Chapter 1

All was quiet on the Greatfox. Slippy was franticly typing away on the computer trying to be like Star, Fox was in the Gym working out, Peppy was relaxing with a nice cool glass of carrot juice and Falco was reading the latest issue of Playbird magazine disguised as the "Finical Express". Just then they heard footsteps slowly pacing down the corridor leading to the rec room. Everybody froze… The sound was getting closer and closer each step echoing of the walls. Falco eased his way to the door which was open and peered around the corner. He quickly ran for cover "ITS STARWOLF!". The footsteps got faster and the sound got louder. Slippy dived for cover behind the sofa, Falco hid behind the bar. While this was happening Peppy ran off to warn Fox of their presence. Starwolf burst in the door armed to the teeth with all kinds off strange devices. Falco was listening to them speaking. "Where are they!!!" Leon cursed. Slippy could feel them getting closer to him. He peeped one eye from around the sofa only to see that Starwolf had their back turned. He took is chances and ran as fast as he could to the door. Starwolf turned "Look Slippy is getting away!!!!!!". All at once they stared blasting. Falco laughed to himself as he heard "AAAAHhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa" echoing down the corridor. "Let him go" Wolf shouted. "We have more important things to do for Andross". Falco heard this loud and clear. "ANDROSS… Andross… I thought Fox nailed that guy?".

Peppy and Fox where both in the gym discussing the situation. Just then Slippy burst through the door. "They… they… they are in… the rec room and Falco… Falco is still in there…" Slippy was sweating and completely puffed out. "We… we have to do something…". "Ok, ok Slippy, chill!". "Hmmm… , all we can do is wait until they leave" Peppy sighed. "How did they get in?" You could see the stress mounting on Fox's face. "Well… hmmm… erm… well I…". "You don't know do you?". Peppy laughed. "Yes I do… They came in the docking bay and…". "I could of told you that much" Fox said loudly.

"Leon have you finished that yet" Andrew whined. "Hurry up I have to get some lunch". "There you go, we have ten minutes to get outa here before this place blows" Leon had the biggest grin on his face ever. So big in fact, you could park the Greatfox in it and still have room for another fifty Arwings. "Lets move out" commanded Wolf. "Wait, I've found the fridge" Pigma shouted clutching a bag of chips. Wolf's eyes filled up with anger "PIGMA, IF YOU WANT YOUR GUTS SMEARED ON THE NEAREST ASTEROID YOU CAN STAY BUT WE ARE LEAVING, OK?" Wolf, Leon and Andrew stormed out of the room and headed towards the docking bay with Pigma grabbing as much food as possible and following. Falco waited until the coast was clear and then came out from hiding. "That was too close" Falco said relieved. Fox, Peppy and Slippy came in through door. "Falco are you ok?" Peppy grumbled worriedly. "Yeah I'm fine. Pigma took allot of food with him when they left and... Hey! They took my Playbird magazines!"

"What Playbird magazines?" Fox said with an ice cold glare.

"Oh erm the one's that Slippy gave me, yeah that’s it, the ones Slippy gave me".

"Hey! I didn't give you my copies of Playbird, mine are in my… oops.". Slippy went bright red and the group laughed. I hate to break the conversation but there is a count down on Slippy's computer. "Six minutes left until detonation" the computer blared out. "I guess the is a bomb has been planted" Fox said. "Can you fix it Slip?". "Hmmm… I'll get right on it".

"Five minutes left until detonation"

Slippy began to hammer away at the keyboard. "Oh yeah" said Falco. "Starwolf is working for Andross again".

"Good one Falco".

"No, really, they really are".

"Yeah right".

"I nailed Andross a long time ago".

"Wolf said so himself". Falco was getting in a stress.

Fox couldn't believe what he was hearing. "How can this be?"


Slippy got off his chair and started to run towards the docking bay. On his way he tripped on a wire pulling the plug out off the wall.


Everyone could not believe what had just happened. "Just think, if Slippy wasn't such a screw up we could have been dead". "Aha, now who's a screw up" Slippy was pretty pleased with him self.

"Message from General Pepper, Priority One".

Fox pressed the answer button.

"Fox our spies have noticed some strange activities on Venom, will you check it out?".

"Our spies confirm that Andross is back".

"Affirmative Sir, Andross won't have his way with me".

