The Cyber Wars

By Jason Hunter

Chapter One

        A kit fox, named Jason Hunter, was sitting at a computer in his quarters in a
military instillation on the Corneria, doing two things.  One, wait to be put
on active duty and, two, work on the cyborg he planning on creating.(read The
Illegal Alien for more info)  There was sweat dripping from the thirteen year-
old kit’s forehead and was becoming annoying.  He solved this little problem
by wiping it away with a rag and tying a bandanna around his head to keep it
from getting his face again.
        He was about to finnish putting in the pilminary programs into the chip was
going to put in the cyborg when the video phone rang.  He got up from his
work, disgusted at being interupted and pressed a button on the machine.
Almost immediatly, a piture of a female artic fox appeared, and she seemed to
be happy.  She had white fur, blue eyes and the usual uniform of a Cornerian
private.  She spoke to Jason with an excited tone to her voice.  “Guess what,
you have just been put on active duty!  And not too soon, either.”
        “And why is that?” Jason inquired.
        “Well, rumor has it that Andross is planning an attack on this base itself.
The current number of soldiers, before you where activated, would have had us
out numbered by one.”
        “What is the usual attack force that Andross sends out?
        “Uh...about one hundered Invaders.  For how weak they are, they are trouble
in numbers.”
        “So I’ve heard.  What type of ship will I be piloting?”
        “You will be flying a Green class.  You can find it at the East Landing Pad,
adjacent to the registration desk.  There will be an ensign will be there to
show you to you’re fighter.  Just show him you’re I.D. and you’ll be fine.
Good luck, and may the schwarts be with you.”  As that sentence ended, the
screen went blank, leaving Jason to finnish his work or find his fighter.  He
decided to get to his fighter first, so he wouldn’t have to find during an
attack and be the reason for ending the base’e existence.  He grabbed his
jacket that had his name, rank and cerial number on it and went to the East
Landing Pad.

        At the landing pad, Jason saw a building that looked like a toll booth.  He
walked up to it and found a male cat watching a popular T.V. show.  Jason
knocked on the glass window and the cat looked up at him, stood up and pushed
a button on the desk to talk ot Jason.  “What do you want?” He asked.
        “I came here to find my fighter.  It’s a Green class.”  Jason replied.
        “I need some I.D., lietenant Hunter.”  Jason held up his identificatio card
to the window and the cat opened the door at walked out side.  “This way,” He
ushered Jason.  They came up to a row of fighters.  There where Protecters,
Bulldogs and Greenies, the type Jason was going to fly.  Jason was shown his
fighter and looked it over.  When he spotted the singal laser cannon, he was
disgusted.  “Only one laser?  Does this thing have any onther weapons?”  Jason
said to the guard.  “Nope.  Sorry.”  He ansewered.  “D*** it,”  Jason said to
himself,”I’ve seen enough.”  With that, he headed back to his quarters, but
was stoped by the feline guard.  “Hey, aren’t you a little too young to be
fighting in the Army?  You have be at least twelve or thirteen.”
        “And that I am.  I was choosen because of my comando skills.  And that is the
only known reason for me to be here.  And also, I’m working on making a cyborg
aid in the fight.”  With that, Jason continued on his way.

        Back at his room, Jason went back to working on the program of his cyborg.
But that was also interupted by a knock at the door.  He got to the door,
annoyed, and opened the door.  Standing there, was a female fox with shoulder
length black hair.  She was wearing tight black onveralls, a blue t-shirt and
a pair of blue boots.  “Do I have the wrong room or a room mate?”  she asked.
        “You probably have the wrong room, because I was not informed of any room
mates.  But you can come in a have seat and I’ll try and get this all cleared
up.”  The girl walked in and hit her knee on a computer componant. “D*** IT!”
She screamed, “Get this out of my way!”  Jason walked over and picked up the
part and alowed passage.  “By the way, what’s you’re name?”  Jason asked after
putting the part on a table.
        “I’m Stephanie Carter.  And who are you?”
        “I’m third lietenant Jason Hunter of the Cornerian Army, at you’re service.”
Jason took a slight bow and went over the video phone.  He called up the
personnel desk and got a atomated meesage, he pressed one, as it corrosponded
with what he wanted to know, and then the message ended and a male voice came
on the phone.  “Sorry ‘bout that, can I help you?” He asked.
“As a matter of fact, yes.  I need to know if any room mate was asigned to be
with Jason Hunter in room seventeen-B.”  There was a pause and then a faint,
barely audible cursing over the phone, then the voice came back, “Sorry, I
can’t do that.  The computer just crashed, I can’t access the files.  Perhapes
I can call you back tomorrow.”
        “Sure, that’d be fine.”
        “Thanks.  Sorry for the inconvinence.”  The phone went dead as the two
individuals hung up.  Jason turned to his guest, “Well, looks like you may
sleeping here tonight.  The personnel computer went down, apparently with a
bang.”  Jason said to Stephanie.
        “Oh, joy,” Stephanie sarcatisly said, “ I have to put up with this mess.”
And it was true, Jason had computer and cyber netic parts every where.  He got
up and started to clean, and eventualy uncovered his bed.  “I was wondering
where that went,” Jason said.  Stephanie just giggled to herself.

