The Holocaust part two

Introduction: Fox is now an official member of the 53rd Hammerheads. He is one of the best in the squadron and shot down more Shivans than any other member except Commander Tim Raynor. However, more evil things have risen, A new Rebellion calling themselves the Neo-Terran Front has been formed, they have a racism against the Cornerians and Timís Father has died when his ship, the Galatea got destroyed. The Alliance is now called the GTCA (Galactic Terran-Cornerian Alliance) and because of the new rebellion, the GTCA is in constant battles.

Tim canít believe that his father is really gone. He sat alone on the chair in the café, thinking about his father.

"I canít believe he is really gone," he thought"

Then he heard Gauss Rifle shot, then another one. Then he saw some marines transported inside the ship.

"Neo-Terrans have boarded the Bastion"! Tim shouted out loudly

"Everybody, get out your blasters! We must not let them take over the ship"!

Soon, a firefight is on. There are sounds of the Blasters and Gauss Rifles firing everywhere on board and people screaming everywhere.

"Watch out Fox! Those Gauss Rifle shots fire at super high speeds! One ammo can blast part of you bodies off"! Fara warned Fox as they step into the battle.

Fox got out his blaster and started shooting the enemy marines. Fox saw Tim arm got hit by a Gauss Rifle ammo and ripped and destroyed some of his muscle. However, Fox was amazed when he saw that he didnít reacted when he got hit. "Surely, he should of felt the pain, and how could an ammo that is 5 millimeters wide destroy that much muscle"? Fox thought.

"Fox"! Fox heard Fara shouted. "Pay attention to the battle"!

"Aaaahhhh"! Fox screamed as Gauss Rifle shot ripped a large hole in his body.

"Get him out of there Fara"! Tim told Fara as he was fighting "The battle is almost over"

Fara carried Fox besides some boxes in the Cargo bay. She was stunned when she saw that Foxís body was soaked in blood. She then carried him to the Hospital in the ship.

The Crew of the Bastion won the battle, but the halls of the ship was covered in blood.

Raynor went to the hospital and the medics healed his wound. His was minor, but Foxís wound was much more severe so the medical officers have so send him the Hospital in Corneria because they donít have the right tools to do the job. They loaded Fox on a transport and headed for Corneria. Fara also came with him.

Tim bumped into Bill while he was walking down the corridors.

"Oh hi Sir, have you seen fox? He isnít in his quarters, and the computer canít locate him"

"Fox got sent to the hospital in Corneria" "A Gauss rifle shot ripped and destroyed a lot of muscle in his body and I wonít expect him to be out of the hospital for a month or even more."

"Thatís terrible," Bill said. "Hey, did you tell Fox and Fara about your secret yet"?

"Donít talk too loud Bill!" Tim said quietly to him. "No, not yet, but I am sure he saw how I reacted when I got hit a Gauss rifle shot and I expect he will ask me that when he sees me again"

Bill said goodbye and walked away. Tim thought, "should I really tell him about my secret"?

Tim decided he will have to tell them, and so he got in his Hercules Mark II Fighter and launched from the fighterbay. He set course for Corneria and engaged the subspace drives.

Timís ship got out of subspace and got hailed by Corneria traffic control.

"This is traffic control, please identify yourself"

"This is Commander Tim Raynor, squadron leader of the 53rd Hammerheads, I will transmit my I.D now"

"ÖOk Commander, you are clear to land"

Tim found a suitable landing space near the hospital and landed. He got into the hospital and asked the nurse which room Fox is in. The nurse told him and Tim got on the elevator. He arrived on the floor and entered Foxís room. Tim found him sleeping.

"How is Fox, Fara"?

" Fox had broken rib bones, huge losses of blood and destroyed muscle. The surgery was successful, but it will take about a month to fully recover" Fara said


"When can he go outside and serve the 53rd again"? Tim asked

"Well, the doctor said he can go outside in about 1 and half weeks but he cannot fly any fighters until he has fully recovered"

"I am going to miss not having Fox in our squadron and he was one of the best pilots we have. He even killed me once in a simulator battle"! "Can you believe it? A Commander getting beaten by a lieutenant"!

