The Past's Future "Why did she have to die...she was perfect in so many ways...if I could only see her again..." -Fox McCloud


After three months of fighting Venomian forces, the Great Fox returned. It had been ruptured by many laser blasts, and two of four Apocalypse-class missiles during the long battle. Fox, Falco, Slippy and Peppy, the StarFox team, returned with few injuries. Katt, an old friend of Falco's, also was with the team when they arrived at Corneria. The citizens of the Lylat system were extremely happy that the battle was won. The Venomian strike force that planned to use the Death Cannon were stopped. But still, they lost much in that short war. Great Fox was heavily damaged, the Arwings were beyond repair, and Katina's home base was destroyed by an accidental misfire of the Death Cannon. But still, the battle was over. The Great Fox was sent to Corneria to be repaired. The StarFox team got the Avenger, a ship somewhat similar to a Saruzin-class Battlecruiser, that had been used during the war with Andross. The Avenger was the second ship of it's class, the first was used during a fight in Sector X, where the Shogun Master was defeated. The first ship had to retreat, but was rammed by a Cornerian warship, which had been evacuated and heavily damaged. The Avenger was found near Macbeth. The StarFox team managed to capture it, and bring it back to Corneria, but never saw it again. But while Great Fox was under repair, the Avenger was given to the StarFox team to use to transport their fighters and themselves.

Chapter One 7 months after Andross' death...

The alarm buzzed for the fifth time that morning. Fox McCloud sprang up from his pillow, and whacked the alarm off. He looked at the time, and was startled "0930 hours!" Fox yelled "Damn, I overslept!!" Fox jumped out of his bed, and rubbed his eyes quickly. It was starry outside, like it always was, out in space. However, Fox's nicely-lighted room showed off that Avenger was comfortable. He opened his closet, and pulled out his clothes. Pine-green pants, a black belt with a silver triangle, black shirt and a grey jacket. He tried to wear something different for a change, but it never really came to him. He didn't need any headphones or anything, but he put them on anyways. He walked over to the mirror in his bathroom, and brushed his hair slightly so it didn't look messy. Finally, he looked at a framed picture of Fara Phoenix, his dead love. He sighed, then walked out of the bathroom, and out of the room, shutting his door behind him. Fox walked into the nice-smelling kitchen. Peppy was reading Cornerian Times, Slippy was eating french toast, and Falco was making something for himself on the stove. Probably pancakes. "Good morning, everyone," Fox said "Hey Fox," Slippy and Peppy said almost simultaneously. Falco grunted hello as Fox sat down on a couch. It was like every morning. Not much really happened. Reading newspapers, eating, sitting, regular life. But then again, this day would be much different. The alarms sounded loudly, like the ones on Great Fox. Fox was the first out of the room, then the rest followed, Slippy last, still eating french toast. Due to a missing sign, Slippy accidentally went the wrong way. Avenger was so large that someone could get easily lost on-board. Fox, Falco and Peppy arrived on the bridge to see Katt and Rob64 working on the bridge. The bridge was not extremely large, but it had a good view. "General Pepper is making a speech on channel 23, putting it on-screen," Rob said in a monotonous voice. The front screen, which faced Corneria, turned to an image of General Pepper. He looked older than before, but not that old. "Attention all, Venom is preparing another attack on Corneria. We have gotten reports from Macbeth Outpost 45-A that a extremely large Battlecruiser is docked with a large fleet of fighters and other craft. We expect that the StarFox team will help us. That is all for now. Good luck to us all," Pepper said. The image of General Pepper dissappeared from the screen, showing Corneria outside the window. Fox sighed. Another mission. Slippy, having seen it from another room, looked scared. Peppy was concerned, and Falco was talking to Katt, who didn't pay much attention to Pepper's message. "Okay, Rob, set course for Macbeth. Slippy, make sure that the cloaking devices and the new weapons are ready on the Arwings," Fox ordered "Affirmative, setting course for Titania," Rob stated "I'm going, I'm going," Slippy said with a sigh. He was always overworked. The Avenger's engines fired blue plasma, and the ship's hyperspace wings slid out of it's compartments. In no time, the Avenger was on it's way to the dangerous mission ahead at Macbeth.

