The Holocaust part one

By: Tim Raynor

Introduction: The Heartless Shivan Race emerged from subspace and overwhelmed the Cornerian army. The Terran where also fighting the shivans so the two races allied and declare war against the shivans. The

Terran has way more advanced technology than the cornerians so they traded resources and supplies.

Fox lay down on his bed thinking of Fara. She got transferred to the 53rd Hammerheads, which is a squadron of fighters onboard the Terran Ship called the Bastion and will soon be transferred back to the starfox team. She had served the Terran for over 1 month now and he missed her so much.

Than suddenly, the alarm siren rang and Fox immediately ran to the docking bay.

"Whatís happening"? Fox asked also ask they jumped into their arwings.

"Didnít you hear that explosion that shook the Great Fox"? Said Falco

"No, I guessed I wasnít paying attention"

"Well we must get out of here as soon as possible, the Shivans has attacked our ship, and it wonít last long" said Falco

Fox powered out his Arwings engines and their ships launched.

"Letís set course for the Terran Capital ship, the Bastion" said Fox

"Why"? Falco said sarcastically "is it because you want to see your love Fara Again"? "We should go to Corneria and tell them about the destruction of the Great fox"

"Because Fara doesnít know that our ship has been destroyed and we must tell her that we will be on Corneria" Said Fox

"Stop arguing, you guys"! Said Peppy "We got 4 Shivan fighters headed straight for us. Should we attack"?

"We must" Fox said. "We canít outrun them because their fighters are too fast for us.

The Team powered up their weapons and shields and prepared to fight.

"I canít get them of my tail"! Falco said, "Their ships are too fast"!

The Shivan fighter fired a few laser rounds at Falcoís ship and knocked out his wings and engines.

"AHHHHHHHH"! Fox heard Falco screamed over the comlink. "FALCO"! Fox said back over the comlink.

Fox looked out the cockpit and saw that all of his teamís Arwings have been reduced to rubble. Then fox knows that he must call for reinforcements. He Turned on his Comlink and called the 53rd Hammerheads.

"This is Fox Mccloud of the Starfox team, do you copy"? "I am in sector Y and my whole team is down, I wonít last long here"! "DO YOU COPY"?

"Affermittive Fox, we will scarmble some fighters to assist you, you must hold on for lust a little while longer"

Fox then saw 6 Terran Pegasus fighter coming to assist.

"How did they get here so fast"? He wondered. Then he heard a familiar voice over the Comlink.


"Fara"? he said in excitement.

"We will catch up later Fox, right now we must assist you" Said Fara

Fox saw as the Pegasus fighters quickly make short work out of the shivan fighters

"Iíll lock a tractor beam on you Fox, we must tow you back to the Bastion" Fara said.

In the Bastion, Fox got too know the crew. The best Terran Friend he made was Tim Raynor, who was the commander of the 53rd Hammerheads.

Fox went to the café in the Bastion and drank a cup of coffee. Fara and Tim joined him shortly.

"I canít believe it" Fox thought "All of my wingmen died and it is all because of my leadership"

"Donít Feel Bad Fox" Tim said "I had lost a lot of people already, this is what war does"

"How did you know what I was thinking"? Said Fox

"Fox" Said Fara. " Did I tell you that Tim is born with psychic powers"?

"Hey, why donít all of us practice fighting in a simulator"? Said Tim "After all, you could use some training Fox, The Shivans are way more powerful than the Venomian forces you faced before"

"One question, Tim, how come your ship came so quickly to assist me? they appeared right after I finish talking over the comlink" Said Fox

"All of the Terran fighters are equipped with subspace drives, which allow you to go from one area to another in any discovered area"

"Thatís incredible" Said Fox

Fox got in the simulator and prepared to practice. Tim selected a Very Hard difficulty level mission which is too wipe out all 25 shivan fighters in the area without dyeing once.

Fox, Fara and Tim immediately got into action. Fox managed to shoot down 5 fighters, Fara 7, and Tim got 9. But the remaining fighters attacked and Fara got shot down. Even though it was only a simulation, Fox still fell bad just thinking about it. Then eventually, Fox, and Tim also got shot down.

"You know, there is no way of beating that mission, although the Ace pilots may have a chance" Said Tim

Fox was tired and went to his quarters. He took a shower and then went for a rest. Just then, Fara came inside.

"My room was damaged in the last Shivan attack and I have nowhere to stay, mind if I sleep with you"? Fara said

"Not at all" Fox Said

Fara huddled beside Fox and she turned off the lights and locked the door. It was a night they will never forget.

The next morning they woke up and went to the restaurants.

"This ship must be pretty big to have cafés and restaurants" Fox Said

"Well, this ship is 1.6 km long, which is one of the largest objects created in space" Fara said.

"Hey guys, mind if I join in"? Fox turned over

"Bill"! Fox said, "Why are you here"!

"Shivan activity has been low so command let my take a break in fighting" Bill said

"Say, Fox, you wanna be part of the 53rd Hammerhead for now? We have lost a lot of pilots and could use some new pilots like you"

"As longs as I am in your fighter wing, Fara"

"Alright Fox, I will inform Commander Raynor, in the meantime, letís order something to eat"

Suddenly, The alarm siren went on.

"All Pilots of the 53rd Hammerheads, get to your fighters, this is NOT a drill, Shivan Cruisers and fighters have engaged to Bastion"

"Lets go"! Fox told everybody

"I am not part of the 53rd but I will help" Bill said

Fox ran to his fighter and launched his Arwing. His ship has been refitted with better lasers and armor.

"Okay everybody, engage any hostile forces and shoot down any bomb that the Shivan bomber launches, we must not let the Bastion be severely Damaged" Commander Raynor ordered.

"Okay, Fara, cover me, I will attack that Shivan Cruiser"

"Okay Fox"

Fox fired some Nova Bombs at the cruiser, which severely damaged it, then he finished it of with a few hyper laser shots.

"Way to go Fox"! Commander Raynor said over the comlink.

The Shivan cruiser went down a huge explosion. The Shockwave of the explosion hit everybody, but caused only minimal damage. The 53rd finished the rest of fighters

And then returned back to the docking bay.

"You will be a fine addition to the 53rd Fox" Commander Raynor said.

"I will do my best Commander" Fox said in a happy voice.


End of Part one.

I hope you enjoyed my story. I will finish and post Part two in a few day or weeks.

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