Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 6*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

Fox came over, as everyone was in total belief.

Fox - "... Apocalypse? What's so weird?"

Squall turned to him, still in disbelief.

Squall - "Only one person carries that type of magic..."

Fox's eyes widened.

Fox - "You mean...!?"

Squall nodded slowly.

Fox - "Ultimecia...!?"

They were all silent. Irvine and Selphie had taken a look at each other, not understanding. They began to walk towards lower grounds, near the beach, instead of on the cliff. Fox looked down to the ground, but wasn't depressed this time. He looked as if he trembled in fear.

Fara - "Fox... has... the Sorceress' powers?"

Rinoa - "I suppose I should have been able to detect it, since I am a Sorceress myself..."

Fara - "You are???"

Rinoa nodded.

Rinoa - "Oh, but I'm good! Believe me!"

Quistis was quiet, as Zell was going on a rampage.

Zell - "This is insane!! Why does Fox have it!?"

He jammed down the cliff towards the others. The StarFox Team were very strange at the moment. They couldn't understand how their leader, the fox of only 18 years of age, came upon the most destructive magic not even POSSIBLE in the Lylat System. They followed the others. Fox looked towards the ground, as Fara came next to him for comfort, as he shook, frightened. Quistis looked to Squall, and closed her eyes. Turning around, she followed the rest, leaving only Squall and Rinoa with Fox and Fara.

Fox - "I... am... Ultimecia's equal...?"

Squall was silent, as Fox looked at him.

Fox - "I don't... get... it..."

Squall - "We need you alive for this mission, Fox. It's obvious. You will play a key role in defeating our enemies."

Fox just stood there, as if frozen in time. Fara began to push against the muscle on his shoulder.

Fara - "C'mon, Fox. We need to rest for now."

Fox - "..."

Fox walked down the cliff, with Fara.

Quistis - "Squall... I'm very concerned."

Squall - "... I am, too. We can't let anything happen to him."

The entire sky was dark now, as they headed to the rest of the group.

Falco - "Now, can you guys explain this Doomtrain thing?"

Fox just stood there, as Irvine held his weapon tight, as if absorbing something. Then, swinging his gun to his side, and preparing his hand, he swung it, as if throwing something.

Irvine - "Doomtrain!"

After a few seconds, from behind them, came a satanic-looking train.

All of StarFox except Fox - "What the heck is THAT!?"

Irvine laughed.

Squall - "Our transport to the Ragnarok."

The Guardian Force waited, as everyone actually boarded it safely. A railroad of fire appeared, heading towards the Ragnarok. The train got faster and faster with each passing second, but it would still take time to reach their location. Fox and Fara were in one of the private rooms, chatting as their tails cuddled together, and their ears flapped a bit from the smooth, cold wind blowing towards their furry faces in the rushing movement of their ride, as no window seemed present.

Fara - "That should dry you off."

Fox - "... Fara."

Fara - "Hmm?"

Fox - "... What's wrong with me?"

Fara - "Nothing's wrong!"

Fox - "... I wish I could say the same thing."

Fara - "Everything has been a major blow to you. You just need to rest to get things off your mind."

Fox - "Maybe you're right..."

Fara smiled into Fox's eyes, who smiled back. She then placed her head on his chest, over his green shirt. His coat hung on the opposite side of their small room, along with the helmet he had thrown, and a new comm-link piece. Squall watched this from outside their room. Finally, Doomtrain came to a slow stop. Zell was in the front room with everyone else, waiting, as he yelled.

Zell - "Hey, everyone! We're here!"

Fox and Fara rose, as Squall immediately escaped sight. Fox knew someone was there, but ignored it. As Fara and Fox rose to their feet, and exited the entire train along with everyone else, it was very dark. Peppy had to pull out his Phase Gun and charge it to lighten up the sky. The Ragnarok was only steps away.

Squall - "Well, c'mon."

As they enter, the lights immediately flashed on all around. They saw something purple and black squirming away.

Falco - "What was that!?"

Squall - "It seems like the Propagators are back again... I thought we got rid of them all, Rinoa?"

Rinoa shrugged.

Rinoa - "I guess we'll have to take 'em out again."

Squall - "Alright, in team formation, everyone!"

Squall Leonhart grouped with Fox McCloud, Rinoa Heartily, and Fara Phoenix McCloud. Quistis Trepe grouped with Selphie Tilmitt and Katt Monroe. Zell Dincht grouped with Falco Lombardi and Peppy Hare. Irvine Kinneas grouped with Slippy Toad and Bill Grey.

