When DragonBall Z & Star Fox collied

Narrator: Previusly on Star Fox Z All of Fox's friends go against the

Sybamen! Tony & Falco were able to finish their 2 in a pinch! But Justin's

were a little more stronger & experieced witch made it a little difficult for

Justin. In fact Justin all most lost his life!!!!!! The Sybamen tried to

sufficate him! But Tony stepped in just in the nick of time! and just in

killed the other Sybaman but now that they told Vegeta about Fox they decide

to wait. Will Fox Get there in time? Stay tuned!

Episode #4 TIMES UP 2!!!!! The waiting ends! Wheres Fox?

Nappa: AWW!!! MAN!!! 3 HOURS?! I just can't wait that long!

Wolf: Why don't you go have some fun while I sit & wait!

Nappa: What should I do?

Wolf: Why don't you go & get rid of those news reporters that have been

annoying us?

Nappa: Allright!! I'm gonna love this!

Wolf: I thought you might!

(Nappa flies away to find the reporters camp)

Nappa: Huh?

(Nappa notices a hellocopter hovering beside him)

Nappa (under his breath): So you want some news do ya?

Nappa (under his breath): Heres your last 5 seconds of fame!

(2 perashoots come out of the hellocopter as Nappa blows up the Hellocopter

with a red beam from his hand!)

Nappa: Ah-ha! So! Thats where they are hideing

(Nappa notices the camp site and decides to take a look)

Nappa: Well! This won't take long!

(Just like before Nappa snaps his fingers and in a moment the camp was gone!)

Nappa: Huh?

(Nappa turned around to find a whole army of ships in the water)

Man#1: Don't fire till you see the whites of his eyes!

Man#2: Roger that!

(Nappa Snapped his fingers and the whole army of ships blew up!)

Nappa: Ha! just a bunch of kids with there toys

Wolf: Nappa! come on back!!!!!!

(Nappa ran to get to where Wolf had called!)

Nappa: What is it wolf?

Wolf: Times up!

Wolf: & This Fox still isn't here!

Wolf: Well Nappa...Looks like you get to take a crack at them!

Nappa: WHOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Nappa took off the armer around the top of his body)

Nappa: Man! that armer got on my nerves!

Justin (in thought): AWW! Man! look at this guy he's huge!

Justin (in thought): Man! What are we gonna do!

Narrator: Well it seems that Fox has still not arrived! and now Tony, Justin,

& Falco have to face against Nappa! Will they stand a chance? Stay tuned for

the next episode of Star Fox Z!

Next Episode #5 Nappa...the invincable?