Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 11*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

Laguna and Ellone walked out to the sides of Squall, staring at the 'Home'.

Squall - "(thinking) Seifer must have wrote the note... Balamb Garden was his 'home'..."

But finding Balamb Garden was a good thing. Realizing that Balamb Garden was just barely staying still on two sides of a huge, fiery pit. Squall could see some slight sunlight behind Balamb Garden.

Laguna - "What the...?"

Squall - "Compression of the Lylat System has taken place here... Fox told me about the fire planet, Solar... c'mon!"

Laguna and Ellone nodding, they follow Squall, as he begins to run toward Balamb Garden, every following moment possibly being it's last as it could fall into the pit of flames.

Back at Venom Air Defense...

Team #1, Quistis Trepe, Selphie Tilmitt and Katt Monroe, ventured through the north area. They already came across some guards, but with the power of Quistis' Save the Queen Whip, Selphie's Strange Vision, and Katt's Phase Gun, they were taken out easily, and no alarms had been signaled yet. Finally, they came across a room with a big computer.

Quistis - "Wow..."

Selphie - "So what do we do?"

Katt - "Let's blow it to smithereens!"

Selphie grins, looking at Katt.

Selphie - "That's what I was thinking!"

Quistis - "NO!"

Katt - "Huh?"

Selphie and Katt turned to Quistis.

Selphie - "No what?"

Quistis steps forward.

Quistis - "We have to figure out what's going on... let's try to find an exit, using these controls."

Katt and Selphie nod, as each of them begin to investigate their own section of the computer. It appeared to be one of those Facility Computers, as two flight of stairs are needed to run the whole thing. First, they explored the bottom floor area.

Quistis - "There's gotta be someway out of here using these controls..."

Looking at all the unnamed switches and levels, she began to push and push them at random. The computer screen began to flash several colors, as boxes of messages popped up. Selphie and Katt began to do the same.

Selphie - "Quistis is right! And I think it's working, too."

Several messages on unsecuring the area, turning off the alarms, shutting off all power, and the such began to pop up. Katt immediately turned away and ran up to the 2nd area of the computer. Flipping switches at random as she moved from the right side to the left side, Quistis backed away from the computer, and looked.

Quistis - "What are you doing?"

Katt - "Looking for an exit!"

Quistis - "Hmm... let's try up there, Selphie!"

Selphie turns, and jumps with joy.

Selphie - "Yes!"

They both turned and ran up a flight of stairs. Running toward Katt, they began to work on the same section of the 1-story-high elevated computer controls.

Quistis - "Any success, Katt?"

Katt shakes her head.

Katt - "Nothing so far!"

Selphie - "Damn... let's just slam on it HARD! It worked at the Galbadia Missile Base!"

Quistis - "She's got a point... Katt, let's bang on it!"

Katt nods, grinning.

Katt - "Gotcha!"

They all began to slam on the controls. Even more messages popped up, with others behind them disappearing, answers given already, and everything began to change...

Every door began to unlock automatically.

All the lights began to turn off, but suddenly sparked back up dimly.

And the alarms were sounding.

Selphie - "Damn... hit a wrong button..."

Katt - "Quickly, everyone! To the top!"

Quistis and Selphie turn toward Katt, and nod at the same time. Turning around, they ran back to the stairway, as several guards ran in and began to climb up. As everyone got to the top, Katt held off the oncoming guards with her Phase Gun, and if any of them got too close and Katt missed, Quistis would knock them straight off with the force of her whip. Selphie was hitting several other buttons.

Quistis - "C'mon, Selphie!!"

Selphie - "I'm trying! I'm trying!"

Selphie kept moving to the left as she bang on the buttons, switches, levers, you name it.

Katt - "Any good!?"

Katt shot a guard right in the chest, as they continued to climb with swords.

Selphie - "Nope!!"

Quistis - "Try to hurry, Selphie! There's gotta be an exit up here somewhere!"

Selphie continued to wreak havoc onto the computer's 3rd floor controls. Reaching the end, she kicked the computer, causing a small shake. Some metal trembled... she looked upward and saw above her, was a movable ceiling. As Quistis knocked the last soldier down with her whip, Katt and Quistis ran toward Selphie, who was jumping up and down.

Selphie - "Over here! Over here!"

They reached her, as she jumped and grabbed onto an edge above them. Climbing up, Quistis immediately jumped to the edge as well. Selphie crawling away, making room, Quistis was finally up. Katt jumped, but was having a bit of trouble getting up. Quistis grabbed her paw.