Fox - "Remember your team, NOW! We need to stay like this until we finish our mission."

They all nodded.

Squall - "Alright, there are four colored Propagators. Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple. My team with take the Red. Quistis' team will take the Yellow. Zell's team will take the Blue. And... guess what, Irvine?"

Irvine smiled.

Irvine - "We got the Purple!"

Squall - "Good. You got it. We have to take them out in PAIRS! Let's split up."

Fox - "Wait. It would be good if each of us had some sort of communication."

Peppy - "I got my comm-link."

Slippy - "Me, too!"

Falco - "Same here."

Bill - "Ditto."

Katt - "Of course!"

Nodding again in approval, they each split up; Squall's and Quistis' teams headed left, Squall going north from there, Quistis going south. Zell's and Irvine's teams headed right, Zell going north there, and Irvine going south.

In search of the Yellow Propagators...

Quistis, Selphie, and Katt quickly were in search of their soon-to-become victim.

Katt - "Can you both lead? I've never been on this ship."

Selphie - "Okay!"

Katt smiled at Selphie and Quistis, as they took ahead. Taking a few rights, and finally a left, they ran into the first of two Yellow Propagators. It immediately dashed towards them, as they prepared their weapons.

Quistis - "Alright, let's take it out!"

Selphie swings her Strange Vision typed nunchuck, hitting the monster hard. Katt fires her Phase Gun, as Quistis is charging up a power.

Quistis - "Blue Magic... Shockwave Pulsar!"

Suddenly, the Propagator was absorbed in energy, and a small explosion of power! It then fell limp to the floor, dead. Katt immediately tapped on her comm-link.

Katt - "This is Katt Monroe reporting! One Yellow Propogator down!"

Fox got this one clear.

Fox - "Understood, Katt. Everyone, WAIT as they exterminate it's 'twin'."

The others replied with an "Understood" comment. Comm-links went off.

Katt - "Alright, the others are waiting on us."

Quistis - "Let's take out that other monster!"

They all nodded with excitement. Selphie swung her arm high into the air.

Selphie - "YAY!"

They all raced through another door. Running up a nearby stairway, they came across the pair.

Quistis - "I used my power up already."

Selphie and Katt get ready, as Quistis stands back.

Katt - "It's alright, we can take it out."

Selphie then charged up herself.

Selphie - "Random Magic... Wall!"

Suddenly, the Propagator attacked, but the newly-created walls of magic protected them from harm, as Katt continued to fire into the Propagator. Quistis jumped forward, swung her Save The Queen type whip, nailing and ending the monsters' life. Katt reached for her comm-link once more.

Katt - "That takes care of the Yellows!"

Fox was caught offguard, as they were spying on their target, a Red Propagator.

Fox - "Alright, one down. Report back to the main dock."

Katt - "Gotcha!"

Katt turned off her comm-link. She explained the situation to Quistis and Selphie, as they retraced their steps. Fox sent a message to Peppy.

Fox - "Your turn! Take care of the Blue Propagators!"

Squall was watching their target carefully, along with Rinoa and Fara, as Fox communicated with the others.

Peppy - "Don't worry! We're already taking care of it!"

In search of the Blue Propagators...

Shutting off his comm-link, Peppy turned to already see Zell and Falco taking out one of the Blue Propagators with repeated punches.

Peppy - "Well, that was quick."

Zell gives it repeated kicks, as it suddenly falls over, dead from excessive pain.

Zell - "No one can take out Zell Dincht!"

Falco - "Or Falco Lombardi!"

Peppy sighed, as the two got cocky and started posing like idiots.

Peppy - "GUYS!"

Catching them off, both are shocked.

Peppy - "We still have to take care of the other one, remember?"

Zell & Falco - "Right."

Suddenly, they run down a long corridor to their right. Checking several rooms along the way, no sign of it.

Falco - "So, Peppy... where do you think it could be?"

Peppy - "Beats me."

Zell - "Yo! Watch out!"

Zell immediately tackles them to the ground, as a long arm swings past them. Loud stomps were heard, as they knew the Blue Propagator came closer. Peppy on the comm-link.

Peppy - "Fox! We've found the second Propagator!"

Fox hears his beeping, immediately muffling it so the Propagator doesn't hear. Rinoa and Fara are sitting there, talking about their men, and Squall just sighs to himself, watching the monster from their hiding post.

Fox - "Great to hear. Exterminate it immediately."

Peppy - "Yes, sir."

