The Fugitive Conspiracy

By: Jaguar Janks

Author’s Note: Welcome to the long awaited sequel to A New Awakening. My characters Cindy Davidson, Judy Lures, Walter King, James Simex, Sony Wald, Gold Bond, Chris Powell, General John Andrewson, Commander Terrance, Leila Williams, Jean Vincent Lombardi, Rudolph Geanarus, Regina "Childers" Toms are not to be used without my permission. To get permission, please notify me at

Enjoy the show…

Chapter One

"The professional at work was my motto."

Gold Bond, STARS mercenary

The five mercenaries stood around a rectangular table, studying the metallic suitcase, which contained Chemical Mass 24. The leader of the group slid the case in his general direction. The metal case scraped the wooden table as it approached grasping paws. The mountain lion halted the case still, turning it toward the plastic handles, scanning the numerical lock. With the snap of the leader’s fangs, one of the other members tossed a lock pick to the leader.

The leader snatched the lock pick from the air, then glanced at the case once more. Placing the small lock pick into the lock, he twisted it in simultaneous, clockwise directions. In minutes, a lock release was heard from inside. The leader looked at his teammates then slowly opened the case, revealing various tubes. Each tube was in five rows, containing a green liquid substance. One member close by, reach over and placed a tube in his paw. He placed it into a light, checking it cautiously. After analyzing it, he placed it back into the case.

The leader closes the case, then stared down at the table.

"Okay, now that we have the stuff, let’s go make our deal?" The wildcat asked his leader.

The leader took his attention off the case, onto his comrade, "Alright, I’ll set the deal up Sony, just have patience," Walter assured the determined feline.

The fox of the team nods in satisfaction and left the bridge followed by a lynx. The tiger and wildcat remained with their leader, awaiting the next order.

The leader turned to the tiger standing next to him, "Hey Gold, lock this up in the storage."

The tiger nodded, and took the case away. The wildcat stood across from his leader, folding his arms he walked over to a chair. When he sat, he picked up a magazine to read, planning to make time go by faster. Walter pressed against the table and then rubs his head vigorously.

Walking down the corridor of Great Stars ship with the case in paw, Gold replayed the mission at Venom over in his head. He remembered coming through the ventilation, pouncing into the room full of scientists. Making his way toward the chemical, the foes attacked one by one, each dying right after the other. He reached the final scientist, the vixen that he killed. The cracking sound of her neck quickly awakened his daydream as he was in front of the storage room.

He turned the knob and entered the light blazing room. The small square room contained cabinets and lockers, facing both sides of the room, the florescent lights atop, and the steel plated floor below. Gold approached the X-crossed lockers and opened an empty slot. He placed the case into the locker, shuts the door, locking it with the locker key. Voices were heard from a distance.

"When’s your date man?"

"She suggest that I meet her at the bar again, seems like she’s playing games with me."

"Ha, well play along, but you do need to pull that tail James."

"Yeah, but Cornerians are okay Chris, let’s just see what happens."

The voices trailed off as they moved southward. Gold chuckled and continued onward to his quarters.

Back on Corneria, the female mercenary Judy Lures awaited a phone call. The cougar grew anxious by the minute, awaiting Walter’s call. Judy sat on the couch, staring at old photographs of the past. Most of them were military pictures when she was in training. She smiled as she came across a funny photo of her in drill. She had dirt up to her face, anchoring along her right jaw.

The good times in training. Falling in the mud on that raining day. Man I was so pissed for getting so messy. It took me a good hour to clean up. Gosh, how I long to see action again, for now… violence isn’t my virtue.

Judy placed the picture down, back into its original position on edge of the lamp stand. She lay deeply into the bean-filled couch, relaxing every muscle. Within minutes, she fell asleep.

In Corneria’s major city Dresden, located near the outskirts of Cornerian City, the army base lay northwest. Inside the base, the new General that replaced General Pepper many years ago was taking control. The leopard named John Andrewson. The new attention focused on him. Though only in his middle forties, he was well educated, and was quite well know for his previous successful missions as a commander. Many officials never knew his main background, or whether he was capable of fighting. His social life lay dormant, but his enthusiastic knowledge on plans was greatly admired by all.

The leopard sat in his chair, scanning over video surveillance. He sighs as he studied the devastating scenes. The videotape came to an end of the chemical facility and the short, muscular leopard laid deeply into his leather chair. His eyes flinching with hatred of the evasion, and his right eyebrow twitched angry. He slid his arms together, rocking his chair back and forth, attempting to remain calm.

A knock on his stern wooden door interrupted his concentration.

"Who knocks?" General ordered.

"Commander Terrance sir, permit my entrance?"

"Come forward."

A towering, black striped, blue eye tiger came into the room. He wore a blue uniform, and shiny gold metals lay beneath his shirt pocket, displaying his extreme role of highness. The tiger approached the General and followed salute, then stood feet firmly to the carpet floor. The General stared at the tiger’s eyes, admiring the display of courage and high dignity.

"What’s your report Commander?" General demanded.

The commander placed his paw behind his back, and then stares down to the General.

"First off General, I’ve learned the elite group of mercenaries are called STARS. A group of randomly hired soldiers, that are considered highly dangerous to society. There are four members sir; the leader named Walter King, an extraordinary soldier, trained well in fighting. Sony Wald is exceptional pilot and infiltrator of the bunch. James Simex is the expert in weapons. Chris Powell controls communications and is an experienced spy. All are very skilled in their fields, but I doubt they’ll be able to handle our forces sir."

The General placed his paw against his chin, thinking up a solution.

"Terrance, are there any reports of their ship, and what was stolen from the facility?"

"There are no reports of their whereabouts, but we do know Chemical Mass 24 was stolen. Let me warn you sir, if this chemical is placed into the wrong paws; this could cause turmoil on Cornerians everywhere. Maybe even another Lylat War."

The leopard stood up from his sit, and walked toward his glass frame window, which displayed rocky mountains, just a few miles away from the large base.

"I see Commander, we don’t want anymore trouble. If these mercenaries want trouble, they found it."

The leopard turned around to face the commander, "I want you to seek these intruders, and arrest them immediately. Bring them back here, I want to confront the leader of the group myself. This team won’t screw up my peace and order. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir, these enemies won’t get far once they’ve tripped our wire defense around Macbeth, Borus, and Sector Z. Once I discover their exact location, consider them captive. I will not fail you General."


The commander performed another salute and calmly exits the room. The leopard turned his attention back outside the glass window.

Chapter Two

"One must learn order or they won’t know the meaning of degree."

Walter King, STARS leader

The space around Macbeth was gloomy, imaginary stars rein supreme over dark, lonely space. The planet itself was glowing; a green frame engulfed the atmosphere. A remote space station named Boris was stationed just outside orbit of Macbeth, taking the appearance of a white satellite. It has a cylinder and sphere base, with the cylinder piercing through the center. Beaming red tower lights continuously flashed warning signs of the floating object.

Within the station, many Cornerian workers, pilots, and other assistance were the occupants. It was a busy day for the engineers, pilots and guards due to a time of year that granted supply and demand. Each hour was vital for parts for jets, computer upgrades, monitoring distant planets and shipments of food.

In a large garage, a busy lynx was repairing and adding parts to a jet. After a good hour of lying on her back, she pulled herself from beneath the jet, out into the open. She wiped the sweat of exhaustion off her face and then scanned her face through a pocket mirror. She glanced at various smudges of damp oil along her eyes and muzzle.

Damn it, why can’t I stay clean for one day. Sticking myself under this oil leaking jet, back breaking, perspiring, dirty JOB.

She placed the mirror back into her pocket and reached into another for a handkerchief. She stood up from the roller and wiped her face from the oil marks as she exited the garage. She walked down a long, flooded corridor, passing numerous workers. A voice called to her, when she was near an elevator door.

"Hey Cindy, wait up will you?" A panther cried out.

The lynx halted by the elevator, not turning around. The panther came around the lynx, "Hey Cindy, what’s the hurry?"

Cindy smirks at her long time friend, "If you didn’t noticed, I’m dirty, and I want to be clean if that’s alright by you?" Cindy barked toward her friend.

"Well don’t go biting my head off, you go through the whole day usually fine up until now. Are you hiding something from your best friend?"

Cindy placed her paw against her forehead, attempting to hide a smile.

"Well?" The annoying panther persisted.

"Look Leila, I’ll tell you when we are at my quarters alright. Just come along if you want."

The lynx pushed the button to the elevator, hoping that Leila wouldn’t continue asking questions. Together, they stood waiting for the elevator. When a beep was heard, the doors opened, unleashing a large crowd of workers. As they exited, they pushed roughly on the two friends. When the elevator was clear, they got aboard and journeyed to the forth floor. The elevator clamps the front double doors tightly shut, then rumbled its way up.

Cindy turned to Leila, "How was your day Leila?"

"Oh just great. I was just working on a new prototype for a jet, and I couldn’t help but notice all of these males glancing at me all the time. It gives me the creeps, I feel like their eyes is enough to haunt a person."

Cindy laughed hysterically as she patted her friends shoulder.

"Well, I wouldn’t blame them, you do look very cute in the tight, green uniform Leila. I bet you make them drool sometimes? Nothings wrong if they think you’re a hot chick."

"You’re probably right, but still, I don’t feel comfortable with those guys staring at me so much. You never know Cindy, you can’t be too careful with these wild boys. It’s a males world, and they’ll take what they want, depending on how badly they want it."

Cindy nods to the advice, and prepared to exit the elevator when she heard another beep. The door opened, portraying a long corridor going left and right. Cindy led the way to her assigned room, which wasn’t too distant from the elevator. When they reached the door, Cindy slid the key inside the slot, turned the key and knob, entering the dark asylum. Her keys rattled as she tugged away from the key slot. Cindy felt the corner of the wall, searched for a switch. She located the switch and flipped it upward, flooding the room with glaring lights.

Her room was a small, rectangular base room. No windows, just two stationed lamps around each corner of the room; a bed in the center, against the white painted wall, one big dresser on the left side, facing the bed, a small square base bathroom, and a small refrigerator laying on the carpet floor near the dresser.

Leila followed her friend inside, "Nice place, though it look exactly like mine," Leila complimented, while shutting the door.

Cindy looked around the perimeter, then at Leila.

"Hey Leila, I’m going to take a quick bath, answer my cell phone if someone calls will you?"

"Sure thing, are you going to tell me your secret?" Leila questioned with concerned.

"Sure, just pull up a chair by the bathroom door, and I’ll tell you all about it."

Without hesitation, the panther quickly pulled a chair from a corner of the room, and walked toward the bathroom door. Cindy quickly undressed, and grabs a towel from a draw inside the dresser. She entered the bathroom, shutting the door halfway.

Leila sat by the door, awaiting Cindy’s story. She heard the water running for a few minutes, and then it stopped. Seconds afterwards, Cindy dove into the relaxing, warm water.

"Oh, that’s much better. Out of that itchy, dirty uniform."

Leila begins tapping her boot, growing impatient. Cindy took note as her fur soaked.

"Alright, I catch your drift already."

"It’s about time, if you keep me in anymore suspense, I’ll die from a heart attack or something." Leila complained, grumbling along.

Cindy quickly sighs and starts her story from the beginning.

"Well Leila, it all started when I had to ship that GK-16 engine to Corneria. Well, after a six-hour flight, we made it safely. We took it to the airport, were they assemble various jets and airplanes. The job was accomplished, and so Mr. Wright gave us a three hours off duty, and I spent my time at a bar, trying to get to know someone for the hell of it. I was sitting there minding my own business, and suddenly a guy came up from behind me. He sat next to me; just staring at me with confusion, like he never saw a female before. Anyway, he asked a question, saying it’s a nice day. Like any ordinary person would say, yes of course."

Leila interrupted, "What’s his name? Species?"