Quistis - "C'mon! Try harder! We gotta get outta here before more guards come!"

Katt, with all her strength, climbed up. Just as a guard ran in, as well. They saw nothing, and began to leave into another room. In the ventilation shaft, Selphie, Quistis and Katt were breathing quickly, their hearts pumping.

Selphie - "Wow... that was close...!"

Quistis - "Yes... too close."

Katt - "Well... at least we're safe."

Quistis sighs.

Quistis - "For now. We better get moving."

Katt and Selphie nod, and all three of them begin to crawl through the ventilation system. Finally, they reached a 4-way area.

Selphie - "Oh, no... which way...?"

Quistis - "Wait... you still got your comm-link, Katt?"

Katt pulls it out of her pocket.

Katt - "Yeah."

Quistis - "Then so do the others... Katt, dial 'em up. Tell them to pin-point our location."

Katt nods, and puts her comm-link on. She begins to dial up the others. Luckily, they thought about it before her, and Fara, Peppy, and Bill had theirs on.

Fara - "What is it, Katt?"

Katt - "Wow! Umm... we've found a hiding place. Pinpoint our locations."

Fara - "Gotcha. How 'bout the rest of the team?"

Peppy - "Yes, ma'am."

Bill - "Got it."

Katt - "Alright, we'll be waiting."

Katt turns hers off. So does Fara. Along with Peppy. And Bill.

And the unknown.

????? - "Heh heh heh..."

Someone else had their frequency, and pinpointed their location. Someone was on their trail.

Back at Balamb Garden...

Squall, Laguna and Ellone entered Balamb Garden through a blown-out in a wall. As they entered, several SeeDs were running around like mad.

SeeD #1 - "We're all gonna die!"

SeeD #2 - "Balamb Garden's gonna fall over and we're gonna burn to a crisp!"

SeeD #3 - "It's over!"

Squall - "..."

Laguna - "We'd better evacuate everyone."

Ellone - "Laguna's right. There's gotta be an exit on the other side, so they can get across safely."

Squall turns to Ellone and nods.

Squall - "Let's split up and gather everyone together."

All three nod, and begin to run around and collect the several SeeDs' attentions. Bringing them together, as Squall, Laguna and Ellone hopped onto a stage of some sort.

Squall - "(thinking) Hmm... I guess Selphie won't be getting to play music again..."

Squall shakes his head.

Squall - "Everyone! You may not know of the current situation, but time has been compressed! Our planet Earth has been combined with the Lylat System! This may sound very confusing, but Balamb Garden is over the mixed-planet Solar, a huge ball of fire! We must get everyone off Balamb Garden!"

SeeD #1 - "Does it matter!? We'll all die as soon as we leave!!"

Squall - "Why is that!?"

SeeD #2 - "On the other side! She is there!"

Squall - "She!?"

SeeD #3 - "She will destroy us all!"

Squall - "Who is this 'She'!?"

Loud yelling causes Squall's voice to go low. He turns to Laguna and Ellone.

Laguna - "We better go see, shouldn't we?"

Squall nods, and turns around.

Squall - "MAKE WAY!"

Everyone hears him, and moves aside. They begin to run past everyone, and find a hole in the other side, exitting toward the sunlight.

Squall - "Quickly, let's go!"

Squall, Laguna, and Ellone immediately ran outside. But as soon as the rest tried, an entire field of magic surrounded the Garden. All three turned around in shock.

Squall - "Huh...!?"

Laguna - "What the!?"

Ellone - "No... it can't be..."

Squall turns to Ellone.

Squall - "What is it?"

Ellone - "I sense Sorceress Adel's powers!"

????? - "YOU WIN!"

All three turn around, and see a moving Sorceress Adel.

Squall - "ADEL!"

Adel - "Ha! Pathetic SeeDs. I will deal with your accursed lives soon. First, the Balamb Garden. And so, it will BURN!"

Squall - "NO! DON'T!!"

Adel used her magic to lift the 'encaged' Balamb Garden up slowly. Suddenly, with a small earthquake, made the gap within the land thicker, causing more lava to flow easier.

Adel - "Say goodbye, young SeeDs!!"

Ellone - "AHH!!!"

Squall - "NOO!!!"

