Star Fox:After War

Book #1

Chapter #1: A bad beginning

Finally! Fox just started to finish the finacial buisness after two years from the Lylat war.Fox now is enjoying his spare time.This story starts on a early morning (if there is any time in space) when Fox awakens to his alarm clock.

" Stupid alarm clock!" Fox yelled out.He sat up in bed, rubbed his eyes, and got dressed in his normal uniform.He glanced at a picture of James and Peppy poseing for the camera.He walked out his chamber and walked out to the lounge.Slippy was sitting on the green bean-bag chair rubbing his eyes sleeply, and Falco was sitting at the dinning table reading the comic section of an old Cornerian newspapper.But to Fox’s surprise Peppy was nowhere to be found.

"Good morning, er..where is Peppy?" Fox asked as a morning greeting.

"Haven’t seen him all morning." Replide Falco.

"I checked on him once and he was still sleeping." Slippy replide.Fox thought this was very odd for Peppy.Usually he was the first one awake.

"Would you go check on him again Slip?" Fox asked worridly.Slippy made his way to Peppy’s chamber.After awhile Slippy came out looking a bit worried.

"Whats wrong Slippy?" asked Falco turning around in his chair.

"Peppy is sick, well at least that’s what he told me." Slippy replide.Fox went into Peppy’s dark chamber.He saw Peppy still in bed.

"Hey Peppy, are you feeling ok?"

"I don’t feel so good so I’ll just lay down for awhile." Peppy said softly.He coughed numerus times.

"Ok, you do that Peppy." Falco said.At that they left Peppy to rest.

Falco,Fox,and Slippy all decided to play around in the Arwings in the

Training-stimulator-room and played a game of tag with their Arwings.After awhile of watching Falco chase after Slippy all the time, Fox turned his Arwing in and went to check on Peppy.It was nearly noon (their clocks are based on Corneria time) and Fox thought Peppy should be up by now.Fox checked the lounge and found Peppy in a long red bathrobe sipping coffee.

"How are ya’ feeling?" asked Fox.Peppy just grunted.

"Whats up with you?" Slippy asked coming into the lounge.He looked extreamly happy.On the other hand Falco was downtrodened by him not catching Slippy at all.

"Well he looks better if you ask me." Falco said.

"Every body looks good to you when you are mad Falco." Teased Slippy.Fox placed his hand on Peppy’s forehead.Fox drew back quickly due to the heat.

"Sweet Jesus, you’re burning up like an engine that’s been over heating for over an hour." Fox said.Peppy looked up.

"I think you should go to the sick room Peppy." Suggested Slippy.

"No I’m all right."

"No you’re not all right."

"Trust me."


"I will not go to the sick room." Peppy said firmly.Fox shrugged.

"Ok, but come to me if you feel any worse ok?" Fox said.At that they left Peppy. They decided to go kick each others butts at battle ship.But as they passed the command room Rob64 came up to Fox.

"A message is waiting for you from General Pepper, Priority One."

Fox went back to the command room and brought up the incoming message.

"Ah Star Fox, how are you today?" General Pepper’s familier wrinkled face appeared on the main screen.

"Hello General, we’re all pretty much in tip-top shape, anything I can do for you?" Fox answered back.

"Well, there is a dense cloud floating around Lylat.Some of the scientists have found out that it is a cloud of virus bugs.Each of the bugs has a deadly virus.If bit by one of these bugs you’d catch the virus, but it acts like a cold untill it travles through the nervous system and then it makes it’s way to the heart, slowly killing it.This has happened, so far to one Cornerian, two scientists on Katina, and a few children on Fortuna.I know that the Great Fox is orbiting Katina but beware that these bugs can aboard your ship.That is all.General Pepper, over." And at that, the General’s face disappeared.

"Do you think that those bugs are the cause of Peppy’s illness?" asked Slippy, who had obviusly entered the room with Falco due to their curiosity to what had happened to Fox.

"I sure hope not."

"The General didn’t even say if there was a cure or not." Falco added.Then Slippy had an awsome idea.

