The Lylat Chronicles, Part I:

The Long Lost Battle of Sector Z

By ASimPerson


Long ago, before Andross and Star Fox, there was a legendary battle between two groups, the Space Pirates and the Cornerian Army. All that remains of this battle are the strewn remains of ships of long ago. This story is the first of 10 (hopefully) in a series of the history of the Lylat System.

Chapter 1- Bob McDougal

Bob McDougal got up out of his bed. Right now his ship was on its way to Sector Z to find a rumored unescorted cargo ship with tons of valuable supplies. Usually the Cornerian Army would escort these ships, which went through Sector Z to get to Edena. [Author’s Note: I read in a Starfox fanfic once that Venom was once called Edena, so I will refer to Venom as Edena until Andross takes it over.] Bob was the Space Pirates’ best pilot and usually would rob ships that no one else wanted. But no Pirate would never give up the chance to rob an unescorted ship headed anywhere. By the time they got there, they could see the freighter. "Prepare to board," he yelled, as he headed down to the ship bay to get in his own personal ship, the SPX-001. It was equipped with the newest ‘green laser’ technology [Author’s Note: His green laser is what we now know as the single laser in Star Fox64.], which was capable of locking on to enemies and firing a shot per second, which is the fastest anyone had ever seen. It also had new engines and RADAR technology also. Little did he know that might have be the last time he’d ever board the SPX-001…

Chapter 2- Chad McCloud

"Why do I do it? I don’t know. It could be the money, power, the satisfaction…"— Bob McDougal.

Running alongside Bob McDougal was Chad McCloud. His ship was the SPX-002, the SPX-001’s sister ship. Both were designed by Chad, who had them built at the Zoness shipyards before they were overrun by the Cornerian Army. Chad wasn’t so sure about going after this ship, which was rather close to the Cornerian lines, but he went alongside his friend Bob. They both went to the brand-new Cornerian Space Academy before they were pirates. Silently both went into their craft, and they were off. Of course Chad beat Bob down to their craft because Chad was fox, faster than any big dog. They got in, started the engines and headed out. Bob felt something was wrong, but shrugged it off as he flew closer to the ship.

Chapter 3- "I've should've known"

You have to remember this is many, many years before James McCloud even existed—ASimPerson

All of a sudden, about 200 Cornerian Striker Class fighters appeared from nowhere. The Pirates were outnumbered 200 to 50, but the Pirates' ships were far better than the Striker Class ship. This was the beginning of the Battle of Sector Z. "I've should've known," Bob said as he shot down 5 Cornerian ships. Already the Cornerians were down to 100 ships. Then, once again out of nowhere 5 Striker-V spacecraft came.

"Dang!" Chad yelled, as he did a summersault to avoid being hit, "Now we’re outgunned and outnumbered."

"We can’t just give up!" another pilot said before he was shot down by one of the Striker-V’s.

The Striker-V had the same weapon capabilities of the SPX spacecraft, but with one serious advantage, speed. The Striker-V was about 10 times faster than the SPX spacecraft.

The Pirates were down to 25 ships already. Then, Chad’s radar picked up a huge Cornerian Destroyer headed towards Sector Z. Normally big ships were no problem, but the Destroyer was equipped with the new Nova Bomb technology. The Cornerian ships started to retreat. "Don’t follow them!" Chad said frantically, "It’s a trap!"

"As if this whole thing already hasn’t been a trap!" another pilot yelled as he followed the Cornerian ships. Chad stayed behind. And so did Bob, because he had two bogeys following him as he tried evasive maneuvers. Then, a white flash went through the entire area. Chad and Bob were unaffected by it, being far away from where the Nova Bomb detonated. Immediately, they headed out of there, before they were found by the Cornerians.

Chapter 4- 48 out of 50

"I had friends who foolishly tried to destroy that Destroyer. But they were all killed by the bomb. I don’t know what made them think that."—Bob McDougal

Both Bob and Chad had wives on the planet of McBeth. So they headed there. They knew they would forever be hunted down by the Cornerians. So Chad got an idea.

"Bob, my friend Will Hare and I are planning to become mercenaries and hunt down the rest of the Pirates to pay my bail. How ‘bout you?" Chad asked Bob.

"Me? I’ll just change my name," Bob replied.

"To what?"

"Bob Grey has a nice ring to it."

A day later, Will and Chad left McBeth to find the remaining Pirates. And Bob McDougal no longer existed.


The Cornerian commander stepped out onto the bridge of the Destroyer. He asked, "How many did we get?"

"48, sir."

"Out of how many?"

"50, sir."

The End


Chad and Will found all the remaining Pirates and turned them in for bail. Remember, Chad said that his friends were killed in battle, not his enemies. And Bob McDougal no longer existed, but Bob Grey began a whole new life.

Written by ASimPerson


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