Chapter Two Small, Pointless Skirmish

Wolf O'Donnell paced back and forth through the launch bay of the Howler, StarWolf's ship. The four Wolven III Aerial Assault Fighters were being prepared for it's test run. Pigma, Leon, and Andrew, the other three team members, were hard at work making the fighters as best as possible. Wolf thought for a while. He always wanted to get Fox, but he always considered "If you can't beat them, join them." Pigma looked up at Wolf, and then nudged Andrew. "I getting sick of having to work while Wolf always gets to watch. It's stupid," Pigma said. "I know. Stupid wolf. I wish I could shoot him. He's been so mean to me," Andrew replied. Wolf continued to pace, then suddenly, the alarms came on. Wolf dashed over to the monitor to show the Avenger, which he did not know was StarFox's ship. He smiled, and turned to his team. "Guess what? You know what? An old Sazurin-class Battleship just zoomed into our area. I can't believe there are any left!" Wolf said with joy. "He gets so excited about silly things," Pigma whispered to Andrew "What's so special about those stupid ships?" Leon asked. "Shut up. They are special because we could use them to destroy Fox and his stupid team," Wolf answered with a growl. The Howler slowly moved toward the Avenger, with weapons and shields down. The Howler was very similar to a Sazurin, except it had no extending looked like a rectangle, with a picture of StarWolf on it's front. Fox, Falco, Katt and Rob, the only ones on the bridge, watched the battlecruiser move toward them. Fox had no clue who they were, or what they were up to. But Falco didn't care much for peace. "Fox, the enemy, it's there, let's blow it up!" Falco yelled "No, Falco. I don't want to jump into a trap. This whole sector could be filled with Invaders and Warships." Fox said. Falco got mad, and left the room. Katt went back to her weapons station. She suddenly spun around. "Fox, four unknown fighters are leaving the enemy, wait, they've got three escorts each...that makes twelve bogeys!" Katt reported "Red Alert! Everyone to fighters!" Fox yelled. Katt and Fox ran out of the bridge, and the lights of the bridge and hallways turned red. An alarm siren sounded. Slippy and Peppy were sitting in the lounge when the alarm sounded, and they scampered to the launch bay. All five pilots met, and StarFox got into the Modified Arwings, and Katt got into her new fighter, Katt's Klaw. In no time, the fighters were off. As the squadrons approached each other, Wolf immediately recognized the approaching Arwings. He jumped, startled, and pressed the "signal attack" button. "StarFox is approaching! ATTACK!!!" yelled Wolf into the comm. The fighters, both Wolfen III's and "Terrors," were much better than the Arwings. The Avenger closed in on the Howler as the battle raged. It seemed the same. Slippy being chased by Andrew, Pigma and Peppy arguing, Leon "trying" to torture Falco, and Fox and Wolf, barrel-rolling and somersaulting. Katt used her ship to hit the Terrors, but it seemed to have no effect against their shields. Suddenly, Katt's ship was tailed by two Terrors. "Aah!! Help!" Katt screamed as her ship was hit. Suddenly, some energy blast hit the two Terrors, destroying them. A black fighter, shaped like an Arwing/Invader zoomed in, firing some sort of weapon at the Terrors. Everyone was shocked at this power, and it gave Slippy enough time to move away from Andrew, and enough for Peppy to practically destroy Pigma's shields, knocking him out of his daze, which wasn't on the black fighter, but more on a turkey sandwich. Leon was too shocked to notice a Nova Bomb coming at him. Wolf, also too shocked, suddenly got shaken out of his daze by both the Nova Bomb explosion and the laser blasts from Fox. "NO!! The black ship is too powerful!!! Retreat!!!" Wolf screamed as he flew away with StarWolf and the Howler. "Yahoo!!!" Slippy yelled! "We did it!" Peppy said "Thanks to me..." the person said in the black fighter. An image of a half wolf/half fox appeared on each Arwing's screen. In some ways he was handsome, excluding the scar near his eye, on his cheek. "Who are you?" Fox asked "Wow...he's hot!" Katt thought to herself. The black fighter sped toward Avenger, and the pilot of the black ship he would tell everything when they got onboard. The pilots of the other ships zoomed into the hangar of the Avenger too. After they all got onboard, they all moved to the lounge, which had been cleaned by Rob during the battle (Rob is so silly). After everyone was seated, the fox/wolf pilot got up, and stood in front of everyone. "Everyone, my name is...Khrydan Fury McCloud...but you can call me Fury" he said. Fox dropped his jaw, as did almost everyone else. Katt was too concentrated on him, not his words (she's silly too.) Chapter 3