"Maybe we should go down to Katina and see what Bill has got to say about this so called bug." Slippy said fast.

"That’s a great idea Slip!" Fox agreed. They each went to put on some heavy coats because this time of the year Katina would be having snow.Fox searched for Peppy.He found the old hare in his chamber.

"Hey Peppy, we’re going down to Katina to visit Bill, wanna come?" Peppy was finally dressed normaly, but he didn’t look normal.

"Are you ok?" Fox asked. Peppy nodded.

"Are you really sure?"

"Yes Fox. Go ahead without me." Peppy replide.Fox looked around the chamber.He then saw a small hole near the window in Peppy’s chamber. Fox ran to it.He looked at it closely.

"Hey Peppy, where did this hole come from?" asked Fox worridly.

"I don’t know.’’ Peppy replide. Then Fox spaotted something shinning in the corner of the chamber.

"Fox are we going or are you gonna let those bugs bite ya?" Falco yelled smartly. That tore Fox’s gaze from the thing in the corner.

"Yeah, yeah, I’m coming." And at that Fox left.They jumped into their Arwings in the docking bay.

"All clear for take off." The three Arwings zoomed off for Katina.

"If I would’ve known that my father was going to die on that crusade I would’ve gone and helped him.But for poor Peppy, now, I am totally lost."- Fox McCloud

Chapter #2: Bill’s discovery


"Not permitted to land."

"Why not? I am Fox McCloud, leader of the Star Fox team, and also a friend of Bill’s."

"I’m sorry mister McCloud, Bill has ordered us not to let any outsiders enter Katina." A bager named Blanche’ Longtail was fighting with Fox.

"Blanche,please let me speak to Bill." Asked Fox.

"I’m sorry, he is out at a Cornerian meeting right now." Blanche replide.

"Uggghhh!" Fox sighed.Then four Katina ships showed up on Fox’s scanning screen.

"Hey Fox, long time no see." Bill’s furry face appeared on the screen.

"Nice seeing you to Bill.Hey can you get me and my team in?" asked Fox.

"Well no duh, I am the commander after all." Bill laughed.Then Bill looked around.

"Hey, your missin’ one of your wing-men." Bill said.

"He’s in the Great Fox resting.He’s kinda’ sick." Said Falco.All of the sudden Bill turned pale and totally serious.

"What do you mean by ‘sick’?" he asked.

"Sick, you know, coughing, runny nose, that kinda’ stuff."

"What is the cause?"

"That’s what we don’t know." Slippy answered.

"Fox, hurry and follow me.George, Fred, Molly,leave me and my friends and tell Blanche that I am back." And at his command his wing men(and woman) left to the other side of Katina. Bill flew in the opposet way.The Star Fox team followed Bill and found themselves landing next to a secret science lab.

"My cousin Roverans is working on this bug thing.I think he knows more about it than any other scientist in the whole of Lylat. Anyways I thought you’d like to know more about it." They entered a glass-bubble type of building. They found Roverans haunched over a small table wearing nearly metal guanlets.

"Why does he have those guantlets on?" asked Slippy.

"So he doesn’t get bit by the bugs hes experimenting on.Duh Slippy." Falco said smartly.They walked over to Roverans.He was murmering to himself.Bill leaned over to Fox.

"I’ve never seen him so tied up in his work before." Confessed Bill.Fox strode up to him.

"Um Roverans, sorry to interupt your studies but Bill tells me that you know more about these bugs than anyone in the Lylat system and I was wondering if you could give me some scientific explanations about these bugs and what could happen to Lylat." Fox said uncertainly.Roverans arose from his seat.

"Well Fox, if you to be bitten by one of the black musqiutoe-like bugs you can consider yourself dead. These bugs could actaully kill us all. General Pepper doesn’t take it as a general threat but if you ask me I would call it a galaxy threat. This remindes of one of the ten plauges a god had sent to a planet named Earth.( But we’re not going there!) I would try to terminate them all, the whole stinkn’ cloud." Said Roverans seriously. Fox sighed heavily. Falco looked at him, so did Slippy.

