Hi! My name is Ryan Lionheart but you can call me Grayfox since everyone else in my team does. My team consists of Nova (a girl) mouse ( a rather short teenager) and Dietrich ( a pain in the ass Lt.), We’re all terran! What’s a Terran you might say? Well a terran is a human of course! Except I’m from another planet. It’s the year 2450 and the Earth is overpopulated, My parents moved into the orbiting colonies but they weren’t enough. Supplies was everything, so was food, water, maybe even weaponry if I may add. But Earth could only support so many. So eventually the colonists ventured out into space. We kept going till we found a suitable planet. Strangely enough it was very similar to earth! We named it Tarsonis and lived there ever since. I spent most of my childhood on Tarsonis. I wanted to be a pilot, a very good one! I looked up to DarkWolf a.k.a. Aremis Shepard. He was the best pilot there was! Well…at least on my world. I wanted to be just like him! But I was only 15 at the time when war was declared. War? Hmm… I’ve seen so much of it in my life! I’m going to tell you my story of how I met some animal dude named Fox McCloud. I’ll start this at when I first joined. I was in the mother ship orbiting the Lylat system at this time. Why the Lylat? Because our planet Tarsonis was destroyed by the evil aliens known as the Mantids.


Ryan: Sir! I’ll do the mission!

Deitrich: Are you crazy Lionheart?

Ryan: Maybe I am! But I can do it!

Deitrich: What are you trying to do private? Get yourself killed!?

Ryan: No sir…but I can accomplish this mission! Like how DarkWolf does!

Deitrich: You’re not DarkWolf and you’re not doing this mission! You’re a first timer and a rookie! You

haven’t even flown a mission yet!

Ryan:……*looks down at ground* but…….

Deitrich: No buts private! If you think you can just waltz on in here with barely any flight experience and

Go on a dangerous mission to destroy a battle cruiser that only proves one thing!

Ryan: and what’s that?

Deitrich: It proves that you are a wannabe hot shot and your gonna get your ass fried!


Deitrich: Return to your quarters Lionheart! I’ve seen enough of you for one day!

*Ryan walks out of the room with his head lowered in disappointment*

Nova: Hey Ryan! Wait up! *Waving at Ryan*

Ryan: *looks behind him* What is it nova?

Nova: Oh nothing…*blushes*

Ryan: eh? *scratches head*

Nova: umm….Oh Mouse told me to get you!

Ryan: oh what did he do now?

Nova: well he made some tune ups on the ships

Ryan: hmm… well I haven’t even flown one yet!

Nova: hmmm…well… but still…it’s worth a look

Ryan: alright….* sighs *

*Ryan and Nova walk down the hall*

Over Com: Warning! Warning! The ship is under attack! All units report to flight deck! This is not a drill

Ryan: what? What’s happening!

Nova: I don’t know! But we gotta get to the ships!

* Ryan and Nova run to the flight deck *

Deitrich: Lionheart! What the hell are you doing here!? I told you that you are not a pilot!

Ryan: Oh shuttup Dietrich I ain’t in for your bullshit today! We need to get to the ships! Now!!!

Dietrich: Fine Lionheart! But if you get killed it ain’t my problem!

Ryan: alright then Deitrich

Nova: Will you two stop fighting like little kids! We gotta get into the ships you dumb asses!

Ryan: Woah! She’s pissed! Alright! Lets go!!

CHAPTER 2: StarWolf’s Strike

* all three run and get into the ships (known as Veratechs) *

* Ryan gets into his ship and flies out, followed by nova and Deitrich. Ryan Pulls out of the Mothership. And sees four ships attacking the hull of the ship. *

Ryan: Only four ships? What kind of attack is this?

Deitrich: Hmm…seems like morons to me! They’re ludicrous! Only four! Just four! What are they trying to pull? A prank?

Nova: duhhh…this ain’t no joke Deitrich! If four ships are attacking! Only four! That must mean they’re bad asses. Other words! They’re aces!