"Okay, chill, I’m getting to that. Like I said before I was rudely interrupted, this lynx, with green eyes started to introduce himself. His name was James Simex, that he was a mercenary, in a group with five called STARS. I don’t know the team name though, but I’m not really concerned about it. I told him about myself, and I noticed he was getting more and more interested. I found it hard to believe that he almost fell in a trance or something. Next thing I know, he placed his paw on mine, I felt like he was coming on to me. For a minute I thought I was being ignorant for having second thoughts about lust, but I just gave in. Right before our kiss, a robber had entered into the bar, swaying his gun wildly at everyone. He was suppose to rob the place, but he couldn’t due to a large tiger fellow, disarming him out at the last minute of disaster. Right before his leader told him that he must leave, he held me tight, rapping his arms around my back, and gave me the longest kiss in history. At that moment, I was a goddess the exceptional feeling left me bewildered after the release. I was so dumbstruck I was like a glass of beer that poured off the counter. I was madly, deeply, truly in love. I told him to meet me at the same bar again, I suppose to meet him later on today, right after my swift."

Leila yawned as she stretched from the long period of sitting still, "Dang, that was long Cindy, are you going to make love to him next time or what?"

Cindy raised out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her nude frame. She stepped out of the bathroom, glancing at Leila, "Maybe I will, cause I ain’t going to let anyone here touch me, and that’s for sure."

"Hmm, well enjoy yourself when you do. I must get going I have to repair another jet in a couple of minutes. See you later on Cindy."

Leila stood up from her chair and exits through the door. Cindy searched through the drawers, picking out a new uniform. After she got dressed, her cellular phone went off. She quickly answers the call.


"This is Jesse, please meet me in the conference room in ten minutes."

"What for sir?"

"There’s an important meeting, I need your assistance to set up lists, stand guard too. Just fellow orders Cindy, that’s all."

"Alright sir, I’ll be there very soon, good day."

Cindy shuts the phone, places it into her pants pocket, and runs out the door.

Chapter Three

"Always think twice before you speak."

Jean Vincent Lombardi, Arms Dealer

Judy arose from her peaceful slumber as her phone ranged. She was quickly startled and immediately grabs the phone.

"Hello, Lures speaking."

"Judy, it’s Walter, sorry for making you wait. I’ve completed the mission, and I’m heading toward Macbeth, a space station called Boris. I’m very, very sorry that I couldn’t meet with you right now. I promise that I’ll see you after this urgent deal," Walter explained.

"Oh Walter, why does these things come between us all the time?"

Walter didn’t answer.

"Alright, I’ll see you later then," Judy said as she hanged the phone up madly.

She sighs in frustration, trying not to believe Walter’s self-centered esteem. She raised off the couch, and grabbed her coat, and keys.

"Well Walter, if you can’t come to me, I’ll come to you then."

She quickly locks her door, and runs down a flight of stairs.

One special Cornerian jet approached Titania, a nicely silver plated jet, with a G-Diffuser stormed through space at lightning speed. The commander was on hunt for the group of mercenaries. He had a tracker, which help aid the search by picking up any signals from a nearby battleship or cruiser. Terrance glanced at his radar, and then at his radio, that calls directly to bases on a planet. He decides to pick up the radio, pressing a few buttons and turning the frequency to a high level, he called to Titania.

"Come in TITANBASE."

Static arose from the radio, then a bleak voice that was hard to recognize.

"This is… TITAN… BAS… report your ID number."

"My ID is 4C8O7R over."

Silence took over for a few minutes.

"Roger Commander Terrance, what’s your order?"

"I need you to scan for a non-Cornerian signature of any nearby cruiser or battleship in zone around Macbeth."

"Ten minute sir, running test waves now."

Huge static reined over for ten minutes, than it came back online.

"Commander Terrance, a unidentified cruiser is proceeding to Space Station Boris, just outside Macbeth’s orbit."

"Okay, I need coordinates for the space station?"

"It’s 58 degrees westward of Titania, southeast of Macbeth."

"Thanks, Commander Terrance out."

The tiger placed his radio down, and entered the coordinates of the space station. The jet’s computer set the course and immediately shifted in the accurate direction. Terrance placed the jet into maximum boost, blasting toward the station like a shooting star.

On the planet Fortuna, the icy planet was always cold; the ground mostly tundra, and the sun was always blocked by thick, misty white clouds. Only thing of the sun was its after glow of white fog in a shape of a floating sphere.

A hidden facility lays dormant below the icy surface; an underground base owned by a special group of operatives. They were unknown to Cornerians and Venomians. Mostly acting as neutrals during the long, blood shed war. The mysteriously leader was never seen before, but his other controlling officials were only known.

Made up of lethal mercenaries, most dangerous elite group. Specially trained in the art of assassination. These soldiers followed any order that was given, no matter the reason or dangerous the outcome would follow. Myrmidon was the code of honor, never to be neglected, or death was the punishment. Once you were in, you can’t abandon out.

The two officials were; a jaguar named Rudolph Geanarus, professional in every field, outstanding in infiltration. He mostly did a full mission alone, without help. He was the best in his line of work, and one to never be in battle with. The next official was a female wolf named Regina Childers. A deadly assassin, expertise in spy, weapons, manipulation, and deception.

The only arms dealer was Jean Vincent Lombardi. This falcon’s dealings were ignited by the Regina’s interest to increase productive debts to the corporation. Over many accomplished deals, Jean’s greed has taken over his judgement of right. He controlled setups of all weapon deals, controlled the guns, ammunition, and other weapons of destruction.

During the day, Jean was handling the meeting with his officials. He walked to the large meeting room, journeying along through the long corridor. A chilling breeze came through the vents; the solid floor was the only sound that could be heard from the continuous taps from the falcon’s shoes.

The facility was cold at times. The members worn coats and thick clothing to maintain body heat. The only two that don’t need thick clothing is the officials, who happen to be born on cold planets, simply immune to the coldness.

The tall falcon came upon the meeting room, where the officials were already seated. Jean opened the door that was quite rusted, making a screaming, displeasing noise. By the time Jean got through the door, the wolf and jaguar stood from their seats watching the thick dressed avian come in. The two sat back down, awaiting Jean’s report. The falcon took his seat, placing his shaking feathers on the marble table. The jaguar took note.

"You cold falcon?" Rudolph taunted the falcon, with an evil smirk.

"Yeah I’m cold, even with my thick coat. How can you two stand this icy facility anyway?"

"Immune to it falcon, now what’s our status of the Chemical Mass 24?" Regina questioned, staring her deep blue eyes into Jean.

Jean scratches his head, but the gloves didn’t help, "Umm, the team is currently shipping the case to a space station, just outside of Macbeth. So far, their efforts are pleasing, and we will obtain the chemical," Jean spoke proudly.

Rudolph rubs his chin, "That’s great, the only problem is, how much?"

Jean gags for a second when money was involved.

"Umm, a reasonable price in fact, about 5 million credits," Jean explained uneasy.

The two official’s eye’s bloomed out then Regina stood up from her chair with anger.


Rudolph chuckled madly, trying to restrain his anger, "Ha, are you mad, we don’t comply to such outrageous demands. How in the world are we going to cough up that much in little time?"

"Jean, you really put yourself in a deep black hole this time. You are an idiot to agree with such demands. If we did pay that much, were will we be? Damn, I should’ve taken care of the chemical myself," Regina barked.

Jean stood up from his chair, "Look you two, stop panicking, I have a swell plan."

Jean received their attention, as they walked over to his seat.

"What plan is that?" Rudolph protested.

Jean folds his feathers, and places his leather shoes on the table, "We won’t have to pay them because there isn’t any money involved. I’m setting up a plan were we will be the victors, leaving the entire crew dead."

"Are you speaking of a bomb?" Regina questioned with curiosity.

"Something of that proportion Regina, but it’s more like assassination."

Rudolph folds his arms, "This better work Jean, or you’ll find yourself as my personal toothpick."

Jean stood up instantly, "Is that a threat feline?"

"No a promise," Regina snapped.

The falcon turned to the wolf, "Don’t doubt me, I will succeed in this easy setup, just watch me."

"Yeah, like that one mission failure nine months ago," Rudolph grudged.

"Do we have a problem spots, cause if we do, you can kiss my feathery butt. I have tolerated your crap for the longest, if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all, got me!"

Rudolph grabbed Jean’s collar, flinging the falcon’s beak into the wall, "Yeah, I got you alright!"

Regina walked over to the angry jaguar, "Let him go, he ain’t worth it."

The jaguar released his grip and glanced over to the wolf, "Humph, next time he won’t be so lucky."

Rudolph walked out of the room, slamming the door into the concrete wall. Regina turned Jean over to face him, "Finish telling me the deal Jean."

Jean straightened his jacket and sat back down, staring up at the wolf.

"Okay, Space Station Boris, in six hours. I’ll setup the bombs, just prepare the transports, I be in and out of there in twenty minutes or less."

"I see, I’ll have the transporter ready, you just make sure you get out, undetected. No mess ups, or Rudolph will start something. You know how he is when failure is learned, stay out of his way. I won’t be able to save you next time, so be careful."

"I will, now I must go prepare the suitcases, and decoys, excuse me," Jean departed from the wolf.

Chapter Four

"Strive to be the best, not the less."

Leila Williams, Cornerian engineer

The lynx and bat quickly prepared the conference room for the meeting. Cindy sighs after finishing the last table setup, placing chairs around the rectangular table. Mr. Jesse placed pens and papers onto the table.

"There, all done, thanks for the help Cindy."

Cindy nods, then approached the door, "Hey Cindy, remember to stand post outside this door."

"Don’t worry, I’ll guard the hall, just let me get my phaser."

Cindy quickly exits the room, and walks down the corridor of the fourth floor, where few workers came up. She silently strolls down the hall, whistling a tune from cub hood. She came upon a door that seemed to be open. She halted and hid against the white painted wall. With a quick peek through a crack, she saw two figures in the dark, guiding their way with flashlights. Cindy back away trying to devise a plan to apprehend the suspects, but her mind went black.

A voice interrupted her thought, "There’s nothing here, let’s go."

Footsteps toward the door alert her that she needed to hide somewhere, but it was only a straight hall. When a foot appeared through the door, her response was to attack, and so, she kicked the first suspect’s groin hard as she could. The fox fell to his knees, holding himself in agony, while the other suspect jumped back. The leopard scanned the approaching lynx, and performed a tackle. He landed on top of the lynx, and held her down.

"Get up you idiot, hurry up," The leopard growled.

Cindy struggled from the pin down, and threw wild punches to the leopard’s muzzle.

"Let me go!"

Cindy started to scream, but her muzzle was covered with a paw. She quickly retaliated with a bite.

"Ah, damn it," The leopard cursed.

He didn’t move, but took his other paw and punched the lynx, square in her face, hoping she would stop fighting. The hit was powerful, knocking one of Cindy’s front teeth out, causing her muzzle to bleed. The fox regained his strength and help pull the dazed lynx into the room. Together, they threw her onto the bed, while one of them locked the door.

"Look what the cat dragged in," The leopard taunted.

Cindy stared up with nervous eyes, feeling her muzzle, tasting the salty blood in her mouth. The two strangers glanced down at her.

The tired leopard turned to his partner, "Hmm, what should we do to her? Bring her back to the base, or to do ourselves a favor?"

"I don’t know, she looks like the fighting type to me. I doubt she would like to meet her FATE back base, so I say, hmm… kill her right here."

The leopard pulled out his dagger, "Let’s have some fun first, before we execute her?"

"Yeah," the fox agreed.

The fox held the lynx down, while his partner slices her clothing off, piece by piece.

On Great Stars, the five mercenaries were discussing the situation.

"Alright, the deal is made with Jean, we are to meet him at Space Station Boris in one hour. Our toll is a million each," Walter explained.

Sony cuts in, "Five million, damn, thanks for the money Gold," The wildcat smiled, patting the tiger’s shoulder.

"Why near Macbeth Walter, why not near Corneria?" Chris questioned.

"I have no idea, maybe he’s working for some top corporation that’s near Venom or something, I wasn’t advised."

James sat quite, thinking about Cindy, not even listening to the argument over the deal. Gold scanned the depressed lynx, and pushed his shoulder to get his attention, "What’s eating you?"

The lynx raised his bowed head to the tiger, "Nothing, just thinking about the other day, at the bar."

