When Star Fox & Dragonball Z collied!

Characters : Fox McCloud, Fara McCloud, Justin McCloud, Wolf O Donnel,

Jessie, Tony, Greg, Future Greg, Falco.

SAGA #1 Wolf O Donnel

Narrator: Along time ago Fox & his friends had fought against a Pig named

Grubber. They had won against the Great pig but Fox got killed in the

prosses. The pig had in formed them that 2 of his team mates wold come ot

destroy them and use the dragon balls to wish him back. But they were

interested in something else...immortallity. So Fox, Tony, Falco, & Justin

had to train & prepare for the 2 elete space fighters. They would be there in

one year. So just like that 1 year had come and gone and now was the time to


Justin (looking at the sky): Hey look Tony the sky is black there must be a

storm coming!

Tony (thinking): (Thats no storm the Eternal Dragon must have been summuned!)

Tony: !

Tony (thinking): (That means that the space fighters are going to arrive any

time now!)

(Back at The McCloud home)

Fara: Eternal Dragon arise now to make my wish come true!

(Lighting strikes the Eternal Dragon appers before her eyes)

E.Dragon: I am the Eternal Dragon tell me your wish so that I may grant it

and return back to my lare!

Fara: I wish that Fox McCloud was brought back to this physical plane!

E.Dragon: Very well! I shall grant your wish!

(The Eternal Dragon's red eyes flash as he grants her wish)

(Back at King Ki's home)

Fox: Huh??

( The halo around Fox's head disapers)

(The angle wings on Fox's back fade away)

King Ki: Ha ha! Great! Your Halo & Wings are gone you've been wished back!

(Back at the McCould home)

E.Dragon: Your wish has been granted!

E.Dragon: Farewell!

(The dragon balls fly high into the air and split)

(They fly far away apart from each other)

(back at King Ki's home)

King Ki: We sure going to miss you Fox!

Fox: I'll miss you too King Ki!

Fox: Goodbye King Ki, goodbye Gregery, goodbye Bubbles!

Fox: I'll miss you all!

Gregery: See ya!

Bubble: Ooka! ooooooo!

King Ki: Good luck!

(Fox jumps on to Snake Way & runs as fast as he can to get back to earth)

(Back in the space pods of the space fighters)

Wolf: It won't be long untill we will have inmortality!

Wolf: But now its time to sleep!

Nappa: I can't wait to wake up!

End of episode #1

next Episode #2 The Battle begins Fox were are you!!!