Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 10*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

As the Ragnarok landed, it's engines shut off, leaving everyone but Squall in awe. Laguna and Ellone made their way out the Planning Room, and down the hall toward the crowded area.

Laguna - "What's going on?"

Ellone - "Laguna... the Ragnarok..."

The entrance-door opened up, and a small, steel walkway shot out. Moving slowly, as soon as it hit the ground, General Pepper stepped out of the Ragnarok. Walking downward, he pulled the Lollipop out of his mouth.

General Pepper - "Hello, everyone!"

Most of the Husky Units gave sighs of relief, as Ma Dincht stepped out.

Ma Dincht - "Hey, everyone."

Everyone smiled, as General Pepper moved aside, and Ma Dincht walked and stood next to him, as Squall, Laguna and Ellone walk toward them.

Ma Dincht - "Oh! Squall!"

Ma Dincht gave Squall a big hug.

Squall - "You're alright."

Ma Dincht backs away.

Ma Dincht - "Yes, and you, too."

General Pepper smiles at Ellone, as Ellone smiles and gives a short wave back. Laguna steps forward.

Laguna - "So you must be General Pepper. My name is Laguna Loire."

General Pepper - "Pleased to meet you."

Laguna - "Please, let's head inside."

General Pepper nods, as everyone makes room, and the group head inside. Back at the Planning Room now, Ma Dincht looks over the Secret Plans with Ellone, as Laguna, Squall, and General Pepper discuss the current situation.

Laguna - "It seems that the enemy has created some sort of an injection, named the Omega-Poisoning. The only way to survive this is with Omega-Cure. If not performed correctly, 2 doses are needed. Now, we have a feeling that this has something to do with Fox McCloud. We were hoping that we would be able to stop the enemy, but due to our current situation..."

General Pepper - "Yes... myself and Ma Dincht barely escaped with the Ragnarok. Everyone else, however, has been taken captive."

Squall - "It looks like there's no way to prevent the next time compression..."

They all look downward, as Ma Dincht talks with Ellone.

Ma Dincht - "Isn't there any way you can use that power of yours to look into the past of these plans?"

Ellone shakes her head.

Ellone - "No, only living things."

Ma Dincht sighs.

Ma Dincht - "Well... wait, what's this?"

Ma Dincht flips to the last page, to find letters in big print.

Ellone - "What is it?"

Ma Dincht - "Hmm... it says 'turn over the stone dome, and visit me in my home'..."

Ellone - "Huh? That doesn't make any sense."

Ma Dincht and Ellone turn towards the three men.

Ellone - "Hey! We found something."

They all look up, as Squall immediately turns.

Squall - "What?"

Squall walks toward them, as they move away. He looks at the big printing.

Squall - "... 'turn over the stone dome'..."

He shakes his head a bit.

Squall - "... 'and visit me in my home'? I don't... understand..."

Laguna - "What does it say?"

Squall - "It says 'turn over the stone dome and visit me in my home'."

Laguna - "Well, there was really only one thing made of stone that I can remember..."

Squall looks upward at Laguna.

Back at Venom Air Defense...

Still in the hallway, Rinoa and Fara are looking at the Phase Guns. Turning to each other, they wink. They take a step forward.

Wolf - "Hey! Don't move!"

At that moment, both spun and kicked Andrew's and Pigma's Phase Guns out of their hands. Before Wolf and Leon could do anything, Fara and Rinoa had already spun back around and nailed their hands, causing them to drop the Phase Guns. Keeping them down, Peppy, Falco, Bill, and Katt each grabbed a Phase Gun.

Fara - "Now you guys are gonna do what we say... GET UP!"

Backing away, as all four remaining StarFox members aimed their Phase Guns. The StarWolf Squadron rose to their feet, and put their paws up.

Wolf - "Grr..."

Rinoa - "Be quiet. Head to where you were taking us NOW!"

Wolf - "Pfft... fine..."

Wolf turns around, and the others turn as well. They begin to walk down the hallway, with their paws still in the air. Turning at a corner, they head to a wall. Suddenly, they stop moving.

Rinoa - "What's wrong? GO!"

Wolf - "... We can't."

Fara - "And why not?"

Wolf - "I need to get my Key Card, duh..."

Fara walks up to him and hits him in the back of the head. He turns and holds his head, growling.