"Hey FaraÖ"

"Yeah sir?"

"Ok, what I am going to say next will sound unbelievable but try to believe me, okay"?

"Iíll try," said Fara

"Okay, Iíll start from the beginning. When I was just an Ensign, I was part of the 45th Raiders. On one of the missions, I was asked to patrol the area around Katina, when I got their, some Venom fighters attacked me and got shot down. I was forced to crash land on one of the moons of Katina and I seeked shelter from the rain. I founded a cave and decided to stay in it. That is when I saw it, It was kind of a Energy being that was also in the cave. I was scared, but at the same time I know in my heart that it is not hostile. Suddenly the whole cave grew brighter and brighter and I fainted. When I woke up I was back with the 45th.

I canít explain who that thing is or why I was suddenly back there with the terran"

"The weirdest thing is that in my memory I know some Special abilities, like feeling less pain, able to read minds, and the most weirdest thing of all, the power of Teleportation"

"That is why I came here the first place, to tell you and Fox"

"Do you really except me to believe you"? Said Fara

"See, I knew you didnít believe me, I will prove it"

Tim concentrated for a while, and then he disappears and reappears in a different spot of the room. Fara was speechless.

"Now do you believe me"?

Fara nodded.

"And also, since I also have way better Hearing, and also able to detect other objects in my mind, I have built a Lightsaber which could cut though almost anything for a Weapon" Tim showed Fara the lightsaber.

"Heh, that Lightsaber look identical to the one in the Terran movie Starwars"

"Yeah, that is where I got the idea from"

"So you think you are like a Jedi or something"?

"Well, I canít lift objects like Luke, and choke people using my mind"

Tim and Fara didnít know that Fox had waked up and saw the whole thing and went back to sleep.

"You are just too weird, Tim"

"Whatever, anyway, I have to go now"

Tim said goodbye to Fara and walked out of the room. He decided that he would stay in Corneria for a couple of days and have some time out. "I canít believe it, the teleportation worked! I never tried it before" Tim thought as he walked to his hotel room.

Tim stretched as the sun risen in the morning. He put on his uniform and walked to the comlink in the room. He contacted the 107th Raven and a familiar face appeared on the screen.

"Well if it isnít Commander Tim Raynor of the 53rd Hammerheads, I havenít seen you since Training! well why did you contacted us?"

"Hi Jeff, it has been a long time, anyway, can I speak to my wife?"

"You mean Lieutenant Jessica Raynor? Hold on a sec"

Tim havenít contacted his wife for 1 month now because of the war.

"Oh hi sweetie, how is it going? I heard that you are now a Commander! Now, why did you call me?"

"Didnít you heard? the Shivans and the Neo-Terran Front has withdrawn their forces from our systems and we donít expect them to come back for another month" "So, I was thinking that we should have some timeout together"

"Thatís wonderful Tim! What if I come to your ship, the Bastion in a few days? I still have some unfinished work to do"

"Ok, Jessica, Iíll be waiting!"

Tim disconnected the link and decided to eat something. He went to the café located next to the hospital and he ordered some coffee and pancakes.

"So, are you Commander Raynor"? An unknown voice said

"Who are you stranger?" said Tim

"I am one of Foxís friends, Peppy"

"What? Fox said you died when a Shivan wing attacked you!"

"Well, I think that Fox has forgot that Slippy installed the new Terran subspace drives on my Arwing. I didnít have time to tell him while in battle so I jumped out. Then a went to a Terran warship called the Colossus."

ëStrange, I never heard of a ship named that!"

"WellÖ hey! Have you seen Fox yet? He is seriously wounde-"

"Yeah, I have seen him already. He was shocked when he saw me"

"Anyway, I have to talk to Fox for a while, you can go back to the ship you call Colossus"

"Fox look, I have something to tell you"

"I know, you have those Special Powers and your lightsaber"

"How did you know Fox?"

