Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 7*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

Squall - "What are you doing here!?"

Seifer turns to him, grinning.

Seifer - "Why, to help you, of course."

Squall - "You're lying. You just wanted to kill something."

Seifer - "Hmph. You know me better than I thought you did. But, my real reason is Fox McCloud."

Fox's ears perk up, as he looks on. Rinoa turns her head slightly, still staring at Seifer.

Rinoa - "Fox?"

Fox - "Me?"

Seifer laughs.

Seifer - "Yes, you. I wanted to tell you that you're a failure."

Squall - "Don't listen to him, Fox!"

Seifer - "Why shouldn't he? He IS a failure. He's right whenever he calls himself a failure. He's failed his father; he hasn't killed Andross. He's failed his team; he couldn't save them or the GreatFox itself from the Smart Bombs. He failed General Pepper; he supplied them with their Nova Bombs, the upgrade to the Smart Bombs, and yet, he still didn't get the job done. Fox McCloud... haha... YOU ARE A FAILURE!"

Fox's eyes widened. He lowered his head slowly, his mouth closed.

Seifer - "So why do you want to be another failure? You should know that Squall and his friends will lose. They don't stand a chance against Ultimecia by herself! What are they gonna do against both Ultimecia and Andross?"

Fox - "..."

Squall - "Ignore him, Fox!"

Seifer - "Don't continue to be a failure. Be successful at something in your lifetime. You have the powers of the next Queen of the universe, and you can oppose the next King of the universe. Don't you get it?"

Fox looked up.

Seifer - "You are DESTINED to continue to lose forever, although you have the POWER to win forever."

Seifer putted his hand out, casting an unsuspected Stop on everyone but Fox and himself. Seifer chuckled to himself, and since no one could move, they could barely even word what they were thinking.

Seifer - "Join us, Fox."

Fox took a step forward.

Squall let out a faint noise.

Squall - "No!"

Seifer - "Yes... that's it, Fox. Remember how powerful you are? But you are worthless to Squall, because you are MORE POWERFUL than Squall. If you stick with them, you are a failure. Come with me to a new world."

Fox take more steps toward Seifer, who had his hand out. This time, Fara cried.

Fara - "Don't listen, Fox...!"

Fox continued toward Seifer.

Seifer - "That's a good boy... join us! Your father doesn't want his only son to be a failure. He wants you to be greater than that. You will make your father proud."

Fox put out his paw, and grabbed Seifer's hand.

Squall & Fara - "NO!!!"

Rinoa had her eyes closed the whole time. She couldn't believe it.

Seifer - "Welcome, Fox... follow me."

Seifer put his Gunblade out ahead of Fox, forming a portal. Putting his weapon away, Seifer walked forward and disappeared in the portal. At that moment, Squall broke free of the spell.

Squall - "Don't!"

Squall ran towards Fox, who was still walking.

Squall - "Don't go with him, Fox!!"

Squall grabbed Fox's shoulder, in which he tilted and turned his head a bit. Fox spun around, lifting his leg high, nailing Squall right across the cheek with his boot, sending him down. Squall sat up a bit, holding his cheek.. He felt blood. He looked at Fox, staring him down.

Fox - "I won't be a failure anymore."

Fox then turned, and walked through the portal. His tail swayed slowly behind him, the portal becoming ever smaller. Just as he was through, it closed. The Stop spell wore off, letting Rinoa and Fara run towards Squall. Fox was gone.

Rinoa - "Squall, are you okay!?

Rinoa pulled out a cloth, and began to press it against Squall's cheek, taking care of his blood.

Squall - "Damnit, Fox... why didn't you listen..."

Fara - "Will he be alright...?"

Squall looks at Fara.

Squall - "I'm sorry, I don't know... but Seifer was being very persuasive.... something tells me that wasn't a trap."

Fara - "What?"

Squall - "Ultimecia and Andross want Fox on their side. They've got him."

Fara - "No..."

Squall stood up, and tried to walk, but he couldn't without pain. That kick to his face followed by his fall could be the only cause. Rinoa and Fara helped him limp back to the others. The Ragnarok clear of monsters, they had a meeting in the cockpit. The SeeDs stood on one side, while the StarFox Team stood on the other.

Squall - "The current situation is that Fox McCloud seems to have joined our enemies, Ultimecia and Andross."

Everyone was shocked except for Fara and Rinoa, who already knew.

Falco - "What the hell are you talking about!? Fox HATES Andross! Andross killed his father! And you're telling me--"

Squall - "He was under pressure!"

Falco lowered his wing that he had thrown out toward Squall, closing his beak as well.

Squall - "Seifer was there. He kept telling Fox he was a failure, and kept giving him reasons to believe it. Fox, you could say, fell into desparation, but it wasn't his own idea."

Peppy - "Well, we don't have a Leader now..."

Slippy - "I guess that StarFox is no longer together..."

Bill and Katt look at each other, thinking this could mean that StarFox wouldn't be there when the Lylat System needed them most.

Katt - "This can't be..."

Bill - "Katina's not trained as well as the StarFox Team! What will the Lylat System do without them?"

Everyone lowered their heads.

Squall - "Only 1 leader to lead 2 teams..."

Peppy - "..."

Falco - "..."

Slippy - "..."

Fara - "Wait."

Everyone looks at her.

Fara - "I am Fox McCloud's husband, 'till death do us part. I will lead the StarFox Team."

Slippy - "What!?"

Falco - "Oh, hell no!"

Peppy - "Fara, what are you thinking!? You are not prepared for such a position! And--"

Fara - "I don't have a choice! We need a leader, and although you are the most experienced next to Fox, Peppy, as his wife, I believe I should take his place."

Peppy nods.

Peppy - "Understood."