Ryan: Try to open a com link to them! See who they are!

* Ryan opens a com link to find a wolf *

StarWolf: Who are you? Alien!

Ryan: The same goes to you! Wolf boy!

StarWolf: hmm..You haven’t got any fur like me! You’re pretty ugly! Alien!

Ryan: Well…Uh…umm…Same to you!

StarWolf: you don’t have many come backs do you alien? Anyway! I got paid to take your ship out!

Ryan: well it ain’t gonna happen! Wolf boy!

StarWolf: I’m afraid it will…. Alien!

Ryan: I’m a terran! And don’t you forget it!

StarWolf: Terran Smearing I don’t care! You’re just targets to me!

Nova: Both of you shuttup! Just get fighting already! I’m bored!

StarWolf: who’s this? Another uhh…terran was it?

Ryan: You seem to have forgotten already wolf boy! You’re dead meat pal!

*Ryan then locks a missile onto StarWolf *

StarWolf: you aren’t getting me that easily terran!

*StarWolf does a summersault*

Ryan: what the hell? How did he?

StarWolf: Go home Terran boy! You don’t have any skills! You’re just clown in a tin can!

Ryan: wanna bet! Wolf man! Eat this!

* Ryan fires another missile, but StarWolf dodges again*

Ryan: Damn! I missed!

*StarWolf then locks onto Ryan *

Ryan: Oh man! This isn’t good! I can’t shake em!

StarWolf: I gotcha terran!

Nova: Think again! Wolf man!

*Nova fires lasers at StarWolf and blows off his left wing *

Nova: Such fragile ships these aliens make! Just like breaking toys!

StarWolf: Noo!!! I can’t be defeated! By the likes of you! Leon! Andrew! Pigma! Do something!!

Pigma: Yes sir!

Leon: don’t worry! I’ll handle her! *Pointing at Nova*

Andrew: I’ll get the other one! *Pointing at Deitrich*

*Ryan flies after starwolf and gets a lock, he fires a missile only to see it fly past him*

Ryan: What! It didn’t lock!

StarWolf: Ever hear of stealth? Terran!

Ryan: …Then I’ll fry you with my laser! Wolf man!

StarWolf: Call me starwolf! And it’ll be the last name you’ll ever hear!

Ryan: all right…. StarWolf…

Ryan: well call me Ryan! Ryan Lionheart!

StarWolf: call me wolf! Wolf O’donnel!

Nova: For god’s sake! Who cares what his name is! Shoot him already!

Ryan: With pleasure!

*Ryan Shoots laser at starwolf, but starwolf does a summersault and ends up behind Ryan: *

Ryan: Oh no! He’s behind me! I’m screwed!

StarWolf: AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Terran! You’re dead!

* StarWolf fires a nova bomb at Ryan.. The explosion was tremendous *

Nova: Nooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan!!!!!

Deitrich: …poor kid…he was a little cocky.. But I warned him! Now he got himself killed!

*The explosion clears and Ryan’s ship flies out looking unharmed*

All: What the!?

Ryan: *smiles* hehe..I think I got the ship mouse worked on! Yeah!

Nova: *smiles* I owe mouse one then.. * Blushes *

Ryan:?? Huh?

StarWolf: I can’t believe this! How? The bomb went up the exhaust pipe! I saw it!

Ryan: Well maybe you’re seeing things wolf!

* Ryan then locks onto wolf and shoots his right wing*

StarWolf: no!! I can’t loose!!!!

* StarWolf flies off into space, still going, but uncontrollable *

Ryan: hurry up guys! We gotta get the other ones!

* Ryan locks onto Leon, which was chasing Nova *

Ryan: Prepare to meet your maker!

Leon: foolish terran! I am the Great Leon!

* Ryan fires a missile, which accidentally hits Nova’s ship *

Nova: Hey Einstein! I’m on your side!

