Wolfpack Squadron- Chapter 1 COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Star Fox and all related characters, locations, and vehicles are copyright (c) 1993, 1998 by Nintendo of America, Inc. Used without permission. Wolfhound, Jadis Ross, and Adrian Coyote are characters based on real people, and I've asked their permission to use them in this story. Wolfhound character copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Joel L. Morgan Jadis Ross character copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Jadis Ross. Adrian Coyote character copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Adrian This story is copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Joel L. Morgan, Jadis Ross, and Adrian. No part of it may be reproduced without the express and mutual consent of the above named authors. Starfox: Wolfpack Squadron Prologue 1535 hours, Terran time. It was a normal Terran day like any other. Joel Morgan stepped outside for his usual walk to the mailbox to check the mail for the day. "Hmmm..", he said to himself as he opened the box, "nothing but junk today. Oh,well...." He started to back towards his home, when suddenly, he felt himself starting to feel dizzy. Everything around him suddenly was enveloped with a fierce light, then vanished. Under the stress of it all, he passed out. When he came to, he said, "Man, what happened? I was going back to the house when..." He looked around and noticed that everything was totally unfamiliar. "Where...am I?", he gasped. He looked down at his arm--and noticed that it was covered in coarse grey and black fur. "What?!?!", he yelped. He took out a mirror to look at himself--and found a grey wolf staring back at him. "WHAT'S HAPPENED TO ME????", he screamed. A stranger noticed his outburst. "Greetings, stranger. Are you all right? I noticed...." Joel tried to think of his name--only to find that it had changed as well. "My name is Wolfhound Redstar. Could you tell me where I am? I mean...I'm not familiar with the area and..." "You're on Corneria, fourth planet in the Lylat system. Hmmm..wonder why you don't know that....". He then turned to leave. "CORNERIA!!", Wolfhound thought. "That's....NO WAY!!! I thought that it didn't exist, but....This is too much. He shrugged his shoulers in a gesture of resignation. "Well, I may as well find out what brought me here." ---------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1 Three years later...... "Well, Cadet Redstar. It looks like you're ready to begin flight training. A little earlier than I'd have thought you would be. You've got the makings of a fine pilot." Commander Fara Phoenix McCloud complimented him. She, after her marriage to Fox McCloud, had decided to take up her old job of chief test pilot for the Academy. "I mean, you've only been at the Academy for about two weeks." "Thank you, Commander. When is the first test?", Wolfhound replied as he got out of the simulator, a little sheepish. After all, Commander McCloud was one of the Academy's finest instructors. To receive her compliments was an unparalleled honor. "0930 hours, tomorrow. You'd better get some rest, Cadet. Also, I'd like to introduce you to the other two members of your flight group. Cadets Ross and Coyote, front and center, now!", she ordered. Very quickly, a white wolf and a coyote stepped up to comply with her command. "Cadet Redstar, may I present Cadet Jadis Ross and Cadet Adrian Coyote. At ease, cadets." Both of them seemed pretty nonresponsive. "Ahem. What's the problem here, Cadet Ross?", Fara barked. "Aren't you going to introduce yourself?" "Not yet, Commander. He still has yet to prove himself.", Jadis growled. "Take it easy on her, Wolfhound. She usually doesn't greet new arrivals very warmly.", Fara remarked. "Hmmm...and why is that, Commander?", Wolfhound asked. "You'd be pretty cold too, if you had my reputation.", the white wolf snarled. "That's enough, Cadet Ross.", Fara snapped. "Now, I'll be expecting the three of you out at the hangar for your fighter inspection at 0700 tomorrow. Dismissed." Wolfhound turned to regard his two new squadron members. "I don't believe you've introduced yourselves. I'm Cadet Wolfhound Redstar, Cornerian Defense Force. And you are..." Adrian spoke for the two of them. "I'm Adrian Coyote, and this is Jadis Ross. Sorry I didn't say anything back there, but I'm not the one who is good at introductions." "That's OK. Anyway, what's with Cadet Ross over there? She doesn't look like the type that would be a team member." "That's because I've never had to be one.", she snapped. "I usually work alone." "Why is that?', Wolfhound inquired. "That's for me to know, and you to find out.", Jadis retorted, "Besides, you're better off not knowing. Good day. I guess I'll see you all at the hangar tomorrow morning.", she growled, then turned and left. "Geez, she's cold as a block of ice, isn't she? I'm not too sure that I'd trust her on my wing.", Wolfhound stated. "Hmmmm...you might be right. But then, you would be pretty cold too if you had her past.", Adrian attempted to explain. "Well, we've better get back to the dorms. It's going to be a long day tomorrow." "Yep. You're right.", Wolfhound replied. "Well, see you tomorrow." Wolfhound headed back towards the barracks, wondering what he did to deserve this crew. ----------------------------------------------------------- END OF CHAPTER 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------