When DragonBall Z & Star Fox Combine

Narrator: Previusely on Star Fox Z Wolf & Nappa had finally arived on Earth &

started there their first assult by destroying a whole city! Wolf & Nappa had

cought up to Tony, Justin, & Falco! they decided to play a little game with

them by using there Sybamen! They decided they would play along to make time

for Fox to arrive back to Earth! Do Earth's forces stand a chance? Stay tuned!

Episode #3 TIMES UP!!!!

(The Sybamen were on both sides of Tony!)

(Tony did a split kick to knock them both down!)

(Falco evened the odds on his side by doing a multi-tri move witch made 2

Falcos one for each Sybaman!)

(Both Falcos and the 2 Sybamen were now punching and kicking at each other)

(Justin, knowing this was his first time to officaly fight, got a little

scared & confused on what to do first)

(The 2 Sybamen jumped toward Justin from both sides!)

Justin: Yikes!!!

(Justin jumped)

(Both Sybamen hit each others head knocking each other them scencless)

Justin: HAHAHA!!!!!!

(Justin laughed at the funny faces the Sybamen made when they fell down)

Tony: This should finnish my two off!!

(Tony put his hands together as they began to glow with energy beam!)

Tony: KA...ME...HA...ME...HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(An enormus yellow energy beam came from Tony's hands & Fried the 2 Sybamen)

(Tony's Sybamen were killed)

Real Falco: Hey! F2! lets finish these 2 off with a Destucto Disk!

Falco Clone: Sounds good to me!

(both falcos carried a yellow energy disk as thin as a CD but as round as a


Both Falcos: YAHHHH!!!!!!

(The disks were as sharp as razers)

(both the Sybamen were cut in half & killed)

(The 2 Falcos returned to one!)

Justin (thinking): (Where did they go?) (They'er moveing so fast I can't

sence them!)

(suddenly one came up behind Justin & grabbed him with his arms & legs as if

it were trying to hug him)

(but it was doing much more)

(Justin tried to breath but he couldn't!)

(The Sybaman was trying to sufficate Justin!!!!!)

(Justin tried to break free but the sybaman had linked its hands to gether

like chains)

(The Other Sybaman just sat and watched)

(Justin was dieing!!!!!)

(he couldn't cry for help because he would lose too much air)

(Justin kept strugeling but the Sybaman just held tighter)

(Tears welled up in Justin's eyes as his last minutes of breath were fading)

(It looked like the end for Justin...)

(But just then...Tony stepped in and hammered The Sybaman on the head)

Justin: GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Koff!!!!! Koff!!!!!

(Justin Koffed up blood because of the Sybaman holding on to him so long)

(The First Sybamans head was pressed in)

(It was dead)

(With an angry look on his face & tears still in his eyes, he killed the

other Sybaman by shotting blue ray from his hand)

(The Sybaman was fried)

Tony: You 2 just wait till Fox gets here! He'll tare you up!!

Wolf: Fox huh! Is he very strong?

Falco: We are waiting on him right now!

Wolf: All right then lets wait for him!!

Wolf: We'll give him 3 hours to get here If he dosen't show then Nappa will

start doing the thrashing!

Tony & Falco: You got it!!

Justin: Just wait! My daddy will rip you appart!

Narrator: Well it seams that Wolf and Nappa are going to wait for Fox! Will

he get there in time to help? Or will Nappa start to tear apart Tony, Justin,

& Falco? Stay tuned for the next episode of Star Fox Z!!!!!!!!!

End of episode #3

Next episode #4 TIMES UP 2: The waiting is over!!!!! Wheres Fox?!