Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 13*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

Back to the enemy transport...

Laguna - "Only minutes away! Are we all set?"

Squall nods, along with Ellone. Laguna turns to the front, and laughs.

Laguna - "Well, we're gonna have music for the time being..."

Flipping a switch, music began to play throughout the small ship. Squall looked upward and around, recognizing the song...

Whenever sang my songs
On the stage, on my own
Whenever said my words
Wishing they would be heard
I saw you smiling at me
Was it real or just my fantasy?
You'd always be there in the corner
Of this tiny little bar

Squall looked toward Laguna, who's eyes were closed and head down.

Squall - "Wait a minute... this song is..."

Laguna nodded slowly.

Laguna - "... After I left for the Galbadian Army, Julia waited for my return... Julia waited for her soldier to return... but..."

Laguna turned toward Squall.

Laguna - "She married General Caraway, and had a child... Rinoa Heartily..."

Squall looked down, as the music continued.

My last night here for you
Same old songs, just once more
My last night here with you
Maybe yes, maybe no
I kind of liked it your way
How you shyly placed your eyes on me
Oh, did you ever know?
That I had mine on you

Squall looked up again.

Squall - "So it's true... I didn't really know if you came to the bar every chance you could..."

Laguna - "The only people who really knew were the 'Bar Regs,' Kiros, Ward and Julia..."

Squall - "Say, what happened to Kiros and Ward...?"

Laguna shakes his head.

Laguna - "Not sure... we all left the army together, I know that, but... after that, I don't remember."

Squall sighs.

Squall - "I guess you've lost many things close to you as well..."

Laguna sighs, head down, eyes closed.

Darling, so there you are
With that look on your face
As if you're never hurt
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you?
Who pinches you softly, but sure?
If frown is shown then,
I will know that you are no dreamer

Ellone looked down.

Ellone - "Then... what is this...? The family relationship... I was 'Big Sis' to you, Squall. But, from what I remember..."

Squall and Laguna looked toward Ellone.

Ellone - "... Laguna and Raine married, and had a child. That was you, Squall. But... I thought I was a Leonhart as well?"

Laguna shakes his head.

Laguna - "I'm sorry, Ellone. That's why I was 'Uncle Laguna,' remember? I 'adopted' you before Raine and I had Squall. That made you his 'Big Sis', even if you weren't blood-related."

Squall began to think to himself -- so what is the truth? Laguna Loire and Raine Loire are my parents... they adopted Ellone, and I was their first born... I grew up with Ellone as my big sister, while Raine waited at the bar, and Laguna worked at Timber Maniacs and wrote about his travels around the world... Yet, after Julia wrote her song "Eyes On Me", she waited for Laguna to return after those years... General Caraway took her in for her depression, and they eventually married... Julia then died at the age of 28, in a car crash... possibly around the time Rinoa was 11 or 12 years old... Rinoa had different perspectives of her General father's ways, and became the leader of a rebel group, the... the...

Squall shook his head.

Squall - "I don't wanna think. Just... want to listen..."

So let me come to you
Close as I wanna be
Close enough for me
To feel your heart beating fast
And say there, as I whisper
How I loved your peaceful eyes on me
Did you ever know?
That I had mine on you

Squall looked down, as silent as ever.

Squall - "... Rinoa... where are you? I... I want to hold you right now... I want to keep you in my arms forever... then I want to live with you forever... I want to stay with you forever... you are a Sorceress... I'll be... I'll be your knight."

Squall looked up, eyes a bit open.

Squall - "So this was... Seifer's romantic dream...?"

Squall looked down again.

Squall - "I wanna be with you, Rinoa... because... I... I..."

Darling, so share with me
Your love if you have enough
The tears if you're holding back
Or pain if that's what it is
How can I let you know?
I'm more than the dress and the voice
Just reach me out and
You will know that you are not dreaming

Darling, so there you are
With that look on your face
As if you're never hurt
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you?
Who pinches you softly, but sure?
If frown is shown then,
I will know that you are no dreamer...

Squall thought to himself, as the music faded away, and the transport stopped.

Squall - "(thinking to himself) ... I love you, Rinoa."

Squall sighed, as Laguna looked up, flipped the switch off, then turned to them.