"Whats wrong Fox?" asked Roverans.

"Well, we think that Peppy has been bittn’ by one of those bugs." Slippy answered. Roverans and Bill nearly fainted.


"That’s right, spots." Falco said.

"Is there any cure?" asked Fox. Roverans looked into Fox’s pained eyes.

"…I’m afraid not." Roverans said quitly. Fox hung his head low.

"But! We’re not totally sure that Peppy was bittn’ by one of those bugs." Falco said suddenly.

"Right! Maybe hes got a regular cold." Bill said, hopeing to raise Fox’s hopes.

"Fox, you should bring him hear so I can do some test to confirm Peppy’s illness." Roverans said.

"I’ll go get him for you Fox." Slippy volenteered.

"Thanx Slip." And Slippy took off at high speed to his Arwing. A few minutes later and Slippy took off. Fox, Falco, and Bill set off to a small bar on Katina.

"If Roverans can’t find a cure, no body can."-Bill Grey

Chapter #3: A hopeful test

While at the bar Fox spotted Katt. Falco emedeintly hid his face behinde Bill. Roverans was still at his lab experimenting. She spotted Fox.

"HIIYYYYEEE!!" she sat next to Fox.

"What are you doing here Katt?" asked Fox.

"Well, at least he says hi to me, FALCO!" and she pushed Bill away from Falco.

"You can’t hide from me." She laughed.

"Fox asked you a question." Grumbled Falco.

"I know, well Fox, I came here just for the heck of it. I was getting bored at home, wasteing away to an old fat house cat.’’ Katt explained. She looked around, the smile fadeded from her face and she blinked stupidly.

"Um, where is Peppy?" she asked.

"He is back at the Great Fox sick." Said Fox sighing.

"Um, not anymore." Pointed Falco.Fox looked out of the window. He was right. Slippy was there with Peppy, covered with a huge coat. They entered the bar.

"Peppy, Slippy! Hey you guys, over here." Fox yelled. They walked over to their booth. Fox looked at Peppy. His eyes were nearly lifeless, his smile was replaced by a frown, and he was a mess.

"Are you ready for some testing Peppy?" asked Falco. Peppy nodded slowly. They arose from their seats. Peppy felt weak and shakey. Right before they got to the automatic door, Peppy’s legs gave under him. He collapsed to the floor in a coughing fit.

"PEPPY!" Fox placed an arm under Peppy and so did Bill. Together they brought him to his feet and helped him to Roverans bubble lab. There Peppy was placed in a warm room. He was then placed on the testing bed.

"Did anything happen on the way here?" Roverans questioned Fox and Slippy.

"Not much." Slippy answered.

"He collapsed in the bar just before we got here." Fox added. Roverans tisk-tisked and sent Fox and Slippy to the waiting room where Katt, Bill, and Falco were already seated. Fox took a seat next to Bill and Slippy sat next to him. Fox put his head in his hands. Bill put his hand on Fox’s back. Bill’s paw was comforting but not pain killing. He had the same pain in his chest he had when James was shot down.

"Fox, don’t worry. I’m sure Roveran will have good news." Bill said. A few hours passed and Fox started getting anxiuos. Pretty soon Roverans came out looking down hearted.

"Fox, I need to talk to you." He said quitly. Falco jumped out his chair.

"What ever you got ta’ say to Fox, you can tell us too!" he yelled.


"Oh alright." Replide Roverans. He cleared his throat.

"Well, here it is. Peppy was bittin’ by one of those bugs. It will only take about five days for the virus to make it to his heart." At this Fox’s eyes blured with tears. Katt gasped so loudly that you wouldv’e thought she tried to in-hale an air hose. Bill looked down at the floor. Slippy fell out of his chair. Falco just stood there transfixed on Roverans.

"I’m sorry. You can go in and see him, but I’m not sure if it is safe." Fox ran inside to find Peppy lying down. Everyone else followed.

"Peppy? How are you feeling?" Fox asked.

