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           &nbs p;        THE CHOSEN PATH

     The stars shone brightly in the Lylat system, as they had for ages
uncountable.  In her quarters on the PHOENIX, a lone vixen stared out at

     Fara Phoenix sighed, and turned away.  It had been four months
since the defeat of Emperor Andross, a defeat that she had been a part
of, along with the legendary Star Fox team. She had been on mant
missions with the team and, in time, had fallen for their leader, Fox
McCloud.  They had formed a lasting relationship that, even now she
hoped, would stand the test of both time and distance.

     For now, Fara just wished that she could be by Fox's side to aid
him.  She turned and walked out the door of her quarters and into the
corridors of her ship.  The PHOENIX was her personal ship, given to her
by her father, the owner of the largest ship manufacturing company in
the Lylat system. She had taken leave from the Cornerian Defense Force
to help her father, who was growing old.  However, there were still
skirmishes with the remnants of Andross' forces, so Fox and the team had
to go and suppress them. Her love for Fox wanted her out there; her
sense of duty to her family kept her here.

     Without realizing it, Fara bumped into someone. Then she looked up
and saw who it was. "Oh, I'm sorry, Katt." she said.

     Katt Monroe was another pilot who had helped the Star Fox team
during a mission to Zoness.  "Are you OK?", Katt answered, "You
certainly don't look it."

     "I'm fine, I guess.", Fara replied.  She had asked her father to
allow Katt to accompany her on the PHOENIX, not only because they were
good friends, but also because she felt that, in Fox's absence, she
needed another female presence around who would understand. It was alost
as if Fara could read what Katt thought and knew that she would
understand. That tidbit gave her pause.  Some Cornerians were truly
telepathic, like Peppy Hare of the Star Fox team. At one point in their
timeline, all Cornerians were, but interbreeding caused the gene pool to
dilute until few remained. No, it couldn't be that, Fara thought.
Neither her father nor her mother were telepathic; she usually chalked
it up to women's intuition.

  "Maybe I just wanted a little time to myself." , she said, which
wasn't entirely true. If she really wanted to be by herself, her Arwing
was still parked in the PHOENIX's main docking bay.

  "It's Fox, isn"t it?", Katt asked.  Katt knew all too well what Fara
was going through.  She had a relationship with Falco Lombardi, another
member of the Star Fox team. Falco had promised Katt that when the war
was over, they'd spend more time together. Due to the skirmishes,
though, they were still apart.

  "Yeah, I suppose you're right, Katt. I wish that these little battles
would be over with already.  You'd think that with Andross gone the war
would be over, but now we're just mopping up the pieces." Fara stopped
for a minute, closed her eyes, and said, "I wish that I could be
wherever Fox is right now, right by his side, on his wing, like before."

   "As do I, Fara." , replied Katt.  She didn't need to add why she had
stayed behind.  Falco had understood when she said that she was staying
to help her friend. He had said that if it was for a comrade, he didn't
mind waiting.

   Fara smiled a little. She could trust Katt, she knew.  Though most
people didn't know it by looking, Katt had a sense of loyalty and honor
that put a lot of people to shame. " Perhaps that's why her and Falco
are so close--they're both diamonds in the rough", she said to herself.

  "Thanks, Katt.", Fara said.

   "Well, I'm on my way back to the bridge.", Katt said.  "See ya

   "OK.", replied Fara. She turned to walk back to her quarters, then
stepped back inside.

    On the door of her closet was the dress that Fox had given to her,
the one that reminded Fox so much of his own mother. As Fara was looking
at it for the thousandth time, a thought set in.  "The way I resemble
his mother--that's one of the things that Fox sees in me, but something
is in it that I can't quite grasp."

    She was still thinking about this when a sudden voice on the comlink
startled her. She picked up the link.

   "Fara here. What's going on?"

   "Fara, an urgent transmission just arrived from the company. I think
it has to do wth your father.  The message said to come ASAP."

   How soon can I get there, she thought frantically.  The PHOENIX was
somewhere around Titania; the company HQ and her father's home was on
Corneria. The PHOENIX would need at least three more days.

   But, there was a faster option.

   "Acknowledged.  Clear the docking bay. I'm taking my Arwing."

   "Affirmative. Bridge out."

   As she hurried towards the bay, she turned one last time towards the
window, a single thought on her mind.

     Fox, where are you now that I need you?

           &nbs p;         --END OF CHAPTER 1--