Author's Note: This story has been inspired by Joel Morgan, author of "Worlds Apart". As his story was a cross-over between Final Fantasy VII and StarFox, my story shall be a cross-over between Final Fantasy VIII and StarFox. I hope everyone enjoys it.

StarFox Fantasy: Worlds Apart
*Chapter 9*
By: "Brandon Blaze" (
Copyright [TheRPGSource] 2000

Squall's right arm was nailed by the 2nd bullet, sending him to the floor. Dropping his Lion Heart, Squall screamed in pain, holding his bloody arm.

Seifer - "This is where you die."

Seifer walked over to the fallen Squall, and pointed the Beretta towards him.

Seifer - "So long."

Squall immediately swung his uninjured arm downward into Seifer's leg, tripping him downward. Rolling onto him, holding the Beretta, he placed it to Seifer's head.

Squall - "On the contrary..."

A loud gunshot was followed.

Squall got to his feet, and held his bloody arm, staring at the hole in Seifer's head.

Squall - "Don't worry... as soon as the time compression is reversed, you'll be alive again."

Dropping the Beretta, grabbing the Secret Plans, and picking up his Lion Heart, he walked out on the corpse. Heading back through the sewer systems, all the way toward the stage. Climbing up, he saw that his actor had arrived. Not knowing of the replacement, Squall knew they would suspect him. So he secretly slid out the back door. Walking out toward the front, he got back into his transport vehicle, and drove safely back toward the Cornerian Defense Base.

Squall - "I only hope the rest of the team is okay..."

Stepping out of the vehicle, Laguna and Ellone welcomed him with open arms. They headed inside, on a job well done.

Meanwhile, at Venom Air Defense...

The entire group is escorted into a large throne room. In the thrones, is Ultimecia and Andross.

Rinoa - "Ultimecia!"

Fara - "Andross!"

The two turn to each other, and laugh, as they look back.

Ultimecia - "What did I tell you, SeeDs? There was no stopping the time kompression."

Andross - "I warned Fox McCloud that if he didn't surrender and let me control the galaxy, you would all suffer!"

Fara's eyes widen.

Fara - "Suffer...!? What did you do with--"

Andross - "Long killed."

Fara drops to her knees, as Wolf stands nearby, grinning.

Fara - "No... it... can't... be..."

Andross - "That's so sad, to see you wish for your husband back. But it doesn't matter. You're all going to die, nonetheless."

Ultimecia - "And then, Andross and I will rule the universe!"

The entire StarWolf Squadron laughs evilly to themselves, followed shortly by the entire army.

Andross - "Wolf O'Donnell!"

Wolf stepped forward.

Wolf - "Yes, sir!"

Andross - "Take care of these fools."

Wolf - "Yes, sir!"

Turning, the entire Squadron pulling out Phase Guns.

Wolf - "C'mon, let's go."

A door to the left opens slowly, a large door at that. Exitting into the hallway, Fara can hear Andross speaking.

Andross - "You'll be seeing your dead comrade sooner than you think."

Fara began to cry, giving up all hope. But then Rinoa stepped over to her, and whispered...

Rinoa - "Hey, where's Ma Dincht and General Pepper?"

Inside the Ragnarok...

Ma Dincht - "You sure you know how to fly this thing?"

General Pepper, getting in the pilot seat, a lollipop in the dog's mouth.

General Pepper - "They don't call me General Pepper for nothin'!"

Ma Dincht puts her hands on her hips, and shakes head, smiling. She then sits down in the right seat, as General Pepper begins to work it.

Ma Dincht - "Just wondering... are you in any way related to Seargeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?"

General Pepper - "(flicking switch in dark docking bay, turning power on) What?"

Ma Dincht - "Are you related to Seargeant Pepper, of Seargeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band? Y'know, the Beatles?"

General Pepper - "I don't think so..."

Then turns, chuckling.

General Pepper - "... unless it was out before I was promoted! Ha Ha!"

Ma Dincht laughs along with him, as he gets the Ragnarok off the floor.

Loud alarms blare throughout the Venom Air Defense, as the entire team looks around in the hallway.

Alarm - "Enemy Ship Lifting Off In Docking Bay! Repeat, Enemy Ship Lifting Off In Docking Bay!"

Fara - "(thinking) I guess that's where General Pepper and Ma Dincht are..."

All the soldiers begin to run towards the docking bay area, as Peppy, Falco, Slippy, Zell, Irvine, Selphie, Quistis, Katt, and Bill look around at what's going on. Fara and Rinoa take a step forward, but Wolf, Leon, Pigma, and Andrew lift their Phase Guns.

Leon - "Don't even move."

As the officers arrive at the Docking Bay, they can only watch the Ragnarok blasting out of the Venom Air Defense.

Inside the Ragnarok...

Ma Dincht - "Where are we headed?"

General Pepper - "The Ragnarok has a lock on something! We're just going there!"

Ma Dincht nods, as they continue to escape. The alarms inside the facility shut off.

Back at the Cornerian Defense Base...

Squall, having changed, showered, and bandged up, along with Laguna and Ellone, are confused at the plans.

Ellone - "I don't get it."

Laguna - "They don't make any sense!"