"Yeah right, I know what you’re thinking about, that sexy babe aren’t you."

James looked up surprised, "How did you know, you left the bar?"

"Humph, I don’t miss stuff so easy, I always watch out for my comrades."

"Well, then you’re a nosy stripes."

Gold smiled, "I guess so, but you’ll thank me when I save your life one day."

"Ha, that’ll be the day. Everyone knows you’re the most dangerous stripes of Lylat, you psychopath you."

"I can’t help it if I’m so good unlike you short stuff."

"Shut up, shortness comes in handy you know, unlike you big beast."

"True, but can you handle this big beast?"

James remained silent, but gave a smirk.

"Hey Gold, what’s your opinion of this deal?" Walter asked, since he was done arguing with Sony and Chris.

"I really think we should be armed to the teeth, I have second thoughts about it. I mean, five million is a lot for just a simple tube of green jelly. I think it’s a setup fearless leader, and I’m taking my guns aboard or something that’s destructive."

Walter scorns, "Weapons aren’t allowed through customs Bond, the only weapons that I want us to carry is our fists, nothing more, not even a knife."

Everyone stares at their leader puzzled, "We’re naked without defense," everyone argued.

"Hey, that’s an order, just follow it for now. We won’t be there long, so do without."

Suddenly the whole ship rattled from an explosion. The computer’s alarms went off throughout the ship, echoing. Red lights flashed in the bridge and hallways, blazing like disco lights. Sony ran up to the console, checking the monitor.

"What the hell was that?" Walter yelled.

Another violent shake rattled them, bottles and magazines in the bridge scrambled onto the floor. Once Sony scanned the screen, he went into shock. He quickly turned around to the others, "Hey guys we got COMPANY."

"How many," Chris yelled over the sirens.

"You guys won’t believe this, but there’s only one."

"WHAT?" everyone yelled toward the wildcat.


Walter ran up beside the feline, observing the attacker.

"Who in the hell is that?"

"Damn, Cornerian signature reading, but who would attack alone?" Walter questioned.

Walter turned back to his team, "We must defend ourselves, to your jets NOW!"

They all ran to the docking bay, while each blast knocked them off foot time to time. They reached the docking bay, and boarded their black jets. Walter led the way, as they entered black space toward the attacker. The attacker stopped his merciless firing and turned to the approaching jets in attacking formation.

Five against one huh, bring it on.

Within twenty-feet of the attacker, Walter orders his units not to attack.

"Team, don’t disengage yet, I’ll send transmission."

Walter picked up his com-link radio and placed it on top of his head, "This is leader of STARS, identify yourself!"

The tiger picks up his radio and places it over his head, pointing the microphone to his muzzle, "This is Commander Terrance of Corneria, here to place you mercenaries under arrest by orders from the General."

Walter was stunned by the news.

The commander himself, that’s crazy, how can he come against five of us?

James cuts in to Walter’s thought, "Can we just blow this guy out of his misery?"

The commander came back online, "So you’re the five threats, stolen Chemical Mass 24, and think you’re getting away too? Humph, you five are Walter King, Sony Wald, James Simex, Chris Powell, and Gold Bond, not shabby for a bunch. Do you surrender to me?"

Commander Terrance began to hear laughter over the radio. He warns again, "So you find the tables on your side huh, well try to defeat me then."

Walter smirks and picks up the head set and calls into Chris and Sony’s cockpit, "Hey you two, get this guy out of my site."

Sony and Chris took flight ahead of the team, as soon as they were close enough they fired lasers to the commander’s jet. The commander swirled away, banking left.

"Is that all you got?" Terrance taunted.

The two attempted another laser, but Terrance swirl his jet, deflecting the rays. Terrance pressed a button inside his cockpit and a charging sound could be heard, humming beneath the engine. After each missing shot, the two pilots performed a missile lock. The lock connected and they fired, the missile sways smoke from its rear, ranging speed of 60mphs. Terrance took note of the missiles and pressed another button that flashed green. The humming sound dimmed and then a sphere of charge laser shot toward the approaching missiles. When the two weapons collide, the explosion was like fury of fire, blazing, a bloom of debris, then the aftermath of fog.

"Come on Chris, hit him will you!" Sony yelled through the com-link madly.

"Hey, you ain’t doing any good either." Chris snapped back.

The two jets charged toward the small jet, attempting another lock. Sony got the first lock, in seconds he fired another missile. The commander absorbed the missile as it shook his jet. He grumbles as he dodges another from Chris.

Humph, maybe I should show these guys who I really am?

Another rumble interrupted his thought, and then a transmission cut through.

"Hey Commander Terrance, you give up yet?" Walter mocked.

The very calm tiger scorned the enemy, "Nah, I’m having too much fun Walter, I like to play around with my prey, it’s entertaining."

Gold sent transmission to his leader, "Walter, why are we playing with this guy? Why don’t we just get rid of him and get on with our lives?"

"Bah Gold, you’re taking the fun out of the game. Let’s see what he’s made of."

James watches the three jets perform acrobats in space, lasers piercing the dark clouds that lay freely. His conscience told him that this was foolish to underestimate the foe, but to terminate him quickly without mercy. With a quick decision, he forced the throttle forward, entering the battle.

"Hey James, what are you doing?" Walter scanned the jet leave its rightful place.

"Walter, let’s engage battle, we do have a mission to fulfill." Gold suggested.

"Alright, let’s put this nuisance out of his misery."

The three jets entered the battle, altering the battle to a one way side. Terrance radar indicated the approaching jets. He quickly flicked a switch with was his cloaking device. Instantly, his jet vanished without a trace, making the other jets lose radar.

"What the, a cloaking device, that’s not fair." Sony argued, anxious to destroy the commander.

"Damn, he’s not even on my radar, and his jet is transparent, we can’t even see him if he attacks us." James advised with panic.

"Alright, stick together, last thing we need is us falling apart with one guy here. Now, let’s stay calm and focus on the sound of his jet, forget the appearance, just listen." Walter ordered.

The members glanced around, keeping their ears open for the jet’s thrusters. Gold was closest on radar of the tiger’s radar. When Gold was close enough, he could hear the humming sound of the invisible jet.

"Hey you four, I got him on my east, assist and lock on target." Gold explained, still listening.

Terrance took note of the approaching jets, and prepared his full assault.

"Keep it coming STARS, I have a surprise for you. You’re just on time, and for the grand finale, lock on this…"

The tiger pressed a button that brought up an attack screen, displaying missile possibilities and lock-on capabilities. He quickly set targets and sat patiently.

"Ah STARS, let’s see you guys try to maneuver out of this one."

When the five members came into hostile territory, the computer system of Terrance’s cockpit lit up. He immediately sent a transmission to the whole team.

"Okay mercenaries, I like to see you dodge this…"

The commander pushed a button, and his jet’s location was visible.

"There he is, team execute plan B, emergency dodge," Walter ordered very frantically.

The others followed orders just in time as the commander’s jet shot out five huge missiles. The missiles swirled madly, approaching its main targets. The miss was accounted for, and Walter took the upper paw immediately to his advantage.

"Go, fired NOW…"

Terrance was dumbstruck of his minion’s smart plan to dodge the powerful missiles. His jet rocked once more, five lasers piercing the jet’s defense. His jet was badly struck by each laser, knocking his energy gauge down to 25%. Terrance had one choice, and he quickly made up his mind.

Damn, I was so CLOSE.

Terrance managed to fire an enormous ball of energy pass the crew, blasting toward Great Stars ship. Walter’s muzzle dropped as he watched the main ship intercept the heavy sphere of destruction. The ball of energy took a huge chunk out of the mothership, displaying the inner section of the ship.

Terrance’s belief went up as he discovered the team stopped pursuit.

"Hey Walter, it’s either me or your precise virus, what’s it gonna be?"

Walter stared at the damaged ship and at the commander, "Terrance, this isn’t over. We will meet again."

Walter and the others quickly retreated back to the ship, attempting to save the virus before the ship blows up, taking the chemical out with it.

Terrance flew away, smiling, "Next time I will be the victor Walter, next time."

Chapter Five

"Thou shall seek revenge on thee."

Commander Terrance, Corneria Commander

After being struck severely by the plasma blast from the Cornerian commander, Great Stars began sinking downward. A blazing magnetic field of energy waves surrounded the mothership, caused from the damaged area.

Determined to recover the virus, Gold Bond took immediate charge toward the ship. Boosting faster then his comrades, he expertly dodged fragments and debris from the wrecked metal plate from the right wing of the big ship. Gold rushed inward, leading a way through the electrical currents. His jet started to rattle, as metal rods and the convulsions of the electricity currents would occasionally strike him.

After a few minutes of silence, a transmission filled his lonely cockpit, "Bond, you must recover the virus, just take it easy and increase your shields," Walter advised, attempting to encourage his courageous long time friend.

Gold took his leader’s advice and increased his shields over a hundred percent as he got closer to the ship. Flying near the rear of the huge ship, he throttled forward, trying to enter the docking bay at a hundred and ten-degree angle, as the ship was performing a nosedive in space.

As he got closer to landing, an explosion caught his attention. Checking in front of his cockpit window, he scanned an approaching boulder, crashing toward his jet. Banking left, he barely missed his demise. Sighing in relief, he makes it into the docking bay.

Hoping out of his jet, he was knocked off balance due to the violent shaking. Beaming red lights glared through the entire ship, while the intercom advised the potential danger of the ship.

"Please evacuate the perimeter, automatic self-destruct has been initiated, T-minus twenty minutes to detonation."

Fear shivered through the tiger’s body as he quickly estimated the time it would take to reach Storage and back. His mind was made up, and so he ran through the corridors from the docking bay. Attempting to keep balance, he held on occasionally to the walls for support. The closer he got to the Storage Room, the more dense the smoke, that filled the air with a dark thick smog.

Coughing became another problem as he located the room. He covered his muzzle with his huge paws, continuing to guild his way through the misty barriers. When he was in front of the door to the storage, to his shock it was jammed. He tried ramming the door with his shoulder, but it wouldn’t bulge. As a last resort, he decided to kick the door with all of his might. Successfully, his planned worked, but upon entering, fire scattered around the lockers, and corners of the room.

Jumping over fallen cabinets and shattered glass, he reached the locker with the metal suitcase. When he touched the locker’s handle, it burned his paw.

"Damn it," He cursed trying to find another way to touch the temperate handle.

Taking off his jacket, he placed it around the handle, inserted the key and reached for the case. His spirit was up until the computer’s intercom came on again.

"T-minus ten minutes to self-destruct."

Trying not to panic, he proceeded to the door. Attempting to hop over the same cabinets, his boot tripped over an open door. He came crashing down to the sturdy floor, tossing the suitcase out of his paw. The suitcase landed outside the door, waiting for its host to reclaim it. He quickly raised from the floor, and out the door, equipping the case again. Track running down the corridor, the ship continued to rumble roughly.

While charging full speed down the hall to the docking bay, an explosion erupted behind him. The force from the blast knocked him down again, but he quickly recovered the fall. Reaching the docking bay door, it was automatically locked from the computer’s shutdown when in an emergency. Growing tiresome from problems, he violently kicked the door, slashing his claws against the metal door.

Outside the ship, his comrades grew nervously by the minute. Hoping that Gold can make it out alive before the ship explodes. Destined to go after Gold, Sony sends a request to his leader.

"Walter, let me go after Gold?" Sony said anxiously.

Walter thought for a minute about the consequences before his replied.

"No, I can’t risk you going in. If you go in searching, Gold may have gotten out, and the ship would’ve taken you out by then. Just give him five more minutes?"

Without argument, Sony obeyed. Minutes wasted away as they watched the flaming ship from a distance. Soon enough, a flash of light appeared. The four went into sudden shock as they watch the ship erupt in their faces. Even from a distance, they felt the rattling. After the blaring white light, nothing but debris that floating toward them silently.

The leader of the group bowed his head, but refused to believe that one of his best friends would easily be destroyed.

He called out to Gold’s jet, hoping he would answer, "Gold, Gold, come in, are you there?"

