Star Fox Z

Narrator: Previusly on Star Fox Z Fox's team had to prepare for the worst.

Wolf was almost there to earth. Fox was finaly wished back! But can he get

there in time?

stay tuned!

Episode #2 The Battle Begins! Fox where are you?

Alarm: Wake up Wolf. Wake up Nappa.

Alarm: We will arrive to earth in 1 hour!

Nappa: That was a great nap!

Wolf: I agree! lovely nap.

Wolf: But now its time to head to Earth!

Nappa: Yeah! I'm so excited! just 1 more hour!

Wolf & Nappa: HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Back on Earth)

Justin: Well Tony. I guess there is no more time for training huh?

Tony: Nope! Now all we can do is wait for the space fighters to arrive!

Justin: Right!

(back in the space fighters' ships)

Alarm: 30 seconds untill we arrive at Earth!

Alarm: 20 seconds

Alarm: 19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10

Alarm: 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0!

(A giant explosion hit a city on Earth!)

Alarm: Thank you for riding space fighter space lines!

Alarm: Please! Enjoy your stay at Earth!

Wolf: Oh don't worry we will! We will!

Nappa: Me too!

(Peoeple from the city gathered around the craters the space pods created)

Man#1: What is it?!

Man#2: Its alien space pods!!!

Woman#1: Call the police!!!!!!

Man#2: Yeah! Right! What are they gonna do?!

Man#3: They'll just say its a weather balloon!

Woman#2: there's another pod over here!!!

(The Space pods open!)

(Every one watches quietly)

(Wolf & Nappa come out of the space pods)

Wolf: Man! What a bumppy ride!

Nappa: Yeah! I got a crick in my neck from that one!

Man#1: ALIENS!!!!!


Man#3: Oh my! Increadable!

Wolf: Too bad its Sunday. Those buildings would have been filled up tommorow!

Nappa: Man! Darn luck!

Nappa: What should we do with these fools! They'er annoying me!

Wolf: Oh! I don't know! Why don't you handle this one Nappa!

Nappa: With pleasure!

(Nappa simply raised his finger to power up!)

(At that momment all of Fox's Friends on Earth felt there power levels!)

(Falco!, Tony!, Justin!, Fara!, they all felt Nappa's power!)

(Nappa snaped his fingers and the whole city went off with a boom!)

(Back where Tony And Justin were training...)

Tony: Man! What Power!

Justin: Now thats what I call huge!

(Back at the now destroied city...)

Wolf: Nappa! I should have known better than to let you pick the attack!

Nappa: But Why?!

Nappa: Hey! Come on! One little flemish isn't going to effect the face of the


Wolf: Nappa! Use your head! Think!

Wolf: We came here for the DragonBalls! Right?

Nappa: Yeah. We were gonna wish for inmortality. Weren't we?

Wolf: Good! And we need all 7 balls right?

Wolf: Well let me ask you this! What if one of the DragonBalls had to be in

the city you just zapped?!

(Nappa had an embarresed look on his face)

Nappa: I'm sorry. I guess I wasn't using my head!

Wolf: Thats all right! Whats done can't be undone!

Wolf: Right now we need to find the person with the highest power level on

this planet! he's the one who finished off Grubber!

Wolf: Lets see..............Ah ha! there are 2 of them they are the highset

levels on the planet!

Nappa: Then lets go! I'm dieing to kill that guy who killed Grubber!

Wolf: I'm just as excited as you! Lets go!

Wolf & Nappa: Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

(Back where Tony and Justin were training...)

Tony: Get ready Justin they are coming straight here now don't be affraid

remember your power!

Justin: Right! I'll Remember!

Tony: Huh? Theres another level coming!!

Justin: But its from another angle than the space fighters!

Tony: Very good Justin! It is coming from another direction!

Justin: I hope its friendly!

Falco: Did I miss anything?

Tony: Nope! Your just in time!

Justin: So that was the other power level!

Tony: Thats right Justin! You see how much you've improved?

Falco: Whos the kid?

Tony: His name Justin he's Fox's son!

Falco: He's bold! Just like his father!

(Justin blushes)

Justin: Thanks!

Tony: All right you 2! Enough chit chat! They'er here!

Nappa: These are the guys that are going to defend Earth?

Wolf: Pathetic!

Nappa: Lets see how strong you realy are!

Wolf: Well well! Would you look at that!

Nappa: What?

Wolf: That Tony guy there! he is a Saian like you! lookat his tail!

Nappa: Well I'll be!

Nappa: Lets check out there power readings!

Nappa: The Saians at 1000! The fox kid is at 990! And the Bluejay is at 1100

Nappa: You fools! Do you think you can beat us with such weak levels?!

Wolf: Hey Nappa! Don't forget that these guys know how to push down their

power levels untill battle!

Wolf: These power reading are unreliyable.

Nappa: Oh yeah! Grubber that chicken weakling was fooled by that! What a


Falco: did you hear that?! those guys just called that guy you killed a

chicken weakling!!!

Falco: Its enough that you allmost got killed! But these guys are too much!

Wolf: Hey Nappa! Lets have some fun with these guys shall we?

Wolf: How many of those Sybamen do we have left?

Wolf: I think we should have at least 2 for each of these guys!

Nappa: Your right! theres 6 left!

(Nappa dug 6 holes in the ground and put 6 strange seeds in them!)

(Wolf then grabbed a container of green goo & put a drop of green goo in each


(then they sat there and watched)

(suddenly the ground began to shake!)

(6 strange green creatures popped out of the ground as if they were plants

but had no roots!)

(they were no taller than Justin)

Wolf: Lets play a little game! each of you take on 2 of these Sybamen!

Tony: We arn't here to play games you! We're here to fight!

Falco: Now now! Easy! Remember Fox hasn't even arrived yet! We can make more

time by playing their game!

Falco: I got the 2 on the left!

Tony: I'll take the 2 in the middle!

Justin: I guess I'll just take the 2 on the right then!

All of Fox's Friends: YAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

(Back on Snake Way...)

Fox (Thinking): (Hold on guys I'm allmost there! I know you can do it! Hold


Narrator: Will Fox make it back in time to save his friend's? Do Tony,

Justin, and Falco have a chance against the Sybamen? Stay tuned for the next

Star Fox Z!

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