Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 15*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

As Squall stood up in his new form, he held his Lion Heart close, grinning toward a shocked Fox.

Squall - "It's time to take you down."

Fox - "But...! But...!?"

Squall - "What's wrong?"

Fox - "How did you!?"

Squall smirked.

Squall - "I just reversed the combination. Your formula made you change from furry to human. Changing from human to furry would be the exact opposite. I just changed it to fit what I knew."

Fox stopped, and smirked, then floated toward the ground.

Fox - "Then... let us fight paw to man. I will disable our powers, and we will not use any weapons."

Squall - "How can I trust you?"

Fox chuckled.

Fox - "You can't. You have to decide whether you're willing to risk it or die altogether."

Squall put away his Lion Heart, as Fox laughed.

Squall - "What's so funny?"

Fox - "I forgot to tell you... She is the prize!"

Fox pointing at Rinoa, Rinoa is suddenly encased by magic, and floats high above them.

Squall - "What!? Leave her out of this!"

Fox - "Never! If you want her, you will fight me one-on-one! Have at you, Squall!"

They both jumped forward with the extended fists. Dodging each other, Fox spun backward with a roundhouse kick that Squall ducked, then quickly backflipped to avoid a legsweep.

Fox - "You've gotten stronger..."

Squall - "Same as you. Those Omega substances have strength effects, don't they?"

Fox jumps right at Squall with a spinning kick, who immediately rolls to the side.

Fox - "Not that it'll help you!"

Squall spins around with a backhand, his tail swinging violently. Fox blocks it, and swings his human hand forward. Squall moves his head to the side, and thrusts his other paw forward, and knocks Fox backward. Fox almost falling, he uses his hands to flip all the way over, and land perfectly.

Squall - "You were wrong."

Fox - "Grr... come on!"

Fox runs at Squall and tackles him. Climbing onto his chest, he begins to pummel him down.

Fox - "Ready to die by your own species!?"

Squall - "How about your own kind!?"

Squall pokes him in the eyes, then shoves his paws toward Fox's chest, and sends him rolling backward. Squall rolling away, he jumps forward and thrust kicks into Fox, climbing to his feet, which sends the powerful enemy sliding on the ground.

Fox - "Damn! I'll have to do better than that, won't I?"

Squall - "Agreed."

Fox jumps really high, but Squall was not quick enough to evade a downward kick. Right into his jaw, Squall spun over onto the ground, as Fox bounced off of Squall and landed on one knee.

Fox - "Good enough for you?"

Squall - "Argh..."

Fox - "Prepare to die!"

Squall - "You first!"

Both jump up to their feet, and evade each other's roundhouse kicks, but Squall is dropped by a connected legsweep. Fox slams his arm downward at Squall's neck, but he sits up faster, then elbows Fox's ear, and spins toward his enemy using his butt on the ground, and kicks Fox twice, rolling him over.

Squall - "Painful, isn't it?"

Fox looked toward Squall, his face now bloody.

Fox - "GRRR!"

Fox, using his hands, jumped off the ground, and using the momentum of his dashing foot, as soon as Squall got up, he lifted his foot high and jammed his boot into Squall's jaw. Squall's head impacting upward, Fox spun around and nailed him from the right, Squall's head turning fully, his fur now all bloody as well. Fox catapults over him, and grabs Squall by the neck.

Squall - "Ack... let go..."

Fox - "Are you ready to die?"

Squall - "What...!?"

Fox - "I'm going to snap your neck."

Squall - "But I thought you were going to fight like a man!"

Fox - "Screw your race! You will all die by one of your kind!"

Squall - "... Fine."

Squall taking a step forward, he swings his foot backward into Fox's knee. Not enough strength to break it, Fox let go, and stepped backward, until falling onto his back, holding his knee.

Fox - "Ahh! Damn you!!"

Squall - "If you won't fight like a man, then I won't fight like an animal!"

Fox - "What the hell!?"

Squall jumps into the sky, and puts his paws out toward Fox.

Squall - "Ultima!"

Fox grinned.

