Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 1*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

Suddenly, Squall and the others awoke in an area of light... not just light, but on the grassy plains of their world. Squall looked around, as he held Rinoa close. As they rose from the ground, they took notice.

Quistis - "Squall... did we...?"

Squall turns to her, then looks up to the sky once more: He had no idea. Their enemy, Sorceress Ultimecia, was gone, and appeared to be defeated.

Yet, nearby...

There was a blaze of smoke and fire, as Fox McCloud rose. Brushing his paw through his fur, he began to focus his eyes. He had no idea where he was. Beginning to rise, he saw Fara nearby, on her back.

Fox - "Fara!!!"

Just as he ran over there, the other StarFox members rose as well. Fox stopped adrubtly at Fara, and fell to his knees. Fox slid his right arm under her back, and lifted her up. The others were confused, as they spun around in this new world.

Falco - "Where the hell!?"

Peppy located Fox, just as Fara began to open her eyes.

Fara - "Fox...?"

Fox - "Fara! Thank goodness you're safe."

As she sat up, she looked away from her husband, and saw the ground -- full of grass and flowers. Looking around, she could not tell where she was. She backed up in shock, and Fox looked at her.

Fox - "What's wrong?"

Fara - "Fox, where are we!?"

Fox stood up, and helped her to her feet.

Fox - "I'm not quite sure..."

Peppy came up behind them. Fox turned with curiousty.

Fox - "Peppy...?"

Peppy - "This might have been caused by that 'wavy' power we saw... do you remember that?"

Fox - "Yes, but... what was it...?"

Peppy - "I'm not quite sure."

????? - "Hey, guys!"

They turned, and saw the rest of the team running their way.

Fox - "Falco! Slippy! Bill! Katt! It's good to see that you're alright."

Katt - "What's going on, Fox? Peppy?"

Fox turned to his wife, as Fara looked with large eyes around her.

Fox - "Fara."

She turned to him.

Fara - "What?"

Fox - "Are you gonna be okay until we figure out what's going on?"

Fara smiled.

Fara - "Of course... as long as I'm with you."

They hugged, and then turned to their comrades.

While in the distance...

Zell - "So, what the hell!? Are you saying we LOST!!!?"

Squall - "I'm not saying anything, Zell!! Ultimecia is nowhere in sight, and we're in a totally different world!"

Selphie - "Calm down, Squall! This isn't a different world..."

Squall looked at her with a bit of anger.

Squall - "... It is to me. Look around us."

They all began to look, as Squall looked at each of them while speaking.

Squall - "There is no one else out here but us. Wouldn't you have expected to see playful kids...? Walking lovers...? At least something else? Of course. But just take a look."

They felt Squall was right. They were stunned at what they said: Absolutely Nothing. There was no one else with them. Just the flowers, and the sea. Just the mountains, and the valleys. Just the beautiful sun-like horizon in their view. Just a peaceful place. Just beautiful flowers and other sorts of plants. Just what they wanted. Just what they did not expect.

Squall - "I... I don't want to admit anything... but... it appears that time has been compressed."

Irvine - "Then why are we still here?"

Squall - "Do you remember what we were told...? If you're thinking of someone, anyone... they would be able to co-exist with the compression."

Quistis - "Do you mean... that..."

Squall finishes her question.

Squall - "... that are the only ones here now? It appears so."

Rinoa - "But... what about my father! What about our families! What about them!?"

Squall looked down.

Squall - "(thinking to himself) ... What families? You may have known your father, but what about us? All of us... an orphanage was our home. Edea was the one who took care of us. She was our family. Life is just so cruel. I couldn't think of this. Didn't we succeed? Didn't we set out to do something? That's right, stop the compression. We must have failed..."

Quistis - "Are you alright, Squall?"

Squall looks up, a bit startled.

Squall - "Sorry. I was thinking."

Zell - "Well, Squall..."

Squall turns to him, as he walks over. Putting a hand on his shoulder, he grins.

Zell - "Don't worry. Everything's alright!"

Squall threw his hand off in a mad rage.

Squall - "(swinging his hand to his side) How can you say that!?!?"

Zell - "Well... heh heh... if what you said was true about us co-existing, then we don't have to worry. I was thinking about everything."

Squall - "Huh? I don't... understand."

Zell walks past him.

Zell - "Even I have feelings, man! As we were 'compressing,' I began to think of this world. I began to think of you guys, my friends. I began to think of my 'adopted' mother in Balamb..."

Irvine - "What are you trying to say?"

Zell turns to face Irvine, then turns head and smiles at Squall.

Zell - "If you're right, then they're still here!"

They all begin to get excited excepted Squall, who suddenly interrupts them.

Squall - "Well, I can understand you thinking about the world... we're still on it, it seems. And, for us... well, take a guess. But, I don't see Balamb anywhere..."