Laguna - "Well, it's time to stop the time compression."

Squall nods once more, as the roof of the transport opened. A ladder dropped down automatically. Squall grabbed on and climbed up first, followed by Laguna, then Ellone. Inside the base, they got into hiding right away.

Laguna - "Alright... the room we want to go to is there."

Laguna points to the east, holding his machine gun close.

Laguna - "Now, let's go."

To their feet, they take a few steps, before three guards come down. Rolling away quickly, as the guards fired several shots, Laguna turned the corner and returned fire every once and a while.

Laguna - "You guys go on ahead! I'll take care of these guys!"

Laguna turned and fired some more, as Squall and Ellone continued to run to the east. Finding the alarm system, he takes off the Intruder Scanner and connect the Draw Scanner. Then, pulling out a small decoder, placed it next to the Draw Scanner, and beeping could be heard all the way down to Laguna.

Ellone - "Any luck?"

Squall nods.

Squall - "Ultimecia and Andross are just a hop, skip and jump away..."

Ellone - "Was that right?"

Laguna runs down to them.

Laguna - "There... so where are Ultimecia and Andross?"

Ellone - "Very close."

Laguna - "So they are skipping, jumping and hopping away!"

Ellone giggles.

Laguna - "What?"

Squall sighs, and just smiles.

Squall - "C'mon."

He pulls out his Lion Heart, as they turn and run straight ahead down a long hallway.

Squall - "Just ahead..."

Taking a few more steps, Laguna immediately fires and kills an upcoming guard.

Squall - "Take a right here..."

Laguna - "You think it might be a trap?"

Squall - "Cautious..."

Ellone - "It can't be. A power has great as theirs cannot be faked."

Walking slowly down another hallway, Laguna stops them.

Squall - "What is it?"

Laguna - "Something's not right... the area around here feels different. Squall, we need some smoke..."

Squall swings his gunblade away, and focuses.

Squall - "... Firaga!"

Blasting a huge fireball through the hallway, the smoke revealed several lasers.

Ellone - "Wow..."

Laguna - "In this sort of base, lasers cause a change in presence... c'mon, we're gonna have to crawl..."

Getting down on the ground, they crawl under the lasers. Reaching the end, they stood up, and found themselves at a large stairway.

Squall - "This is it... the final battle shall begin... let's go!"

They all nod and start running up the stairs toward the Throne Room...

While already inside the Throne Room...

Fara - "Where's Fox!?"

Andross - "Hmph. Why don't you ask him? Oh, wait, you can't... he's dead!"

Andross laughs evilly, but Fara pushes the Phase Gun into his chest.

Fara - "I'm gonna kill you... that's what my husband would want. I will avenge Fox McCloud!"

Andross - "Oh, please. You don't have the guts to kill me, now, do--"

Zap. Fara backs away, as a huge hole is in Andross' chest. Ultimecia is shocked, as Andross gets up from his throne, and grabs Fara.

Andross - "D-damn you...!! I wanted to rule with my Queen!!!"

Fara then grabs him and throws him away, sending him off the high thrones, onto the ground, dead. The entire StarWolf Squadron is shocked.

Pigma - "Oh, Andross, sir...!"

Wolf - "I don't believe it!"

Fara turned toward Wolf.

Fara - "Well, believe it."

Fara then turned to Ultimecia, who had her eyes closed.

Fara - "You wanna die, too...?"

Ultimecia - "Ha!"

Ultimecia then vanished out of nowhere! Everyone looked around, in fright. Only Ultimecia's voice could be heard.

Ultimecia - "We only knew each other for a short time... but our love grew. Kursed SeeDs! Kurse you all! I will kill you for his sake! Prepare to suffer from the Apocalypse!"

Rinoa - "What!?"

Ultimecia then reappeared above them all, floating. They looked up, to see a green energetic sphere circling her.

Ultimecia - "Oh, thy evil power... I seek for thee darkest strength, dost thou haveth thy spell Apocalypse... ye shall be thy soul... SeeDs shall be thee kill..."

The sphere began to rumble, as the entire throne room was shaking.

Wolf - "What the hell!?"

Suddenly, several symbols appeared all over the room. And Ultimecia's voice changed to a god's voice...

Ultimecia - "Fithos..."