No answer, as the others remained silent, as if paying their respect to their lost comrade. Walter just sat coldly in his jet, just staring at what was once a ship that occupied space. He turned his head at the other remaining jets aside. As he boosted toward the same route to the space station, the others followed.

A transmission was sent to the whole team.

"You guys aren’t leaving without me are you?" The familiar voice said in a joking manner.

The team raised their heads from their recent bowed position.

"Gold, you’re still ALIVE?" Everyone yelled hysterical.

The lone jet boost behind from a distance, catching up to his rightful alignment.

"Of course, you think I’m going to die to a explosion? It takes more than that to rid my life away."

Walter got his smile back, "I thought I lost you there Gold, it’s good to have you back." Walter welcomed.

"Yeah, but are we going to this Space Station or are we going to put our tails between our LEGS?" Gold yelled through his head set.

"Let’s GO MAKE THIS DEAL ALREADY!" Sony proclaimed.

The elite exchanged laughs and proceeded to the space station.

Chapter Six

"Comprehend guilt, you are in denial."

Commander Terrance, Cornerian Commander

The lone battered jet rushed off toward Titania. The jet suffered severely from the countless laser blasts from STARS. Tore wing, weapon systems offline, and loss of cloaking device.

The Cornerian commander was furious about losing to a group of bandits. Only thing operation was his radio and navigation radar. With the desert planet a few miles away, his attitude changed, though revenge was his mission now.

When he entered Titania, he received a dispatch from the same coordinator of the closest desert base.

"This is TITANBASE, report ID."

Terrance placed his microphone on top of his head.

"ID #4C8O7R over."

A few distortions of static could be heard over the com-link.

A reply came over the static, "Commander Terrance, back so soon?" The female voice joked.

The commander didn’t like jokes, but he went with the flow.

"Yeah, look here… I just got out of battle, and I need assistance when I dock. I need repairing for my jet. Then, I’ll be on my way once more."

"Roger Commander, we’ll be waiting for your arrival, TITANBASE out."

The commander boosted what was left out of his thrusters toward the base. Being the commander for five years, he knew his way around. He once trained on Titania as a private, moving place to place; he quickly learned most bases of Lylat.

Minutes after flying northwest, he spotted the pyramid base. The polygon got bigger as he got closer to it. The base looked like a triangle from the side, with black tile-like structures, and a sharp needlepoint at the roof. When he was near the docking bay, he scanned a thick metal plated door separating, revealing the inner bay.

Guiding the jet carefully down, the sunlight began to dim as the doors were closing. Once the commander parked, engineer workers surrounded his jet. The commander stepped out of the cockpit, descending on stairs. A female panther officer ran up to the newcomer.

"Greetings Commander Terrance, your jet will be repaired in half an hour. Please follow me to see Commander Rogers," The panther insisted.

Terrance nodded his head and followed the officer through various corridors. They came upon an elevator. The panther pressed the switch and the double door opened. Heading up to level six, were the Titanian commander was stationed. The door opened and they journeyed through some more corridors until they reached a wooden door with a gold plate.

"Here we are commander."

The panther opened the door, and allowed the commander to enter first. Terrance looked around the large rectangular room that had a long glass window, a couch, various awards on the walls, and a large desk. A leather chair was facing them as they walked up to it.

"Commander Rogers, Commander Terrance of Corneria is here."

A skinny paw raised up, advising the officer to exit. The panther saluted and left promptly. Commander Terrance stared at the other commander that displayed much control over their subjects. The paw went down to its original position.

"Ah, Commander Terrance, what a pleasant surprise to meet you," A stern female voice said.

"Same here Commander Rogers."

"Please have a seat," The voice offered.

Terrance took a seat on a leathery chair and continued glancing at the back of the chair. Suddenly, the chair turned around, as Commander Rogers met face to face with Terrance.

Terrance found it hard to believe that a female coyote could take charge of a base. Terrance kept his ideas to himself, trying not to smile about how a female would run things.

"Are you alright Terrance?" Rogers asked in concern, eyes filled with worry.

"Yes ma’am, I’m fine, but I must reach General Andrewson over a matter with my mission."

"In due time commander, how is that leopard?"

"As always worked up, maintaining peace and order like he first started."

"I see commander, now what’s this mischief I hear about your jet all shattered?"

Terrance didn’t smile, but thought that the question was mocking his skills.

"Commander, are you implying that my skills aren’t successful?" Terrance stated angry.

The coyote looked at him like he was easily offended.

"No, I just would like to know what happened."

Terrance fixed his seating stance and shrugs his shoulders.

"Long story, Ms. Rogers, if you don’t mind, I need to contact my General."

"Certainly, the phone is right next to you."

Terrance looked around and discovered a phone that was sitting on a stand beside the comfortable chair. He quickly dialed the number of Corneria, and then the General’s office.

Back base, the General was looking over some documents about STARS, when his phoned ranged. Without being startled, he picked up the phone.

"General Andrewson speaking."

Terrance paused for a minute before answering, "General, Commander Terrance calling, regarding STARS."

"Yeah, report commander."

"Sir, I engaged into battle with the group, and I’ve suffered my jet tremendously. I’m currently docked on Titania, being aided by Commander Rogers."

Commander Rogers found the information interesting and bent over her desk to listen even further. Terrance took note and gave a smirk.

"I see Terrance, well what’s our alternatives?"

"I recently discovered that they are heading toward Macbeth, running into Space Station Boris, that’s my next move. Also, I’ve destroyed their battle cruiser, they won’t last long in jets."

"Good work, but you must obtain the chemical."

"Ah, I suppose it went up in flames with the ship."

Silence went through the lines for a minute, and then the General came back on.

"Change of plans Commander, let me speak to Commander Rogers."

Terrance looked at the coyote, "Um, he wants to have a word with you."

The coyote stood up from her seat and walked over to the tiger, taking the phone away.

"This is Commander Rogers," The coyote spoke in a mild tone.

Terrance analyzed the facial expression of the coyote, knowing that the General had her under his control.

"Yes sir, I will comply. I understand I’ll send him on his way then. Yes sir, he’s on it. Nice speaking to you too, thanks… good day."

Rogers turned her green emerald eyes at the tiger as she hung the phone up.

"Commander Terrance, your orders are to round up some bounty hunters as soon as your jet is repaired. As for help, you have my permission to take a dozen of my men to apprehend STARS."

I figure the General would allow her to help.

"Alright, all I need of your men are six, that’s all."

"Ah so little, why not the full dozen?"

"Rogers, I think I can handle these mercenaries."

"Yeah, or they’ll handle you instead," Rogers spoke out too loud.

Terrance ignored the coyote and stood up from his chair.

"I appreciate the help Rogers."

"Yeah, yeah… just go get these intruders will you."

Terrance gave a smile and left the office.

Chapter Seven

"Balance of powers on a scale, depend on how much they weigh."

Commander Rogers, Titania’s Commander

From out of the depths of space, a transporter was gliding toward the space station. Moving slowly, it projected blue flaring thrusters behind it. A gray color surface, and an awkward symbol on the side wings. The exteriors were rough, jagged edges, appearing as overlapping trapezoids.

Inside the transporter the mysterious operatives, of an unknown corporation. Inside the deck, four members were discussing the plan over the virus.

"Jean, you take these suitcases, and quickly exchange them for the case."

The falcon looked at the female wolf, "I will do that, but just be ready to take off when I get back?"

"I will, and Jean, these two will help you out if something goes fatally wrong," Regina added.

Jean glanced over at a puma and a doberman.

"Alright, I want to do this quick and easy." Jean reassured himself.

The transporter came to a halt, as it safely landed in the docking bay of the station.

"Alright Jean, you’re up. Good luck."

Jean gave a quick smirk and proceeded out, carrying two suitcases and the other two members gathering the three. They quickly proceeded to the gate where customs were held. Jean placed the case on the escalator. He watched the case enter the metal/bomb detector. The detector didn’t go off, since the bombs were made of a special alloy, which can’t be detected by the metal detectors.

The three picked the cases up again, and proceeded to a manager. They approached a desk, which belonged to a fox that check people in for rooms or meetings.

Jean places his feathers onto the desk, interrupting the fox from his daily reading.

"Hi there, I need to check into a meeting room by the name of Jean Vincent."

The fox balled up his magazine and checked the name into his computer. Second later, the name came up on the screen, along with the room name and number.

"Mr. Vincent, your room is on the forth floor, room 417. The doorplate states "Conference Room", The fox described as he handed a silver key to the falcon.

"Thanks a lot, here’s ten for your time," Jean flattered, as he gave the fox ten credit dollars.

"Oh thank you very much, enjoy your stay."

Jean gave an evil smirk, "Oh I plan to."

The three members took the elevator up.

About five minutes later, the wanted mercenaries arrive. All five went through customs, though they were totally disarmed by Walter’s orders, they were still dangerous with their animal instincts.

Walter checked in with the same fox, reading another magazine.

"Excuse me, do you know where we can find a Jean Vincent, we are holding a meeting?"

"Just a moment sir."

Back on the computer the screen popped the information again.

"Here you go, forth floor, room 417. He’s expecting you."

"Thanks a lot."

Gold turned to his comrades, "Let’s do this."

They marched toward the same elevator. On the forth floor, a room that is distant from the conference room, a beaten lynx was struggling for her life. Lying helpless on the bed, in her nude frame, she suffered from various bruises and cuts all over her body. Seemingly, she was left for dead. Her voice decreased due to the agonizing pain, not even a strong whisper could make it out of her muzzle. Every time she attempted to move a limb, pain would rush up to her brain.

All she could do is hope that someone would come to her aid very soon, or she will die from loss of excess blood. Most of her precious blood was soaked within the covers, blood splattered against the white painted walls, appearing like road maps. Only vision she had was her memories and blurred vision. Locked in a small room, defenseless, just awaiting death that comes shortly afterwards.

Chapter Eight

"Rules of engagement, to capture."

James Simex, STARS member

The blue feathered falcon placed each metal suitcase to its rightful owner. His eye glared, showing no fear. Walter looked over to Gold, seeing if he would expect anything wrong with this deal. Gold raised his eyebrow, showing no concern about the money, but for his comrades. Looking over to Sony, who was looking pale, with all the money in his face, Gold sighed as he watched the wildcat almost drool, trying to restrain from so.

Jean walked by to his seat, which was opposite from the leader of the team. Jean cleared his throat, and began his speech.

"AH, my dear STARS. The company really appreciates what you’ve done for them, and have been so grateful. Supplying them well, and so they returned to you all. In each suitcase, there’s one million credit dollars. Surely all of your dreams will come true. Now, for the chemical, do you have it?"

Walter peered to Gold, advising him to reveal the case. Without hesitation, he obeyed. The tiger placed the lightweight suitcase on the table, and slid it over to Jean’s direction. Jean happily excepted the case, and then stood from his seat.

"It’s been a pleasure doing business with you mercenaries, now if you don’t mind, I must confirm the drop."

Gold took note and quickly stood up from his seat, acting as a blockade.

"What’s the hurry Mr. Vincent?" Gold protested as the two other members of the secret corporation rally around him.

Jean looked up at the tiger, showing no fear. Walter stood up from his seat to break up the four.

"Jean, please take your seat, don’t you want to check the chemical out?" Walter suggested truthfully.

Jean made an uneasy stare, but went along and took his seat. When he sat down, he slowly attempted to open the case. The case lock wouldn’t budge, and he grew anxious to get it open.

"Is this some kind of joke Mr. King?" Jean said aggravated with the suitcase.

Walter and the others smiled, "Enter the numerical lock number 486," answered James.

Jean entered the lock number, and the case opened. The five tubes flickered at Jean’s eyes. He grinned as he shut the case.

"Well I’ve checked mine, what about yours?"

The two associates of Jean walked over to Walter. Gold scanned Jean’s grin, then at his leader. As Sony was lifting the case, Jean and his associates ducked down. Before Gold could warn Sony, an explosion took place, spraying metal needles-like nails throughout the perimeter. Sony was the first to have spikes enter his brain, James had a spike enter his left eye, and Chris was punctured through the neck severely.