Squall - "Well, let's keep looking! I didn't embarass myself for nothing..."

Continuing to look through the files, they come across several black and white pictures with DNA codes.

Laguna - "What the...?"

Squall, scanning the pictures, realizes who it is.

Fox McCloud.

Ellone - "Who's that?"

Squall - "That's Fox McCloud."

Ellone - "The one that the enemy kidnapped?"

Squall - "You mean the one that joined the enemy... yeah, it's the same one."

Laguna - "Well, that helps a bit, but I still don't understand..."

Squall looking closer, flipping the page, he sees two illustrations of the young StarFox Leader. One facing straight ahead, one facing to the right, full body drawn. Several diagrams have been displayed and written at several points, with arrows at the corresponding sections. Words are written in english, but too small for the naked eye.

Squall - "I need a magnifying glass..."

Ellone - "I'll be right back."

Ellone turns and walks out the room, heading over to the Supplies Room, passing by several Husky-Unit Pilots.

Laguna - "Do you think this has anything to do with Fox's treachery?"

Squall - "It wasn't exactly treachery! But... yeah, maybe, it does."

Ellone walking back in, she hands the glass to Squall.

Squall - "Thanks, sis."

Ellone smiles, as he places it up to the writings.

Laguna - "What's it say?"

Squall - "...? Some of it's smudged out..."

Laguna gasps.

Laguna - "How do you smudge out something that small?"

Squall shrugs for a moment, then continues looking.

Squall - "With Fox McCloud... DNA enhance... replacing... StarWolf Squadron to our... become most powerful... take on Lylat System..."

Squall backs away, rubbing eyes.

Laguna - "What does that mean?"

Squall - "I have no idea, but it involves StarFox, StarWolf, the Lylat System, and advanced technology."

Laguna - "Well... please keep reading."

Squall looking closer at the next page.

Squall - "... coloring changes... built... performance outstand... process failure... compute wrong..."

Shaking his head, he backs away, and turns to Laguna, rubbing his temples.

Squall - "This is too confusing. I can't make any sense of it."

Laguna - "Oh, well... whoever smudged it out knew we were coming..."

Squall - "(thinking) Seifer..."

Laguna - "Well, let's try the next page."

Squall shrugged, and turned the page. Ellone was ever silent. The new page has several chemical listings. Squall uses the magnifying glass once more.

Squall - "Chemical A, Alpha-Poisoning... Chemical B, Beta-Poisoning... Chemical C, Calnus-Poisoning... adding Chemical A and Chemical B would become Chemical AB... adding Chemical A and Chemical C would become Chemical AC..."

Laguna - "Huh?"

Squall - "... It's an equation. Let me skip past all of this..."

Squall scrolls down the small text, to the end of the notes.

Squall - "Ahh, here. Combining Chemicals AAA, AAB, AAC, ABB, ABC, BBB, BBC, BCC and CCC, you will have created Chemical O, Omega-Poisoning. Inject the Omega-Cure into the patient after the Omega-Poisoning has begun to take effect... Note, this can be revealed by checking the area of injection... if normal color, it has not taken effect yet... if it changes or appears to be rotting, it is taking effect. After this process has been completed, leave patient in still position for a hour, at the least. Not performed correctly could kill the patient if 2 doses of Omega-Cure aren't injected within a half-hour time limit. With success, the pati-- ..."

Laguna - "What is it???"

Squall - "It's all been erased."

Ellone looks forward.

Ellone - "What?"

Laguna - "You mean smudged, right?"

Squall - "No. This has deliberately been erased. Very well, at that. Not even a left-over print."

Laguna slams his hand on the wall.

Laguna - "Damn!! So close..."

Ellone - "Lemme try something... Squall, stay calm."

Squall turns to Ellone, who places her hands on his face. Closing her eyes, he closes his eyes shortly after. Ellone begins to search through his mind. After a minute, she pops out of it, with a heavy gasp, and her eyes widened, as Squall opens his eyes and stares.

Squall - "What's wrong?"

Ellone - "Fox McCloud... is..."

Squall - "Yes...?"

Ellone shakes her head.

Ellone - "I couldn't find anything on Fox McCloud... he's dead."

Laguna turns his head toward her, and stares.

Laguna - "He's dead!?"

Squall - "Are you serious!?"

Ellone nods slowly.

Squall - "Then it was a trap..."

Laguna - "I don't believe this... maybe they used the Omega-Poisoning on him, and didn't cure him..."

Squall puts his head in his hands, and closes his eyes, trying to think. Why would they do this? If it were true, and Fox was dead, then he avenged him by killing Seifer. But all will return to normal if he defeats Ultimecia and Andross.

Squall - "... I know what I must do."

Ellone - "Hmm?"

Turning their attention to Squall, who stares at them.

Squall - "I must find Cid and Edea Kramer."

Laguna - "..."

Ellone - "..."

Squall shakes head, then walks past them. Suddenly, a loud commotion can be heard in the distance.

????? - "What's that!?"

Squall turns, and looks through the small lighted area above the group of pilots at a nearby doorway, as flames begin to lower. Rushing toward the group, Squall jumped through and made his way outside.

The Ragnarok was here!

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