Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 3*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

Fox - "Ar-Ar-Are you serious!?"

Squall nodded.

Fox - "But, you're not sure!?"

Squall - "Oh, I'm practically sure. Why wouldn't they want it that way? Our galaxy at their control, free to do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, wherever they wanted. No one stopping them."

Irvine - "Isn't there anything we can do?"

They all gave a "Yeah?" comment, and nodded their heads.

Squall - "Maybe if we destroyed Ultimecia, we could reverse the time compression, and defeat your enemy, Andross, at the same time."

Fox was still in shock over everything they had explained.

Fox - "How would we do that? If they combined their forces, neither of us couldn't possibly stand a chance."

Everyone suddenly had disbelief for a moment, except Squall.

Squall - "True..."

Suddenly, Zell understood, and stepped forward.

Zell - "... but WE can."

They all looked at him for a moment, then turned back to their original facers.

Slippy - "WE?"

Squall - "Yes. If we combined our forces, we should surely have enough strength to put them out of their misery forever."

Fox - "... Let's do it."

Everyone in unison - "Yeah!"

They all cheered each other, and Fox and Squall gave a smile and nod to each other.

Peppy - "I do believe we should get to know other first."

Squall - "... Alright."

For the following 4 or 5 hours, Squall and the others began to explain everything to the StarFox Team. About the human race, about how everything was done here, how everything happened around here, etc. Then, Fox and his crew began to explain everything about them to the SeeDs. About their lylation world, their cornerian and other races, and nearly everything told to them from their point of view.

Fox - "We understand perfectly."

Squall - "Us, as well."

Suddenly, Squall and Fox salute at the same time. They were shortly followed by everyone else. Even Rinoa had it down.

Fox - "Heh... we seem to have a lot in common."

Squall - "Even our salute is the same."

They both shook hands.

Squall - "At ease."

Quistis, Zell, Selphie, Rinoa, and Irvine then got out of position.

Fox - "At ease."

The StarFox Team did the same as well.

Squall - "First things first. We're going to have to divide into 1 team of 4, and 3 teams of 3."

Everyone nodded.

Fox - "I see. Should we enter any battles, we'll have to resort to combat in formation."

Squall - "Yes. The 4-member team will be our leading squad. Fox McCloud and myself will make up one half. We will be taking..."

Fox - "... Fara McCloud is coming."

Squall nodded, as Fox and Fara smiled at each other.

Squall - "Along with Rinoa Heartily."

Fox - "An all-female team shall consist of Quistis Trepe, Selphie Tilmitt, and Katt Monroe."

They got together, and began to shake hands.

Quistis - "Pleased to meet you, Katt."

Selphie - "Same here!"

Katt - "My pleasure."

Fox - "Ahem."

Squall looked around at the rest.

Squall - "An all-male team shall consist of Zell Dincht, Falco Lombardi, and Peppy Hare."

They got together as well.

Zell - "Hey, guys."

Falco - "Hey."

Peppy - "Hello, Zell."

Squall then looked at Fox, who looked back. They shrugged at the same time.

Squall - "The last team shall consist of..."

Irvine Kinneas, Slippy Toad, and Bill Grey arose from the ground in which they were sitting.

Fox - "... you three."

Irvine - "What!?"

Irvine gave Squall that same look that he did back when they first met.

Irvine - "Are you serious...?"

Squall - "Yes, Irvine. For the second time, I've balanced out the party."

Irvine grumbles, and shrugs it off, as they got together.

Slippy - "What's with you?"

Irvine - "I wanted to be with one of the girls..."

He looked at Bill, who grinned.

Bill - "I know what ya mean, heh heh..."

Irvine grinned back, and shook hand-to-paw.

Squall - "One last thing before we do anything..."

Nearly nighttime now.

Squall - "... when the time compression took place, other than you, Fox, because I don't want you to become depressed again..."

Fox nodded, then looked down.

Squall - "... what were you guys thinking about?"

Fara - "The StarFox Team... all of us."

Squall and Rinoa exchanged looks.

Rinoa - "... That's a quick explanation on why everyone's here."

Peppy - "I was thinking of the Cornerian Defense Base."

Slippy - "I was thinking of the Great Fox."

Falco - "... Katt."

Katt turned, and smiled.

Katt - "Falco."

Falco blushed for a moment, but smiled as well.

Bill - "... the StarWolf Squadron."

Everyone looked at him.

Fox - "What?"

Squall - "Star Wolf?"

Fox - "I must have not explained them... StarWolf is just like StarFox, but evil. They sided with Andross. If he was thinking about them..."

Squall's eyes widened a little.

Squall - "... then they must be here."

????? - "So true."

They were all wondering who that was. And suddenly, in the sky, an circular area begain to make white outlinings. It began to have that "wavy" effect as before, but suddenly a small platform came out. Standing on it, was Seifer Almasy.

Fox - "Who's he?"

Squall - "... Seifer Almasy."

Seifer - "Hello, Mr. Leaders. I just had to comment on the touching story.. Why, Fox..."

Fox looked at him more seriously.

Seifer - "Must have been hard to figure out your father was dead?"

Fara immediately "snapped inside". She turned to Fox in horror, who's face changed.

Seifer - "Andross has informed us of everything."

Fox - "Andross...!?"

Seifer nodded, with an evil grin.

Seifer - "Yes...!! You were right, Squall. The most powerful beings from Earth and Venom... have joined forces. The ever-elusive time compression will take place once again... but this time, only we shall co-exist."

Fox began to lower his head, shielding Seifer from all view, as his ears went flat. His tail dropped, as Fara came over to him.

Fara - "Don't listen to him, honey."

She looked up at Seifer.

Fara - "How DARE you!"

She pulled him away, as he tried his best to control his emotions.

Squall - "What do you want?"

Seifer - "Well, thanks to your minds, Balamb Garden still exists. In fact, nearly everything of EARTH exists! However... the Lylat System has been placed into it."

Squall - "Into...?"

Seifer - "Right now, you're standing on Earth. But, as you walk around, things won't be the same, oh, no. Andross has informed us of EVERYTHING! You see, from the Lylat System... you're going to be seeing a lot of changes... such as, real molten lava... toxicated waters... the usual. This StarFox Team should know."

They all looked up angry.

Seifer - "I have come to warn you all... let the time compression take place, and end your miserable lives! If you try to fight against it, we'l have no choice but to destroy you fools."

Suddenly, a laser shot from out the sky at Seifer! It missed him, but he looked up, with everyone else. In surprise, Fara looked up, and gasps. Fox turned and saw it with his own eyes.

The Great Fox.

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