Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 4*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

As it flew overheard, Seifer smirked.

Seifer - "You may have your transportation, but I really doubt you'll have anything else! Ultimecia and Andross are already destroying each location on this planet! Good Luck with your soon-ending lives!"

Seifer's platform immediately pulled in, as he swung his Gunblade in the air, which appeared to be nearly the same type as Squall's Lion Heart, a Demon Force. Barely avoiding another laser, he was gone, and the portal disappeared.

Fox - "(onto comm-link) ROB, is everything okay?"

ROB64 - "Great Fox is OK."

Fox gave a sigh of relief, as the Great Fox began to land.

Squall - "Who was thinking about that...?"

Bill - "I was thinking about that, too."

Deep breaths were taken, and a few laughs.

Fox - "At least we can get some Arwings."

Squall - "Arwings?"

Fox - "Our type of weaponry. A flying ship with lasers and bombs."

Zell - "Cool."

They began to enter the Great Fox via stairway. As everyone entered, Fox smiled, and put his hands out.

Fox - "Welcome aboard the Great Fox!"

Squall and his friends were astonished by it. Having never set foot into such an extraordinary ship, it was new to them.

Rinoa - "It's... not like anything we have here."

Fox - "Please, make yourself at home. We'll be using Great Fox as our base in the battle against Ultimecia and Andross, come to think of it... now that we have it."

Squall - "Alright."

After that, Fox stopped smiling, and turn to relief. He scratched the back of his furry ears, and then went to a nearby couch. Holding his tail as to not sit on it, he carefully rested on it. Fara came next to him.

Zell - "Yo!"

Zell came running from one of the back rooms he had already visited.

Zell - "Who's room back there had all those 'StarFox' pictures, and this guy with a Lollipop?"

Peppy blushed a bit, and everyone began to chuckle.

Peppy - "The lollipop man would be General Pepper."

Zell - "Strange."

As Squall and Rinoa found a place of their own to sit, Irvine was beginning to dance with Selphie in one of the back rooms. As soon as Quistis saw this, she began to laugh to herself.

Zell - "Hey, is there a gym anywhere in here?"

Falco - "Yeah, I'll take you to it."

Falco walked down one of the long hallways, and as Zell was left behind, he ran towards him. Slippy was in the kitchen at the moment, making himself and everyone some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. As Fara placed her head onto Fox's chest, he began to brush his paw through her fur. Squall was thinking about Seifer, and what he had said.

Rinoa - "Something buggin' you, Squall?"

Fox and Fara began to pay attention to their conversation.

Squall - "Just Seifer."

Rinoa - "What is it?"

Squall stands up, and begins to walk to a wall.

Squall - "I might have to kill Seifer to get to Ultimecia..."

Fara lifted her head away from Fox's chest, as they became a bit concerned.

Rinoa held her legs folded at an angle, barely by the kneecaps.

Squall - "... or I may end up being killed."

She slammed her feet down there.

Rinoa - "You have to come back alive, Squall! There's no telling what I'd do without you."

Squall turned around, then spoke in a whisper.

Squall - "Me, neither."

Rinoa got up, and then hugged Squall. He closed his eyes, as he brushes his hand through her hair. Fara looked at Fox.

Fara - "(whispering) They remind me of you."

Fox - "(whispering) ... Yeah... I don't know what I'd do without you, either."

Fara - "(whispering) Of course not."

Fox then began to think to himself. Maybe Fara shouldn't be in this battle? If he lost her, what would he do? He had already lost someone very important to him -- His father, the great James McCloud. What if he lost Fara? What would he do? No, he thought to himself. There wasn't a chance in hell he'd lose Fara.

Fox - "Are you sure you want to fight with us, Fara?"

Squall and Rinoa then turned their attention to them.

Fara - "(standing up) Of course. I have to fight alongside you, Fox."

Fox - "What if something happens to you?"

Fara - "I won't let anything happen. And I know you won't let anything happen."

Fox - "What if something happens to me? Then what would happen to you?"

Fara - "Why are you so worried? Nothing will happen! We're going to come out alive. Alright, honey?"