Zell - "Which is my point exactly! We shouldn't just be sitting around! Let's go looking!"

Squall finally smiles, and nods. They all smile and laugh with joy in unison.

Back to our StarFox Team...

They were all bunched together.

Fara - "What should we do, honey?"

Fox - "We should investigate this new world. Figure out where we are, what we're dealing with, and..."

Fox looked down, then up towards the sky.

Peppy - "And?"

Fox sighed, then turned to them.

Fox - "... and see what happened to Andross."

Falco - "What do we care about him!?"

Fox - "He was in the same place as us! I wouldn't be surprised if he was here as well."

They all nodded in unison. Fox turned around, but just as he did, Slippy ran past him, and pointed at something.

Slippy - "Look! Look!"

They all turned in confusion, but Slippy smiled, as Fox walk a bit slow towards where his finger was, along with Fara, with the others staying behind.. They were in awe of what Slippy had just let them see... 6 regular-looking people began to walk their way. Still a bit far, though.

Fox - "Peppy... do you still have your--"

Fox puts out his hand, and Peppy immediately puts something in it.

Peppy - "Yeah."

Fox nodded in thankness, then looked towards the group. They were spread into 2 rows, 4 in back, 2 in front. Though, from the look of it, they were in spaces. Starting from his left as they walked in their direction, he noticed a man. Wearing a tan overcoat, and a weird-hat, he held a weapon.

Fox - "Hey..."

Fara - "What is it, Fox?"

Fox - "Those kind of look like our weapons!!"

The others ran up in surprise, as Bill pulled out another pair. He looked at them with Fox.

Bill - "Yup, pal... that looks like the older-style."

Fox turned his gaze to the right, noticing a woman this time. Her hair was curved neared her chin, facing up. She wore what appeared to be a yellowish-"suspenders"-like clothing material, with pockets. Big boots as well, she held a nunchuck.

Fox - "What do you think, Falco?"

Falco took the pair Fara was handing him. Fox took off his pair, and handed them for Slippy to see, as Bill let Peppy take a look. Finally, they handed them back.

Falco - "Not quite sure..."

Slippy - "Looks strange."

Peppy - "Can't quite make it out."

Fox now going to the otherside, he saw another man. Wearing blue shorts, and a black-and-red shirt. He had leather gloves on, and a tattoo on the side of his face.

Fox - "Weird creature."

Turning to the left almost immediately, he found another woman. She had big black boots, and smething that appeared to be a long, "tight" red dress. She held a whip. He smiled to himself, but said nothing until Fara spoke.

Fara - "Fox..."

Fox - "... huh?"

Fara - "What's that smile for?"

Fox - "Just wondering if they're a pair like us."

Fara smiled and kissed him on his cheek, as the others waited. Finally, he came to the middle two. The man on the left was wearing a short black coat, with a white under-shirt, which was visibly seen, odd enough. Black pants, with a belt buckle figure that he couldn't make out. Around his neck, a silver chain, with the same figure. Holding a long sword, he was surprised. Fur, it seems, was on the coat.

Fox - "What the...?"

Katt - "What is it, Fox?"

Katt walked forward with curiousity.

Fox - "That man's got fur growing on his coat!?"

Katt - "What?"

Fox continued to look. He noticed a huge gash in the middle of his face, like a scar. Then scanning the woman to his right, she wore a long blue "trenchcoat," but as elegant as a dress. Cut off from the front, black shorts. On her hand, was what looked like a Pinwheel, but attached in a certain way she could "shoot" it. Long black hair, they continue to walk towards them. They each handed back their binoculars to their owners.

Slippy - "Now what?"

Fox - "Hmm..."

Back to the others, they could barely see.

Rinoa - "Who is it, Squall?"

Squall - "Don't know..."

Suddenly, he noticed something swinging behind them, and he stopped, following by everyone else. Zell put his hands out in question.

Zell - "Why'd you stop?"

Squall - "They've got tails!!"

Zell put his hands on his head in shock, as he turned to see.

Zell - "What!? How!?"

Irvine - "Maybe it was caused by the time compression?"

Squall - "Let's see if we can make contact with them."

Quistis smiled, and folded her arms, as Squall looked at each of them.

Quistis - "Good to know our leader knows what he's doing."

Squall shrugged.

Squall - "(thinking to himself) ... kould be worthwhile... wait, kould? Could!"

Squall laughed to himself, as the others were silent. They began to walk toward the group they see.

And at the same time, the StarFox Team shortly made their way to them as well. After a short 2 minute walk, the two oppositions finally meet. They eyed each other in interest and curiousity, checking each other out. Squall made first contact.

Squall - "Who are you?"

Fox looked at him strange.

Fox - "Who are YOU?"

This didn't sound like it was going to go anywhere fast.

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