Wolf - "Don't you EVER--"

Fara - "SHUT UP! Now get your damn Key Card and open the damn door!"

Wolf pissed now, the others with their arms in the sky, Wolf takes out the Key Card, and walks to his right. Sliding it against the Card-Panel, the wall suddenly shifts, and fades away.

Rinoa - "Go on!"

They continue to move, the entire StarFox Team and SeeD Group watching around them. Walking into the next hallway, and turning left this time, Wolf opens a door. Inside is a small room with several jail cells.

Fara - "Get going."

Walking forward, each of them entered a cell. Rinoa grabbing the Cell Keys off the wall, she locks each of them in.

Leon - "What are you gonna do now?"

Rinoa - "Leave you here."

Pigma - "WHAT!?"

Andrew - "You can't do that!"

They begin to walk out, as Fara laughs.

Fara - "We just did."

They close the door, as StarWolf starts banging on their jail cells like mad men. The group sigh lowly.

Peppy - "Now what, Fara?"

Fara turns to Peppy.

Fara - "We gotta get out of here."

Falco - "And how the hell do we do that...?"

Rinoa - "Hmm... let's look around. Plus, we'll split up. Quistis, Selphie, and Katt are one team. Zell, Falco, and Peppy are another team. The last time is Irvine, Slippy, and Bill."

They are all shocked.

Slippy - "But... what about... you--"

Fara - "We'll be okay, Slippy. We're the Leaders, we'll go together. We will all meet back here in a hour. I'm sure most of you have a watch."

Half of them nod, half of them shake their heads.

Fara - "Oh, well. Try to make it back here. Alright? Let's go!"

Everyone nods with smiles. Fara and Rinoa turn toward each other, as the other 3 teams head off to the north, east and west.

Rinoa - "Well, looks like they're already heading in every direction..."

Fara - "Yes, but let's go back to the cells and see if there is something in there."

Rinoa nods, as they turn around, and walk back into the Jail Cell Room.

Back at the Cornerian Defense Base...

It seems that Laguna Loire, Squall Leonhart, Ellone 'Leonhart', General Pepper, and Ma Dincht had taken the Ragnarok, and were already on their way to somewhere. As General Pepper sat in the pilot's seat and talked with Ma Dincht, to make sure that the Auto-Pilot stayed on and didn't malfunction, Laguna began to explain what he's thinking to Squall and Ellone.

Ellone - "I am confused... we are heading to Edea's house for what reason?"

Laguna - "The stone dome."

Squall - "But her house isn't a dome, it never was."

Laguna - "Inside her home is a dome. A dome made of stone."

Squall shakes his head.

Squall - "I don't know what you're talking about. I don't remember any dome."

Ellone - "Me, neither."

Laguna sighs.

Laguna - "Once we're there, I'll show you. The dome part, I understand... it's just the home part that gets me confused."

The Ragnarok begins to slow down.

General Pepper - "I guess we're here, everyone!"

Ma Dincht - "And safely... whew!"

The Ragnarok begins to land, and the side-door opens, and the metal walkway slides down. They step out, and walk toward the orphanage. Upon entering, Edea and Headmaster Cid can be seen talking. Turning their heads, they notice Squall.

Cid - "Squall!"

Edea - "Squall!"

Both stand up, and walk slowly toward the small group.

Laguna - "Hello, Edea. Cid."

Squall - "Let me introduce you both. General Pepper, this is Edea Kramer. A sorceress who's powers 'exhausted' to Rinoa, who you met earlier."

General Pepper walks toward Edea, and shakes her hand.

Squall - "And the man is Cid Kramer, Edea's husband. Former leader of Balamb Garden."

Cid then shakes the dog's paw.

Squall - "Edea... Cid... this is General Pepper."

Edea - "Pleased to meet you."

Cid - "Yes... same here."

General Pepper - "Ditto."

General Pepper tosses his finished lollipop stick aside, pulls out another, unwraps it, and puts it back into his mouth. Squall sighs for a moment.

Squall - "We came here for something."

Edea - "Oh? What is it, young SeeD?"

He turned, taking the secret plans from Laguna, and flipping through it to the last page.

Squall - "Here, it is written 'turn over the stone dome and visit me in my home'. Laguna believes that the answer to this riddle lies within your home."

Edea - "Is that so?"

Laguna nods, and steps forward.