They all ran down that famous corridor towards the docking bay and jumped in their Arwings. Slippy was first to power up his engine and then Falco, Peppy and Fox did the same. They all warmed up their engines for a few minutes and then switched to standby mode.

"All ships check in"

"Falco here, I'm fine"

"This is Peppy, all systems go".

"Slippy here, I'm ok".

"Launch Sequence activated in 3,2,1…".

"Ok, here we go" Fox had always loved this part.

All four ships rocketed out in to space.

"Lets go into the attack formation" said Fox.

Fox leaded with Slippy on his left and Falco on the right with Peppy behind.

About five minutes had passed and they where nearing Venom.

"Something's not right, this is too easy" said Falco feeling uneasy.

"Were entering Venom airspace"

"Oh my god"

"What is it Slippy?".

"My computer has detected over 500 units up ahead and they are all Venomian".

"I'm gonna get Star and Kat to come help us".

"No Fox, please not Kat" whined Falco.

Fox thought really hard to try and get Star's help.

"Star, We need your help"

"Can you hear me?"


"What's up bro? Suppose you need my help again am I correct".

"No, I mean yes, er I guess so then".

"I'll be there in ten".

"Ok" Fox thought.

"Fox, I got hold of Kat she's on her way and I managed to get hold of Bill but he can't get here for another twenty minutes".

"Good job Slip".

"Hey thanks Fox".

Everyone watched as Star's ship cut through Venom's thick atmosphere.

"Hi ya guys, Starting without me?".

"Star your just in time we are now approaching the enemy" said Falco excitedly.

"Caimen here, no problems".
"Emergency manoeuvres we are under attack".

"Hey Caimen long time no see".

"Wha… Do I know you?".

"Yes, I wiped out your team last time we were in Area 6 remember?".

"No it can't be, its Starfox again".

"Well done ten points" said Falco trying really hard to impress Star.

Chapter 2

"I see 'em up ahead, Lets rock and roll".

Almost straight away Slippy was in trouble.

"Some body help me".

"He's firing".

Falco came up behind Slippy who was franticly deflecting shots.

"Slippy break right"

"Roger that".

Falco aimed at the back of the TX SILVER CLOUD and blasted out the engine.

"Yeah, smashed one".

"Phew, thanks".

"Slippy you should play more attention" laughed Fox.

A group of fifty plus Skyhawk fighters where coming up front.

Star launched a nova bomb which took most of them down.

"Piece of cake".

Peppy polished the rest of them off.

After a good ten minutes of more or less the same both Bill and Kat where on the seen helping out.

"Location confirmed sending supplies".

"Who's taking it?" asked Peppy.

"Falco needs it most, his shield is low" Star said.

"Thanks I'll go get it now".

Just as Falco got near the box it exploded and took out his engine and both of his wings.

"BAIL FALCO, BAIL!" Screamed Kat.


"KICK IT" said Peppy.


His Arwing turned into a huge fireball and hit the ground in a burning wreck.

"Slippy did he bail" Kat said with a worried look on her face.

"Yeah, he is alive. My computer is picking up his presence".

Chapter 3

"Oh man that was one hell of a landing".

Falco looked around to see his burning Arwing. He had put his life in to that and now its gone up in flames. It would take weeks to get a new one. Priority One take so long to deliver them. When the flames went out he looked for his ration pack and medi kit. He found them under the seat not burned at all. First he sorted out his cuts and bruises and then he had a bag of chips. "Man this sucks".

"That must have been a trick" Slippy explained.

"Yeah and a mean one at that. I feel sorry for Falco he loved that Arwing of his" Star said.

"That's the last of them, take care Fox".

"You too bill".

"I will go too" said Kat.

"Bye everyone".

"Star I'm gonna go in and finish of Andross".

"Ok Fox, I'll help Slippy and Peppy hold off anyone who tries to stop you."

Fox pulled up, did a loop and then dived down into the same place where Andross was hiding last time. As he flew down the corridors leading to the main base he remembered his farther. The corridors that he was going down where still black from when the place blew up last time.

All of a sudden Andross's voice kicked in over the com. It sounded different from last time. It was not as deep.

"You will pay for killing my dad Fox".

"Wha… your dad. Well who the hell are you then?".

"I am Andross's son Anddraos".

"I will kill you just like I killed Andross".

"We will haffta see about that wont we".

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The Rise of Andross


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