"Fox, ………" but Peppy didn’t finish. Fox shead a few tears. He ran out of the lab into the snow covered night. A blizzard had picked up and the tempurature was —20 below.

"Father! You can’t let this happen to Peppy!…" Fox raised his hands up to the sky.

"James!! You died and Peppy has been my father ever since. He can’t die! You can’t let this happen! " The tears were streaming down his face.

"If you won’t than I will." He droped his arms and whispered that over. Then the cold finally got through his rage. Fox finally felt the shock of the cold weather. It ratled his heart and lungs. Then a ray of light shone on the snow.

"Fox! Get your furry butt back inside!" Falco yelled. Fox turned and started making his way to the lab. His teeth ratled and his breath came out in short gasps. Right before he got to the door, Fox’s world went black.

"I know that Roverans is the greatest scientist but how does he know that there is absolutly no cure?" Falco Lombardi

Chapter #4: A hopeful cure

Fox tried opening his eyes and focusing the scene before him but his vision was blurred. He barely could make out Falco, Slippy, Bill, and Katt haunched over a book of some sort.

"Yeah, but that place is totally dangerous and Fox is forbid to go there." Fox could make out Falco’s vioce.

"Don’t you think that Fox is old enough to take the pain that place would place on his heart? Falco, hes not a pup anymore.And besides that place is the only place where an elixer can be found. Some say that the elixer was made from James’ own pure soul. I can’t believe that something that great could be made from an ordinary piolet." He made out Katt’s vioce.

"Well, James did do a lot of great things." Slippy’s high pitched voice is unmistakeable. Fox’ vision was clear and so was his head. He got up on his elbows.

" Where am I forbid from?" asked Fox. Falco looked back at him in fear.

"Did you just hear everything we said?" he asked.

"Everything from the point of you saying I was forbid from something." Fox said sitting up fully. Katt sighed. Bill ran over to Fox.

"Good, Fox you’re up. Are you ok?" Bill asked.

"Yeah, I’m fine. Falco answer my question." Fox demanded.

"Well, we did some research on a special planet called " Amainia" which means the planet of peace for the great. I t is the sister planet of Venom." Falco answered.

"Was’ so special about that planet and why am I forbid to go there?" asked Fox in a demanding tone.

"Well that’s the place where a temple was built for the dead leaders of fighting teams of the Lylat system. In the temple there are special rooms for each leader.They are called " *Memoria rooms". Bill’s father has one and so does your father." Slippy added.

"BUT WHY AM I FORBID TO GO THERE?" asked Fox nearly yelling.

"Well, General Pepper thought that it would be too much for you to handle." Said Katt. Fox looked at the comforter covering him.

"Where is this planet?" Fox asked.

"Fox you can’t go there now. There are little monkeys who worship Andross as a god there called Androssnonians. They are very cruel and savage." Said Katt worridly.

"The planet is located near the south side of Venom." Bill said helping Fox out of bed.

"How long does it take to get there from here?" Fox asked.

"About two nano-clicks in hyper drive, but normal flying, about four hours."

"Well, lets get the Arwing ready and take off." Fox said putting on a vest.

"Arwing, you aren’t the only one going." Yelled Falco.

"Falco you need to be my Star Fox Team leader.Falco, you need to take Katt, Bill, and Bill you need to take your best wing men to the cloud of bugs and terminate every single bug living in that cloud. Slippy you will stay here and help Roverans with whatever. I’m going to Amainia by myself." Fox said. Falco was speechless. Fox left them and went to his Arwing.

"If this elixer does exist and Fox finds it in the one place we don’t want him to he will have a nervous break down."-Slippy Toad.

Will Fox find this so called "elixer" or is his friends sending him on a wild goose chase?Find out in Book #2 of Star Fox:After War: The Search for Peppy’s cure

Blanche Longtail, George, Fred, Molly, are creations of my own superier intelligence and must have permission to use in any other creations. Roverans is the original creation of Jwolfman and needs permission to use in any other creations. Star Fox 64 characters are property of Nintendo encop.