Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 5*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

Everyone was totally quiet, as they got out of the Great Fox safely. With ropes, and the Arwings engine's, they pulled the Great Fox nearly 10% out from under the sea.

Peppy - "It's a good thing everyone's okay!"

Squall - "(thinking to himself) ...? Yeah, he's right."

Fox - "..."

Falco - "(on comm-link) ROB, what's happened!?"

ROB - "Bomb Temporarily Attached. Severe damage on left and right sides."

Everyone gave a sigh of disbelief except Fox. He was looking down at the ground.

Rinoa - "Well, at least we're still alive."

Zell motioned with his arms.

Zell - "She's right!"

Fox barely tilted his head towards them. When Squall took notice, he turned around, and looked towards the sea. He began to walk slowly back towards a beach as before.

Squall - "(thinking to himself) What happened now?"

Just as everyone was taking attention to Fox, Squall started to follow him. He saw Fox's ears drop down, as his furry tail moved in the air slowly.

Squall - "(whispering) Fox..."

Fox didn't hear him, but he came closer. Fox just looked into the ocean.

Squall - "What's bugging you, Fox?"

Fox turned to his side, and met eyes with Squall. Without turning again, he looked towards the falling sun.

Fox - "..."

Squall - "C'mon, Fox. Why the silent treatment?"

Fox - "I..."

Squall was fixated on him, as he shifted his head to the ground.

Squall - "Yes?"

Fox - "I failed again."

Squall - "What do you mean?"

Fox turned to Squall now.

Fox - "I failed again!"

Squall took a short step back.

Fox - "Before this 'time compression,' I didn't defeat Andross. I failed my team members! And now, the Great Fox is badly damaged. I failed them again!"

Squall - "Fox..."

Fox - "I can't keep failing them!"

Fox turned to Squall, and began thrusting his paws as if he was angry.

Fox - "I promised my father... my DEAD father! I would take care of Andross! And now, I can even promise my deceased..."

Fox stopped, then looked down again.

Fox - "... father..."

Squall walked up to him, and put his hand on his shoulder.

Squall - "Fox. Get ahold of yourself. Everyone will be here for you! If there comes a problem, you need not worry. You could call it Fate. Your StarFox Team and my 'Mercenary Force'... in an easy way to say it... are here for now. Hopefully, we'll be able to reverse the compression. This'll be over. You have NOT failed anyone!! Everyone is relying on you to lead your team! I know they are... well..."

Fox looked at him.

Fox - "I don't want them to rely on me! I'm a failure! A FAILURE!!!"

Squall stumbled back from the yell, as Fox got a little mad. Fara could hear them, along with a few others.

Fox - "I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Fox immediately dashed away. Squall was shocked. He saw him running up a nearby hill.

Squall - "(thinking to himself) What's he gonna do?"

As Fox was higher and higher, he realized it wasn't a hill -- it was a cliff!

????? - "No!!!"

Squall turned to his left, to barely see Fara running past him. Her tail and her fur blew in the wind. She began to follow Fara, as well as Squall shortly behind her. Everyone took notice and followed them as well, yelling out questions left and right.

Fara - "Stop, Fox! Stop!"

Fox ignored their pleads. As he reached the top, he stopped, and slid on the ground. He was ready to jump, standing on the edge. He looked down... the water was a far jump away. He looked up into the sky.

Fox - "I'm sorry, dad... but... I can't go on!"

He then looked to the distant sun, as tears rolled down his eyes again. It was almost as if his emotions inside had broken free, and could burst any second. Fara was heard shortly behind him.

Fara - "Fox! Please, don't!"

Fox turned to see Fara running towards him, with one arm extended, her ears being blown backward as she rushed to him. Nearly inches away now...

Fox - "Stop, Fara! I'm a failure! I don't deserve this life!"

Fara - "Please, Fox! You've got it all wrong!"

His tears were rolling down near his nose, dripping on the ground now, as Squall reached them.

Squall - "Fox! Don't do it!"

Fox - "Why not!?"

Squall stopped, looking at him.

Fara - "Please, Fox... don't leave me all alone..."

Fox - "Fara, I--"

Fara - "Please don't do it, honey! Please... if you do, how will I go on?"

Fox stopped for a moment, and Fara got closer.

Fox - "But... my father... my crew... I've failed them. I've--"

Fara - "No, Fox! That's not true. Everyone makes mistakes here and there, but it's not something to kill yourself over!"

Fox looked at her, silent. She came right next to her husband now.

Fara - "For me, Fox... don't."

Fox just stood their staring, as the sun began to make the ocean a beautiful stream of colors, reflecting onto their faces, and Fox's tears. He immediately felt weak, and fell to his knees. There, he took off his helmet, revealing flat fur. Tossing it aside, his paws held his ears, as Fara got close. Right in front of Fox now, Fox "leapped" into her legs, shedding tears all over her pants.

Fox - "I'm sorry, Fara... I'm so embarassed like this... and as your husband, I don't wanna... but..."

Fara - "Shhh, Fox."

She knelt down to her knees as well, and looked into the young Fox McCloud's watery eyes.