A spray of blood brushed the walls and vivid lamps. Gold was struck at his left shoulder, while Walter was hit at his knees and stomach. The three bodies slumped to the carpet, forming their own blood bath. Gold held his shoulder in pain, as he quickly scoped his leader that tried to stand up, leaning against the wall.

Jean and his two associates came out of ducking and started to laugh out loud.

"My Mr. King, you are one tough son-of-a-bitch to survive anti-personnel’s."

Walter kept an evil look on his face. The two assassins near the leader, extracting metallic bats from their jackets. Walter seen his demise coming, and turned to Gold for an answered. Gold knew what was about to happen, and so he ran over to his leader, attempting to be his shield. The puma gave the first swing to Gold’s ribs, causing him to fall to the carpet in shock when the pain went to his brain.

Once the tiger was out of the way, the puma and doberman struck the mountain lion countless times, aiming for his head. Gold laid on his side, watching his leader be beaten to death. He admired that his best friend didn’t even scream, but just excepted the blows. Soon enough he was breathless. The attacking stops as they observed their bloody gloves. They placed their bloody bats on the table.

"Jean sir, what about this one," The puma questioned, glancing at the striped feline.

Jean gave an evil smirk, "I’ll deal with him, you two go take the chemical back to your official. Now go!"

The two picked up the remaining capsules of the chemical and left without turning back. Jean walked over to the fallen tiger that was next to his dead leader.

"Hey there tiger, ah… your poor friend is bleeding, here, take this to wipe him off," Jean laughed evilly, while tossing a handkerchief next to Walter’s corpse.

Gold bared his fist hard, allowing all of his anger flow to his mind. When he attempted to get up, Jean placed a phaser against his head.

"Bad stripes, you stay down and make this easier for me to kill you."

Gold heard the charging sound of the weapon, but he had one last chance to survive. He quickly tripped the falcon with one clean sweep, and grabbed one of the bats off the table. Before Jean could aim the gun, Gold smashed his feathers. The phaser flown across the room, landing by the door. Jean attempted to struggle, but Gold pinned him down, putting all of his weight against the falcon’s stomach.

Gold’s eyes burned and his veins boiled, "Whom do you work for?"

"I’m not telling you anything you crazy bastard."

Gold slapped the bat against Jean’s beak.

"I say again, whom?"

"Never," Jean answered spitting blood onto the tiger’s face.

Gold turned evil and got up from his sitting stance. As Jean tried to get up, Gold slammed the bat against the middle of Jean’s skull, killing him instantly. The falcon’s body fell to the floor, twitching madly due to the nerve’s reaction.

Gold looked down at the falcon, and then at his dead comrades. He walked over to the resting lynx.

"Sorry James, sorry that I couldn’t warn you and the others fast enough," shaking his head in dissatisfaction.

Gold threw the bat against the wall hard as he could, making a new dent. He picked the weapon up by the door, and placed it behind his back, under his jeans. He took one last glance to his fallen comrades before leaving the room.

Commander Terrance reached the space station, with six Titanian jets accompanying him. He entered the base, armed with his trusty phaser, while his men had laser machine guns. The commander took over the station, and found the location of the group. He sent two men to cover the left wing of the station, two to the right wing, and the last two to the center. He went to the exact location, wanting to take care of the group without losing Commander Rogers men.

"Where is Jean already, it’s not like him take this long?" Regina complained alone on the transporter.

Suddenly, the two operatives came back with the chemical.

"Ms. Childers, the mission objective accomplished."

The female wolf smiled, but then grew anxious about Jean’s disappearance.

"Where’s Jean?"

The two shrugged their shoulders, "He ordered us to bring this back to you, we thought he was coming along behind us," One of them answered.

"Something’s wrong, we must leave him behind. I’ve known Jean too long to know. He’ll contact us back base soon. We are out of here."

As Regina was about to leave, a soldier came to the transporter.

"Excuse me, but there’s orders for no one to leave the station."

Regina turned her head to the soldier, "By whom?"

"Commander Terrance of Corneria."

Regina smirks, "Alright, we’ll wait."

Regina turned the engines off to the transporter and stepped outside into the docking bay.

"We’ll wait to we get a clearing, we don’t want anyone to follow us back to base."

Chapter Nine

"Always right the wrong."

Troy O’Donnell, Star Fox 2 member

Gold stumbled along the hall, holding his bleeding shoulder. He didn’t notice at first that the long nail was still in his shoulder, exiting out the back. He stopped moving and scanned the nail. He placed his right paw on top of the nail and pulled hard as he could. The agony was too much, for a second he had to whine as it came out of his flesh uneasy.

With success, the nail came out, only to allow more blood to gush out. He quickly throws the nail away, placing his right paw over the deep wound, and continued to the elevator. He pressed the button, and waited for the double doors to open. He heard the loud beep, and then the elevator door opened. To his greatest horror, a white fur, blue eyed, black striped tiger was looking at him. Gold quickly checked the medals on the tiger’s chest to know he was Cornerian, and experienced soldier. Gold’s mouth dropped as the tiger approached the exit.

"Commander Terrance," Gold said worried that his luck had run out.

The tiger acknowledged that it was Gold Bond of STARS, and he immediately aimed his phaser directly at Gold’s head, ready to fire between his eyes.

"Yeah, finally we meet Gold Bond," Terrance proclaimed, glad that he was able to apprehend one of the biggest killers in Lylat.

Gold didn’t attempt to move, but only think up a fast solution to this problem. Terrance stepped out of the elevator and pushed Gold along the hall, taking him back to the room.

"What happen to you convict?"

Gold didn’t want to answer since the drama of having his friends killed would make him sad again.

"Alright, we’ll just find out won’t we?"

They reached the room again and Gold was the first to enter. Terrance glanced around, observing all the dead victims. He felt that Gold must have done this massacre.

"What happened here?"

Judy Lures arrived the last moment in the docking bay. She parked just aside of Regina’s transporter. As she jumped out of her jet, the wolf scanned the cougar.

I wonder who she is?

Judy quickly passed the guards and entered the complex. She checked in with the same fox, and discovered the same room. She took the stairs, since she didn’t have patience to wait. Once she was on the fourth floor, she ran through the hall, coming to the room that the commander and STARS member was, she startled them both.

"Who are you two?" Judy asked still not looking around the room.

Just what Gold needed for a distraction, he quickly turns around and takes the phaser away from the commander. Judy stood there in shock once she saw the dead bodies and her beloved in his bloody state. She quickly ran over to him, holding his head on her lap. Tears flooded her eyes as she bald out in sorrow. Gold took note and felt sorry for her, knowing that she was a friend of Walter.

The commander interrupted the scene, "Gold, this’ll get you no where but in jail for LIFE!"

Judy turned her sobbing eyes as the name entered her mind.

"Gold, are you part of this team? Did you do this to him?"

"No," Gold said calmly.

Judy begged to differ as she placed Walter’s head softly on the carpet. Gold kept the commander still, as he watched Judy.

"Come on whoever you are, the commander isn’t a patient stripes you know." Gold warned the cougar.

Judy walked up to the commander, "Who are you, Commander Terrance?"

"Yes, I was sent to capture this group for stealing a powerful chemical from Venom. I’ve been tracking this team all day, and I’m tired, and I just want Gold alive. That’s all." Terrance explained his story.

"So this is what Walter was after, a chemical for what?"

"We were suppose to drop it off here, and so we did, but this falcon here betrayed us and set these anti-personnel’s, killing three of my friends and injuring Walter and I. Then the dealer had his assassins beat Walter to death with those bloody bats" Gold answered.

Terrance tried to move, but Gold got him into a headlock, pressing the gun against his head tightly.

"Don’t move Commander, I won’t hesitate to kill you either. I’ve had a long day, you’ve destroyed our only ship, and I lost my best friend, don’t push me."

"Alright Mr. Bond, no need to get all bent out of shape. If you let me go, it’ll be easier and no more bloodshed. If my men find you, they’ll shoot you on sight. It’s better to turn yourself in Bond, believe me when I tell you."

Gold ignored the commander, and focused onto the cougar, "Who are you?"

"I’m Judy Lures of Corneria."

"Well if you’re under Corneria, you are under my orders Ms. Lures. If you choose to go with this guy, you’ll be a fugitive along with him. What’s it gonna be?" Terrance questioned the cougar.

Gold and the commander faced the cougar for the answer. Judy couldn’t make up her mind, but only scanned the overall scene. Without thinking, she punched Gold in the face, freeing the commander. Before she could perform another task, Gold got her in the same holding position as Terrance.

"What are you doing Gold, let her go!" Terrance ordered.

"We’re leaving now, and don’t try to send your soldiers after us." Gold answered madly.

He jerked harshly to the cougar’s neck, choking her for a second.

"Ms. Lures, don’t try anything either."

The cougar nods in agreement and together they exit the room slowly. Before Gold shuts the door, he breaks off the inner doorknob, and shuts the door. Commander Terrance was locked inside, as he ran up to the door, attempting to break it down.

Gold lets the cougar go, "Judy, can I trust you?"

"What do you mean can you trust me?"

"I must seek out these killers, or whoever is responsible for all of this."

"If you are the friend of Walter, can you be a friend of mine?"

Judy thought a minute about how Walter always said before how his team was loyal and like a family.

"I guess, if Walter trusted you, then I can too."

"Great, let’s hide for a few minutes, the commander will bust through that door, and we have to make it look like we escaped?"


Gold randomly chooses a room, and kicks the locked door in, followed behind by Judy. He shuts the door and locks it. He quickly places his ear against the door, hearing the commander finally crashing the door down. Judy gasps as she looked around the room. Gold was startled and quickly turned around to see Judy holding her muzzle.

"Quite now, what’s the matter?" Gold whispered.

"Look at the bed, she’s badly hurt."

Gold glanced at the bed, discovering the dying lynx. Judy nudged Gold’s face away, since it wasn’t right for any male to stare at a nude female. Judy threw the covers over the lynx’s body, and stared down to question.

"What happened here?"

Cindy attempted to open her muzzle to speak, but nothing came out, since she was out of strength. Judy didn’t notice at first, but a silent whisper came from the lynx’s muzzle. Judy bent down, trying to make out her faint whisper. Gold watch Judy for a minute then turned back to the corridor.

He heard the commander pacing angrily past the room, "Damn, damn… now I have fugitives on the loose, and more to worry about when the general hears about this."

After the commander left the corridor, he turned his attention back to Judy.

"What happen to her?"

Judy raised up and turned to Gold, "She says she was attacked by two guys, they tortured and raped her. She was suppose to meet a guy named James Simex today. Do you know him?"

Gold’s ears raised to the name, "Yeah, he was one of my friends on STARS. So this must be the girl I saw at the bar on Corneria the other day. James was looking forward to seeing her today, but…" Gold didn’t want to break the news to the dying lynx.

Judy understood why he stopped, but turned back to Cindy. Judy grasps Cindy’s paw as she slowly closed her eyes forever.

Chapter Ten

"All is error if left uncorrected."

General Andrewson, Corneria’s General

It’s been three hours of chasing the fugitives. The commander’s patience was just about up to the point where he would call even more reinforcements, and to send the order for a station lockdown. With only six Titanian officers by his side, the destined search continues.

Evading the officer’s carefully, Judy and Gold swiftly made their journey toward the Docking Bay area. Proceeding through sweltering, ventilation shafts, it was uneasy because of the tight spaces. Gold followed behind as Judy made way through the various turns. A small draft filled the vents as dimmed florescent lights anchored through small vents of security rooms, offices, and vaults.

Judy came to a halt as she scanned a familiar voice coming from a vent. Gold motioned, attempting to get the cougar’s attention.

"Why you stop?" Gold protested.

Judy turned to face the tiger than slowly approached the vent. Peeking through the vent, her curiosity explored the room. She was startled as she scanned the white tiger with blue eyes. She immediately placed her right ear against the vent opening, trying to receive data.

"Commander, the two fugitive’s whereabouts are still yet unknown sir."

"You fool, you think I don’t know that! Keep scanning the perimeter, they’re bound to turn up somewhere."

"Yes sir."

Judy heard footsteps exit the room as the only voice began to mumble.