Ryan: whoops! *Sweat pours down Ryan’s head*

Leon: hmm… you seem to have bad aim! Ryan!

Ryan: ……

* Andrew joins the chase with Nova till he gets a lock on her*

Nova: Oh no you don’t!

* She then does a summersault and goes behind Andrew*

Andrew: what!? No!

* she shoots a missile and it sends Andrew spiraling into space helpless *

Andrew: UNCLE ANDROSS!!!!!!!!

* The spiraling ship hits pigma’s ship and sends it spiraling to *

Pigma: Noo! You idiot!!!!! AAAAAH! MY REWARD!!!

* Leon seeing he was the only one flying on his team feels a little bit treated unfairly going against three *

Leon: 3 or 10 of you! I don’t care! I am the Great Leon ! I will destroy all of you!

Ryan: Wanna make a bet? Lizard!

* Ryan Shoots lasers at Leon and hits the front of his ship *

Leon: Nooo!!!

* Leon’s ship was heavily damaged in the front and lost control. He to joined the spiraling herd *

Nova: And good riddance!

Ryan: Where the hell is everyone else?

Deitrich: They where preparing the ships when the attack occurred

Ryan: hmm…. Figures

*Suddenly mouse and all the other available pilots come out of the ship*

Mouse: Hey guys! Where’s the enemies?

Ryan: Well it seems your late Mouse! You missed the party!

Mouse: Aww man! And I just got this ship one hell of an upgrade! I thought I could test it out on the enemy

Nova: Well too bad mouse, oh and thanks for that tune up on Ryan’s ship. We owe you one…

Ryan: yeah..thanks mouse! Or else I’d be in oblivion right now!

Mouse: *smiles* no prob.

Deitrich: I don’t mean to interrupt you guys but we got a mission to fly!

CHAPTER 3: Assault on the Battle Cruiser

Ryan: Oh yeah! The Battle cruiser! Oh shit! We gotta keep it from attacking our mother ship!

Deitrich: What do you mean we? Remember! You ain’t no true pilot yet! Plus you nearly killed nova with Friendly Fire!

Nova: Yeah! Kill the badguys for once!

Ryan: * nervous look * uhh…sorry! Hehehe….he…….

* Nova and Deitrich look at him on the com screen with a strange look expression on their faces *

Mouse: Well this ship that I now call the Firestorm should do some damage on their battle cruiser!

Ryan: Firestorm?

Mouse: yep! Totally changed the body of the Veratech adding more armor and shields with more firepower!

Dietrich: Man I gotta get me one of those! Hehe…well anyway! All units on intercept course with the cruiser!

All Pilots: Affirmative sir!

* All units fly on course until they reach the same sector as the battle cruiser *

Ryan: *eyes widen* oh my god! Look at the size of that thing! It’s huge!

Nova: *rolls her eyes* duh!! It’s supposed to be big! It’s a freaking attack cruiser!

Ryan: …..

Dietrich: Alpha wing! Follow me! Including you Lionheart! You’re in!

Ryan: yes sir! *With a happy expression on face*

Beta#1: Oh man! Here they come! Bogies incoming fast!

*Thousands of small mantid ships come out of the cruiser *

Mantid #1: @#%$@%&#SAFA@!@$DIE@!$$ (unable to Translate)

Beta #1: Look at all of these god damn aliens!

*Mantid #1 Hits Beta#1’s right wing off*

Mantid #1: Now it is your time to die!

*Pilot #1 Heads toward cruiser at a high speed at an uncontrollable rate *

Mouse: Pull up Beta one! Pull up!

Beta #1: I’m hit! Can’t pull up in time! AAAH! AAAH!!!! (Radio hisses)

*a massive explosion near Ryan shakes his ship*

Ryan: Woah! What the hell was that!?

Nova: …that poor bastard…..

Ryan: We gotta waste these enemy ships!

Deitrich: Not on my watch Lionheart! We gotta stay in formation! We gotta get around to the back of the ship!

Ryan: Why?!

