Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 2*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

Squall and the others looked at each other, as Fox and the others did the same.

Squall - "Squall Leonhart, a SeeD."

Fox was confused already.

Fox - "SeeD?"

Squall - "A mercenary force of Balamb Garden... I'm their leader."

The StarFox Team began to question each other, asking what he's talking about. Squall and the others became a bit worried.

Fox - "Balamb Garden...?"

Squall put his head in his hand.

Squall - "(thinking to himself) ... guess he wouldn't know."

Fox - "(thinking to himself) What's going on?"

Fox then looked at each of them.

Fox - "Umm... my... name's Fox McCloud. Leader of StarFox."

Squall - "Huh? StarFox?"

Fox - "I suppose... we're a mercenary force."

Fox - "(thinking to himself) ... guess he wouldn't know."

Squall - "(thinking to himself) ... strange."

Fox coughed, as everyone paid more attention to the conversation.

Fox - "So... uhh... what happened to your tails? And fur, for that matter?"

Squall - "Huh? Never had fur... or a tail."

Fox - "What!?"

Squall - "Why do you have a tail? And fur, for that matter?"

Fox - "I... I thought everyone had one."

Quistis walked forward, and Fox took notice to her.

Quistis - "I guess time compression really did take place, Squall."

Rinoa then came up to Squall, and looked at him.

Rinoa - "Maybe we should at least be more formal?"

Squall sighed. Rinoa walked towards Fox, who took a step back.

Rinoa - "It's okay, Mr. McCloud. I won't hurt you."

Rinoa put her hand out.

Rinoa - "Hello! I'm Rinoa Heartily. Pleased to meet you."

She put out her hand to shake, but Fox just looked at it and starred. Fara nudged him in the shoulder, and he startled as he looked at her. She gave him a different look, as she walked forward to Rinoa.

Fara - "I'm Fara McCloud... Fara Phoenix McCloud, to be exact."

Rinoa - "Hello... so you two are married?"

Rinoa and Fara shook hands, as Squall looked on in shock, the same with Fox.

Fara - "Yeah--"

Before she could say anything more, Fox grabbed her, and moved her aside. Rinoa was a bit surprised, but Squall immediately tugged her next to him. Fox pulled out a phase gun. Just as he did, Squall immediately pulled out his Lion Heart. Everyone was confused.

Squall - "What was that for!?"

Fox - "What are you people!?"

Squall - "I should be asking the same question."

Fox - "Your kind don't live on Corneria."

Squall was confused, but slowly lowered his weapon.

Squall - "Corneria...?"

Fox began to lower his weapon.

Fox - "Yeah, Corneria. Of the Lylat System."

Squall now understood perfectly: They DID fail. Ultimecia succeeded at her goal in time compression. It was so obvious now. Corneria of the Lylat System?

Squall - "I hate to tell you this, but..."

Fox - "... yes?"

Squall - "Wherever this... Lylat System is. You're not there."

Fox jumped back.

Fox - "Huh!?"

Squall - "As far as I'm concerned, your group and my group... (pointing to his side) ... are on the planet Earth. I don't know about any Lylat System, but I do know that time has been compressed."

Peppy stepped forward.

Peppy - "Time compressed...? You mean, put together?"

Squall nodded.

Peppy - "Well, that doesn't make sense!"

Squall then began to explain everything. They were battling their enemy, the magical Sorceress Ultimecia, and the "wavyness" power took over as they supposedly defeated her.

Falco - "Are you trying to say that our worlds... no, the UNIVERSE has been combined!? But, I thought you just said Past, Present, and Future!"

Squall - "I did."

Bill walked forward angry.

Bill - "Then what's this all about!? Why would we come together on this planet?"

Squall - "Time has been COMPRESSED. Everything has been put together. Everything that was thought of has been combined. Sorceress Ultimecia had planned to make it so that only she could co-exist in the new world. But, due to discovering a way to survive, we're still here. You guys must have been doing the same thing. All not thought of no longer exist in this time. My guess is... that... the Lylat System has been... well, 'warped' at this moment, into Earth. We are standing on the Lylat System, I guess."

Fox walked towards him, and they met face-to-face.

Fox - "You mean to tell me... that... whatever we were thinking of, is still here... but everything else is gone?"