"I must find them soon, perhaps I should call in for more reinforcements?"

Judy immediately turned back toward Gold, "The Commander is planning to send in more reinforcements. What are we going to do."

Gold’s ears raised as he learned the late update. He sighs as he moved beside Judy, peeking in the same room. Judy glanced over the big tiger, trying to provide more space for him to squeeze in. Gold passed by accidentally smothering dust particles with his sleeve toward Judy from the dusty vent. The small fragments of debris enter the cougar’s muzzle as she prepared to sneeze violently.

Gold turned back just in time to see what was about to take place. He took his big paw and quickly covered her muzzle. The timing was bad, as she made a whispering sneeze that could be heard from within the vent.

The commander rolled his eyes toward the vent, listening for the accurate position of noise distortion. Gold wiped the wet liquid that covered his paw against his uniform as he quickly turned to check on the commander once more. He glanced at blue jewel eyes roaming about over the vent. Gold quickly turned back to Judy who was wiping her muzzle off.

"Shit, the commander is on to us. Come on, we got to get away from here!"

Gold slowly went pass the vent unseen; Judy hesitated for a while. Gold stopped and turned around to encourage the timid cougar to hurry before the commander would open the vent. Judy slowly passed the vent, sliding across without being heard. To her dismay, a piece of her clothing got caught onto the vent. Gold sighs as he grabbed hold of her paw and tugged her toward his direction.

The commander continued to walk forth, approaching the vent cautiously. Gold managed to free the cougar but in doing so, a ripping sound alerted the commander of his escapee’s presence. He immediately draws his phaser at the vent and fired through the thin steel bars. No motion was heard after the ignition fire. He steps up toward the vent and pulls the vent open.

He pokes his head inside to only see huge claws scraping into his face. The commander’s head shook back harshly as he fell back, onto a desk full of papers, holding his bleeding gash, just above his left eye. Gold and Judy took off laughing silently as they strolled through the vents faster toward the bay. The commander stood up from his down position and revealed his paws into the light. Dampness of blood smothered on his white fur. His eyes widened in fury as he slid off the desk and ran out the door without wiping his gash.

He proceeded toward the Control Room of the space station. When he busted through the door, he startled the working officers. He dashed over to one of the computers and gave a quick order to an officer of the station.


"I beg your pardon sir?"

The commander grabbed the officer’s tie and faced him, "LOCK IT ALL DOWN!"

The furious tiger released the officer’s tie as he went to work immediately. Alarms went off throughout the complex, red lights flaring through each corridor. The commander gave a victory laugh as his plan went into phase. He walked over to another officer that controlled the communications to short-distant planets.

"Get me a line to Titania’s base NOW!"

A vixen officer went to work immediately as she punched in the numbers to Titania’s desert base. A few minutes later, the vixen gave the phone over to the tiger.

"Commander Rogers, this is Commander Terrance. Please send in an elite, I’ve locked the station down and the fugitives will not escape my grasps now!"

Back on Titania’s Base…

Commander Rogers placed her paw against her chin, going over the Cornerian Commander’s announcement.

"So your final locked them in! Sure, I’ll send in an elite in two hours. Just make sure you have them captured by then!"

Terrance filled with relief, "Yes, I will!"

The tiger gives the phone back to the vixen, and then ran back into the corridor. Gold kicked out a vent shaft and jumps down, entering the docking bay. Judy hops down, and wipes her forehead away of sweat. They suddenly heard loud sirens go off in the station, red lights flickering from the ceilings. Gold quickly turned to Judy.

"Ah shoot, he has ordered a system lockdown. We must get to our jets and leave immediately!"

Gold and Judy ran over to their jets, entering their cockpits. Judy placed her helmet on while Gold started up his engine. The desperate tiger turned his key madly, trying to figure out why it wouldn’t start. He hits the dashboard and then stared at the cougar five jets away, having a similar problem.

Gold realized that it was a setup and gets out of his jet, running toward the cougar. Judy scans the tiger and opens her cockpit hatch.

"What’s wrong?"

Gold shook his head in disbelief, "It’s the Commander, he did something to our jets, we have to find another way out."

Judy sighs, taking her helmet off as she jumped out of her jet. A sound came from the docking bay entrance, alerting them of officers approaching. Gold took Judy by the paw and together they scanned for a hiding place. Last thing Gold could think up was, hiding in the transporter. They proceeded inside the transporter and locked the back door. The entrance door busted open, officers running inside in swat formation.

Gold and Judy crouched down as the officers examined the bay, weaving through each jet. They could hear footsteps roaming around the transporter as alarms went off, though the echo of complete lockdown of the metal shutters was still evident.

Judy turned to face the tiger beside her, "What are we going to do? They’re going to capture us any second now."

Gold stood up glaring at the closest officer with a laser machine gun, then ducks down once more.

"We are going to make it, I’m not going to let some top cat beat me," Gold responded.

Judy looks deeply at the tiger, "You think this is a game Gold? They are trying to kill us, and all you can think about is that this whole situation is some kind of challenge?"

Gold stares back madly, "No I do not. I just want to survive this kind of predicament you know."

Judy sighs as she turned away from the tiger disgusted. Gold ignored her temper and focused on the officers.

"You know Gold, Walter may have seen you differently, but I see a totally different person right now. There’s more to life than just winning all the time!" Judy said while her back was turned.

Gold thought about her saying and then turned back toward the officers. As last said, Gold came closer toward the cougar, putting his arm around her back and moving her chin to face him.

"Look, I’m sorry if I’ve upset you in anyway. That’s just how I am, my own habit that I can’t change. You see I haven’t been in any danger with any female before, so this is a new thing to me. I really appreciate your help, I really do. If only things had worked out for the team here, I mean… Walter could’ve been here to see you before his demise."

Judy stares deeply into the tiger’s eyes. Gold stared back serious, knowing that Judy was about to except his word. Instead, the cougar gave him a passionate kiss. Gold was shocked at first, but accepted her warm gift.

Gold and Judy closed their eyes as their great moment extended. After a minute, Judy scanned passed Gold’s shoulder to a metal case. She slowly turned back to Gold.

"Hey what’s that case over there?"

Gold releases his arm from her back and reached for the case. As he pulled it over, he certainly remembered that it was the same case that was shown in the meeting room hours ago. He quickly opened the case entering in the same number that his once teammate told the dealer. A clicking sound was heard and the case opened.

Judy scanned over the tubes that had green substances inside. Gold’s smile came back, as he picked up one of the tubes to show Judy.

"Look here, this is what we brought to the station, Chemical Mass 24. If the case is still here, then the real dealer is still…"

Gold immediately placed the tube carefully back into the case, and closed it. Judy watched the tiger quickly examine the transporter and then turning back to her.

"Judy, let’s go!"

"Go where, those soldiers are still here, and what is this Chemical Mass 24?"

"The group never figure that part out, who knows? Maybe it’s so important that Corneria’s General had to send his own Commander to retrieve it. If we make a deal with Terrance, we could maybe get the hell out of here."

Judy’s hope went up about the possibility of leaving the station. Then suddenly remembered about the officers within the bay.

"What about the officers?" Judy reminded.

Gold looked outside the transporter window again, "I’ll deal with them, you just distract them for me?"

With a confused look, "How?"

Gold turned back to cougar smiling, "Just do what you females would do?"

Gold came out of the transporter slowly, followed by Judy. He left the door slightly opened, as they ran to a dark corner of the bay. Gold hid the suitcase by some old crates and turned back to Judy.

"Okay, get their attention some how, do whatever until I sneak up on them."

Judy nods, "Umm… let’s see."

The skinny, muscular cougar moved to an opposite end of the transporter as one of the guards came around. When the officer was in sight, she immediately kicked the gun out of his paws and round housed him in the face. The bandicoot fell unconscious as another officer heard the tremor.

Judy sneaked under a jet, awaiting the next officer to investigate. When the boots of the officer came along and stumbled onto his comrade, Judy sweeps the surprised raccoon down to her level. She quickly grabbed around his neck, choking him. The officer’s boots kicked the floor as he struggled to sustain air. Seconds later, the raccoon was out, as his body lies on the floor. Three other officers came around the transporter in order. With an accurate and powerful hook, the cougar smashed her fist in each face in chronological order.

One officer fired at the cougar, but missed just barely to her chest. Judy quickly sweeps one officer to the ground, punches another in the groin and the final officer with a heavy uppercut. When all down, she runs away waving toward Gold to follow. Gold came out of hiding and followed her while glancing at the fallen officers. He shakes his head in satisfactory as they entered the station again.

Chapter Eleven

"All is silent on the western front."

Jake Clancy, Titanian officer

After the lockdown was ordered, Regina and her two assassins where sent to the Lobby. Frustrated about Jean’s behalf, her patience was limited. Though an expert in assassination, she decided not to take the situation under control herself. Instead she acted as one of the workers, as she desperately waited to return to her transporter.

She scanned the room of worried animals, who wanted to leave the station, holding a thought that the fugitives would kill one of them if they left to another location. One of the wolf’s assistance continuously thought over the situation up in the meeting room. He remembered the demise of Walter King, and then the lone tiger beside him. The memory of Jean staying behind had him thinking about the scenario. He thought over the whole picture and then turned to his official.

"Ms. Childers, I had just purposed a theory."

The wolf scanned the doberman, "Yes, what do you have to say?"

The canine scratches his head, "I’ve concluded that, Mr. Jean is dead."

Regina flashed the falcon in her head over and over, "What?"

"Yes, that can only explain it. When Agent Clark and I finished off the leader of STARS, a tiger was left alive. Jean ordered us to leave him be as he finished off the last member himself. So, I’m thinking Jean was killed by that tiger, but one of our anti’s struck his shoulder, so he couldn’t have been too strong to swing. Then again, I may be wrong."

The wolf examines the theory and then closes her eyes to think. Minutes passed as she turned back to the assistant.

"You are correct, he was a very honest member of our group, he would never disobey me nor steal anything from the group, so I can only assume that this tiger is our nuisance. What is this tiger’s name?"

"Ugh… member Gold Bond."

Regina looked in shock as she heard the name, "Did you say Gold Bond?"

"Yes ma’am."

"You fool, haven’t you heard about him?"

"No ma’am, of all my years with our group, no one has ever told me about this particular mercenary."

Regina rubs the side of her face as she began to explain.

"Agent Bond, he use to be one of us. He was assigned out over to another assassination organization. He was becoming top member at the time and a threat when he argued with the boss himself. Gold is a really exceptional skilled killer. I’ve never met him, but I’ve heard about him before. One of the top members, but he lacked for certain informational analysis. Now, I bet he has become even stronger than ever. Though, I doubt that he will even compare to my strength."

"I see, but if this is the fugitive that this commander is looking for, will he ever be able to apprehend him so easily?"

Regina pops her neck and scans the corridors, "Well, depending on how good the Commander is."

The puma beside the wolf turned to answer, "The Commander of Corneria?"

Regina turns to face the feline, glaring at him seriously, "Did you say one of Corneria’s Commanders?"

"Yes ma’am, I think it’s Terrance if I’m not mistaken."

Regina’s stood up from her seat and walk over to an officer of the station. The two assassins scanned their official, as the wolf came back to them minutes later.

"Come on, we have to speak with Commander Terrance, then we’ll get out of here."

The three walked down the corridor, heading toward the commander’s post. Meanwhile, Terrance was in the station’s restrooms, wiping his face off with a damp towel. He sighs as he looked at himself in the mirror, checking to make sure the gash wasn’t bleeding anymore. He placed a small bandage above his left eye. After cleaning his fur from the bloodstain he took out his ID card.

He looked at the picture of himself, than takes a small picture from his uniform shirt pocket of Gold Bond. He compared the two pictures and then an officer of the station came in. The commander was startled by the quick entrance and quickly placed the pictures away. The wolf officer stared at the commander for a second and then proceeded to the stoles. The tiger threw the blood towel into the trashcan and stepped into the hall once more.

As he walked pass another corridor that ended at his, he ran into a wolf and two other members. Terrance immediately helps the fallen wolf to her feet.

"Oh I’m very sorry, are you alright?"

