Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 14*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

As the power faded, Squall, Laguna and Fara watched from about 5 feet away, as Rinoa and Ellone fell unconscious. Ultimecia on the ground, near her feet, the ground was burning. Suddenly, smoke appeared, and energy beams shot upward. She threw her arms to the sky, and spun slowly, as she was lowered into the ground.

Ultimecia - "Your world is no more... goodbye, kursed SeeDs..."

Finally, she disappeared, and in seconds, the energy beams were gone, and the burning stopped.

Ultimecia was dead, and the time compression has been stopped.

Rinoa and Ellone slowly regained consciousness, as the last survivors got together.

Laguna - "This is... sad... Ultimecia has killed... everyone..."

Rinoa - "I can't believe it..."

Fara sighs.

Ellone - "It's all over..."

Squall - "But... wait a minute. We were supposed to reverse the time compression... why is everything still the same way as it is?"

Laguna - "You defeated Ultimecia... and Andross' corpse is nowhere in sight, so I am only guessing that he died before her."

Fara - "Yes... I was the one that killed him. Phase Gun to the chest."

Rinoa jumped up and down, panicing.

Rinoa - "Then what's going on? Shouldn't the time compression have been reversed? Shouldn't we be searching for our own time?"

Squall looked down and sighed.

Squall - "I don't... understand. Ultimecia wiped out nearly an entire universe rolled into one planet... Earth. And... and that should be it. What could be wrong...?"

????? - "Simple. You have not defeated the sole survivor."

Everyone turned around quickly, to see a walkway appear behind the destroyed thrones. A shadowy figure walked across it, toward them.

Squall - "Who are you!?"

????? - "I am the one that will be ending your lives."

Rinoa - "We defeated the most powerful...!"

????? - "Hahaha... you only thought that. You were not aware of me. I am more powerful than Queen of the Universe Ultimecia and King of the Universe Andross alone."

Laguna - "What...!? You are stronger than both of them put together...!?"

????? - "That's right... they gave me the power I would need should they fall in battle. Should their lives end, it would be my duty to take control of everything."

Ellone - "So it's true... Ultimecia's intentions were not all that they seemed..."

????? - "Of course not. Do you really think a Sorceress of her power would tell you all the truth about her plans? And now that I have told you, it is my sworn duty to kill you."

Fara - "Wait... this... this can't be real..."

????? - "Oh, it's very real. In a few minutes, this entire universe will belong to me and me alone."

The man began to step out of the shadows. First visible were his boots, as everyone stared him from down to up.

Squall - "Wait a minute..."

Secondly visible was his waist line.

Rinoa - "This can't be true...!"

Third in live, was his arms at his sides up to his chest.

Laguna - "What the... hell!? No way...!"

Fourth came all the way up to his neck.

Ellone - "Oh my god..."

Finally, up to his eyes.

Fara - "No...! This... this can't be happening!"

????? - "Hahaha... this is the truth."

Fully stepping out, was a human.

Fara - "Is... is it...!?"

????? - "... Ha Ha Ha! I'll let you guess who I am!"

Fara stepped forward, and cried out.

Fara - "Fox McCloud!"

And it hit everyone but the man like lightning.

Fox - "You're very good... it's too bad your mind had to be wasted on such worthless people..."

The man who was more powerful than Ultimecia and Andross combined was none other than Fox McCloud. But how was he a human? How was this possible?

Squall - "Wait... the... the poisonings! Those words were smudged out...! Could... could it be...!? This is the result of the Omega-Poisoning!?"

Fox chuckled.

Fox - "Let us not forget the Omega-Cure."

Fox McCloud wore the boots he wore while leading the StarFox Team. His pants were the same as well, with no hole for a tail in the back, for the fact that he did not have one. Belt buckle was dark, and the shirt a dark blue. He wore a cloak of black, with laces of gold and silver surrounding every end, even at his hand area. A bronze handle at his side, a sword of pure magic inside. No longer any fur on his body, he wore a golden necklace, with the symbol of Apocalypse resting upon his chest. Light-skinned, a muscular human, with long hair the color of his former tail. Fox McCloud was now a human.