Fox looked at her with depression in his eyes. She was a bit concerned about him now. Just as Peppy was returning inside with Quistis, as he went out to take a breather and have a short talk with Quistis, Zell and Falco return from the gym. Falco is wiping the sweat off his forehead, as so is Zell. Irvine and Selphie stop dancing, as they come back in. Everyone's looking at Fox. And finally, Slippy walks in.

Slippy - "Sandwiches are done!"

Fox turns and begins to walk to Slippy. As Slippy holds out the plate, Fox gives him a sad look. Walking by without taking a sandwich, everyone is silent. Suddenly, Slippy begins to serve a sandwich to everyone except Squall, who gets up, and passes Slippy. Fara looks in their direction.

Quistis - "I haven't had a sandwich like this since I was a child..."

Selphie - "Me neither!"

Irvine - "I had one a while ago..."

Fara slowly ate hers. Meanwhile, while Squall was following Fox down the corridors, he suddenly came to a creaked door. Walking towards it, he heard a bit of faint crying. Crying?

Squall - "(thinking to himself) The only person here is Fox..."

Slowly opening the door, he sees Fox McCloud, face-down on a pillow, with his tail lying next to a picture. Fox didn't hear Squall walk in. Squall picked up the picture: A photo of what appeared to be Fox's father, James McCloud, and his son, Fox. Date was 14 years ago... suddenly, he flipped it over, and read the note:

Dear Fox,

Hey, Fox. It's good to know you're doing well in school. Keep up the grades, Fox. Remember to never give up, and trust your instincts, in everything you do. I'll be back soon, Fox. General Pepper has ordered a mission for myself, Peppy Hare and Pigma Dengar to Venom, to take out Andross. I'll return soon, Fox. So long for now.

James McCloud

Squall begins to think for a moment, and remembers their conversation in the main hall: Fox is obviously worried about Fara.

Squall - "Fox..."

Fox was suddenly startly, lifting his head from his wet pillow now. Fox immediately a bit embarassed now, he begins to wipe his tears away from his fur. Getting up, and walking over to one of his dressers, he take a cleanex out. He begins to clean away his tears.

Fox - "S-Squall! I didn't hear you come in."

Squall - "You're really worried about Fara, aren't you?"

Fox - "What? Oh, yeah..."

Fox puts his head down.

Squall - "I just read the back of this photo..."

Fox looks, and sees what he's taking about. Shielding his eyes before they get teary again, he walks over to his window, watching the sea.

Squall - "... your father was killed by Andross?"

Fox nodded.

Squall - "I don't mean to get personal, but... at least you knew who you're father was."

Fox turned around, confused.

Fox - "What do you mean?"

Squall - "I... was raised in an orphanage..."

Fox begin to sit beside him, as Squall stared into their picture.

Squall - "... along with Quistis, Selphie, Irvine, and Zell. We were raised by Edea... Cid's wife, the former leader of Balamb Garden. Recently handed his position down to me... well, I never figured out who my parents were. A woman named... Ellone was my big sister, and there was a chance that a man named Laguna Loire was my father and Raine Loire was my mother, but... what about the last names? There was no connection."

Fox - "So, you never even knew who your mother was, either?"

Squall nods.

Squall - "And now, time has been compressed. I thought nothing of them... and now, they're gone."

He shook his head, then stood up.

Fox - "Squall, I--"

Squall - "It's alright. I just want you to be grateful to know who your father was. And take good care of Fara. She's a good person.

Fox looked at him, silent, but with a smile. Squall turned around, and walked out. He began to walk towards the main hall. Suddenly, everyone had eaten the sandwiches, and were off either preparing, training, or talking with each other. All except Fara. She was sitting on the same couch, staring into air. Squall came to her, and sat next her.

Squall - "You okay?"

Fara - "... Is Fox okay?"

Squall - "Yeah, he'll be fine."

Fara - "I'm worried about him..."

Squall - "How so?"

Fara scooted over, so Squall could get a little more room.

Fara - "Well... he's been very depressed with this whole 'time compression' incident. I guess it had to do with that sudden huge rush of hope for his father... but, now, he's really worried about me. I don't want him to have some sort of a nervous breakdown somewhere, and lose his life."

Squall - "He won't. I assure you that, he won't."

Fara - "How can you say that?"