Nova: Because that’s its weakest point idiot!

Ryan: oh…..

Mouse: Beta wing will cover ya!

Deitrich: Alright Beta 1! Don’t go dying on me now!

Mouse: don’t worry! Just waste that ship! Hurry!

* a huge battle is ongoing in the back of alpha wing *

Ryan: *Looks behind him* We got company Deitrich!

* Deitrich looks behind him and sees 3 devil rays approaching them at a fast rate *

Deitrich: We can’t break off course! We gotta stay on target!

Ryan: But! We’ll get scrapped!

Nova: Yeah! Deitrich, we can’t stay on a kamikaze course like this!

Deitrich: …..

Ryan: Deitrich! I got a lock! And its not mine! Shit!!! It’s a missile!

Deitrich: Hold on kid! I’m coming!

* Deitrich swerves around Ryan and turns around *

Deitrich: You guys go on ahead! I’ll hold em off!

Ryan: Yes sir!

Nova: Deitrich you’re gonna get yourself killed!

Ryan: Nova forget about that now! We gotta waste this ship!

Nova: Your right!

* Ryan and Nova are nearly behind the cruiser when they see 4 familiar ships leaving the cruiser *

Nova: umm…Ryan! We got company!

Ryan: *looks* oh great! It’s them again!

StarWolf: Its good to see you again Terran! Now its time to die!

Ryan: *Has an angry expression on face yet nervous* …….

Nova: You guys are hired by the Mantids! Are you crazy!?

StarWolf: What do you mean? They pay good foolish girl!

Nova: What I mean is that once they pay you they kill you! Its that simple! You can’t trust them!

StarWolf: You have no idea what you are talking about! Now die!

*Ryan gets a lock on the thrusters of the cruiser*

Ryan: I’d like to play but I don’t have time for you!

* Ryan fires 2 missiles at the thrusters and they go up them *

StarWolf: Noooo!! The cruiser! Our money!!!!! AARGH!!!!

* The cruiser rumbles for a second then a flash is seen inside*

StarWolf: What’s this?!

Ryan: all units! Pull out! I repeat! Get a good distance from the cruiser!

Nova: We won’t make it!

* The ship’s light grows wider and so does Ryan’s eyes*

Ryan: If we don’t get outta here its gonna incinerate us!

* Ryan and the rest of the ships rapidly retreat from the ship *

Ryan: All units! Use your thrusters!

Deitrich: An order from you? I’d rather die! But thrusters sound pretty good right now!

Ryan: *Smiles* Its good to see you alive Deitrich! I thought they would’ve got ya!

Deitrich: I got some tricks up my sleeves!

*The ships use their thrusters and reach a good distance before a shockwave is felt and the ships heat increases rapidly*

Beta#4: My ship can’t take it! AARGGH! AAAIIEE!!!

* The ship blows up *

Deitrich: Aww man! This isn’t good!

Mouse: My ships doing fine! It can take the heat!

Ryan: I’m happy for you Mouse but my ship isn’t doing too good!

Nova: Mine either man!

Deitrich: Is it hot in here or is it just me?

*All look at him with angry expressions*

Deitrich: What? Was it something I said?

* The ships pull out of the explosion and are severely damaged…all except Mouse’s Ship *

Chapter 4: Mothership…MISSING!??

Ryan: Alright guys…lets head home

Nova: No problem there

Mouse: * Sighs * thank god that’s over and done with!

Deitrich: What’s the matter? You all tired? Heh! You are no real pilots! Just kids in there toy planes!

Mouse: Deitrich….just put a sock in it…

* all head back to the mother ship only to find nothing there *

Deitrich: what the?! The Mothership! It’s gone!

Ryan: Do you think the battle cruiser was a distraction?

Mouse: My guess is that it was… Aww man! What are we gonna do!? We have no place to land.

Ryan: We’ll find something...Hey Nova!

Nova: What is it Ryan?

Ryan: Remember that wolf fella?

