Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 8*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

The Ragnarok flew away, leaving Balamb -- and Squall, it seemed -- to sink below the sea.

Ma Dincht - "What is wrong with you guys!? Your friend Squall is back there!"

Zell - "Ma!!"

Quistis - "I'm sorry, Ma Dincht, but Squall did what he thought was right. He knew he would have to pay the price for it if he failed."

Ma Dincht - "But...!"

Fara - "I wish there was somethin' we could do..."

Rinoa - "I have to take Squall's place as Leader. Not just since I am... or was his lover... but I am also a Sorceress."

Peppy - "Rinoa, we have no talk in this. But I want you and Fara to work together, and I'd like both teams to look after each other."

General Pepper throws away a finished lollipop stick.

Pepper - "I agree with Peppy."

He then begins to suck on another lollipop. They all nod in unison.

But what Rinoa said was not exactly true...

Squall was pulled on shore by several huskies. They performed CPR on the young man.

Squall - "Wha...? What's going on?"

????? - "Come inside, young man."

They lifted Squall to his feet, and walked into the nearby building.

Squall - "(thinking) Where could this be?"

Stopping, he sees...

Squall - "Laguna!? Ellone!?"

Laguna - "Hey, Squall. Welcome to the Cornerian Defense Base."

Squall - "But I thought--"

Ellone - "The time compression destroyed us? Oh, Squall, don't be silly."

Squall hugs them both.

Squall - "How do you know where we are?"

Laguna - "We've been here since the compression. There was some confusion, but everything worked out. C'mon, relax."

Squall - "No, I can't! Ultimecia and Andross are planning another time compression!"

Laguna - "Another one!? Hmm... so your suspicion was correct, Ellone."

Ellone nods.

Laguna - "Then maybe she's right about Balamb..."

Ellone - "It's been destroyed."

Squall looks down.

Squall - "... We couldn't save it."

Laguna - "It's alright. C'mon, let's have a walk and you can explain everything that's happened."

They walked around the Cornerian Defense Base for an hour or so, listening to Squall's entire story, with Fox McCloud brought to the enemies, the destruction of the Great Fox, and more. Several officers were preparing fighting units on this new planet.

Squall - "... and that's everything."

Ellone - "That sounds awful."

Laguna - "No matter what, though, as hard and mean as this may sound... Fox McCloud may be your enemy. You may have to kill him."

The thought ran through Squall's mind -- kill Fox?

Laguna - "But first, now that you're here, it's important that you take on a mission for us."

Squall - "Which is?"

Ellone chuckled. Laguna turned his head to her, as she walked off.

Back to the Ragnarok...

Everyone was relaxing, as Selphie and Irvine were navigating the ship.

Selphie - "Y'see anything?"

Irvine - "Nothing yet."

Selphie sighs.

Selphie - "You think anyone else survived? Through the time compression, I mean."

Irvine - "... I hope so... Just us SeeDs and the StarFox Team won't be enough to take down Ultimecia, Andross, and their minions without Squall and Fox."

Selphie - "Well, maybe we should look for that Cornerian Defense Base?"

Irvine - "What do you mean?"

Selphie turns to Irvine.

Selphie - "Remember when Peppy said he was thinking about the Cornerian Defense Base?"

Irvine - "Oh, yeah... that should be our next location."

Selphie - "YAY!"

Selphie kisses Irvine, who smiles.

Irvine - "Heh heh... I'll inform the others."

Selphie - "Of the kiss?"

Irvine - "Uhh, no. Our destination."

Irvine gets up, and walks to the others. As he walks through the doorway, everyone turns their attention to him.

Irvine - "Our next location is the Cornerian Defense Base!"

General Pepper pulls out yet another lollipop, takes off it's wrapper, and jams it into his mouth.

Pepper - "Splendid."

Peppy - "But are you even sure it's around? I mean, maybe my 'thinking' wasn't enough..."

Irvine - "Who knows? We should at least look!"

Fara - "He's right."

Everyone turns their attention to Fara.

Fara - "At least we can explore the planet. Maybe we'll find something we're not looking for."

Suddenly, they heard Selphie scream.

Selphie - "Guys! I found something!"

Fara walks toward the cockpit.

Fara - "Where is it?"

Selphie - "Right there."

Fara looks closer at what appears to be an abandoned base in the sky. Fara began to speak softly.

Fara - "Do you see any way to land there?"

Selphie - "No... but I'm sure there is someway to detect an opening."

Flicking a switch, the "window" began to change red, and several small green boxes appeared in front of their eyes over the flying object. Selphie pointed at one of the centered boxes, and it enlargened.

Selphie - "There's an opening."

Fara - "You can take us in, right?"

Selphie - "Yeah. Just sit tight."

Fara nods, and heads back to the others.

Fara - "We're going to dock somewhere. Everyone, hold onto something."

Nodding in unison, they grab the metal railing above their heads. Selphie speeding ahead, then slows down entering the unknown base. Slowly setting the ship down, all powers turn off. They have docked.

Rinoa - "Now would be a good time to discover our whereabouts."

Fara - "Maybe we can use this as a new transport as well."

The hatch opening, they carefully step outside the Ragnarok. The lights in the base are off.

Peppy - "Why is everything off?"

????? - "I'm surprised you fell for it."

They all turned toward an opening door.