Squall - "... Fox loves you deeply. From the way he acts, he would probably give up anything just to stay with you. Just for you two to stay alive."

Fara looked into him with hope.

Squall - "So, don't lose faith in Fox's abilities or emotions."

She immediately hugged him as if she knew him for longer than just a day.

Fara - "Thank you... Squall."

Squall - "It's alright."

Squall gets up, to see Fox walking out the corridor. Zell immediately ran up to him.

Zell - "Yo, Fox! You think you can have that ROB guy take us flyin' around?"

Fox - "Any specific reason?"

Zell - "I wanna see if Balamb is alright!"

Squall gets up, and sighs.

Zell - "What do ya say?"

Fox - "Couldn't hurt to get in touch with some more humans."

They head to the main room, where ROB is working.

Fox - "Can you take us to Balamb?"

ROB - "Affirmate."

The machine immediately, and sped away into nowhere.

Squall - "Huh?"

Fox - "Wait..."

Zell - "How does it already know where Balamb is?"

ROB - "Automatic map loading."

They all sigh.

Fox - "I guess that explains it. Well--"

ROB - "Danger! Danger! Enemy ships approaching!"

Zell grabs his hair once more, like before.

Zell - "What the hell!? Does everyone HATE you?"

Fox chuckles a bit.

Fox - "Actually, we're... wait a minute."

Fox looks at Zell.

Zell - "Wha? Somethin' I said?"

Fox - "There shouldn't be anyone else here, with ships...! Turn on the intercom, ROB!"

Suddenly, a screen flashes on the side, showing a pilot.

Wolf - "Hello, Fox! Pleased to meet you in these depths of hell."

Fox - "The StarWolf Squadron!?"

Another screen flashes on the screen, showing Wolfen-3 Airfighters firing lasers into Great Fox. Luckily, it's heavily shielded.

Wolf - "With Ultimecia and Andross now together, you'll no longer exist after their next time compression!"

Fox - "THEIR next!? How did you know?"

Wolf begins to laugh to himself, as he looks out his pilot "window".

Wolf - "A human named Seifer... aren't you pissed, Squall?"

Fox turns to Squall, who's not shocked, but just mad. Fox can see the fury in his eyes. His ears twitch a bit, as Fox turns back to the screen.

Wolf - "But, I've decided to take you out early!"

Suddenly, Wolf O'Donnell locks onto the Great Fox, and fires a Smart Bomb..

Wolf - "Let's see you survive that! Ha Ha Ha!"

Fox looks directly into Wolf's good eye and eye-patch, as the intercom turns off.

Fox - "ROB, can you locate where the bomb is about to hit?"

ROB - "Right side, T-Minus 30 seconds."

Fox - "Devote all shields to bomb impact location!

Squall - "NO!!"

Fox was startled by his yell, along with Zell. This immediately got Peppy's attention.

Peppy - "What's going on?"

Zell - "Well, Peppy, we're bein' attacked by some StarWolf."

Fox stood up to Squall.

Fox - "Why no?"

Squall - "I'm pretty sure you can get a lock on your left side..."

Fox hits a button, revealing yet another screen. The entire StarWolf Team are charging their lasers, preparing to fire.

Fox - "How did you...?"

Squall - "Just a wild guess... I guess."

Fox - "What do you suggest we do?"

Squall - "Don't you guys have something that can fight with those... things?"

Zell stomps his foot in excitement, then swings his arms in small commotion.

Zell - "Yeah! Like, something along the lines of an Arwing you were talking about."

Fox turns to Peppy, and nods. Peppy immediately turns around, and exits into the usual corridor leading to the docking bay.

Fox - "Thanks, Squall. We'll owe you if we come out alive."

Fox's tail swung slowly behind him as he followed Peppy, who was then followed by Slippy and Falco, receiving the message over the speakers. Fara ran into the main room, along with Rinoa.

Fara - "Fox!?"

Squall - "He's going out to fight with StarWolf."

Rinoa - "What about the bomb?"

Squall curses himself, and immediately sends a message to Fox.

Squall - "Fox!! I just forget! Can one of you guys destroy the bomb before it hits?"

Fox - "Got it."

Fox barely gets the message, as he starts up his engine. The four pilots then shoot out of the docking bay!