Laguna - "Yes. May we enter your home to investigate?"

Edea nods.

Edea - "Do as you please, as -- in this current world -- I fear that the Sorceress Ultimecia has succeeded in the time compression."

Ellone - "Not just that, but there seems to be many new things..."

Edea stares up and down General Pepper.

Edea - "Yes... indeed..."

Ellone - "A team known as StarFox has been compressed here, along with their Lylat System. Everything has been molded onto our planet Earth. However, their enemies have been compressed as well. Thus, in conclusion... the evil leader of StarFox's enemies, Andross, will have enough power with Ultimecia, to summon a 2nd time compression, and without a flaw."

Edea opens her mouth a little, as Cid jumps back.

Cid - "What!? Is that... possible?"

Edea closes her eyes, and look down.

Edea - "Yes... it is. I knew it would eventually come to this. I ask you, young SeeD, please do not allow this to happen."

Squall shakes his head.

Squall - "I won't. As long as I'm alive, it will never happen. Now if you'll excuse us..."

Edea and Cid both nod, and move aside. As they start to head further inside the home, they halt at a yell.

????? - "WAIT!!!"

A bit shocked, they turn around to see Raijin and Fujin running out of the Ragnarok.

Squall - "Huh?"

Ma Dincht - "How did they...?"

Ma Dincht thinks for a moment, as Raijin and Fujin catch up.

Fujin - "WAIT."

Laguna - "How did you guys get here?"

Raijin - "We were in the Ragnarok, hidden, y'know? We'd been there since everyone was captured at the Venom Air Defense, y'know?"

Ellone - "Wait a minute... why don't we just attack Venom Air Defense and check this out later?"

Fujin shakes her head, then lifts her arm up, and swings it down fast.

Fujin - "NEGATIVE!"

Raijin - "You can't do that! They have energy fields and guards surrounding the entire perimeter, y'know!?"

Ellone - "Oh..."

Laguna shrugs, then turns to Squall.

Laguna - "Well, let's all investigate."

Squall - "Right."

Ma Dincht - "I'll stay behind, and escort Edea and Cid to the Ragnarok. It may be unsafe out here in the middle of nowhere."

Squall nods.

Squall - "You're right. We have to make sure you're both safe."

Cid turns, and nods him with a smile. Edea turns and smiles as well.

Edea - "Thank you, young SeeD."

Cid - "Good luck on what you're looking for."

Ma Dincht, Edea and Cid then head toward the Ragnarok, as Squall, Laguna, Ellone, General Pepper, Raijin and Fujin enter the stone house. Laguna leads the way to the lower area, and stops at a pile of rubble.

Laguna - "It's there."

Squall - "...?"

Squall looks around, as everyone walks in the small room, searching everything.

Squall - "What are you talking about?"

Laguna - "The stone dome is there."

Squall - "All I see is rubble..."

Laguna - "Under the rubble, Squall. Think harder."

Squall - "... Whatever. Raijin, think you can help us?"

Raijin - "Sure! Gotta help out, y'know?"

Squall, Laguna and Raijin begin to move the rubble, as General Pepper walks toward Ellone and pulls out lollipop.

General Pepper - "Lollipop?"

Ellone giggles a bit.

Ellone - "Yes, thank you."

She takes it, unwraps it, and puts it in her mouth. General Pepper walks over to Fujin.

General Pepper - "Lollipop?"

Fujin - "WHAT?"

General Pepper - "... Nevermind..."

General Pepper slowly turned and walked away, as Fujin stared at the small stone dome the rubble was covering.

Laguna - "Alright. Now we gotta turn it over."

Raijin grabbed it, and carefully lift it, and threw it aside. The dome gone, it now revealed a small hole with a ladder.

Squall - "Alright, we're goin' in."


Raijin - "Fujin and I'll stay behind and make sure no one comes in, y'know?"

Squall - "Gotcha. C'mon, Ellone."

Ellone nods, as Laguna begins to climb down the ladder. Reaching the bottom, Squall climbs down as well, followed shortly by Ellone. They begin to venture through the small tunnel. After a couple of minutes, they begin to see light.

Squall - "You were right, Laguna."

Laguna - "Yes... time to 'visit the home'."

Walking out of the tunnel, the blinding light passed them now, they arrive at the home.

The home they didn't expect.

Balamb Garden.

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