Regina straightens her black uniform and glances up at the tiger, Oh I’m just fine, you are just who I’m looking for."

"Oh really," Terrance responded immediately.

He pushed through the three mammals until he felt a paw brush against his right shoulder. Terrance stopped, turned around and examined the paw and then at the person. Terrance pushed the paw off as it belonged to the puma.

"If you want to see me, just not right now okay!"

As the tiger continue walking with his back toward the small group, he heard the wolf again.

"Let’s talk again, maybe about Mr. Bond?"

Terrance stopped in his footsteps, but didn’t turn around to answer, just thought a minute and walks away again. Regina smiles as she watched the white tiger walk away, turning into another corridor.

"Don’t worry guys, I’ve reached his soft spot."

The three chuckled as they went toward the docking bay area. After passing by a few guards and reaching the entrance to the bay, one of Commander’s officers halted them.

"Stop, you may not enter at the present time until word given by the Commander himself."

"Oh the big bad tiger right?" Regina replied rudely.

"Watch it ma’am who you call tiger!"

Regina took two steps forward and with a quick; expertly heavy blow, she smashed the panther’s nose in, killing him instantly. The corpse collapse to the tile floor, laser machinegun by his side. Regina steps over the body and enters the bay, while her two assassin’s stays behind to keep cover. Regina quickly ran to her transporter and stops as she scans the open door at the back of the transporter.

Worried, she quickly steps inside the transporter. She glanced over the area of were she had left the case. Her eyes widen as she discovered the case missing. Another sense flowed through her mind, as she smells the scent of a female that was currently inside the transporter.

Perfume, humph… I wonder who stole my chemicals? Probably had something to do with Mr. Bond!

The wolf steps out of the transporter and runs back to the entrance of the bay. She stares angry as the two members who was acting as guards after dumping the body somewhere.

"Grrr… someone stole the chemical from us!"

The two assassins turned around to face their official, "What?" Both asked.

"A female I presume, and I bet she was with Mr. Bond. Let’s move out, we have some hunting to do!"

All three left off hoping to locate the thief.

Gold and Judy, roaming through the halls happen to pass a medic room. Judy managed to persuade the tiger to enter in. Together they walk in, Gold locking the door from behind. They stare at the small room that had blazing lights up on the ceiling, two beds, and a big cabinet. Judy rushed over to the cabinet for materials for Gold’s wound.

Gold sat on top of a bed, slowly taking off his shirt, hoping not to rub against the punctured area that had recently clotted. He managed to get the shirt off as Judy returned with a needle, cotton balls, and a big size bandage.

"Here, let me see that wound?"

"Alright be careful, it looks very painful."

Judy scanned over the deep wound, which went to the bone. Her facial expression showed Gold that it wasn’t too good of a punctured wound. She carefully rubs the wound with a damp alcohol, which stings Gold as he turned red from the agony. After cleaning the wound, she placed the big bandage onto the wound.

Judy stares at the tiger, "You need to get out of here before it becomes affected really bad!" Judy said jokingly.

Gold didn’t laugh, but gave a smirk as he remembered the pain coming back to him. The tiger scooted over, making room for the cougar to sit by him. Judy took a seat and just stares at the tiger as if picturing him ever happy for once. She occasional rubs her head as she attempts to start a conversation.

"Hey you, what do you know about the commander?"

"Huh, I barely know the guy, if you want to know, I know that he destroyed our Mother ship which took the whole team years to build. An that he is a complete asshole!"

Judy chuckled as she rubbed her arm.

"Well since I was born on Corneria, I know that the Commander is the very best! He may seem very annoying, but that’s just how he is. I also know that he is expecting a son really soon."

"What?" Gold asked very interested about Terrance.

"Yeah, a son. Now what he’ll name is entirely up to him, I don’t know for sure. All I hope is, the poor kid don’t grow up to be a chip off the old block!"

"Right," Gold agreed.

Gold placed his paw on Judy’s arm. Judy stares at the tiger, and suddenly turns to hide her blush.

"Hey Lures, why did you kiss me back there?"

Judy turns around as her blush remained on her face.

"Huh… oh, I don’t know, just felt like it was the right thing to do, since I really thought that we were going to be caught by those officers."

"Nah, I beg to differ my lady," Gold smiled.

"What, what are thinking?"

Gold lies down on the bed, still keeping his eyes on the smiling cougar.

"I’m thinking you did because you are starting to like me."

"What? You and me huh? You better stop thinking that way mister."

"Why should I, after all… what else was I suppose to think if someone just kissed me on the lips (Gold points to his lips), yeah on the lips for no particular reason?"

"I don’t know, but something besides to like."

"Ah, you hurt my feelings, I’m not talking to you anymore!"

Gold folds his arms like a spoiled cub, with a fake angry facial expression. Judy laughs out loud as she tries to calm herself down. She softly hits his chest with bald fists. Gold refuses to look back. Judy thinks up another way to get his attention and throws a fist to his groin. Gold hops up so fast, he could only think about the increased pain as he growled.

"Why you do that for, don’t you know that you are just causing even more pain?"

Gold rubs himself as Judy laughed again, displaying a sad cub face to aggravate him.

Gold’s pain finally subsides as he lies back down to rest. Judy stares at the tiger.

"Ahem, what you just did was nasty pal."

Gold turns to face the cougar, "What, oh shut your trap, it’s natural!"

Judy smirks and stands up from the bed. As she walked away, Gold kicked her long tail. Judy turns around, and stares at the tiger again.

"Hey, why you kick me for stripes?"

"No reason, just felt like it," Gold replied with a big grin.

Judy examined the room and then back at the door. She walks over to the door and unlocks it, peeking outside the corridor. No one was in the abandon hall. She shuts the door and locks it once more. She turns to Gold who was lying on his stomach, head turn toward the wall. Judy crept near the bed and stares at the tiger’s body. She alerts Gold.

"Hey I just looked outside and some officers are heading this way, we got to get out of here!"

Gold turned on his back immediately only to feel pressure on his stomach. He looked up at the cougar that was sitting on his stomach, pinning him down to the bed.

"Judy, what are you doing, you said officers are coming this way right?"

The cougar grins, "I was just playing with you, just seeing how alert you were."

"So why are you pouncing on me?" Gold said knowing that she was flirting with him.

"Oh, I was just thinking that… if we were going to die, trapped in a station, playing cat and mouse, I would at least like to get laid before I’m out of the game."

Gold looked at her with shock, "Oh really, well I don’t have any problems with that, I perfectly understand your situation, who wouldn’t? So, why don’t you come on down here, and let me show you what I can do?"

Judy shrugs her shoulders and came down to Gold’s face for a kiss. Gold placed his arms around her slim body, enjoying the moment. He suddenly stopped his kissing and looked at the door.

"Hey did you lock that door?"

Judy sat up, "Of course stripes!"

"Alright, permit me to loose my clothes?" Gold asked playfully.

"Sure thing," Judy agreed as she allowed him up.

Gold undressed slowly, not facing the cougar. By the time he finished, Judy was already in bed waiting. Gold was startled as he approached the bed. He scooted beside his mate, throwing the blanket over his body.

"Umm… how in the world did you get undress less than a minute?"

Judy chuckles, "Oh, let’s just say that I can slide through clothes. Let’s just spend this time together before we get back to dodging laser’s again?"

"All right lady, but a simple warning… if you hit my left shoulder, you’ll break the whole mood for me."

Together, they both laugh as they explored each other’s body.

Chapter Twelve

"Let live, or let die."

Laura O’Donnell, Cornerian Spy of CIA

Commander Terrance sat in a chair as he rocked back and forth, thinking about the Conference Room Massacre. He took notes from what Gold had said about the buyer and the chemicals, and what Ms. Lures said about herself being Cornerian. He put the facts together and made a conclusion.

If Gold isn’t lying, than the chemical is still here! Also, why would Ms. Lures interfere with the STARS? She had some kind of relationship with one of the members. Who and where did this Jean Vincent Lombardi come from? What is the missing link here? Then again, I found Gold injured so he must be in the medical room by now? That’s it!

Commander Terrance stood up from his chair and prepared to walk out, but the phone rang, rattling on the wooden desk. He walked over to pick it up.

"Hello, this is Commander Terrance speaking, addressing whom?"

"Sir, Officer Birkin, General of Corneria is on line two."

"Oh thank you very much Officer Birkin, I’ve got it."

Terrance hangs the phone up, and then wipes the sweat off his face. He nervously picked up the phone as he pressed his index claw to the button. Once pressed, he gulps before answering.

"Hello General, Terrance speaking. What do you have to report sir."

"Oh Commander Terrance, just the tiger I was looking for. I couldn’t help myself in looking through the record of STARS, but I notice that you forgot to tell me about the fifth member on STARS. A Mr. Bond right? Now Commander, tell me the reason why you lied to me about this particular mercenary?"

"Well sir… um…"

Terrance was interrupted as a female wolf entered the room. Terrance held the phone down, staring at the wolf.

"What are you doing here?"

The wolf smiles, "I thought I said we needed to talk? Now, hang up the phone so we can resume our chat!"

"Who are you to order me around ma’am?"

Terrance turned his attention back to the phone.

"Commander, commander… I’m waiting!"

"Ugh General, can I call you back, I’m dealing with someone right now?"

Silence filled the lines as the General came back on. The wolf came closer to the tiger that seemed to get confused on which to take attention to.

"I know who you are Mister high and mighty!"

"Just who are you?"

"Who am I, I beg your pardon Commander?" The General heard over the phone.

"Not you sir, there’s a nuisance before me that I must address, I’ll get back to you sir."

Terrance hangs the phone up, knowing he would be in trouble when he gets back base. He turned his attention onto the wolf.

"What do you want from me?"

"No, no… I think you got it around. What do I want from you."

"What are you talking about, who are you!"

The wolf throws her black hair over her shoulders, "I’m someone who is looking for your mercenary as well. Gold Bond right? Or should I say Commander Terrance Bond?"

"What are you getting at! Gold is not who you think he is."

"Oh really, I think you are the one who don’t think who he is right now! You refuse to believe that Gold Bond, Cornerian Killer is a relative of yours!"

"He is NOT my relative!"

"Oh really, you two look alike, so alike that you happen to have the SAME last name! Why are you hiding yourself back, just admit it!"

"I’ll admit nothing, you can remove yourself from my presence right NOW!"

"Or what stripes? What you gonna do, place me under arrest for telling the truth?"

Terrance kept silent as he began to walk out of the room. The wolf grabbed his arm. Terrance immediately removes her arm off his.

"LOOK, are you looking for trouble?"

"Maybe you are looking for trouble, you don’t know who I am!"

"Well, let’s keep it that way!"

Terrance left the room, leaving the wolf behind.

"Humph, asshole! Won’t even admit that his brother is a cold-blooded killer! For shame on him! Though, I could’ve easily ended his life, but everyone deserves to live when they go against me, or NOT!"

The wolf laughs evilly as she exited the room. Terrance rapidly walks down the hall, heading toward the Medic Room.


Gold and Judy were quickly placing their clothes on again, trying to buy time.

"Hey Gold, you’re not bad for a big cat!" Judy complimented.

"Thanks, though you were fantastic. It’s been a long time since I felt this good. I use to have a girl friend, but she had accidentally died from a jet crash."

Gold goes silent again while he placed his shirt on again. Judy felt some remorse for him.

"I’m sorry to hear that."

"It’s okay Judy, but thanks for everything. I just hope that we can get out of here sooner."

"Yeah, me too!"

Terrance cuts pass some officer’s as he was closer to the room, now entering the same corridor of the Medic. As Judy placed her shirt on, they heard the knob turning. Gold was alert and motioned toward Judy.

"Come on, you must get into this vent over here."

Judy stares at the vent, "It’s too small Gold, I can’t fit inside."


The door started to bang as the person on the other end started to ram it with their shoulder. Terrance seized his ramming, and then switched to his claws, which punctured through the door. Judy glanced over the claws and quickly ran behind Gold who was out of ideas. Terrance continued his clawing, and than used his boot. With success, the door busted open.