Nova: *sighs* Who can forget him?

Ryan: Well maybe we can see where they went or are going to

Nova: that’s smart…they’d just send all of their pilots at us and send us to oblivion!

Ryan: Hmm…Well it’s worth a chance! We gotta try! Or what else will we do? Just float here for the rest of our lives?

Mouse: He’s got a point Nova

Nova: *sighs* fine…. Deitrich, what do you say? You’re in command

Deitrich: well….fine. If that wolf fella wants a fight! We’ll give him one!

Mouse: Fine with me! Beta wing! Follow me!

*Mouse Flies off towards where StarWolf was*

Deitrich: Alpha wing! Follow me!

Ryan: Yes sir!

Nova: No problem!

*They head in the direction where Wolf was going*

Ryan: umm…Deitrich

Deitrich: What is it Lionheart?

Ryan: Where is the wolf guy?

Nova: Don’t worry! Follow me! I still got my lock on him! But it won’t last for long!

*Deitrich and Ryan follow Nova*

Chapter 5: Corneria Chaos

Ryan: Hey! I can see something from here *looks out window to see a blue planet*

Nova: Me too…but the lock leads elsewhere

Mouse: who cares! That planet looks like Tarsonis! Let’s go there!

Nova: But it’s….

Ryan: Nova…it’s better than nothing

Nova: Fine…..Deitrich, what do you say?

Deitrich: Nova…make your own choices, it’s the only freedom anyone has nowadays

Nova: fine…. Let’s go

*All of the ships head towards the blue beautiful planet*

Ryan: Nova! I’m getting a transmission!

Nova: Well then let it come through!

General Pepper: Who is this? Identify yourselves!

Ryan: We’re Terrans! We have some business to deal with you for help wrecking our ship!

Deitrich: Yeah! You go around busting Our ships for money! You bounty hunting scum!

Nova: you idiots! This isn’t the planet! Its not StarWolf!

General Pepper: You know StarWolf?!

Ryan: Yeah…we’ve dealt with them earlier

General Pepper: You’re the bounty hunting scum! All units! Engage Enemy alien threat!

Nova: Wait you don’t understand!

Ryan: Forget it Nova! He’s too stupid too realize we aren’t the enemy! But anyway! If they want a fight! We’ll give em one!

Deitrich: All units! Break and attack!

Nova: Wait!

Deitrich: What is it Nova!?

Nova: We can’t just waltz on into their planet and start barking at em! We gotta try to talk to them and explain our condition!

Deitrich: So your miss ambassador all of a sudden?

Nova: You wanna make something of it?

Deitrich: no ma’am! We don’t need anymore dead pilots

Nova: All of you aliens! Stop! We mean you no harm!

Bill: Sure! That’s what they all say!

Ryan: Who the hell are you?!

Bill: I’m Bill! Bill Grey! Gotta problem with that? Alien!

Ryan: *sighs* (they all seem to call me alien)

Nova: look Bill or who ever you are! We aren’t the enemy! And we aren’t trying to be hostile!

Bill: I don’t trust you! Husky wing! Break and attack!

Deitrich: Oh is that the way these little hyenas wanna play? Alpha wing! Break and attack!

Nova: Damn! We got no choice now! We’re gonna hafta show em then! The hard way!

* Nova breaks out in front using the boosters chasing one of the husky wing pilots *

Nova: You wanna play this way huh!? We tried!

*she guns down the pilot*

Bill: You’re gonna pay for that miss alien!

Nova: Bring it on!

Ryan: I’ve been quiet this whole time but this isn’t right!

Bill: What's the matter alien? Scared!?

Ryan: Grrr….. Your dead meat pal!

*Ryan Pulls behind Bill*

Bill: What!?

*Ryan Locks onto him*

Ryan: Listen to me! Or else I’ll shove this missile up your tail!

Bill: ….

Ryan: We aren’t trying to bust on in to take out your base! Now get on the com and contact the general and tell him we aren’t hostile aliens! We’re just trying to get some help!