Shutting off the links once again, the monster turns a corner towards them. Falco quickly pulls out a Phase Gun, and blasts into the Propagator's head, killing it almost instantly. Peppy immediately gets back on the comm-link.

Peppy - "The Blues are out."

Fox back on.

Fox - "Alright. Slippy, you there?"

Slippy - "Slippy here."

Fox - "Your turn. Take out the Purples with Irvine and Bill!"

Slippy - "Yes, sir!"

In search of the Purple Propagators...

As Slippy shut off his comm-link, Irvine held his Exeter weapon with both hands, as Bill had his Phase Gun prepared. They heard a quiet growl from above them, but as soon as Irvine had the idea of climbing, Slippy had other plans.

Slippy - "OH, NO! You're not getting me up there!"

Bill - "C'mon, Slip! We have to take out the Purple Propagators, remember? We should inspect that noise."

Slippy - "Fine, but I'm staying here."

Irvine - "Suit yourself."

As Irvine helps Bill climb, since he was a bit taller, after Bill had secured no monsters, Irvine began to climb up by himself. As Slippy stood there, there was a growl nearby! Slippy jumped in the air, and grabbed onto Irvine's leg as he climbed in.

Slippy - "Maybe going with you guys isn't such a bad idea."

Bill and Irvine laugh to themselves, as they crawl around the ventilation shaft. After nearly a minute or two of searching, the growling comes again, only louder this time. Continuing to crawl around, a really weird noise finally reaches them. As Irvine stops leading, as Bill and Slippy vacate the same spot, the "floor" below them caves in, and they find themselves inside the Purple Propagator's Lair!

Slippy - "G-G-Guys..."

As Bill and Irvine turned around, the first Purple Propagator was already breathing over their faces. But, luckily, thanks to their extra fire power, just as the creature got face-to-face with Irvine, Irvine shoved his Exeter right into it's face, and sent it far away from the living world. Bill was shocked, Irvine was grinning, but Slippy had to report, so he immediately got on the comm-link to Fox, who was waiting.

Slippy - "Fox, we've taken out one of the Purple Propagators!"

Fox - "Well, you're gonna need to hurry and take out the other one, then. We've lost track of our Red Propagator!"

Slippy - "Yes, sir!"

Turning off the comm-link, Irvine got all weird.

Irvine - "What was that...? 'Yes, sir'? That sounded silly!"

Bill - "The only people who I've ever heard say that is my squadron at Katina Base... but... oh, well."

Slippy sighs, but as they get up, and turn around, they've already got another beast breathing down their throats. With a quick blow from Irvine's powerful shotgun, the Purple Propagator pair was down.

Slippy - "Finished, Fox!"

Fox - "Alright, only 1 more pair to go! I just hope our battle is as easy as all of yours..."

Shutting off the comm-link without further conversation, every member of the SeeD Team and StarFox Team had returned except for Fox McCloud, Fara Phoenix McCloud, Squall Leonhart, and Rinoa Heartily.

In search of the Red Propagators...

As the four began to search for their target, a lot was still on their mind -- what would Fox try to do next if something went wrong? Why does Fox have Ultimecia's powers? Fox was obviously a very important factor in their war against Ultimecia and Andros. Walking down a hallway, they began to see spots of red.

Fox - "Hmm...?"

They stopped, as Squall walked a little bit and touched it. He looked at it carefully.

Fara - "Is it important?"

Squall - "Yes... it's blood."

Squall turns his head down the corner.

Rinoa - "Blood?"

Squall stood up and backed away.

Squall - "Oh my god..."

Fox - "What is it?"

Squall - "Someone's... beaten us to the job...!"

With confused looks, they took a few steps forward, and looked down the corner: One of the Red Propagators had been slaughtered.

Fara - "Eww!"

Fox held her head close to him with his paw, as she immediately looked away.

Rinoa - "Everyone else is waiting for us... who could it be?"

A slice was heard in the distance pass the corpse. Squall ran closer, and the others followed slowly. He looked downward.

Squall - "These are gunblade marks..."

Hearing himself say that, Squall runs away from everyone else, out of their sight.

Fox - "Hey, wait!!"

Rinoa - "It's Seifer. He's onboard."

Rinoa follows, as Fox and Fara look at each other.

Fara - "This could mean trouble..."

Following as well, more swipes are heard. At a big squared room now, Squall pulled out his gunblade, as the others came behind him. They felt a body hit the floor: It was the other Red Propagator... and who was standing there with his bloody Demon Force held high.

Seifer Almasy.

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