Leon - "What's going on, Wolf?"

Pigma - "Yeah! Why aren't they falling for your plan!?"

Wolf - "I don't believe it! How did they suspect it? Bah... no matter! Take them out NOW!"

The four pilots began to fire lasers repeatedly, after sending their charged lasers into the Great Fox.

ROB - "Full assault! Offense from both sides!"

Squall looked around a bit, and hesitated a bit.

Fara - "Squall...?"

Squall - "You think you can tell ROB to devote all powers to left side? Fox should be taking care of the bomb on our right."

Fara - "Sure."

She immediately gets to work on ordering him around a bit. Quistis rushes into the room.

Quistis - "What's going on?"

Squall - "Don't worry. Let's just pray for the StarFox Team out there."

Quistis - "Why?"

Squall - "They're fighting StarWolf."

Quistis was shocked, yet a bit unaware of who they were. Back outside in the action, Falco was being chased by Leon, while Peppy and Slippy were keeping a good lock onto Andrew. Wolf was chasing Fox around like cat and mouse.

Fox - "Go bug someone else, Wolf!"

Performing a U-turn, he was shocked to see Wolf use the same manuever.

Wolf - "You're good... but I'm better!"

Firing repeatedly, he doesn't notice Fox move out of the way. With his lasers, he destroys his own bomb before impact!

Wolf - "Damnit! The plan has failed! Time for Plan B!"

Fox - "Plan B!?"

Suddenly, the other three pilots ignored their rivals, and each member of the StarWolf Squadron surrounded the Great Fox, from east, to north, to south, and to west.

Leon - "Ready, Wolf."

Andrew - "I'm ready!"

Pigma - "Ready."

Wolf grinned evilly, as he could be seen on Fox's intercom.

Wolf - "Let's see you handle this... FIRE!"

Suddenly, each member of StarWolf let out... a Smart Bomb!?

ROB - "Smart Bomb located from all directions!"

Wolf - "Good luck getting rid of those! Enjoy your miserable deaths!"

Just at that moment, all intercoms shut off, and StarWolf left the site.

Fox - "This is not good...!! Peppy! Falco! Slippy! Take a bomb and blow it away, FAST!"

Inside of the Great Fox.

ROB - "Bomb Impact, T-Minus 60 seconds."

Squall - "A minute to go... c'mon, Fox!"

Zell immediately ran to the others, closing the door behind him. Back out on the battlefield, Falco was just barely destroying his selected bomb.

Falco - "Scratch one!"

Slippy got another one.

Slippy - "I got one!"

Finally, Peppy took another one out.

Peppy - "Three down!"

Fox shoot another bomb, barely hitting Great Fox.

Fox - "There's one more to go! Anyone know where it is!?"

????? - "Not that it matters."

Fox - "Huh?"

Suddenly, his intercom switches on again, revealing Wolf's face again.

Fox - "Hey! Wait a--"

Wolf - "Shut up, insolent fool! The bomb's on the right side, yet a closer one is on the left!"

Fara hears in one this, as the team is still swooping around.

Fox - "Fara! Are you there!?"

Fara - "Fox!"

Fox - "Fara, ROB never detected a 6th bomb!"

Fara - "ROB, scan entire ship's surrounding!"

After a few beeps, ROB gave out the report:

ROB - "Two bombs located. Right side, Impact in T-Minus 15 seconds. Left side, Impact in T-Minus 3 seconds."

Rinoa still there, yells out.

Rinoa - "What!?"

Fox - "Huh...!? Hold on, tight!"

That message went over the entire Great Fox. Suddenly, there was a huge explosion to Great Fox's left side! ROB had changed the shields to even on all sides. The entire ship shaked. And moments after, the other bomb hit!

Fara - "Ahhhh!!!!!"

Fox - "Fara!!!"

The Great Fox was severely damaged, everyone inside was shaken around. People were thrown from one side to another. Great Fox slowly landed near a mountain, sliding hard onto the ground, until sliding into the sea. At least 15% of the Great Fox had been under water, barely escaping electric death for everyone onboard. Everyone was in confusion on where the 6th bomb came from.. Fox was silent, as the StarFox Team landed their Arwings near the crashed Great Fox. Depression came once more...

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