Bill: ….help from what?

Ryan: The Mantids! If we don’t get enough help the Mantids will come and kill us all!

Bill: Never heard of them

Ryan: You will soon….very soon

Bill: Alright…….

*Bill Gets on the Com with General Pepper but the conversation is unheard by GrayFox A.K.A Ryan*

Nova: Good job Ryan! But I’m getting sick of calling you that! Give yourself a call sign already!

Ryan: fine….call me….GrayFox from now on

Nova: GrayFox? I like the sound of that!

Bill: Fox?!

GrayFox: huh? No GrayFox!

Bill: oh…sorry…just thinking of someone else

Chapter 6: A Mantid Threat

*The Terrans Then land and tell the general of their troubles*

GrayFox: So that’s our story general pep…. What was it again?

General Pepper: Its General Pepper for the last time!

Deitrich: *whispers to Grayfox* hehe…wheres the salt?

*They Both laugh*

General P.: What are you two laughing about?!

Deitrich: Oh nothing….*with smile on face*

General P.: Anyway we will allow you to stay as long as you don’t try to do anything hostile

Ryan: Don’t worry about that General! We’ll work for your fleet while we are here! It’ll give us something to do!

General P.: hmm….well you’d have to go through training

Ryan: Training! We don’t need training!

Deitrich: Shuttup Lionheart! You need training because you nearly killed nova on that friendly fire shot!

Ryan: ……sorry general pepper…your right

General P.: well then go to the V.R. training room and Bill Grey will teach you the tricks

Ryan: Yes sir!

*Ryan follows Bill to room*

Bill: hmm…so you wanna be a pilot on our flight team?

Ryan: Sure! I’ll try to sir!

Bill: Please just call me Bill…oh and sorry about that incedent earlier on

Ryan: No prob! Its alright, I would have done the same thing

Bill: *points at seat* alright, here it is! Strap yourself in and the training will begin

Ryan: What about the others? Aren’t they training with me?

Bill: No, they’re training in separate rooms

Ryan: *Gets in seat and buckles self in* alright! I’m ready!

* Ryan is in an Arwing and is heading towards 2 circles*

Bill: Can you read me Ryan?

Ryan: Call me GrayFox when I’m in a ship

Bill: Alright then, I’ll take that as a yes GrayFox

Ryan: what do I gotta do?

Bill: See those circles? You gotta do a summersault between all of them

Ryan: Alright! Here I go! * Boosts towards circles*

Bill: Alright…….ready….now!

*Ryan does a summersault in the first circle and succeeds*

Bill: Good job! Now ready for the next one!

Ryan: *heads toward second circle* Alright! Here I go!

Bill: Ready……now!!

* Ryan Does a summersault and succeeds again *

Bill: Not bad for you being an alien in one of our ships!

Ryan: I’m a pretty good at adapting! What's next on the training course?

* Bill and Ryan continue talking and the training continues but meanwhile near the Lylat system*

Devouring one: My masster! We are near where the Terrans where (in alien tongue)

Hydron: Good…..Sssssend out 2 skeeters to recon the area! I want those Terrans! (in alien tongue)

*2 ships leave the Massive Mantid Carrier*

* Meanwhile back at Corneria Ryan Lionheart and the rest complete their training *

Bill: *walks out of the training room with Ryan* well General, Ryan is pretty good and has qualified. He even got to me on some areas!

General P.: Most impressive Terrans! You now have permission to join the cornerian army! Good Job!

Chapter 7: The Invasion

Mantid#1: I ssseee the planet (in alien tongue)

Mantid#2: Contact Hydron! Ssshow him the coordinatesss! (in alien tongue)

* The mantid does so *

Mantid#1: ssssir! We have the Terrans located on a planet! It looksss like Tarssonisss! (in alien tongue)

Hydron: Good! Good! All troopsss! Get ready for invassion! (in alien tongue)

*Back at Corneria Ryan sees Fox for the first time*

Fox: Who and what are you?

