Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 12*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

At Venom Air Defense...

Team #2, Peppy Hare, Zell Dincht and Falco Lombardi were searching around for a way into the ventilation shaft.

Peppy - "Now, let's see... keep heading north, and we should reach the proper location."

Zell - "Ya sure, Peppy?"

Falco - "Of course he's sure... he's old."

Peppy - "Falco..."

Falco chuckles under his own breath.

Peppy - "This isn't time for games! Now c'mon!"

They continued to walk northward. Finding a ladder, they begin to climb up. Falco's legs barely made it through as guards walked by.

Falco - "Damn, that was close..."

Peppy sighs.

Peppy - "Alright, now we're in the ventilation shaft... let's head east."

Crawling eastward, after a few minutes, they begin to hear some chatter. Zell yells, echoing through the ventilation system.

Zell - "Katt!"

Katt hears this.

Katt - "Hello? Zell?"

They smile, as they turn the corner and see Quistis, Selphie and Katt.

Falco - "Finally, we're here."

Selphie - "Yay!"

Crawling toward each other, there was barely any room in the small area.

Quistis - "Now we wait for the others..."

Team #3, Irvine Kinneas, Slippy Toad and Bill Grey, ventured through their region of the base.

Slippy - "Y'know, what if we can't find the ventilation shaft? Should we head back as scheduled with the timing?"

Bill - "No... we have to look."

Irvine - "Plus, the foxy chicks are waitin' for us."

Irvine smiles, as they turn a corner and start heading south.

Bill - "You sure we're supposed to go this way?"

Irvine - "Yup. We'll never get caught..."

????? - "FREEZE!"

Stopping, they turn around, to see a guard with a machine gun.

Bill - "You were saying?"

Irvine makes small eye contact, when he is actually pulling his Exeter out. Quicker than the guard, he blows a hole in the guard's chest, sending him flying back, dead.

Irvine - "... And if we get caught, we won't stay caught."

Slippy shakes his head, as they reached a stairway.

Bill - "Look!"

On the side of the stairway, an opening into the ventilation shaft.

Irvine - "Alright, let's hurry..."

????? - "What was that noise!?"

Bill - "Crap, hurry!"

Irvine nearly slid inside the shaft. Slippy followed shortly, and finally Bill. Closing it fast, several guards ran down the stairs to find their comrade dead, with the three men escaping.

Slippy - "Whoo! That was close!"

????? - "Slippy?"

Slippy - "Katt?"

Slippy turned and followed the voice that had heard him. Irvine and Bill looked at each other, shrugged, and followed as well. After a minute or so, Slippy bumped heads with Katt.

Katt - "Slippy!"

Slippy - "Katt!"

Bill - "Alright..."

Bill looks around, as they crawl into place as well.

Bill - "Looks like everyone but Fara and Rinoa are here."

????? - "And more."

They turn their heads, looking around. Suddenly, a loud crash, and the ventilation shaft holding them plummets from it's holding area!

Everyone - "Ahhh!!!!!"

Where they were falling, was unsure. But it appeared to be the throne room of Ultimecia and Andross...

Back at the enemy ship...

Squall, Laguna and Ellone were talking over the plans.

Squall - "So, we'll infiltrate the base by it's back entrance, located underneath it?"

Laguna - "Yes. That's where this transport is taking us, anyway."

Squall - "And should the guards be expecting us?"

Laguna - "Trust me, they won't. Remember, this is an ENEMY ship. They'll think we're one of them."

Ellone - "I certainly hope so."

Laguna - "They have no way of seeing it's us inside this vehicle. Stop worrying!"

Squall - "I'm not worrying. But what if..."

Laguna - "You're being weak."

Squall - "'Careful' is more like it. You have to be careful on the battlefield to survive."

Laguna - "We will be fully equipped."

Squall nods, and Ellone sighs.

Ellone - "I knew that... I'm worried that Ultimecia's power is too strong, especially combined with Andross'."

Squall - "It doesn't matter. We'll take them down. No one is going to stand in our way."

Laguna smiles.

Laguna - "It's good to know you're ready for this fight."

Squall - "So many lives have been wasted because of this war. I will be ready whenever I am needed to be ready. I can't just stand around and let the universe be destroyed or ruled by some sorceress and ape."

Laguna - "You're right."

Squall - "I'm Squall Leonhart, a SeeD from Balamb Garden. Currently the leader of Balamb Garden, which has been destroyed by a sorceress. I will avenge everyone who's died because of this war by killing the processors of the war and those who see to gain from it."

Laguna nods, and turns around.

Laguna - "Looks like we're almost there. Let's get into depth for the plan."

Squall and Ellone nod, as Laguna turns back to them.

Laguna - "We will enter the Venom Air Defense by underneath it. From there, we will use the Draw Scanner..."