Fox - "Thank you for breaking the rules."

Fox suddenly vanished, as a huge powerful blast took his place. Squall's eyes widened.

Squall - "Where did you go!?"

Squall sensed his presence, so he spun behind him, but was too late for an electrical blast, sending him into the ground, making a huge crash and mark on the ground.

Fox - "Are you ready for the end!?"

Squall - "Literally? Yes!"

Squall closed his eyes, and pointed at Fox.

Squall - "Death!"

Fox - "Huh!?"

Suddenly, a demonic figure appeared in front of Fox, who was flying. Death lifting his scythe high, he swung it forward, slicing right across Fox's chest.

Fox - "Ahh!!"

Death disappearing, Fox flew downward, leaving a trail of blood in the form of spreading gas. As he hit the floor, Squall was standing up.

Squall - "Let's finish this! Meltdown!"

Fox put his hand upward.

Fox - "Reflect!"

Fox's spell came into effect just as Meltdown hit him. Bouncing off, Squall was nailed by his own attack!

Squall - "Ahh!"

Squall began to change color.

Fox - "Ha... so much for that! Flare!"

Suddenly, Squall's body was engulfed in flames.

Squall - "Ahhh!!!!!"

Fox - "Ah, hahahahaha!"

Squall was blown out of the flames. Fox raised an eyebrow.

Fox - "What the...?"

Looking upward, he saw Rinoa using her magic from inside her prison.

Fox - "Hey!! How dare you! You die now!"

He threw his hands upward, and suddenly, everything began to turn dark.

Fox - "I summon forth Apocalypse!"

Squall - "And I draw it!"

Fox turned toward Squall, who threw the small machine at Fox.

Fox - "What!? No!!"

The magic absorbed it all, and came back to Squall.

Squall - "Hmm... only 3 Apocalypses..."

Fox narrowed his eyes.

Fox - "And that is the last time you will ever hear that spell's sacred name!"

Fox vanished, and appeared over Squall. Holding a dagger, he swung his hand forward. Squall quickly grabbed Fox's arm.

Fox - "Give up...! You can't win!"

Squall - "Wrong!"

Squall slammed his other paw into Fox's hand, knocking the dagger out of his grasp. Fox watched it skid across the floor, then looked evilly at Squall.

Fox - "I've had enough of this!"

Squall - "Me, too."

They jumped away from each other.

Fox - "Then, it is time for the battle of eternity."

Squall - "The battle of peace."

Fox - "The battle of fate."

Squall - "The battle of the future."

Then, both spoke at the same time.

Both - "The battle of the gods."

Both fighters began to focus on their energy. Rinoa continued to watch from afar, and rubbed her hands. Until she felt a small bump. She looked at her hand, and saw it.

The ring of the lion, Griever.

She knew what she had to do. Closing her eyes, she began to transfer all her powers into the silver ring. Neither Squall nor Fox could see this, as they prepared to go one-on-one in the fight to the death.

Squall - "You're going down now, Fox McCloud..."

Fox - "I'm afraid it's the other way around, Squall Leonhart..."

Furry against Human.

And suddenly, in their arms, appeared magical rifles, capable of firing ultimate energy blasts. They both had the same idea.

They would obliterate the other. The winner stays. The loser no longer exists.

Fox - "Let us finish this in the alternative... the time compressing..."

Squall - "Yes... you will die in your own realm."

Suddenly, the entire room began to shift. Waves from all of their bodies began to change the very sight of their battle ground. Suddenly, they were nowhere. Just floating in a sphere of darkness, with strides of green and white magic. Squall looked toward Fox, and Fox looked toward Squall. Rinoa watched them both. Suddenly, a small sphere of energy appeared, then exploded, blinding them all.

Fox - "Draw!"

As soon as the sphere faded, Fox had fired a blast of energy toward Squall. Using his flying powers, he moved out of the way, and began to fire rapidly. Fox just twirled out of dodge.

Fox - "C'mon, Squall! Faster than that!"

Fox began to shoot rapidly as well. Huge stone walls began to appear in the battle area, as well as stone columns.