        After a half hour, Jason had finnaly tiddied up his room to the point of
which it was able to moved around in with out hitting all sorts of objects.
Jason had turned toward Stephanie with a happy look on his face.  “What are
you so happy about?”  Stephanie asked.
        “This is the cleanest this place has been since I moved in.”
        “Wow, that’s some achievment. Not.”
        “Oh, shut up.”  With that, Jason showed Stephanie to his bed.  “This is were
you will sleep tonight.  I’ll sleep on the couch...or in front of my lap
        “No.  Don’t do that to your self.  I’ll sleep on the couch.”
        “Stephanie, no.  I was taught to make guests as comfortable as possible.
You’ll sleep in the bed.”  After that, Stepanie jumped into his bed and said,
“All right.  No problem.”
        “Of course not,” Jason mumbled to himself.  “We have time to get some dinner.
You wanna go get a pizza or something?”
        “No, I’m fine.”  Stephanie said while looking at the ceiling.
        “Good.  I have some pizza from last week in the fridge that I should eat
before it goes bad.”  After saying that, Jason went to his small kitchen and
got out a pepperoni pizza that was slowly ageing.  He sat at his computer,
munched on the pizza and continued with his work.  With in a half hour,
Stephanie had already fallen asleep, and an hour after, so had Jason.

Chapter Two

        In the morning, Jason had awaken to find that Steohanie had already showered
and gotten dressed and watching T.V.  He got from his akward position, being
hunched over on to the keyboard, and got up from the chair.  “Why did you get
dressed with out asking me first?”  Jason asked of Stephanie.
        “Well, you looked so comfortable that I didn’t want to wake you up.”  She
        “Uh huh, sure.  If you need me, I’ll getting cleaned up myself.”  With that,
he went to the bathroom, closed and locked the door, turned on the shower and
got in as it was warm enough.
        With in fifteen minutes, Jason had gotten out of the shower ad was brushing
his teeth.  He walked out to where Stephanie was still watching T.V., with his
clothes on and his hair a little wet.  “I suppose you want to get this whole
thing straitened out as to where you’re supposed to be.”  He asked.
        “Yeah, I guess.”  Stephanie replied, her eyes still on the Television.  Jason
walked back into the bathroom to spit out the tooth paste and clean up.  That
took him about half a minute.  He walked back out of the bathroom and sat down
at the computer, again, and continued to type and save documents to a Zip
        At about eleven o’ clock, Jason had finnaly gotten done programming the
cyborg’s memory.  With that task done, he walked over a military issue
replicator and placed the disk in the machine and put in what he wanted it to
do.  He was about to press to START button when he noticed Stephanie was
behind him, watching, and deciced to wait until she left to creat the cyborg.
“Do you want to find out where you should be?”  He asked.  She pondered for a
moment a said, “No, I just remembered where I should be and where I am.  I
need to be at the Milton Hotel and this a military base.  I should get going.”
And with that, she grabbed her shoes that where on Jason’s bed and walked out.
“I’m glad that she’s gone,” He said to himself once the door shut.  “Now I can
get this cyborg made.”  With saying that, he pressed the button marked START
on the replicator and the action that duplicatd molicules began.  On the
counter that estimated the time it would it said 17 MINUTES.  In seventeen
minutes, the fisrt technological thing that Jason made, and was living, would
be created.  He decided to watch some T.V. before the process finished.

Chapter Three:Birth of a Cyborg

        After sixteen minutes, Jason got up from his unmade bed to watch the final
action of the replicator.  After one minute, the machime stopped and a hiss of
air could be heard as a haremonicly sealed door opened to reveal the Goliath1
Military Cyborg, other wise known as Sammy.  Currently, it’s eyes where
closed, but Jason put in the Zip disk into it’s central compter net and the
cyborg became alive.  “IT’S ALIVE!!  IT’S ALIVE!!”  Jason yelled as the
Goliath took a steep forward.  “Goliath, Online.”  It said in a male voice.
The cyborg was a red fox, had black hair tied back into a pony tail, military
boots and arms like Jax from Mortal Kombat.  It also had a comlink hooked into
it’s ear.  Jason looked the cyborg over in amazment, Sammy also looked at
Jason.  Jason looked up and said, “Do you know who you are?”
        “I am the Goliath1 military cyborg.  Iwas built to aid in the Cornerian
        “Good.  And you’re nick name is...”
        “My nick name is Sammy.”
        “Yes!  I works!”  Jason said jumping up and down.  “I want to show you some
one.”  Jason lead the cyborg from the room, down the hall and to a tranport
headed for MacBeth.  Jason showed the guard his I.D. and let the two pass.
        In an hour, the transport landed and Jason and Sammy got off.  They started
wandering around, looking for Todd Jackson and the Rogues of Justice.  “This
will not get us anywhere.”  Sammy said.  “I can scan for them.”
        “Good.  Scan for any other cyborgs, identified as Sam.”
        “Scanning.”  And so Sammy scaned the planet.  “Found a cyborg .  I.D.
Felicia1 military cyborg unit.  Nick name Sam.”
        “Good.  Where are they?”
        “Aproxamently two miles and closeing, and fast.”  Jason suddenly remembered
he had they transmitter Sam gave him wheen they first met.  He pressed the
small red button and hoped that she would notice.