Ryan: I’m a Terran, my names Ryan Lionheart

Nova: I’m Nova and I’m also a Terran! My real names Hance Vicks! But call me Hance and you die!

Fox: (ulp) okay….

Deitrich: And I’m Deitrich! Malcolm Deitrich at your service!

Fox: Good to meet you! I’m Fox McCloud! So your Terrans? Never heard of you

Ryan: You wouldn’t….We’re what you would call…aliens

Fox: aliens huh. Well we’re Starfox *looks at Falco and the crew*

Falco: I’m Falco Lambardo! I don’t go well with aliens but you better not get in our way!

Ryan: *Glares at Falco* Don’t worry….just hope you don’t get in mine when I launch a missile

Falco: *Glares back at Ryan* …..

Slippy: Sorry about that guys! He is just always like that, I’m Slippy Toad!

Peppy: I’m Peppy Hare! Nice to meet you guys! So you’re on the alien airforce! No wonder you passed the V.R. training with flying colors!

OverCom: Warning! Warning! Cruiser approaching Planet! All units Scramble! This is not A drill!!

Fox: Oh no! Not now! I thought We got rid of Andross!

Ryan: * A frightened look on face* Oh no!! The Mantids! They followed us!

Falco: Thanks to you! Now we got more things on our hands!

Ryan: Just shuttup and lets get to our ships!

*Starfox runs to the Arwings while Ryan and the others go another way*

Fox: Where are you guys going!? The ships are this way!

Ryan: Don’t worry! We’re getting our ships! Just go on ahead!

Fox: *shrugs shoulders* alright! Everyone set? Lets go!

* The Arwings fly out of the base *

Mantid#1: SSSir! We have 4 ssshipss coming our way! What do we do? (in alien tongue)

Hydron: Dessstroy them! Now! (in alien tongue)

*The 2 Mantid scouts go on a course to intercept these new alien ships*

Fox: Alright! Lets take out these bugs! All units! Break and Attack!

Falco: Alright! I got the one on the left! No one get in my way!

Peppy: I’ll cover ya fox!

Slippy: Alright! I’ll make sure none of them come behind us!

* Fox then does a barrel roll at close range near the alien ship and it glows and electricity is heard *

Fox: huh? What happened?

Mantid #1: Your efforts are futile alien creature! Now it is your time to die!

*The 2 Mantids break out firing lasers at such a rapid rate that Fox had so little time to dodge each one *

Peppy: All units! Do a barrel roll!

*all the units do so and the lasers bounce off*

Mantid #2:what is thissssss?? (in alien tongue)

Mantid #1: I don’t know…..Dessstroy them with the misssiles! (in alien tongue)

Falco: What did they say Fox? I couldn’t understand it!

Fox: I don’t know but it was in their language!

*Suddenly 5 more alien ships approach*

StarWolf: Fox…long time no see! Now I shall show you the power of our new ships! The Wolfen 3!

Fox: huh? *looks at the ship to see a little bit of Mantid design on them*

Mantid #1: Wolf! You ssshowed up! We need help! Launch the missiles on them in 3….2…

*Slippy then fires a nova bomb at one of the Mantid ships*

Mantid #1: Hissss! I am destroyed!!!! *The ship then disappears in the explosion*

Slippy: yeah! Got him!

Falco: Hey! He was mine! Go find your own targets!

Slippy: hey! I saved you there!

Falco: no matter! We have to take care of wolf! Right fox?

Fox: Where are the other guys? Huh? Oh yeah! All units take out the Mantids with the nova bombs!

Leon: It won’t be that easy Fox! Our ships are Nova proof!

Nova: *ship flies in* Oh I wouldn’t say that! Lizard!

Leon: No! not you again! GRRR!!!

*Nova then chases after the Leon with her Veratech*

Chapter 8: Dogfight of the Down and dirty