Laguna - "I can't believe it..."

Fox - "Well, you're going to have to believe it and the fact that you can't stop me."

Ellone - "How could you do this to everyone...!?"

Fox - "Hmm... I no longer wanted to be a failure. Ultimecia and Andross gave me my powers, and granted my wish."

Rinoa - "But what about your dead father...!? What about James McCloud!? What about--"

Fox - "To hell with my father!"

Rinoa was shocked, taking a step back.

Fox - "That's right... to HELL with my father! I don't give a damn about James McCloud anymore. He died because he was weak. He died because he was a fool. He died because he didn't know any better. He died because he wasn't intelligent! I no longer care! I am the most superior McCloud of them all. And in the terms of you..."

Fox grinned.

Fox - "I am your God."

They took a step back except for Fara, who pressed on.

Fara - "Why, Fox!? What about me!? How can you do this to me!?"

Fox - "Who are... you?"

Fara - "Don't you remember!? It's me, Fara Phoenix McCloud! Your wife!"

Fox's eyes widened. He closed them to think.

Fox - "My... wife?"

Fara took more steps forward.

Fara - "Yes...! Remember...?"

Squall looked around.

Squall - "Fara... are you sure that's a good idea...?"

Fara - "..."

Fara turned to Squall, ignored him, then looked back as Fox opened his eyes.

Fox - "Fara?"

Fara - "Yes?"

Fox smiled.

Fox - "My love...! I'm... sorry..."

Fara had a big smile on her face, as she grabbed onto Fox. They held each other close.

Fara - "Oh, my love... why did you go off like that? You had me so worried!"

Fox closed his eyes.

Fox - "You shouldn't have worried for me..."

Fara, her head on his shoulder, was confused.

Fara - "Why not...?"

In that split second, everyone screamed in horror -- Fox immediately pulled out his sword and jammed it straight through Fara's stomach. Fara screamed in pain, as Fox grinned and laughed evilly.

Fox - "Because I no longer care!"

He then whispered into her ear.

Fox - "To hell with you, too..."

Blood spreading on Fara's back and front, as Fox kicked her away off the sword. She fall backward, gasping, nearly jumping off the high throne steps. Squall caught her immediately, as they both fell to the floor.

Fara - "Ugh..."

Squall was almost crying, even though she was not the one he truly loved.

Squall - "Fara!!"

Fara looked toward Squall, and put her paw on his face, as tears shed down his cheek and across her fur.

Fara - "Squall... d-do me... a favor..."

Squall - "Fara..."

Fara - "Kill him..."

Squall blinked several times.

Squall - "What...?"

Fara - "My... husband... the real Fox McCloud... would never do... such a thing. My husband is dead... this is just... a clone. Please... kill him for me... and my Fox..."

Fara gave one last smile, before she felt a small shock of pain. Eyes still open, her smile faded. Her head tilted to her side, as her paw slid down Squall's face. Squall's eyes followed the vixen's paw, as if in slow motion, as it hit the floor, bounced a small space, then finally rest. Squall had just watched true horror.

Fox - "Ha Ha Ha!"

Squall's eyes turned into evil eyes. Fiery eyes. Eyes of vengeance. He turned toward Fox McCloud, and stood up. He took a few steps forward, and stood a few feet below Fox.

Squall - "You bastard... how could you kill her?"

Fox smirked.


Fox's eyes widenen, as he threw his new hand outward at Laguna.

Fox - "Like this!"

Suddenly, a huge blast of dark energy fired right at Laguna. Ellone jumped away from her 'uncle'. Rinoa put her hands on her mouth, and watched in horror with the others. As soon as the magic vanishes, there was no longer a Laguna; just swept away remains. Fox half-smiled, as they looked back.

Fox - "Oh, the joy of killing... I love it so."

Squall - "You'll pay for this!! You'll never get away with this!!"

Fox - "Oh, please... just like I'll never get away with this?"

Fox swung the cloak out of his way, and faced toward Ellone. Closing his eyes, the room turned dark. Suddenly, he swung his arms upward, as a sphere of magic appeared, and Ellone was trapped in a "circular prism".