Fury and the Message

Fox couldn't believe it. He had a twin sister...but not a brother! Fury looked at Fox. Fury was older, stronger-looking, and had a different color fur. Fury continued his speech. "I was born on Corneria, just like you, Fox, but I was born by James and another vixen...her name was Terra. You might not remember her...nah, you weren't born. James and Terra were younger when they had me. You are 18, right? I'm 24. Terra left James after James was found with your mother. I was 6 when Terra and I fled Corneria. Terra went another way, and I have never heard from her. I have wandered for a while looking for our dad before I found out he was killed. I was one of the first to know, because I was almost selected to go with Peppy, Pigma and James." Fury stated Peppy was almost speechless. He didn't even know that Fury existed. "But when dad found out I was still alive, he never let me go with him, he wanted me to find you, and take care of you. I wanted to go as much as you did. But, now, I have searched for over a year for you, and I finally have. Fox was also speechless. An older brother? Why didn't James tell him? Fury just stood there. Katt listened to the whole thing, then spoke up. "That is a beautiful story..." Katt said. Falco heard that, and looked over to Katt, but she was staring at Fury, who was staring at her. Fox got up, and walked out of the room, everyone's eyes following him. Fox went down the hall, and into his room, sealing the door behind him. He slowly layed down on his bed, and layed his face on his arms. Fox felt horrible that his father never told him about Fury, when his father told him everything. After crying, Fox slowly fell asleep He didn't even see a message from Terra to him. The next morning, Fox got up. He never bothered to change. He was still so disturbed at this new news. He sat up. It was 06h20, said his clock. He left his room, still not seeing the message. He went up to the observatory deck, where he looked out into the endless stars near Macbeth. The planet looked tiny, from the current position Macbeth was one of the smallest planets. He leaned against the wall facing the window, then suddenly heard two voices near him: Katt and Fury. He could tell Katt's sweet voice and Fury's deeper voice. Fox listened closely. " one will know we were here...but I think that Falco might know" Katt whispered. "Who cares...we can leave when we want. It's our choice. It's not like Falco is gonna chase us. "Fury replied softly. Fox saw the shadows of both of them come together, which probably meant kissing. He sighed. "Poor Falco", he thought. The two left, and Fox quietly moved to the bridge, where he found Peppy typing on his laptop, while Rob moved around the Helm controls (Rob has legs and arms, he's not wired directly to the ship). "Good morning, Fox, why are you up so early? Are you okay?" Peppy asked "Uh, yeah. I'm okay. " Fox replied slowly. "Oh, okay. Did you get the message from...oh, what's her name-" By that time, Fox had already left, and he ran to his room, seeing the message on his desk. He read it. It said: Dear Fox McCloud, you might have heard of me already. Khrydan was told to deliver this to you. Anyways, the mission you are going to, to Macbeth, I think you should know, when I was down there, there was this girl looking for you. I can't remember her name, but after I told her you were James' son, she said that she was a really good friend...her name was like, Flora, or Feri, or something with F as the first letter. That's all for now. -Terra Fox dropped the letter. He was shocked. "It couldn't, it can't be...she's dead..." Fox stammered. Fox looked at the picture of Fara. a tear came to his eye. "Maybe it was true...maybe it was..." Fox ran out of the room, and onto the bridge, where Fox handed it to Peppy. "Have you read this yet?" Fox asked as Peppy read it. "No, but..." Peppy stopped to read closer, then looked wide-eyed. "She's alive???" "I don't know...but we will find out! Peppy ran, and told Slippy, who was working in the fighter bay, but Slippy didn't seem to care. Peppy told Falco, but Falco had different things in mind, like Katt and Fury. Peppy ran back to the bridge, as Fox stared out the window. Peppy stopped and stared too, as did Slippy, and Falco, and then Katt and Fury. A huge fleet waited near them...larger than any other fleet...over 600 ships. Fox held the letter in his hands...knowing he had to find his lost love...if he could.