Rinoa - "Ugh..."

Fara turned toward Rinoa.

Fara - "Rinoa?"

Rinoa - "She... she..."

Ultimecia - "... Lusec..."

Fara walks toward Rinoa.

Fara - "She's what?"

Rinoa - "She... is summoning... the..."

Fara shook her head in confusion.

Ultimecia - "... Wecos..."

Fara - "What is she summoning!?"

Rinoa started panting.

Rinoa - "The... Succession of Witches..."

Fara - "What is that...!?"

Rinoa - "She... is... calling... upon... the... power... of... all... Sorceresses..."

Rinoa collapses, unconscious.

Fara - "Rinoa!!!"

Ultimecia - "... Vinosec..."

Rinoa's body began to shine brightly, as a beam of energy shot upward toward the sphere of darkness surrounding Ultimecia. It began to flash, shooting out strong magic, as it floated down toward the ground. Andross' body flashed several times, then turned to stone, and disintegrated!

StarWolf - "Ahh!!!"

The disintegrated ashes went into the sphere, as it began to rotate violently. Suddenly, as she hit the floor, Rinoa's eyes opened. She rose to her feet, and turned toward the sphere.

Fara - "Rinoa...?"

With small energy, she blew Fara away against a wall.

Fara - "Ahh!"

Rinoa then walked toward the sphere, with about 4 shadows following her every movement.

Leon - "What... is that...!?"

Andrew - "Uncle Andross!"

Wolf - "We should get the hell out of here!"

Before they could, though, Squall, Laguna and Ellone burst through the door, and saw it.

Laguna - "What the...!?"

Squall - "Oh, no! Ellone, run!"

Ellone turned around, but was shocked, and stood still. She turned back toward the sphere, and walked toward it, with 4 shadows behind her as well. She became under the same trance as Rinoa, blowing away anyone near her. In their path was StarWolf, which sent them flying in different directions, hitting walls hard.

StarWolf - "Ahh!"

Laguna - "What's going on!?"

Squall - "The Succession of Witches! She is going to try and destroy this entire world! I don't see Andross, so I'm assuming he's dead... she doesn't have enough power so only she can co-exist! We would survive in another time compression, and the flaw would be non-existent!"

Laguna - "Damnit! If she can't rule everything, then no one will! Is there anything you can do!?"

Ultimecia's voice had been added to Rinoa's and Ellone's, as they walked toward her, and she spoke.

Ultimecia - "Of course not... it is over..."

Everyone's eyes widened, as the power increased, the sphere got larger.

Fara - "We're gonna lose...!?"

Squall yelled out loud, throughout the base.

Squall - "NOOOO!!!!!"

Squall pulling out his Lion Heart and swinging it high, it's power shot to tremendous highs, absorbing the same power as Ultimecia!

Squall - "RINOA!!!!!"

Jumping high at the sphere, he began to slice at it repeatedly, causing huge explosions with every hit. Everyone had to stay a distance, as he continued to penetrate through the energy.

Ultimecia - "No, it can't be...!!"

Squall - "DIE!!!!!"

Destruction was all around, and suddenly, time stopped.

Ultimecia - "Too... late... Apocalypse... I summon you... Apocalypse Now...!!"

The entire room turned black. The symbols shined brightly. Time moved slowly, as they began to rotate with magic.

Ultimecia - "Hahaha... I have... won..."

And suddenly, the entire base was engulfed in darkness. Lightning struck all around, as a huge shockwave destroyed the world itself. Every single living creature on the planet disintegrated immediately, along with all the trees. Everything turned to death, not even the world's oceans survived this blast. The world was no more, and the floating Venom Air Defense was the only place left alive.

Even inside, the base shook violently, and several blasts killed the many fighters. Ultimecia had managed to kill every single being inside the base except for Squall Leonhart, Rinoa Heartily, Ellone Leonhart, Laguna Loire and Fara McCloud. All the others lay limp. Even her team lie dead, the power too strong for them to handle. StarWolf was no more. StarFox was no more. SeeD was no more. The world was no more.

Squall, Rinoa, Ellone, Laguna, Fara and Ultimecia were the only living beings inside the Throne Room.

Has Ultimecia finally won? Has she succeeded in destroying the universe?

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