Fox - "Cesoniv... Socew... Cesul... Sohtif..."

Rinoa - "The reverse chant!"

Squall turned toward Rinoa.

Squall - "The what!?"

Rinoa - "He is speaking the Succession of Witches backwards! Speaking it forward summons all the power of special people like me to destroy all of them!"

Squall - "And!? What happens if he speaks it backward!?"

Rinoa shakes her head.

Rinoa - "Normally, it would only kill the one who speaks the chant and their target!"

Squall - "What do you mean, 'normally'!?"

Suddenly, the circular prism began to flash several colors, and Ellone was no longer visible in the bright energy of hidden destruction.

Rinoa - "If Fox did not lie to us, he will survive but destroy his target!"

Squall - "What!? Not Ellone...! NOOOO!!!!!"

Fox smashes the magical sphere above his head, and a powerful explosion is inside the circular prism. It enlargens at a violent pace, then suddenly, fills with red, then violet, then black, until finally vanishing, leaving no trace of Ellone.

Squall - "NOOOO!!!!!"

Fox - "Ah, Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!"

Squall falls to his knees, as Fox stands there, turning toward him once more. Tears look as if they are making a puddle, Squall cannot stop crying, as Rinoa watches by his side.

These were the only ones left.

The sole survivors.

The only living fighters after all hell had broken loose.

After all the work that had been done, only three stood.

Squall Leonhart.

Rinoa Heartily.

And their new enemy, Fox McCloud.

Squall jumped upward, and swung out his Lion Heart.

Squall - "Prepare to DIE!"

Just as Squall swung down hard, Fox stopped him... with his hand! Squall was shocked, as Fox stopped Squall's onslaught by grabbing the sharp edge of the gunblade.

Fox - "You are too weak for me."

Using almost none of his power, he throws him off, and Squall slides away the ground. Rinoa kneels down toward her fallen love.

Rinoa - "Squall, what do we do!?"

Fox - "There isn't anything you can do."

Rinoa looked toward Fox, as he grinned once more.

Fox - "This universe belongs to me. You could say I am the Prince of the Universe, and with the royal parents dead, I shall succeed the throne... after killing off your miserable souls."

Squall - "(thinking to himself) Why could I not harm him...?"

Fox turns his head, and closes his eyes.

Fox - "I can read your mind and your thoughts, Squall..."

Squall - "What...!?"

Fox - "I am sick and tired of the same races fighting each other. So, I will end it all by becoming a race that I am truly not."

Squall's eyes widened. It hit him like lightning.

Squall - "We need to... change him back to his true self!"

Rinoa - "How!?"

Fox - "It's not possible."

Rinoa - "I have Omega-Cures and Omega-Poisonings... can those help?"

Squall turned toward Rinoa, and gave her a quick kiss. Quickly reaching into her pockets and taking out the injections, he jams four Omega-Cures into his arm.

Fox - "Ha! You did it wrong! What the hell is wrong with you!?"

Rinoa - "Squall...!?"

Squall looked up, grinned, then injected a single Omega-Poisoning.

Fox - "What are you doing...!?"

Squall - "Like you said...! You are sick and tired of the same races fighting each other! Well, so am I...!"

Fox was confused a bit, then backed away.

Fox - "You're mad!"

Squall - "Oh, no... I'm not mad... I'm smart... and I'm your worst nightmare... and-- Ahh!"

Squall held himself in pain, as he began to change several colors.

Rinoa - "Squall...!?"

Rinoa stepped away toward the wall, as Squall began to change before their very eyes. His skin was no longer white, but rather covered in orangish fur. He grew slightly bigger, and slightly more muscular, as it body changed gradually. Suddenly, a tail shot out of his pants, with a small puff of fur at the tip. His hair changed from black to dark fur, as it shifted all around him. His teeth grew strong and sharp, his nose moved slightly, and ears became a little larger.

Squall Leonhart was no longer a human.

Squall Leonhart was a "furry".

Squall Leonhart was a Lion.

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