        Meanwhile, Todd Jackson, Sam and the rest of the Rogues of Justice where
headed for another raid.  They where mostly rideing on hover bikes, but Todd
was in his ship, Black Fury, and leading the group.  Suddenly, Sam turned away
from the team, apparently finding Jason’s signal.  “Sam!  What are you doing?”
Todd asked over the com link.
        “I found something I should take care of.”  She replied.
        “What?  Now? Can this wait till later.?
        “Sorry Todd, I need to do this.”  Then she shot away at maximum speed, headed
for where ever Jason was

        Jason was sitting on rock, waiting, with Sammy standing guard in front of
him.  “Cyborg approaching.  Sammy suddenly said, getting ready to ambush Sam.
“Sammy, no.  What is the I.D.?”
        “Felicia1 military cyborg unit...’Sam’.”
        “Good.  Is there any other life forms with her?
        “You know what, I should work on you’re spech protocol.  You sound to much
like a SWATbot.”
        “Target approaching..dude.”
        “  Don’t sound like a surfer on heroin.”
        “All righty then!”
        “That’s better.”  Then Sam pocked her through a bush and said, “Hey kid.
What brings you here?”
        “Well, I wanted to show you and Todd what I made.”
        “What did you make?”
        “A cyborg, in the replicator...uh, military issue.  This the Goliath1
military cyborg unit, but you can him Sammy.”  Sammy walked up to Sam a stuck
out his paw, to gestur for Sam to shake it.  Sam grabbed the other cyborg’s
paw shook it as hard as posible, to test if was strong enough to kill Andross
and hundreds of soldiers.  “Nice to meet you.  You may call me Sam.  By the
way, kid, you make a strong cyborg.”  Sam said to Jason after turning away
form Sammy.  “By the way, how’d you come up with the nick name Sammy?”
        “Well, I took you’re name and changed it, but not so that it would sound
feminine, but rather male.”
        “Good choice.”  Sam gave him an enthusiastic thumbs up.  “Well, should we go
meet Todd?”  Jason asked.  “Sure perhapes Sammy could help in the raid.”
        “Another raid, huh?  How many of those do you have during a week?”
        “ least five.  Even we need time off.”
        “I suppose.  Shall we.”  Jason gestured to walk out of the brush and with a
deeper voice than usual.  Sam accepted and showed them to her hover bike and
had the two get on.  Then she on to drive it, because for sure Jason didn’t
know how to drive it.  She accleratered and sped off to the raid site.

Chapter Four

        When the trio got to where the raid was, the rest of the Rogues of Justice
where having a little trouble with getting into a train care without the use
of high explosives.  Todd noticed Sam and Jason.  “Hey you two, perhapes you
could help.”  He said before grunting in an atempt to open the car door.
“Perhapes I could be of some asistance.”  Samm said, steeping out from behing
Sam.  He then walked over to the car and literaly toor the door off the car,
and threw it over a small sand dune.  Todd could just stand there in
amazement, along with the rest of the Rogues.  “All right.  Where did Hercules
come from?”  Todd asked of Sam.
        “Well, Jason made him.”  Sam ansewered.
        “The kid?  HE made that?  Yeah right!”
        “Well, I did  Todd.”  Jason steeped in fornt of Sammy.  “I created him in a
military issue replicator.  His name is Sammy.  His verification is Goliath1
military cyborg unit.  Now that you know that, say hi.”  Todd turned around to
see Sammy with his metalic arms crossed.  “Uh, heh heh, hi.”  Todd put out his
paw and Sammy grabbed it, and almost broke it.  He screamed in pain a  little
and turned to Jason.  “How the hell did you get this thing so strong kid?”
        “Well, I took plain old boring regular arms and placed a biomechanical
cybernetic shell over them, to take what ever he had and triple it, just like
my favorite Earth hero, that I’ve seen on T.V.”  With that, the whole group
continued on the raid, taking hundreds of dollarsd in Venomian money.  Later,
Sammy and Jason got back on a transport headed for Corneria and Jason went to
bed for a long time when they got back.


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