Laguna pulls out the scanner they use to detect what magic the enemy has to be drawn.

Laguna - "... on the alarm system, located east of the entrance. From there, we shall attach the Draw Scanner into where the Intruder Scanner should be, thus granting us full powers over the base. Not only will you be able to cast any magic you can name, but we will be able to detect where Ultimecia and Andross are, by locating the most powerful sources in the base. Finally, we will head in that direction, and the final battle will take place."

Laguna turns away.

Laguna - "Is that understood?"

Ellone - "Yes!"

Squall - "... Yes."

Laguna - "Good. We are now approaching the base. Be prepared to put our plan into perspective."

Ellone starts casting protective spells upon Laguna, Squall and herself with her magic, and curing their wounds from any previous fights. Squall makes sure to Junction the proper elements to his gunblade, the Lion Heart, the same as Laguna to his machine gun.

Back at Venom Air Defense...

The team, now inside the Throne Room, rise to their feet to see the StarWolf Squadron holding Phase Guns in their paws.

Wolf - "Don't move."

Wolf puts away his comm-link, revealing he had their frequencies.

Katt - "Wait a minute! How the...!?"

Wolf - "Shut up, kitty, or you'll be dinner soon enough."

Katt narrows her eyes, ready to draw her Phase Gun, but doesn't, in fear they may fire and end their struggle.

Wolf - "Your Majesties!"

The StarWolf Squadron pushing the StarFox and SeeD team toward the thrones, as they spin around, revealing Ultimecia and Andross.

Andross - "Hahaha... good work, StarWolf."

Wolf grins, as the others chuckle. They kneel down before their leader, as Andross takes Ultimecia's hand, who smiles.

Andross - "Soon, this universe will be ours..."

Ultimecia - "Yes, my love... it will be ours."

They chuckle toward each other.

But elsewhere, two others were still searching...

Rinoa - "Do you have any idea where to go?"

Fara - "Well, it's been a while since I've been here, so... No."

Rinoa sighs, as they continue to search through the hidden back area of the jail cells... the same area they had been searching through for the past 30 minutes.

Rinoa - "We're never gonna get to the Throne Room, especially when we have no idea how."

Fara - "Still, we can't give up. The universe's future is in our hands."

Rinoa - "And paws."

Rinoa smiles at Fara, as they begin to come upon some light in the dark area.

Fara - "Could this be it?"

Rinoa - "I don't think so. But let's check just to see."

Walking toward the light, they open the door to enter an experiment room.

Rinoa - "Now what do we have here?"

Fara and Rinoa begin to search the outer area of the room, encountering several vials that they have no idea about.

Fara - "Huh...?"

Rinoa - "These labels... I don't understand the names."

Fara - "Me neither. Alpha-Poisoning, Beta-Poisoning, Calnus-Poisoning...? There are just rows and rows!"

Rinoa - "Yes. Over here, there are Omega-Poisonings and Omega-Cures..."

It was obvious they weren't around to hear something important, like the short explanation that Squall told at the Cornerian Defense Base.

Fara - "Well, let's take all the Omega-Type Vials. They may come of importance."

Fara turns around and walks toward Rinoa.

Fara - "There appears to be a lot more than the regulars, anyway."

Rinoa nods, grabbing every vial and putting them in her pockets.

Rinoa - "Hope they don't break."

Fara nods, then turns toward the experiment chair.

Fara - "Hmm...?"

Rinoa turns as well.

Rinoa - "What is it?"

Fara - "This chair... has... been used recently. Let me see..."

Fara begins to climb into it.

Rinoa - "Be careful."

Fara sitting down, her tail easily fits through a hole on the bottom. The seat is almost a perfect fit for her, just a little bigger. Looking around from her perspective, she sees a bright light above her. Downward, she sees several needles. To her right, a camera. She then thinks for a moment, then lifts her body up from the chair, her eyes wide open.

Rinoa - "What is it?"

Fara - "Fox was here!"

Rinoa - "What!?"

Fara - "He had to be! We're almost the same size and such, and I can tell by what's nearby. What the hell did they do to him?"

Rinoa looks toward another door, and through it's window.

Rinoa - "I don't know, but we're about to find out what Ultimecia and Andross are doing. This room is connected to their throne room!"

Fara gets off the experiment chair and heads over to Rinoa.

Fara - "They'll pay."

They immediately bust through the door. Jumping through, Fara aims her Phase Gun in Andross' direction, and Rinoa aims her Shooting Star toward Ultimecia.

Fara & Rinoa - "Freeze!"

Everyone stopped moving, as Fara and Rinoa run toward their targets, as if holding their targets hostage. Ultimecia and Andross would not be able to make any actions fast enough to evade their opponents. StarWolf is shocked, as the good guys jump in the air.

Everyone - "Yes!"

Seems like they have everything under control.

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