He walks next to her, then turns to the rest.

Peppy - "Fara Phoenix McCloud will lead the StarFox Team for now on."

Falco looks at her, then grumbles. Slippy just smiles.

Katt - "Congrats, I guess."

Bill - "I don't know what to say..."

A loud noise is then heard.

Fara - "What was that?"

Zell - "Alright! It worked!"

Squall - "Huh?"

Zell - "While you guys were talking, I turned on the Ragnarok's location checker. Balamb is near us!"

Some of them rejoiced.

Squall - "Well, we better get there soon."

Selphie jumps for joy.

Selphie - "I'm flying!"

Squall - "But--"

Selphie - "I'M FLYING!!"

Squall turns to her, while she smiles.

Squall - "(thinking) Better let her have her way."

Squall nods, as she jumps in the pilot seat. Irvine grins, aims finger and words "Bang" towards Squall, then walks and stands next to Selphie. The Ragnarok lifts off the ground, and heads toward Balamb.

Zell - "Can't wait to see Ma again!"

Within a few minutes of silence, they arrive at Balamb... yet, it's not Balamb.

Quistis - "What happened here?"

Opening the entrance a bit, they see Balamb... surrounded by green, merky water.

Zell - "What the hell?"

Katt - "It's... Zoness."

Squall - "Not exactly. Remember what Seifer said? Everything's been put together."

Everyone still looking down, but Squall moving his head slightly from left to right.

Squall - "Balamb is with Zoness..."

Landing just near Balamb, they see a huge dragon-snake jump out of the water, then land back in it, causing a huge splash, almost hitting Balamb.

Selphie - "Hey!"

Rinoa - "We should get all of Balamb's citizens on the Ragnarok! What if one of those waves hits them?"

Zell - "Ma!"

Squall - "Alright, let's go."

Lowering the docker, all of them arrive on land. Walking forward... it's crowded! With not only humans, but furries as well!

Squall - "Huh?"

Fara - "Wait a minute..."

????? - "Bill Grey!"

Bill turns, and the others turn with him. A man in a suit walks up to him, with a rather large lollipop in his mouth.

Bill - "General Pepper!"

Pepper - "Yes, it is I."

Bill turns toward the others, smiling.

Bill - "Everyone, I'd like you to meet General Pepper!"

They all look at him and nod in unison.

Pepper - "Hello. You must be Bill's friends. Anyone want a lollipop?"

Squall and Fara shake their heads.

Pepper - "Oh, c'mon..."

Sticking his hand into his pocket, he pulls out tons more.

Pepper - "I've got EVERY flavor!"

Selphie - "Oh, me! Me!"

Zell - "I'd like one, too!"

Irvine - "Count me in!"

Squall - "(thinking) Well, I guess we will always have that kid inside."

Squall chuckles, as General Pepper hands them lollipops.

Selphie - "Ooooo... chocolate!"

Zell - "Strawberry!"

Irvine - "I got bubble gum..."

Pepper - "Yes, well..."

Bill distracted a bit.

Bill - "Hey, why is everyone here and not out fighting, General?"

General turns back to the crowd.

Pepper - "Well, something happened, and everything went blurry and wavy. When it was over, we were here without any base or airfighters. It's as if we're stranded."

????? - "Ya, y'know!?"

Everyone turns their attention to a buff guy and a slender woman in blue, with an eyepatch.

Zell - "Raijin! Fujin!"


Squall started to explain the situation to all 3 of them, with assistance from Fara, Bill and Rinoa.

Pepper - "Oh, no... Fox with Andross? This is bad..."

Raijin - "Well, we can't do nothin'!"

Squall - "Yes, we can. But first, we need to vacate Balamb before these waves destroy it and kill everyone."

All - "Right!"

Squall - "Zell, you go find Ma Dincht. Ask her to help. Everyone else, spread out and evacuate onto the Ragnarok!"

Zell - "Gotcha!"

Zell runs off.

Everyone Else - "Yes!"

Squall - "(thinking) That was loud..."

Squall rubs his ears, as everyone begins to search out and get people. After nearly an hour, everyone is beginning to get escorted onto the ship.

????? - "Wait!"

Squall turns his head to see someone that looks like Bill and another human, with two human children in the furry's paws and a furry child in the human's hands.

Squall - "C'mon!"

Just as he continues to run, another one of those serpeants jump high.

Squall - "Oh, no... hurry!"

They tried to hurry, but couldn't move a whole lot faster. The children were weighing them down. The serpeant rose higher than before.

Squall - "Faster, before it's too late!"

It looked as if they weren't going to make it. Squall ran over to them, and took the children as well as possible. He got them over safely back to the Ragnarok, where Ma Dincht was helping them get in. The two grown men were getting in, and just when it all looked well...

Squall saw a child slowly walking out of one of the homes, that looked just like him during his childhood.

Squall - "Huh...?"

Ma Dincht - "C'mon, Squall!"

Squall walked backward a bit, but just as he was about to turn, the child looked him straight in the eyes.

Squall - "... Hold on!"

Squall knew the serpeant would soon fall and destroy Balamb, now raining like mad. He dashed towards the child, but just as he touched it, he was shocked.

Squall - "Ahh!"

Stumbling backward, he looked as the child grinned evilly.

Squall - "What...? That's me... there..."

The child then changed into bones before his very eyes, and then he could hear Fox's voice.

Fox - "I'm a failure! I don't deserve to live anymore!"

It echoed in Squall's mind, so loud he couldn't move. Ma Dincht was trying to help Squall, but Zell pushed her into the Ragnarok quickly, as the serpeant hit the water. A huge tidal wave was the result, flooding all of Balamb just as the Raganrok took off. Everyone was on the Ragnarok safely.

Except Squall.

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