Squall - "Damn... Edea's House...!"

Fox blasted once more, but Squall had already evaded each blast.

Fox - "I'm glad you recognize it! Good thing she's dead!"

Squall - "What!?"

Squall charged his weaponry, and fired a huge beam. Fox was barely able to drop several feet, as it skid just an itch above his head.

Fox - "Ha! Work harder to get me! And once you do, work your hardest to kill me!"

Fox sent a spiral beam in Squall's direction. Squall spun upward, avoiding the attack. Rinoa pounded on the walls of her imprisonment.

Rinoa - "C'mon, Squall! You can beat him!"

Squall turned toward Rinoa, and grinned.

Squall - "I'll beat him!"

Fox - "Wrong!"

Suddenly, a small energy beam sliced Squall's arm, blood spreading into the compression.

Squall - "Ahh!"

Fox - "Be careful now!"

Fox fired several more shots, as Squall backflipped over the array of attack. Fox and Squall now making connect, Squall shoved the back of his energy weapon into Fox's head, causing a small shock through Fox's body.

Fox - "Ack!"

Fox jammed the back of his weapon into Squall's leg, causing the same feeling.

Squall - "Argh!"

They both released their weapons, and the weapons exploded. Suddenly, Fox tricking Squall, formed a small dagger of energy, and jammed it into his chest. Squall didn't think Fox would be such a cheat.

Squall - "You... bastard!"

Fox - "I always win, Squall!"

Squall then jumps upward toward Rinoa. He smiles, and puts his paw through one last time. Or so he thought.

Rinoa puts her hand in his paw, and drops the ring. Squall looks at it, then back at Rinoa, as she words "Wear it". Squall nodded, then put it on. Suddenly, his body surged with power! His wounds healed, and suddenly, his fur disappeared. He changed back into a human. Fox grinned.

Fox - "Ha! Now there's no way to kill me!"

Squall - "Wrong..."

Squall floated down toward Fox, who narrowed his eyes.

Fox - "I am never wrong."

As they met face-to-face, Squall shook his head.

Squall - "You are now."

Squall, with shadows following his every move, pulled out his Lion Heart. Suddenly, he jammed his gunblade into Fox's chest.

Fox - "Ugh..."

Squall - "You lose."

Suddenly, Fox shined, and a huge explosion of light and dark energy engulfed the room.

All - "Ahhh!"

Everything flashed brightly, faded a bit, then shined once more. Then finally, it all turned dark.

And from the center of the dark emanated a flashing sphere of light. Rinoa floated alone. She could not see anyone.

Rinoa - "Where is everyone?"

????? - "They are gone."

Rinoa - "What?"

????? - "Everyone and everything has been destroyed. Only you and I exist."

Rinoa - "What are you?"

????? - "I am what is called... Materia."

Rinoa - "Materia?"

????? - "Yes. Materia is what certain magic-users use for the full effect of magic. See, in the past world, people used such spells like Thundaga, Firaga and Blizzaga... but where we are now is a non-existent era. This time is shifted with yours, and now, nothing is balanced."

Rinoa - "Then why am I here?"

????? - "You may not remember, but you were imprisoned by Fox McCloud. When the explosion took place, you should have perished. But due to the barrier prison, you survived."

Rinoa - "So what do I do now? Just float in here forever?"

????? - "Come to me. You have 3 commands. I am a supreme power right now. When you finish, Ultimecia and Andross will not exist in neither worlds of humans or furries, and everything will return to normal before the compressions. Make your choices quick, then enter my form."

Rinoa nods, and floats toward the sphere slowly.

Rinoa - "First... I want us all to remember what happened during this time, remember who each other are... I want everyone to remember everything."

Rinoa moved closer.

Rinoa - "Second... be sure that the item known as a Phoenix Down is given to Fox McCloud by any means, with a note stating to place this upon his father's grave."

Rinoa came ever so close.

Rinoa - "And third..."

As Rinoa made her final wish, she entered the sphere.

And everything went black.

The End

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