Suddenly, walking out from the door, is the StarWolf Squadron -- Wolf O'Donnell, Pigma Dengar, Andrew Obiesky, and Leon Powalski.

Fara - "StarWolf!"

Wolf - "Hello, Fara. Let me be the first to say..."

He grins.

Wolf - "Welcome to Venom Air Defense."

Fara opens her eyes, as the disguise lifts. They are surrounded by hundreds of soldiers, holding Phase Guns.

Fara - "But we're not on Venom!"

Wolf - "This used to be Venom's section. Take a look."

He points behind him, as the entire team turns around. The ground's disguise disappears, revealing a green cloud covering the planet.

Rinoa - "What are you going to do with us!?"

They turned around, toward a laughing Wolf.

Wolf - "As much as I'd love to kill you one-by-one, Andross has actually given us an order NOT to kill you. We are to take you to Ultimecia and Andross, to show you a surprise."

Pointing his paw at some guards, sticking out claw, he directs them to bring the group.

Back at the Cornerian Defense Base...

Squall isn't liking what he's hearing.

Squall - "Are you insane!?"

Laguna - "Squall, it's important that you do this. We need to figure out what Ultimecia and Andross' true goals are, they don't want to just destroy the universe and every lifeform on it, so they can rule nothing!"

Squall - "And you want me to pretend I'm James Bond!?"

Laguna - "Not exactly. But, the enemy isn't always serious. They've decided to throw a 'play' for the movie 'Goldeneye'. We have kidnapped the man who plays James Bond, so you will go in his place."

Squall - "I can't believe this..."

Laguna - "Please, Squall. You won't really be doing the whole movie... your main objective is to get inside and get the secret plans."

Squall - "Like James Bond."

Laguna sighs.

Laguna - "You win. But you're the only one who can do it."

Squall looks down.

Squall - "... Fine."

Laguna - "Great. Now let's get you prepared."

About 6 hours later, it's dark, and Squall is dressed in his best.

Laguna - "You know how to react."

Squall - "Yeah, you made me sit through the movie 3 times..."

Laguna smiles.

Laguna - "Well, your transport is arriving. Good Luck."

Squall rolls his eyes, and walks outside. A man getting out of the silver car, Squall jumps in the driver's seat and heads off. To his surprise, several people were dressed up exactly as the characters in the Movie "Goldeneye". This would be one silly night for Squall. Stopping, he was greeted by a man speaking french. Squall didn't really know what he was saying, but he spoke exactly like actor Pierce Brosnan. Heading inside, he saw an entire audience to his right, with the entire scene on his left.

Squall - "(thinking) Here goes nothing..."

He walked toward the poker table. He re-enacted the entire scene perfectly. Walking close to the edge of the stage, the play continued.

????? - "And you are?"

Squall - "The name's Bond. James Bond."

Actress #1 - "Xenia Sargovena Onatopp."

Squall - "Onatopp?"

Actress #1 - "Onatopp."

Finishing that section of the play, the crowd clapped, as Squall and the Actress headed backstage.

Actress #1 - "You know your movies, Mr..."

Squall - "Leonhart."

Actress #1 smiles.

Actress #1 - "Mr. Leonhart."

Squall - "If you'll excuse me..."

The lady smiled and nodded, turning around and speaking with the other actors. Squall headed off in an opposite direction, and looked at a door, with the name "Base Employees Only". He opened it, and looked inside carefully. No one was there, and no one was following him. Slipping in unnoticed, he came across a small hatch in the floor. Unlocking in, he slipped in secretly, just as two men with rifles walked by. He entered a small sewage area, with a door along the end. It was two sides, however -- in the middle was a large flowing "river" of dirty water. However, after walking about halfway, he noticed the water freezing. At the end, it was totally frozen.

Squall - "(thinking) I don't remember the StarFox Team mentioning a planet of ice and snow..."

Walking along the ice without slipping, he opens the door into the next room. Walking into the open, he hears footsteps. He immediately hides in the shadows, as a brigade of Galbadian soldiers marched on through several hallways. Moving undetected, he noticed a desk in the center of the room with several blue prints and a huge yellow folder.

The Secret Plans!

He waited until all the soldiers would leave.

And waited...

And waited...

And waited...

Until he realized that they weren't moving -- it was a hologram to keep the prints hidden. Or so he thought. He took his chances, jumping into the crowd. He stood in the middle of the marching army. Walking slowly, Squall grabbed onto the folder, and placed it into his suit. Suddenly, the holograms shut off. He could hear clapping behind him.

Turning around, he saw Seifer Almasy, with his Demon Force at his side.

Squall - "Seifer!"

Seifer - "Yes, Squall... it's me."

Squall pulled out his Lion Heart.

Seifer - "Please, Squall. Do you still think you actually stand a chance?"

Seifer grasps his Demon Force, and extends it toward Squall.

Seifer - "I suggest you put down the plans. You won't like what you see if you open it."

Seifer laughs. Squall gets angry, pulling the plans out. He places them back on the desk.

Seifer - "There's a good boy."

Squall - "Prepare to die, Seifer."

Seifer tilts head.

Seifer - "... Maybe another time, eh?"

Dropping his Demon Force, Seifer quickly pulls out a Beretta, and fires twice.

The first bullet misses.

The second bullet, on the other hand...

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