"I overheard you talking about it to Fara, and I saw you do the trick"

"Well, how are you feeling Fox?"

"I can barely move my body, donít expect me to fly with you for about another month" Fox said weakly

"The Enemies wonít attack for about a month so donít worry. Anyway I have my own plans for the month"

Tim said goodbye to Fox and Fara and he got to his fighter, he flew to space and engaged the subspace drives soon he is back on the Bastion. Everybody on the squadron except for Amy welcomed him back on the Bastion.

"How is Fox, Tim"? Lieutenant Samsa Asked

"He has suffered some serious inquiries, but he will be fine in a month"

"Well, I hope he recovers soon, when you and Fox were gone, we got a mission to destroy a shivan cruiser, and without your leadership and Fox skills, our Squadron was flying BAD, it took us about 15 minutes to defeat the cruiser and you and Fox can easily defeat that cruisers in a few seconds"

Tim smiled and walked back to his quarters. He decided that he needs a rest. He hasnít slept last night and is very tired. Suddenly, the whole ship began to shake. Tim got of his bed and began running to the shipís command center.

"Whatís going on!" He told Admiral Johnson

"We are under attack! It looks like Venom fighters!"

"Venom fighters? I thought we defeated the Venom Forces already! And I suppose you want me to alert the 53rd Hammerheads?"

"Yes, get to your fighters and launch"!

The 53rd Launched 12 of their fighters to attack.

"Okay, Beta and Delta wings engage the fighters, We will attack the Mothership before it can launch more fighters!" Tim ordered them

"Sir, 4 new enemy ships are in the battle, I canít identify them!" Amy told Tim

"So, this is Foxís friend"! An unfamiliar voice said over the Comlink

"Itís Starwolf"! Shouted Tim

"Damn, we are outnumbered"! We need reinforcements"!

"Admiral Johnson, we are outnumbered, where are those blasted reinforcements"!

"We heard you the first time, Commander, Reinforcement are coming soon, hold on just a little more"

Then 24 Apollo class fighters emerged from subspace and began attack the enemy

"Hi sweetie, you need some help"?

"Jessica"! Tim said excitedly

"Letís clean up this mess, Tim," said Jessica

"Iím going for the 4 hatches under the mothership, Jessica, Samsa, Cover me"!

"Canít let you do that Commander" said Wolf

ëDamn he is on my tail, I canít shake him"!

Then more Fighters emerged from the enemy Mothershipís docking bay.

"We are still outnumbered! We need more backup"!

"DAMN! My engines are down, preparing to eject"! Tim Shouted

"Ha! Iíve got you now"! He Heard Wolf say over the comlink

Then suddenly, Tim and the others saw a Massive, 10km long Warship emerged from subspace.

"What the hell is THAT"? Everybody shouted

"Donít worry pilots," "the ship is friendly" Admiral Johnson said, "Say hello to the GTCA Colossus, the Largest Warship ever constructed"

The Colossus fired it beam cannons at the enemy Mothership. In a second, the Mothership got blasted into pieces and was destroyed

"Damn"! Wolf said "Everybody, backoff"!

Then all of the Starwolf fighters when into subspace. But the Colossus quickly destroyed the rest venom fighters.

"53rd Hammerheads, this is Admiral Johnson, take a last good look at the Bastion because all of you guys will be transferred to the Colossus"

"So that is the Colossus!" Tim said

Soon, the fighters docked with the Colossus. Timís fighter got towed to the docking bay by a support ship. The docking bay was huge, carrying over 250 fighter and bombers and even large enough that it can carry cruiser command ships inside.

"Hello pilots, I am President William Halkins of the GTCA, also Admiral of the Colossus" "I am glad you guys will be serving with us, and you may still continue on your vacation, the 45th Excalibur will take the 53rd Hammerheads role for now"

"Thanks Mr.President" Tim said happily

"Well, everybody" Tim said "We better enjoy our Holiday while we can"



End of part two

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