He quickly stepped inside and scanned the tiger and the cougar. He sensed the smell of mating that had taken place. He sighs as he smiles, feeling very relieved.

"Man, I’ve been looking for you guys! Are you going to come with me quietly are am I going to have to use my strength? The choice is entirely yours."

Gold stares at Judy, "Alright Commander, the game is over, we will come quietly."

Gold stepped forward, holding his phaser behind his back. When he prepared to shoot, Terrance dodged the blast. Terrance counter attacks and punches a heavy blow to Gold’s injured shoulder. Gold screams in pain as his wound started to bleed again through his uniform. He drops the weapon out of his left arm. Judy ran by his side, checking his shoulder. Terrance stares at the two as he stepped into the hall, calling for guards.

Second later, five guards carried Gold away. The commander picked the gun up and stared at Judy.

"You know what? This is mine!"

Terrance took Judy to another location. Judy walked madly by the commander’s side. She refused to stare at him as they entered a small, air-conditioned room, with a long table.

"Take a seat Ms. Lures." Terrance offered the angry cougar.

Judy took her seat, still not facing the tiger. Terrance took a sit across from her, so he could get a good look at her. He folded his arms and sighs. Judy felt a bit of fear overwhelming her as she glanced at the commander.

"So Ms. Lures, oh I’m sorry… I’ll call you Judy if you want?"

"Forget my name Commander, where did you put Gold?"

"Ah Mr. Bond, that’s none of your business. He has got you into a lot if trouble today. Sure it was fun when you two escaped me many times, but now that I caught you, your fun and luck have run out. You two tested my patience, so don’t expect forgiveness or mercy for your punishment."

"I understand sir."

"Want to know some strange news?"

"Ha, what good news could come to you, since you are always serious."

"True, I am Mr. Serious, just as the General. Now, the news is I’m not going to take your life away as I said earlier. No… I have something better… how about LIFE imprisonment for treason? Does that sound good to meet your needs?"

"You would send me to life in prison?"

"Yes ma’am you have endangered my life when Agent Bond had me under his mercy. If you’ve agreed, my life would have ended in that room, along with the STARS members. You see, what you don’t understand about Gold is, he’s a bloodthirsty killer. He kills people of all ages it doesn’t matter to him. It’s his game, his rules. Now, I’m sorry if you don’t believe me, since he recently touched you in a way were you would be on his side than mine. Just listen to my words of advice, he could’ve killed you anytime he pleases, why he didn’t do it yet, maybe he needed a hostage? Who knows, or maybe he’s a freak, and he just happen to reach you."

"It’s not true, your telling a lie!"

"Would I? If I were a lie, would I have protected Corneria from Venomian’s for 16 years?"

"Who knows, you could be building a plan and nobody knows about it!"

"Ha, I like your smart aleck remarks, but they will get you nowhere. Now, I want you to tell me where those chemicals are!"

"What chemicals Commander?"

Terrance stood up from seat and walked over to the cougar, he grabs hold of her hair, pulling her neck back, choking her as he spoke.

"Now, where are they! I KNOW HE TOLD YOU ABOUT THEM!"

The tiger releases the cougar’s hair, allowing her to breathe again. Judy coughs as she gasps for air. She attempts to punch the commander, but he dodges her fist as she crash onto the floor.

"Oh, you want a piece of me huh? Maybe your mama and papa never gave you a lesson on manners. You may not respect them, but you will respect your Commander, that’s damn for sure!"

Terrance picks her off the floor and throws her onto the table. Judy lands on top of the table and scans the approaching tiger. She attempts to kick at his face, but he moves out of the way and manages to grab a hold of her neck.

"Why do you want to fight me for? You make me look like the bad guy here, why don’t you tell me where the chemicals are, so I don’t have to hurt you? Easy to hurt a female, but I don’t want to, but you sure are pissing me off!"

"I’m not telling you anything Terrance!"

Terrance starts choking her briefly, then lifts her up off her back. Judy breaks the hold and, while open, Terrance received a punch to his face, knocking him back a few steps. Judy made room onto the carpet floor, waiting for the commander to attack back. Terrance smiled as he scanned the mercenary with her fists up.

"Ah, you want to fight huh? So be it, I shall teach you a lesson!"

Judy came up with a quick fake and kicked the commander at his knees, knocking him off balance. He fell to his knee as he glanced at a flying shoe as she came his way. He quickly blocked the shoe with his arms and countered with an uppercut to Judy’s head. The strong attack left her dazed, as she stumbled falling onto her side.

Terrance stood up from his down position and walked over to the cougar. He picked her up as if a small child and placed her onto the table. He slowly backs away, preparing to leave the room.

"You should’ve told me where, I’ll just go ask your boyfriend! Be right back before you know civilian."

Terrance exits the room and locks the door with a key.

At the prison chamber near the B1 level of the station, Gold was tied up in a room, with metal shackles. The chamber had a flickering light that rocked back and forth, casting a shadow of four that would grow every three seconds. The guards watched the tiger that would make painful faces from his wounded shoulder. Gold was completely defenseless if attacked.

The shutting of an iron door interrupted the thoughts by the guards. They saluted to the white tiger as they awaited next order.

"You may leave us be, just alert me when Titania’s reinforcements arrive here!"

"Yes sir," An officer responded.

The door shuts and only the two of the same species were left alone. Terrance pulled up a chair, and sat across from the mercenary. The commander smacks the tiger’s face to awake him from his painful episode.

Gold opened his eyes, "Oh, hey Commander, you know… you didn’t have to hit an armed tiger in his sore spot!"

Together they laughed.

"Well, you attempted to hit me as usual, that’s what I expect from a top cat like yourself."

"Ah shut up Terrance, you young stripes, I knew you… from the very start that you would cause me trouble, ever since that first attack in space, in your high tech gizmo jet! I even saved the Chemical from that explosion you crazy bastard!"

Gold prepares his spit and unleashes it upon the Commander’s face. The commander wipes the spit away with his sleeve, keeping calm. Terrance smiles at Gold’s humor as he placed his right paw against his chin, crouching over the chair.

"You are something Gold, I bet you don’t know my last name huh?"

Gold looked confused, "What the hell do your last name got to do with anything?"

"A lot actually, let me ask you pal… how many sibling were their in your family?"

"Why should I tell you for? You probably try to ruin their lives too, though deceased!"

"Just answer this easy question Gold?"

"Alright you jerk, there were four! Tiger Bond who died in a gun shooting, my sister Susan Bond who died from a gang on charge of rape and murder."

"Uh huh, keep going."

Gold looked at Terrance uneasy, but continued.

"Third me, who is a legend."

Terrance smacks the tiger for that remark.

"You are not a legend to be remembered as a Killer!"

"Why do you care, you are no where near my position to be saying so!"

"Okay, who’s the last party Gold!"

"The youngest brother Trace Bond, he was a jerk just like you. He had white fur just like you, and blue eyes too."

"Yeah, and what happen to him?"

"I don’t recall, he must have ran away for some reason. Not sure!"

"Bull shit," Terrance yelled as he stood up from his chair.

"Huh, why do you care so much about my family?"

"Let me tell you why Gold. I happen to run into that certain tiger some time ago. I remember him telling me that his brothers were jealous since he was the favorite of the pack, he was the smart one, the intelligent one, he made such good grades, that he was elected class president."

Gold looks surprised of how the Commander knew so much about his youngest brother.

"How did you know? You’ve been checking his records?"

"Let me finish Mr. Bond! Like this young child told me, who was all alone growing up, going through unbearable hardships. He said his own brothers left him to die. Left him in a damn forest at night! Lost not knowing any way of returning home to his parents. Out on the streets somewhere, cold, hungry and half the time worrying.

"How do you know my brother so much?"

Terrance looked deeply into Gold’s eyes.

"Who would know better, than your own brother, the one your threw away. Just for jealousy and to teach him a lesson. You have forgotten me over the years, you couldn’t even remember my middle name Terrance you son-of-a bitch! I went through pure hell, something that you can’t even possibly understand. How could you do this to your own blood, your own brother?"

Gold gave an icy glare, "You were too snobbish, took all the credit, and attention! I’m surprised that Tiger didn’t even want to kill you himself when he had a chance, so took care of you myself!"

"You are my brother Gold Bond? Brothers don’t try to abandon brothers! You are supposed to protect and love. Yeah, it’s me. I tell you something, when I found out about my older brother’s death Tiger Bond, I was actually happy, so happy I didn’t even cry, cause I couldn’t forget what you two did to me. The only people I loved were my parents, my sister, and my damn people, Cornerians! I wished our parents were still alive to hear the day that I caught your sorry ass!"

Gold kept silent. As Trace paced around the room, tears forming at the corner of his eyes.

"I tell you Gold, when I first heard that you were on your own team, and still alive, I actually pity you for even living! I hate you, my nightmare that won’t even subside. The terror in the dark on the streets and the deepest pain in my heart that will some day make me die from its pain. I really hope you DIE! A creature like you should suffer the most agonizing death possible. I have waited for the day that I would finally meet you, to get revenge. I slave my whole life to become who I am, to have such power, that when I finally found you, no one would get in the way! Now that you are here in my face, I will show no mercy for you, even if you are my brother. Now, feel my pain!"

Trace placed a phaser against Gold’s chest and shocked him severely. He covered his brother’s muzzle, so no one could hear him scream.

"You will die by my paws dear brother!"

The guards outside the prison entrance could hear an electrical static growing loudly. They quickly armed themselves with phasers and entered the jail cell. When they saw the commander attempting to kill the fugitive, they entered the cell and grabbed him from doing so. Gold was still alive, but barely. One of the guards quickly ran to the nearest phone to call in reinforcements to apprehend the wild commander who broke free from the two officer’s grasps.

"Peace will be restored Gold. I will let those you killed… souls to rest in peace."

Terrance continued his frenzy until twelve guards tackled him down, trying to calm him down. The Cornerian Commander was taken away. Gold was let loose, exhausted from the intense shocking experience. He was carried away to the medical room.

Terrance cleaned up and met Commander Rogers and her reinforcements.

"Commander Rogers, my damn job is done, you can have this last dance!"

Terrance walks away toward his jet, but turns slightly toward the crates, as something was sparkling. He walked over to examine the metallic case. When he picked it up, he tried to open it. Instead he stopped trying, and just assumed that it was the Chemical Mass 24 that he was sent to apprehend.

He says to himself as he enters his jet, placing the suitcase inside his jet.

Damn, what a hell of a day, but it was worth everything to me in my lifetime!

Just before he was about to take off, Commander Rogers ran up along side of his cockpit.

"Commander Terrance, what will you do now!"

The white tiger with blue eyes stares at the coyote, "Commander, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going straight home, take a hot bath, and wait for my son to be born! That’s what I’m going to do!"

The coyote smiles, "What are you going to name your son?"

Terrance puts on his helmet and returns a smile, "My son’s name is Brad Bond, and don’t forget it!"

"Good luck Commander, have a safe trip home!"

As the commander was shutting his cockpit hatch, he laughed out loud at Commander Rogers’ good luck wish.

Chapter Thirteen

"Losing at one time can lead to winning the next!"

Juliette Crawford, Star Fox 2 member

Regina returned to her transporter empty handed though she could only know that either Gold must have it, or Judy. She and her assassins returned back to base, though she felt like she lost, but she actually felt that she would win in the long run. As she thought about the confrontation with Corneria’s Commander, she knew only he would have originally obtained the chemical. Knowing that, sometime in the future, she will go to retrieve the item that rightfully belongs to her group.

Gold was taken to a hospital on Corneria. After months of treatment, he was placed in a maximum-security prison for LIFE. Judy Lures, former mercenary was found charge for treason and was sent to a female prison for ten years to life as well.

An Commander Rogers knew for sure, that one day, Commander Terrance and herself would work together again, one day.

The End

Well, I certainly hope that you enjoyed my Fan Fic "The Fugitive Conspiracy"! Keep watch for "A New Hope" next month, where you will get to see the Commander’s son Brad Bond and his friends in military training. Thank you for choosing to read my work of art again, so thank you very much. This Jaguar Janks signing out, and "KEEP ON WRITING GUYS!"