Fara - "I don't mind, Fox. As long as you're here with me..."

Fox tried to make a little smile, but immediately closed his eyes swelled with tears, and Fara held him close. He felt like a child that had just gotten bruised or injured, he couldn't stop crying. Squall walked up to them.

Squall - "Fox."

Fara let her husband go, as she and Fox stood up.

Squall - "I want you to remember we're here for you in any situation. You've freed yourself to me, already. About your father. About Fara."

Fara looked at Squall and smiled, as Fox began to dry his fur with his paw, which didn't really help; just trying to focus.

Squall - "And I've already told you about myself. About us SeeDs. But, mainly, about my personal history. So... if you ever want to get anything off your mind, just let me know.

Fox walked over to Squall, and instead of nodding or shaking, he hugged him as if he was his brother. Squall was in shock for a second, but accepted the hug.

Fox - "Thank you... Squall."

Zell immediately ran from behind.

Zell - "Yo, guys! I don't mean to interrupt, but you'll never believe what I saw in the distance!"

Fara walking towards Fox, Squall and Fox turned their attention to Zell, holding binoculars.

Squall - "Yes?"

Zell - "See for yourself!"

Squall took the binoculars, and looked in the direction that Zell was pointing.

Squall - "Could it be?"

Zell - "It's gotta!"

Fox was confused a bit.

Fox - "What is it, Squall...?"

Squall turned to face him.

Squall - "The time compression wasn't all bad... where one ship lies, another one is nearby."

Handing the binoculars to Fox, he pointed in the same direction.

Squall - "It's the Ragnarok."

A huge, red and black ship lay dormant on a mountain top.

Fox - "That's YOUR ship?"

Squall nodded.

Squall - "It's not as big or as tidy... or, well, sourceful... as the Great Fox, but it can hold a lot."

Fox then got excited.

Fox - "Well, we need an transportation at this time! We need to get to it!"

Squall nodded once more, as Zell took the binoculars from Fox, and looked towards the Ragnarok himself.

Zell - "But, how will we get to it?"

Squall searched around.

Squall - "You're right... who's junctioning Doomtrain?"

The StarFox Team was confused, as they all huddled together.

Peppy - "Doomtrain?"

Falco - "Junctioning?"

Squall sighed, but before he could say anything, Quistis began to explain..

Quistis - "We can 'Junction' special powers to our weapons. You could say that's how we get all our power. We can 'absorb,' so to speak, power from our enemies, or anyone not containing one of these weapons or these powers."

Selphie - "Hey!! I wonder what the StarFox Team has?"

Everyone became confused, as Squall nodded.

Squall - "We still haven't checked out how strong you guys truly are."

Peppy - "I am confused..."

Bill & Katt - "Me, too."

They chuckled to themselves for a moment.

Fara - "I am, as well. How would we have 'anything'? We're not from your world."

Squall - "That's possibly just it. Anything not familiar with us can have something. Can you get out the scanner, Quistis?"

Quistis - "I don't... have it."

Irvine walks up to them, and smirks.

Irvine - "I have it."

Squall - "(thinking to himself) Huh?"

Squall tried to think about this.

Squall - "Why would you have it?"

Irvine - "I was borrowing it... sheesh! Gotta see what all the hot babes are carrying!"

Selphie hit him in the back, possibly jealous.

Fox - "Wait, carrying?"

Squall sighed.

Squall - "Just give me the damn scanner."

Irvine pulled it out of his pocket.

Squall - "Alright, can you guys stand in a straight line?"

Fox turned to his team.

Fox - "Line-Up Formation!"

All - "Yes, sir!"

Fox smiled, actually remembering he had such authority. Squall began to walk to each of them.

Squall - "Alright, let's see..."

Pointing it at each, it flashed with each passing. Finally, he read the typings aloud.

Squall - "Alright... Katt here has Meltdown. Bill's got Flare. Slippy has Holy. Peppy's got Meteor. Falco has... Ultima!?"

Squall looked up shocked, as well as Falco.

Falco - "Hey! Don't scare me like that!"

Squall - "I'm confused..."

Falco - "What's going on?"

Rinoa butt in.

Rinoa - "Ultima is one of the more powerful spells on our planet. In this day and age, you can almost never find it..."

Squall - "(thinking to himself) Unless you count Shumi Village..."

Fox - "Must be because of his attitude."

Falco - "Aww, be quiet, Fox!"

Squall - "ANYWAY..."

He was changing his attention back to the scanner.

Squall - "... Fara seems to have Aura. Another powerful spell. And Fox McCloud, has..."

Everyone was waiting for an answer, but Squall looked into Fox's eyes.

Fox - "I have...?"

Squall - "..."

He shook his head in disbelief.

Squall - "No way..."

Everyone became concerned. Most of them kept asking "What's going on?".

Quistis - "What does he have?"

Squall - "See for yourself..."

Squall handed her the scanner, in which her jaw dropped. As Zell and Rinoa in curiousity came over and take a peek, their jaws dropped as well. On the scanner, was one word.


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