Dropping Balamb Garden, the entire facility hit the lava hard, and sunk all the way under in seconds. The lava made a huge splash up in the sky, then went back down. Balamb Garden had been destroyed at the hands of Sorceress Adel. Squall turned with satanic eyes, with evil and vengeful intentions.

Adel - "HA HA HA! What now, pitiful SeeD? I shall kill you!"

Squall - "Not a chance in Hell! AHH!!!"

Squall immediately swung out his Lionheart and jumped at Adel. Adel tried to cast magic, but Squall was too angry. Swinging his sword hard, a clean swipe sliced off her head. Squall flipping over her headless body, the head tumbled over near Ellone and Laguna. Both were shocked, as Adel's limp body hit the floor. Squall landed on his knees, bloody Gunblade in hand.

Squall - "I told you there wasn't a chance in Hell..."

Ellone backs away from the rolling head. Laguna immediately kicks it into the lava, and it melts away.

Squall - "Damn her... Balamb Garden has been destroyed... over a thousand SeeDs killed in one fell swoop..."

Ellone and Laguna walked toward him.

Ellone - "It's not your fault..."

Laguna - "Besides, you can reverse it all by defeating Ultimecia and Andross!"

Squall stands up with confidence.

Squall - "They're going down!"

Ellone and Laguna nod behind him, as he turns, looking up at the sunlight.

Squall - "...? What's this...?"

Squall sees a structure leading out of the sunlight.

Squall - "It's the Desert Prison! But... it's tilted...?"

Turning their direction near the bottom, they see a SeeD Transportation Car.

Squall - "... C'mon."

Running toward the vehicle, Squall immediately thrusts open the car door. Looking inside, there's a note and keys on the driver's seat. Squall looks down, and reads the note.

Squall - "... 'You've found my home. Stop the compression to return to yours'..."

Laguna - "Hmm..."

Squall shakes his head.

Squall - "As much as I'd love to understand it, we gotta get outta here. Let's drive up the Prison... looks like an even enough road."

Squall gets in the driver's seat, as Ellone gets in the back seat.

Laguna - "Are you crazy!?"

Squall - "You wanna stay here?"

Laguna - "Uhh..."

Laguna runs around the other side quickly, and gets in the passenger's seat. Squall turns up the car, and immediately drives up the side of the former Desert Prison. Reaching halfway, they begin to slow down.

Laguna - "Squall...?"

Squall - "...! The Desert Prison is falling!"

Squall hits the pedal hard, and the car begins to go at regular speed. Continuing to go faster, the entire prison begins to collapse. As if following them, it begins to crumble as they race toward the light in the SeeD Vehicle.

Ellone - "Faster, Squall!"

Jamming his foot harder, they drive faster. Finally, reaching the light, the car jumps out of the small area, and the entire Desert Prison causes a huge earthquake. The car in the sky, it hits the ground hard, but keeps driving. A small shockwave from the huge earthquake, causes the ground to crumble and fall below the earth.

Laguna - "C'mon, Squall! We can go faster!!"

Squall - "I'm pushing it as hard as I can!!"

Tailing them, the car's back tires are barely escaping the falling ground. They immediately drive off a hill. Although there's no water below them, but a hill going down, the earth stops crumbling. But with their accelerating speed, the car goes crazy!

Laguna - "Oh, no!"

Ellone - "AHH!!!"

Squall - "We're gonna have to jump! NOW!"

Almost immediately, all three jump out the car, as it hits a huge rock. Flipping it over, as soon as the car makes impact with the hill again, it explodes! Flaming now, it rolled all the way down the hill, twice as fast as Squall, Laguna and Ellone were rolling. Minutes later, all three roll down... onto the beach. Awakening a few moments after, they look around them.

Laguna - "Where... are we?"

Squall - "Huh...? This is the beach..."

Ellone - "And at the right time... look at that..."

Standing up, Squall sees an enemy ship landing nearby.

Squall - "... That's our ticket to Venom Air Defense. Let's go."

Quickly running over to the ship as it's engines stopped, the backway opened. Two men stood out. Turning their heads, they screamed as Laguna aimed his Sub-Machine Gun, and fired repeatedly, killing them.

Ellone - "Was that needed?"

Squall - "It doesn't matter. They'll return after Ultimecia and Andross are killed."

Entering the ship, they head to the front, and the back immediately closes.

Laguna - "Alright... auto-pilot... Venom Air Defense."

The ship took off, and sped away toward it's destination.

The final battle will soon take place...

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