around. He was in a small metal room, which was quite dirty. Grime and mold covered the walls. It was dark, the only light came from a dirty bulb hanging right over Wolf. Wolf tried to move, but found that he was strapped down on a metal operating table. A large mirror cover half of one of the walls. Wolf set his head down. The left side of his head hurt terribly, and Wolf couldn't open his left eye. Wolf reached up to touch it, but instead felt a leather eye patch. "Don't touch it." a voice said from somewhere, "It suits you." Wolf looked around. He suddenly became afraid. "W-who said that?" he yelled out, tyring to sound brave. "Jeez, ya don't have ta scream." said the voice. Then, out of the darkness came a figure. It was a lizard, the same lizard Wolf had seen earlier. Wolf struggled against the leather cuffs that held him. "Whoa, slow down kid," said the lizard, "I ain't gonna kill ya. Your a Venomainain I can't, boss's orders." Wolf stopped struggling, but didn't calm down. The lizard looked at the mirror, as if he saw something there, then saying nothing, he walked out of the room, locking the steel door. The lizard walked into a room next to the room Wolf was in. A large, fearless-looking ape was in the room, looking at Wolf through the two-way mirror. A pig sat on the other side of the room, beside a younger ape. "So, Leon," said the large ape with out looking around, "who is he?" "Well, according to the life scan," said The lizard, Leon, as he looked a small device in his claws, "His name is Wolf O "Donnell and he's 18 years old." The ape narrowed his eyes, studying the wolf, and stroked his beard. "Yes, perfect." "For what?" the young ape asked. "I need a leader for your team." Hearing this, the pig got outraged. "Too, young!" he shouted, "18's too young! I've done more for you than anyone!" "You said I could be the leader, I'm family!" the young ape started in. "Sir, if I may, I can do more than anyone on this subject." Leon cut in. "Silence!" the old ape shouted in a deep voice, "I will hear no more of this. Don't condradict me!" The animals back away in fear. "Look at him, he has a fighting spirit." said the ape, pointing at Wolf, who was now chewing on the straps that held him. "Yes," said the ape, "he will be the leader." The animals moaned. "Shut up!" the ape yelled pointing at the pig, "This is because of Pigma! If he hdn't finished off that dumb rabbit I wouldn't need this team!" The ape away in disgust. Pigma cursed him. "Lousy Andross." "Shut up, you fat slob!" Leon yelled, "If you got a problem, why don't you just tell him?" The pig looked away, knowing better than to double-cross Andross. Leon returned to the room Wolf was. "Hey, don't wear yourself out, kid." Leon said untying Wolf's bounds. Wolf broke free from the lizard and ran to the other side of the room. "What do want with me?" he said in a low voice. "Chill. Now come on, your about to become famous." The lizard sneered as he guided Wolf through the metal door. "Christ, what did I do? I wish I had stay with my family no matter how terrible it was. This place is worse." It was a few weeks later. Wolf had met his team mates, even though he only got along with Leon, and learned a few tricks on his new ship, the wolfen. "I never planned to be a warlord, and never wanted to hurt Vixxi, besides she was the only one who ever cared for me." Wolf boosted his wolfen faster into space. A large white swan-like ship loomed infront of him. "Get ready team." Wolf said, this was the first time the team had been out together. The Star Wolf team swarmed over the large battle cruiser and fired. It was a suprise attack on the Star Fox team. An alarm went on inside the ship, and the five members of Star Fox jetted out in their arwings to investigate. "Oh, great." Pigma whined, "They outnumber us there's five." "Check it out," said Leon chuckling, "one's a chick!" "A girl?" said Wolf, "Hey, I can get her easily. Pigma, I wouldn't worry about numbers!" Wolf snickered as he pulled up behind Vixxi's ship. "Nighty night Toots." Wolf said as he prepared to fire. Vixxi looked on her screen she didn't recognise the one eyed wolf on the screen. She looped around him and fired. "I could use the excercise." Vixxi taunted. Wolf's eyes bugged out when he saw the vixen on the screen. "Sweet merciful crap!" he yelled, "Vixxi!" "Huh, Wolf?" Andrew, the young ape said. "Oh, God." Vixxi said, suddnely knowing who the Wolf was. Wolf was now behind Vixxi, and had a lock on her ship, even though he never planned to fire. "What are you waiting for?" PIgma yelled, "You got a lock on her, kill her!" Wolf suddenly remembered all times he and sis were together he couldn't kill her. "Retreat, team." Wolf ordered, "Head for Venom." The team moaned, but had to follow his orders. "Where are they going?" Falco yelled angrily, he was ready for a rumble. "Who were they anyway?" Fox cut in, "They Venomainain but not the army." "Star Wolf." Vixxi said as her lip trembled, "My brother is a killer." Star Wolf was now nearing Venom. No one had spoken since leaving Star Fox, but now Wolf broke the silence. "Next time," he said, "next time we'll get 'em. But first we need a fifth." Mabey, he thought, just mabey it would be easier if somone else shot down his sister. Characters: Vixxi O'Donnell (c) Wulf