Squall and the others nodded in unison.

Fox - "Do you think...!?"

He turned to Fara, and held her hands.

Fox - "Do you think my dad would be here!?"

Squall - "Your dad?"

Fox - "He was killed by Andross, the enemy of our world... He was there for the 'compression'. Andross, that is. My father died nearly 14 years ago. But...! But while we fought, I was thinking about him!"

Squall - "Fox... I..."

Fox held onto Fara, nodding quickly.

Fox - "Maybe he's here!?"

Fara - "Fox..."

Squall interrupted.

Squall - "I missed one point, Fox..."

Fox turned, with a huge smile, as he waited.

Squall - "Anything living... would co-exist."

Fox - "What?"

Squall - "I'm sorry, Fox... but... if your father was dead before the compression, I'm afraid to say he's..."

Fox's smile suddenly faded away. He looked at Fara, who looked back. He stood there in silence. Fara looked at him straight in the eyes. She then turned to Squall, taking a quick look, then back at Fox. She pulled away from Fox, who just stood there. Everyone was silent.

Fox - "..."

Squall - "I'm sorry, Fox."

Fox then closed his eyes. A tear slid down the visible side of his face to Squall. He clenched his fist in anger.

Fox - "... Damn you, Andross."

Squall looked at him in a way that appeared as if he knew him all along. He felt guilty for being the one to give him the bad news.

Squall - "Fox, I--"

Fox put his hand out. Squall stopped, and Fox begin to walk towards the nearby beach, as the waves came rushing up and down. Squall looked at Fara then, who stood up and headed over towards her husband. He then sat down, laying his tail to his side, his ears standing erect at this time. He placed his legs in a bent formation, and placed his arms on them, folded. Laying his head on his arms, he looked into the horizon, now freeing a rush of tears. Fara came beside him for comfort him.

Fara - "Honey..."

Fox - "I wish there was some way to bring him back..."

Fara wiped his tears away, as he looked to the sky.

Fox - "... I still miss you, dad. I still can't believe you're gone... after all this time, you're not here... you're really gone..."

Fara - "Fox... my love. It's alright."

She held him, as everyone else watched. Peppy came up to Squall, and put out his hand. Squall shook it.

Peppy - "Peppy Hare. I don't really understand our situation at this moment, but is there any way to undo the compression?"

Squall took a deep breath, as he watched Fara hold Fox close, and he slowly held her back.

Squall - "I'm not sure... but I am very worried."

Peppy - "Why?"

Squall - "We couldn't have defeated Sorceress Ultimecia if the time compression took place. That means our most powerful foe was compressed as well."

Peppy - "Yes...?"

Squall turned to face him fully.

Squall - "Your enemy... Andross. I know his true form must have been nearby his base during the time compression. Your most powerful foe was compressed as well."

Peppy - "Are you getting at something here?"

Squall - "I do believe that there is the chance of another time compression."

Everyone else except Fox and Fara began to come closer and hear them, still at the beach, as the sun began to lower, making a beautiful hot red just in the distance.

Rinoa - "Squall...?"

Katt - "Why would your Sorceress Ultimecia want another time compression?"

They were very confused at this time.

Squall - "Well, think about it. Ultimecia was very powerful as it is. She had a flaw in her time compression -- that's why we are still existant. But, chances are the two have combined forces. Think about it."

They became silent, as Fox and Fara began to make their way back to the group.

Squall - "With that much power, there is no way for another flaw."

Fox - "What's going on...?"

Fara was concerned as well.

Peppy - "It appears that there may be another time compression."

Fox was shocked.

Fara - "Another!?"

Fox looked at the two.

Squall began to explain again.

Squall - "Our Ultimecia had extreme power. Her time compression didn't go as planned; we're still alive. But, since your greatest enemy was alive during the compression, there's a big chance they are now together as one force.."

Fox - "Meaning...?"

Squall sighed, for a finishing comment that immediately impacted them all..

Squall - "She wanted to co-exist by herself, probably along with Andross now. If their power combined, there would be no flaw."

They all stepped back in horror.

Selphie - "No flaw!?"

Squall - "The time compression would be perfect. All would be lost. Ultimecia -- and possibly Andross -- would control the universe."

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