Chapter 4 The Search for Fara

Fox put on his laser-proof vest, so did Fury and Peppy. The three were going to go down and find Fara...if she was alive. Slippy, Falco and Katt stayed on Avenger to protect the Night Fox, Fury's 4-man ship. After Peppy was ready with a Hyper-pistol, Fox with a tracker and a Hyper-rifle and Fury with whatever he used, they climbed aboard Night Fox, and the hangar bay door opened. "Come back alive, Fox, we hope you come with Fara...we'll miss you." Katt said to Fox. "Come back alive too, Peppy," Slippy said with a sniff Falco said nothing, he didn't want to say anything to anyone, including Fox. As the Night Fox left the hangar bay, the Avenger moved to protect it. Several warships saw the Avenger, but the Night Fox has cloaked already. The warships open fired on the Avenger, and the Avenger fired back, destroying one warship. Another warship hit one of the Avenger's engines, while Avenger hit another warship's bridge, sending it to burn in the atmosphere. Suddenly, the Howler dropped out of hyperspace right on top of Avenger, launching the StarWolf squadron. "It'll be hard fighting us, when you don't got McCloud." Wolf said. Wolf's sensors noticed the Night Fox moving, even though it was cloaked. "Leon, Pigma, go after the shuttle, Andrew, launch our squadrons!" Wolf yelled Terrors spilled out of the Howler's docking bay. Katt and Falco decided to attack StarWolf and his squads, while Slippy and Rob fought the warships. Falco's Arwing and Katt's Klaw zoomed out of Avenger's docking bay. The fighters met head-on, while Avenger and the warships fought. The Night Wolf hit their final descent into the brown dust near the small town of Ter'Cos. Peppy, Fury and Fox hopped out, and moved away from the fighter quickly, so they couldn't be spotted by Leon and Pigma. They hurried toward the town, which was near the once large fuel depot that was destroyed by a train. The Wolfen III's passed overhead, and the three dived under a bush. "It's very hard to avoid their scanners. He don't have a Blocker, anyways," Peppy said. "The town is a huge Blocker's devoted to peace, and I don't think they won't accept us. We just need one of us to divert the fighter's attention." Fury replied. Peppy looked away, and Fox didnŐt want to not find Fara. Fury sighed. "Fine, I'll do it. Just get into the town." Fury said. "Run on three, okay? One...two...three!" Fox and Peppy zoomed toward the town while Fury fired at the Wolfen III's as they made a pass. Pigma spotted Fury firing at him, then his nose tip, exploded, sending him out of control. Leon flew by Fury, missing him with lasers, but not missing a tree. Leon crashed into a tree, splitting the Wolfen III almost into half, and maybe killing Leon. Fox and Peppy entered the dusty town. People moved across the streets. The two split up, looking around for Fara. Peppy entered a tavern, but saw no sign of her. The only thing he saw was a huge club hit him, then blackness. No one had seen Fara, or had heard of her, for that matter. Peppy was nowhere to be seen either. Fox almost gave up hope. A tear came to his eye, and he wiped it off. He sighed, and sat down on the ground against a wall. Several people passed by, two lizards holding a rustling bag, a beggar and some other townsfolk. Fox sighed, got up, and moved to the exit of the town, kicking a stone as he walked. He walked into an alley near the exit, when the beggar he saw before approached him. "Do you have any spare change, please?" the beggar asked. Fox reached into his pocket, and found some credits, and put it into the beggar's hand. He noticed a gold ring on the ring finger of the beggar, and suddenly was shocked because that was just like the one he gave to Fara. He looked at the beggars covered head. He couldn't see it's face. He just sighed, and started to walk away. "It's been a long time, Fox", the beggar said Fox turned around to look at the beggar. "What? How do you know my name? Who are you?" Fox asked The beggar took off it's head mask, and Fox just stood there, somewhat frozen with shock. "I can't believe I would see you again," Fara said, throwing the head mask away. Fox slowly walked up to her, and they embraced. Fox finally felt the hug he always anted from her ever since she died. They then looked at each other, and kissed. Two lost souls together again...Fox and Fara found each other again...the happiest day of both of their lives... "I missed you, Fara" Fox whispered "I missed you, too, Fox" Fara replied softly

The End...

Stay tuned to the next part of the trilogy: Perfection What will become of Peppy and Fury, what happens to Avenger, and the big question: What will Fox and Fara do now that they are reunited? Read "Perfection" to find out